Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboard Reviews

Buying An All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

While selecting these ten all-terrain longboards, took lots of time and effort. I hope these ten longboards will be worthwhile for you and you will find these longboards remarkable and splendid. You might read about all-terrain skateboard electric all the time, but if you’re a longboarding fan then obviously you desiring which the best electric longboard skateboard are nowadays. Here are;

In reality, I have seen various types of the electric longboard, but Hiboy S22 electric dual motor longboard is my favourite. Hiboy 350 watts brushless dual hub motor produces streamlined more power, and with this power, you can increase the maximum speed limit up to 18.6mph. With one single charge, you can comfortable ride up to 13 miles approximately. It has a total of 4 exclusive brake modes (Best for accelerating or braking) and four riding modes. Also, it has an ergonomic wireless remote for controlling speed and usability.

Hiboy S22 Electric Dual Motors Longboard


Have you ever seen an electric off road skateboards that is suitable for carving, cruising, and downhill? Normally, it’s a bit hard to find an electric longboard that has a number of usability’s. In fact, it is also known as the best electric longboard for the heavyweight; its maximum weight capacity is about 220lbs. Amazing speed and range, safely rideable, solid, and portability all is available in this exceptional electric skate longboard. It is made of high-density 8-Ply maple wood, 350-watt motor, 24V 4000mAh lithium battery, 90*52mm polyurethane wheels, and durable trucks.

WeSkate Electric Longboard  (Multi-purpose)


How does it feel if you find a 22mph speed limit electric longboard? Of course, it will be fabulous and splendid. Teamgee H5 electric longboard is the fastest electric longboard you can find ever in entire the world. The measurement of this longboard is 37.99-inches long and 8.7 inches width. Its total weight is 14.5 pounds, and its maximum weight capacity is 220lbs. High-performance 380 watts dual motor and persistence battery can provide 9-11 miles long range and 22mph speed. Particularly, its LCD display will show the changing speeds, directions, and reversing.

Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Longboard


Skatebolt electric mountain board was the best off-road electric skate-board 2020; experts think it will rule 2022. It is made of bamboo, maple wood, and two layers of fibreglass, 100 cm wheel size, 6000mAh Samsung 30Q lithium battery, and 350 Watts dual motors. Convenient features you will get from it such as four-speed modes, 28 MPH up to speed, 15 miles maximum range, 30% steep hill, solid rubber braking system, chargeable during the ride, four brake settings, LED button, strong motor power, remote controlling system, and more.

SKATEBOLT Off Road Electric Skateboards


Indeed, Teamgee is a very respectable, renowned, and tremendous designable longboard brand. It has astounding colours, and its features and dual motor electric skateboard kits work magnificently. In this electric longboard skateboard, you will get Polyurethane airless electric longboard wheels, matte surface non-slip maple deck (flexible deck), 1080 watt hub motor, superior battery, and designable trucks. Benefits you will get from it include 24mph speed, 30-degree climbing angle, quick charging time limit, 30 kilometres battery range, four riding modes, four brake modes, four different speed modes, amazing customer support, and so on.

Teamgee H20 39″ Electric Longboard


Concerning which off-road longboard is prevalent and belongs to the top-rated list, I think you should consider about urban pro Electric longboard. Urban pro longboard has UL certified battery, and it takes 3 hours to get a full charge. This 35 inches electric longboard has 400W brushless motor, which can provide you 20% grade hill climbing limit, 10 miles range, and 20mph speed. If your weight is less than 265lbs, then this longboard is supportive of you. You can control the switching, accelerate, brake, forward movement, and backward movement via its special remote.

Urban Pro Electric Skateboards


This is the third all-terrain board from Teamgee. Teamgee H20T off-road electric skateboard has a praisable finish in both sides; especially, its colour and batches make it elegant and attractive. It is made with stability and comfort in mind, polyurethane 103mm rubber pneumatic tires, 38-inches maple deck, and supportive trucks. Particularly, its solid rubber tires (large air filled tires) are widened by 24 holes so it can absorb the shock. This special longboard has 1200W hub motors, which is pretty efficient for lightning-fast acceleration. You can ride up to 26mph by this motor on the street roads and all-terrain roads.

Teamgee H20T Longboards