K A y A K s



What is Kayak

A kayak is a narrow boat like a canoe, used by the Inuit people and in the sport of canoeing. In a kayak, the paddler is seated and uses a double-bladed paddle pulling the blade through the water on alternate sides to move forward.

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Types of  K A Y A K  S

The 4 Different Types  

Recreational (Sit-in)

Touring (Sit-in)







Recreational boats are some of the most common types of kayak, thanks to their versatility and stability. Sometimes, they’re categorized more generally simply as “sit-on-top kayaks.” They’re great for beginners thanks to their wide girth and closed cockpit.

Recreational  (Sit-in)

If you’re more serious about your paddling, a touring kayak may fit the bill. They’re usually more narrow and longer than recreational kayaks – at least 12 feet. This makes them much more capable of smoothly cutting through the water.

Touring  (Sit-in)

When you picture the really exciting, fast-paced kind of kayaking you see on postcards, you’re probably thinking of whitewater kayaking. These short, flat-fronted boats are built to take on rapids, making them some of the most stable kayak types on the water.


If you’re wild about paddling, but don’t have the storage space to match, you can always consider an inflatable kayak. The recreational versions of inflatable kayaks are intended to be used pretty casually – think: a fun day hopping in and out of the kayak with the family near the shore and not much more. Inflatable recreational kayaks aren’t especially strong or reliable, so be sure to understand what you’re getting if you go this route.