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  • By: Josh Rosenberg
  • Date: September 28, 2021
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Talk about the most attractive, premium, and vivid colorful hoverboard, that’s name is the Swagtron T3 hoverboard.

You can’t underestimate the power of the Swagtron T3 hoverboard because it is the most widespread self-balance scooter in entire the world. One of the giftable and it is available in 5 colors, which is pretty magnificent.

Indeed, already it makes an impact on the market because its demands are increasing day by day.

For some convenient features, it forced me to complete the Swagtron T3 review.

Those are, its sports body, Incombustible frame, sentry shield technology, learning mode enables, Bluetooth speakers, Swagtron app supportive, 1-year limited warranty, and good-looking LED headlights.

It carries a strap and mode, so you can easily fix Swagtron T3 troubleshooting. Let’s read specifically all the features and specifications below.

Swagtron T3 hoverboard review [Rating 4.9/5.0]

Don’t you like a pink hoverboard or blue hoverboard from the swagtron brand? We all know how solid material swagtron input in their hoverboards. That’s why they have a huge fan base for their hoverboards.

Swagtron t3 hoverboard is one of the pretty and eye-catchy Swagtron pro hoverboards than other Swagtron hoverboard. Not only it has attractive looks but also it has great features.


I know that girls love hoverboard pink color but t3 does not come with only 1 pink color. In fact, it has four other various colors; White color, Blue, Golden color, and black also.

Don’t get worried about how durable and stable color it has, the fact is, its color is so persistent and shiny and looks so adorable.


With Swagtron t3 speed limit 8 miles per hour high speed, it can provide you the fastest running experience.

Mostly, you can increase or decrease its speed limit without facing any vacillation. Besides, I believe 8MPH is a good speed for beginners.

Battery & indicators

Uniquely, it has Sentry Shield Battery and it will take only 2-3 hours for being full charge. After getting fully charged with swagtron t3 charger it will able to give up to 11 miles running range and it’s a pretty impressive range.

While you are riding or not its 5 level battery indicators will tell you how much charge your board left. In fact, it has 5 level hoverboard monitor indicators for telling you about the health of your board.

Wheels and motors

Definitely, you want to have the strongest wheels on your hoverboard. Guess what!!! Very durable material has in the swagtron t3 rubber wheel.

Particularly, T3 has rubber bumper strips for protecting the t3 hoverboard from scratches.

Further, with 250 watts motors, the t3 scooter already speared out an impact in the market. T3’s upgraded motor has a 30-degree climbing capacity additionally.


Swagtron pro scooter the 2-wheel self-balancing scooter called also, passed undergone and surpassed rigorous electrical safety tests.

Ul2272 safeties certified bring us relief about our safety while riding.

Indeed, Ul2272 safety certification means that our hoverboard already passed the highest safety standards test and it’s available and absolutely safe to use. 

Swagtron app & Modes

In the swagtron t3 Original hoverboard you are going to able to use the swagtron app. using that swagtron app you can view speeds, play music directly from your phone and change the modes what hoverboard has.

It has two different modes one for beginners (learning mode) other one is for pro riders (pro model). Viewing all the specifications, Swagtron pro t3 is the best Pink Hoverboard with Bluetooth.


  • Affordable and durable hoverboard
  • With app and modes, you can ride easily
  • Battery indicators and monitor Indicators will give you needy information.
  • T3 has a fashionable design
  • T3 is a giftable and it has 5 different colors.


  • T3 is not an off-road hoverboard
  • It is not waterproof

Differences between Swagtron T1 VS T3

I searched a lot about these two remarkable hoverboards and finally, I commit to finding some differences between T1 vs T3. These two popular Electric hoverboards.

The first difference between swagtron t3 and swagtron t1 is about Bluetooth speaker. Let me remind you Swagtron T1 hoverboard hasn’t any Bluetooth speaker but T3 swagtron Swagboard has.

Like Bluetooth, T1 isn’t supportive of the Swagtron hoverboard app but T3 is totally supportive.

Another difference T3 scooter comes with the sports body but T1 doesn’t. The last difference between these two swagtron Swagboard has a carry strap.

T3 is built with a carrying strap but unless T1 hasn’t any carry strap.

In other accessories like Swagtron T3 battery and T1, the battery has the same quality.

Both have learning modes, UL 2272 Certified, Sentry shield Technology, 1-year limited warranty, and the LED Headlights.

I believe I spread the right pieces of information about the differences between Swagtron T1 and T3.

How much is the swagtron t3 price?

As we both know how impressive t series have been launched by the Swagtron hoverboard brand.

Particularly, because of their incredible and exceptional features, their prices come with a little bit higher range. Swagtron t3 hoverboard price range could be $350 – $450 bucks.

Where I can buy a swagtron t3 charger?

Swagtron chargers are available in every hoverboard shop. If you are unable to find it in the near shop then you can search for it at the online stores.

I have a whole article about the hoverboard charger on this Calvinas Website. Read here; Swagtron t3 charger review

Are jy-t3 hoverboard and Swagtron t3 are same?

Because of the similarity of t3 in both the jy-t3 hoverboard and swagtron t3 hoverboard, people thought these two are the same hoverboard. In truth, these two aren’t the same but the jy-t3 hoverboard isn’t available nowadays.

Therefore, if you search the query of the t3 hoverboard then you will get only Swagtron t3 hoverboard.

Is jy-t3 hoverboard Bluetooth enabled?

Yes of course jy-t3 hoverboard Bluetooth enabled. You can control the whole hoverboard via your mobile phone. With this Bluetooth feature, you can control its modes and hear music.

Is the swagtron t3 battery replaceable?

As a matter of fact, Swagtron manufactures made a facility for every customer. They make a chance for every customer; they can replace the swagtron t3 battery.

FAQs of Swagtron t3 hoverboard

Is Swagtron hoverboard Bluetooth?

Yeah, of course, 80% of the swagtron hoverboard comes with Bluetooth. You can control your hoverboard with it, it can increase/decrease speed limit, and can listen to music and so on. Luckily, this board has Bluetooth.

What is the newest Swagtron hoverboard?

In truly, Swagtron launched so many popular hoverboards yet. But recently they launched Swagtron Pro T1 Outlaws and this is the newest Swagtron hoverboard now.

Is Swagtron a good brand?

Obviously, since the hoverboard was invented, swagtron Company delivered and launched some quality full, remarkable, and featured hoverboards.

Because of their services and stable materials they already knew as the leading brand of hoverboards.

Is Swagtron Made in the USA?

Swagtron manufactures the main facility situated at Indianapolis, USA. From Indianapolis, they deliver their hoverboard all over the world.

Which Swagtron is best T3/T380?

Well, truly, I have little knowledge about T380 but when it comes to which swagtron is best T1/T380.

Then I should recommend you from Swagtron t3 vs t380 is the T3 hoverboard, because it is more fashionable than T380. In fact, it is more featured able than other best Swagtron hoverboards.

Final verdict

So, thank you so much for reading this whole article and I am happy that I commit to give you whole and every single & information of T3.

It’s very hard to find all the information and write down swagtron t3 reviews and put them in a single place.

But I feel very happy when the visitor comes and they gain knowledge from here.

Overall, I agree that you really gain something about the T3 hoverboard. All the questions about t3 hoverboard, differences between Swagtron T3 vs T1, and all the specifications/featured it has.

Thank you again and be safe. In conclusion, you can get this hoverboard from Pink hoverboard AMZ.

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