Why Does My Hoverboard Keep Beeping – Let’s Check Below 9 Reasons

  • By: Josh Rosenberg
  • Date: August 29, 2022
  • Time to read: 11 min.

Hoverboards are known as the most effective devices to go around, they have made a great change in people’s lives. But it’s a technological device and can get damaged anytime, and when it gets damaged its owner gets frustrated.

One of the most common problems every hoverboard owner face is a loud beep sound after every 5 seconds. There are many reasons why hoverboard starts beeping, if you want to know the reasons and their solution then read this guide till the end.

In this guide, we have explained the reasons behind this happening and how you can get rid of it. It would be best if you spare some time to know why does my hoverboard keep beeping and how to stop it. So, what are you waiting for then? Let’s move forward!

Why Does the Hoverboard Beep? – 09 Reasons

Why Does the Hoverboard Beep

There are many reasons why your hoverboard can start beeping, these beeps are done just to warn you that something is wrong with the hoverboard. Most people can’t understand why their hoverboard is beeping, for those people some common reasons why a hoverboard beeps are elaborated below. Make sure you read these reasons carefully to understand how you can stop these beeps.

1. Low Battery

One of the common reasons why a hoverboard beeps is due to low battery, mostly hoverboards start making beep sounds when they run out of power. Whenever you find your hoverboard beeping, keep in mind you do not have too much it like fixing or repairing. The only thing you need to do is to provide some power to the battery of the hoverboard.

If your hoverboard beeps after 2 hours of charging then make sure you recharge it because 2 hours is the maximum battery life of a hoverboard. To check the battery of the hoverboard you can also check the battery indicator light that is located at the side of the hoverboard.

The battery indicator light is beneficial as it tells you that your hoverboard is low in battery and needs to be recharged. You need to charge your hoverboard when the battery is low, when the battery is low red light appears on the battery indicator light.

 Many types of chargers can be used to charge a hoverboard but if you want that your hoverboard should be charged faster, then you will use a fast charger. A fast charger is provided with the hoverboard when you buy it, with that charger your hoverboard can be charged in almost 1 and a half hours.

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2. Fault in Battery

Sometimes your hoverboard starts beeping after some time of being charged, it is because your battery has been damaged and gets low after some time of being used. Sometimes due to this battery problem resetting the hoverboard also becomes hard, because the hoverboard needs proper electricity to work properly which the battery is unable to provide.

If your hoverboard battery dies and starts beeping after some time of charging it then instantly take it to some expert and get your battery checked. The expert can tell you whether this battery needs to be replaced or not.

 If it needs to be replaced then make sure you get it replaced right away before your hoverboard gets damaged and stops working. If you will not get the hoverboard’s battery replaced then it may cause serious damage to the hoverboard inside.

3. Fault in the Circuit or Wiring

Hoverboard faulty Circuit

In most cases, your hoverboard starts beeping because of some damage to the wiring or the circuit of the hoverboard. When there is a problem with the wiring or the circuit of the hoverboard, it starts making a loud and annoying beep.

It mostly happens when the wires inside the hoverboard are loose and consist of a short circuit along its path. If your hoverboard starts making loud and annoying beeps you will need to check by yourself if you can.

While checking by yourself make sure you do not touch anything which looks unfamiliar to you. If I suggest, it would be better if you just take your hoverboard to a professional and get it checked. Because an expert knows every corner of the wiring and circuit of the hoverboard.

4. Fault in Motor

Another reason why a hoverboard beeps is because of some fault in its motor. If your hoverboard starts beeping when you turn it on and do not beep when you calibrate it, then there is a fault in the motor or it is broken.

The broken motor is the reason why your hoverboard starts making high pitched beeping sound whenever you turn it on. And whenever your hoverboard starts making such beeps, make sure you get the motor of your hoverboard replaced instantly.

You must get the faulty motor replaced as soon as possible, because if you will keep using the faulty motor then it may break someday and can damage the other parts of the hoverboard.

