SEO content writing tips and Hire your SEO content writer

Getting your blog to the first position on Google and other search engines you must learn SEO content writing. There has no alternative way of SEO writing. Writing SEO content is not a big deal but you have to practice more and follow the SEO rules & what Google wants.

Remember, writing for SEO is better than writing for you. As celebrity performs for fans, as we have to write for search engines, not for us. Now Google’s first priority is Quality-Content and without SEO content you can’t write quality content.

Always look at SEO examples, what are freelance SEO writing, online content writing, and how can you start a sentence with and read more blogs. In fact, with these methods, you could be the greatest SEO content writer. So, let’s have some great content writing tips as the search engine wants.

What is SEO content writing?

We all know what is content writing? But, for getting in the top position in Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex you will require SEO writing. So, what is SEO content writing? It means writing content that is search engine friendly. Seo is so crucial to get on top of the page of Google and there has no alternative way.

In SEO content you must use LSI Keyword (Latent semantic indexing). LSI is that keyword which is similar to your main keyword. As an example, (Main keyword) Content writing= SEO content Writing (LSI Keyword). See these two keywords have the same phrase. Other things like;

  • Short sentence (Under 20 words)
  • Paragraph (under 3-5 lines)
  • Image (with Alt. tag)
  • Adding LSI
  • Using Heading Correctly (Using HI (1 time), H2, H3, H4)
  • Avoid keyword stuffing
  • Title optimizing
  • Easy word writing
  • Using transition words
  • Less using Passive voice
  • Avoid Consecutive sentence
  • Take care of subheading distribution
  • SEO tools

Our SEO writing services

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  1. The kayak weight limit for all brands

2. Buying guide for hoverboard

How to write Technical content?

Technical content is more essential to beat down your competitor who already takes the top positions. How you can write technical content? For instance, I am going to tell you some valuable technical Search engine friendly content writing tips so you can get SEO content writing jobs easily.

  • Always keep your eyes on your competitor
  • Start keyword researching and find easy keywords as your niche.
  • Read blogs and collect as much information as you can
  • Don’t forget to write SEO content
  • Use 10-15 LSI in your content
  • SEO content writing tools
  • Use more transition words
  • Write as you talk
  • Use power words
  • Write in your own style
  • Use more keyphrase
  • Use (you, I, me)
  • Avoid Passive voice(be, By)
  • Write for SEO (Google, Bing) not for you
  • Improve your English daily

In conclusion, you have to make a professional content writer job description so you can have content writing jobs. Thanks for reading it and hire me if you need a writer.

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