How To Make A Hoverboard 

Have you ever seen some hoverboards which seem different from the normal design and look way cooler? Well, it is because those hoverboards are designed and manufactured by a normal person at home. You can also make a hoverboard on your own by following the steps given below.

Gather The Thing

First of all, you will need to gather all the things that include a standard skateboard, screwdriver, duct tape, a non-conductible base, electric drill, iron railroad spike, wire strippers, 300-400 enameled copper wire, 50 D batteries, measuring tape, hot glue, and battery holders. 

Unscrew and Drill 

Take the screwdriver and unscrew all the screws in the board. In other words, you need to take the wheels and plates off the board. After unscrewing, eight holes will be left in the board. Now, you need to take the drill machine and drill in those holes just to increase their diameter up to 2 millimeters.

Drill Again

Now, you need to drill a hole at each side of the board, it should be 2 ½ away from the edge and 2 1/8 away from the left of the board. Then drill another hole which should be 2 5/8 to the right and 2 1/8 away from the first hole. Using this method, drill 2 holes at the top and bottom of the board.

Prepare The Base

You also need to prepare the base of the board. For that take six railroad spikes and then put them into the base. Use the hot glue gun and duct tape at each spike bottom to make it strong and steady.

Starting Of The Process 

Take a magnet and wrap it around the railroad spike counterclockwise, make sure you apply it around each railroad spike. After that take about 5 battery holders and connect them with each spike and put a battery in each battery holder.

Screws And Magnet Wire

Now it is time to screw all the screws but before that make sure you take the magnet wire and wrap it around each screw. You must wrap it around the screw tightly and leave no space. Do this with all 16 screws, and then screw them into the board.

Now take the base extra wire and connect it to the positive side of the battery, then take the tip extra wire and connect it to the negative side of the battery. Repeat it until all 16 screws are not attached.

Wire To The Battery

Test The Hoverboard 

It is the final step where you can test your hoverboard. Make sure you test it where there is no metal near you. Attach the wires with the negative destinations, and keep it that way for 1-2 minutes for warm-up. After that, a slight pull will be felt by you. This is your go-point. Ride it safely and stay confident 


● Do not overlap the magnet ● Make sure you leave no space while wrapping     the magnet wire on the screw  ● Always test the hoverboard in a wide place ● Use the duct tape and hot glue correct ● The wires heat up very fast, so keeping your      hand on them for too long can burn you


These were some simple steps and tips through which you can easily make a hoverboard at home. You can also paint it and design it according to your style. We hope it would have helped you in any way.