5. Maintenance Issues

Hoverboard Maintenance

Another main reason behind the beeps of the hoverboard is the maintenance and cleanliness issues of the hoverboard. It is because when you don’t clean your hoverboard regularly the dirt gets stuck inside in, causing trouble for its parts to work properly. So you must clean your hoverboard from the inside and outside regularly and take care of the maintenance of your hoverboard.

To know if your hoverboard is making beep sounds because of dirt stuck inside it, then notice the wheels of the hoverboard. If dirt gets stuck inside the hoverboard, its wheels start jumping up and down and start making a noise.

If you face any of these problems make sure you get your hoverboard cleaned properly before dirt starts jamming the parts of the hoverboard. Suppose if any part of the hoverboard gets damaged or stops working, make sure you buy that spare part from the company and get it replaced.

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6. Overheating

Sometimes the reason behind the beeping of your hoverboard is the overheating of its engine or battery. Most of the time when you use the hoverboard too much, the battery of the hoverboard gets overheated and starts beeping.

If the hoverboard’s battery is of good quality it usually turns itself off when even used at overheating. And gets turned back on only when its heat is decreased enough. If you face this situation where your hoverboard starts beeping due to overheating, then it would be wise if you turn the hoverboard off as soon as possible.

You can just turn the hoverboard off instantly or if you want to protect your hoverboard from any damage, you can also open the casing of the hoverboard. By opening the casing of the hoverboard, your hoverboard battery can cool down quickly through ventilation.

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7. Fault In The Motherboard

Another cause for the beep sound in the hoverboard is the faulty motherboard. In most cases, the motherboards get some fault and the hoverboard starts beeping whenever you turn it on. A faulty motherboard is not your fault, it is the fault of the company. In each hoverboard sale, out of a hundred hoverboards, one gets a faulty motherboard.

If you are that person who got the hoverboard with a faulty motherboard, make sure you contact the manufacturer of the hoverboard as soon as possible. You need to ask the manufacturer for a replacement of the hoverboard.

It mostly happens with the people that get a hoverboard with a faulty motherboard, so you must look for a hoverboard with an extended warranty. Moreover, if you don’t have a hoverboard with a warranty then the only solution is that you get the motherboard of the hoverboard replaced.

8. Uneven Surface

If your hoverboard does not beep every time but beeps in some specific areas then it is because the surface in those areas is not smooth or flat. The hoverboard starts beeping whenever you put your foot on the accelerator on a rough surface.

The solution I would recommend to this problem is that you don’t ride your hoverboard on rough surfaces. Make sure you ride your hoverboard on a less bumpy surface and find a surface that is as smooth as possible.

9. Speeding On A Hoverboard

If your hoverboard just starts beeping when you ride it, then it may be because you ride it at a high speed. Usually, the hoverboards are not set up to be ridden at high speeds, that’s why they start beeping whenever you reach the speed limit.

It is because of some calibration settings, at the start of buying your hoverboard I would recommend you to keep your speed low. Over speeding in the start after just buying the hoverboard can cause calibration trouble.

The most commonly asked question is that why does my hoverboard keep beeping when I go fast, well it is because of the speed chip installed inside it. This speed chip causes the hoverboard to beep whenever you reach the speed limit set in it. It is installed for your safety or to warn you that you are going too fast, so you should maintain your balance or slow down a bit.

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Flashing Lights and Numbers – Why its happened

If you don’t know much about hoverboards and can’t find the reason behind your hoverboard beeps then there is a simple method explained to you below. You can find the reason behind the hoverboard beeps just by noticing the lights flashing by the hoverboard and the number of times they are flashing.

#1 Flashing 1 Time, Red Light

Another thing that most people want to know is why my hoverboard keeps beeping red. If the red light on your hoverboard flashes only one time then it is indicating that there is some problem with the balancing of the hoverboard or with the motherboard of the hoverboard.

This problem with the hoverboard can be easily solved just by resetting it. But if this problem is not solved even after resetting it then you will have to get the motherboard of the hoverboard replaced.

#2 Flashing 2 Times, Red Light

If you observe the red light flashing on your hoverboard 2 times then the reason behind it can be some problem with the internal circuit of the hoverboard. You can solve this problem easily just by changing the circuit board kit of the hoverboard with a new one, but after getting a new circuit board makes sure you use it with proper care.

