How Fast Does A Hoverboard Go - 8 Best Answers

A hoverboard is a device used for transport, just like other vehicles every model of hoverboard also has a different speed. Some hoverboards have high speeds while others have high low speeds. Usually, only the hoverboards designed for kids have low-speed limits.

Surface Type

The type of surface on which you are riding the hoverboard affects its speed greatly. The hoverboards move fast on flat and smooth surfaces while their speed becomes low on rough surfaces such as dirt, gravel, grass, etc.

Weight Of The Rider

The weight of the rider plays an important role in the speed of a hoverboard. If the rider is lightweight then it allows the hoverboard to move fast. On the other hand, if the rider is heavyweight, it puts pressure on the hoverboard and causes it to move slowly.

Wheels Size

The wheels of your hoverboard are another thing that affects the speed of your hoverboard. It is because wheels are the base of the hoverboard, it is what manages the hoverboard on different surfaces. Hoverboards with large wheels move fast while with small wheels they move slowly.

Battery Quality Of Hoverboard

People usually do not consider battery when talking about the speed of a hoverboard but battery also plays a vital role. It is because it is the power source of the hoverboard. A hoverboard with a powerful battery can move at a fast speed.

Mud And Rain

People complain that their hoverboard speed is high but its speed becomes slow in some areas such as rain or mud, even though their hoverboard is waterproof . We would recommend you avoid riding in rain and mud even if your hoverboard is waterproof as it affects the speed of the hoverboard badly.

Hoverboard Design

As you know, hoverboards are available in numerous designs, some designs support high speeds while others can’t support high speed. The design of a hoverboard includes its wheelbase, shape, and many other things. Make sure you consider the hoverboard design for its speed.

Material Of The Hoverboard

Hoverboards are made from multiple materials, some are made from heavy materials while others are made from light materials. If you want a hoverboard with high speed then you should go with a hoverboard made with light materials.

Motor’s Power Capacity

Other than the battery’s quality, its capacity is also important to consider for speed. A hoverboard with battery of high power provides you with better performance and speed. You can say that the higher the motor power, the higher will be the speed.


There are hoverboards available of different models, such as off-road, Rover X, and many more. Some hoverboards’ speed is high while others are low. There are multiple factors explained above that affect the hoverboard’s speed, make sure you consider them while buying a hoverboard.