#3 Flashing 3 Times, Red Light

If the red light flashes three times then it is also a problem with the internal circuit of the hoverboard and can be solved by replacing the circuit board kit.

#4 Flashing 4 Times, Red Light

Flashing Lights mean of hoverboard

If you notice your hoverboard beeping and flashing red light four times then it means that there is a problem with the internal motor of the hoverboard. The internal motor of the hoverboard is located at the corner of the motherboard and the scooter that you use for self-balancing. You can stop your hoverboard from beeping just by changing the motor that is located inside the wheel of the hoverboard.

#5 Flashing Multiple Times, Red Light

Why does my hoverboard keep beeping red multiple times, it is because the battery of your hoverboard is not placed correctly and needs to be fixed properly. You can easily solve this problem by getting the battery system of the hoverboard changed.

#6 Flashing Light, 7 times

If your hoverboard starts beeping and flashing lights 7 times then it is telling you that the gyroscope of the hoverboard is not working properly. The gyroscope is the main component in the hoverboard that helps you balance the hoverboard

The only solution to this beep is that you get the gyroscope of your hoverboard replaced with a new one as soon as possible.

#7 Flashing Lights, 8 times

The reason behind the lights flashing 8 times is the same as before, it happens because of some problem in the gyroscope. It happens mostly due to poor alignment of the interface or unstable sockets.

The solution to this problem is the same as before, you will need to buy a new pair of gyroscopes or you will need to get a full new circuit board kit. If I suggest then buying the full circuit board kit would be best for your hoverboard.

#8 Red Light Flashing on the MotherBoard, 9 Times

If your hoverboard starts beeping and flashes a red light over 9 times, then you do not need to be worried. This mostly happens when your hoverboard is not placed on an even surface or placed upside down. The only solution to this is that you place the hoverboard in the correct position.

Contact an Expert

At first, you should try all the solutions explained above but if all those solutions do not work on your hoverboard, then it would be better for your hoverboard that you take it to an expert. An expert would properly inspect your hoverboard and will help you fix your hoverboard.


1. Do hoverboard batteries explode?

The hoverboard batteries are UL certified and they don’t explode now. These batteries are made of lithium-ion which is small in size but can store a lot of electricity and they don’t explode, but the con of these batteries is that they overheat quickly.

2. Why do hoverboards keep beeping green and red?

If your hoverboard is beeping and blinking the green light, then it means that the battery level of your hoverboard is lower than 20 percent.

And when your hoverboard starts beeping flashing the red light then it means that the battery level of your hoverboard is extremely low, which means it is less than 5 percent. If you face any of these situations then the only thing you need to do is to charge your hoverboard.

3. How long does a hoverboard battery last?

It depends on the type of battery, if you are using a lithium-ion battery pack then it will last for at least 1 hour and 45 minutes after a full charge. But make sure you don’t charge the battery of the hoverboard for too long, it can result in overheating and burning of the battery.

4. What to do if the hoverboard suddenly stops working while driving?

If you are driving the hoverboard and it suddenly stops working then I would suggest you directly contact the producer and return the hoverboard, you should ask for the replacement of the hoverboard or its maintenance.

5. Why a hoverboard does get turned off whenever it is unplugged?

If you are facing the problem in which your hoverboard gets turned off frequently as you unplug it from the charging. Then it is because of an issue with the battery management system of the battery of hoverboard. The battery gets depleted because of getting too much ampere during charge. To troubleshoot this problem you will have to replace the battery with a new one.


The beeping sound is usually made to warn you that something is wrong with the hoverboard, so you can solve that problem before something bad happens. Most of the hoverboards tell what is wrong with them through beeps and flashing lights.

There are many reasons why your hoverboard can start beeping and flashing lights, whenever you face this you should not worry that your hoverboard is broken. After reading this guide you will not have to contact a repairman or an expert to repair your hoverboard, you can just repair your hoverboard by applying one of the tricks from above.

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