Top 3 Santa Cruz longboard reviews (History + Pros & Cons)

Top 3 Santa Cruz longboard reviews (History + Pros & Cons)

Trying to find an authentic, factual, and delightful longboard but unable to find them? You can find an enticing durable longboard only from a respectable and trustworthy longboard brand. Indeed, you need to read the whole Santa Cruz longboard reviews.

Not every longboard brands are credible and conceivable to buy. But I have an incredible longboard brand for you; Santa Cruz longboard. Santa Cruz longboard reviews will decrease your every doubt.

Also, I have some conversations about the Santa Cruz longboard brand history. I assure you, after completing the whole article you will obtain much knowledge about Santa Cruz’s longboards. Let’s Start obtaining the best Santa Cruz longboards.

Image Product Ratings Price
backpac Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Freeride Longboard 4.8 / 5.0 Check Price
backpac Santa Cruz Skateboards Sugar Skull Shark Cruzer 4.5 / 5.0 Check Price
cordlessblower SANTA CRUZ LONGBOARD Skateboard CALI PINTAIL CRUISER 4.7 / 5.0 Check Price

Santa Cruz longboard history

Santa Cruz longboard history
Santa Cruz brand history

The Santa Cruz longboard history is very fascinating and intriguing to hear.

Who knows Richard Novak, Jay Shuirman, and Doug Haut trying to bringing a legendary and most demandable longboard skateboard in the future?

In 1973 these 3 men started a company; they founded a company that name is NHS.INC. Their longboard named Santa Cruz; there has some interesting history.

They belong to a small city in California, Santa Cruz. Because of their city name Santa Cruz, they decide to keep their longboard brand name Santa Cruz skateboards longboards.

In Santa Cruz skateboards history; since 1973 they sold their longboard and skateboards in countless. Nowadays in 47 years of business, they become the hottest giant and multi-millinery company world-wide.

If you don’t know where are Santa Cruz skateboards made? Let me clarify; from 1973 to 2012 their incredible longboards are made in California but from 2013 they started making their longboard in China and Taiwan.

Top splendid 3 Santa Cruz longboard reviews

It’s really hard to define and brings the top level and most reliable longboard but not for me. As a longboard fan, I know which the best longboards for beginners are.

After considering some crucial features, durability, comfortability, demand %, and ratings I’m able to find the top 3 Santa Cruz longboard to reviews.

Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard

In Santa Cruz’s longboards, this is the only longboard that got much engaging priority from the fans. This 40-inch longboard has enough possibility to ensure your numerous kinds of Stunts and freestyle riders.

It is a Santa Cruz drop through longboard and you can use it as the Santa Cruz cruiser also. In truth, this longboard is the best one in my Santa Cruz longboard reviews.

Santa Cruz deck is 40-inches long and 10-inches wider. Indeed, its deck is made of 8thick plywood which is very stable and stronger. 110% satisfied ABEC bearing is adjusted with this trendy Santa Cruz longboard cruiser.

Color is so attractive and you will fall in love with it in a millisecond. Worthy part of this longboard is; you can use it a minimum of 3 years because of its high durability.

Overall, if you are a fast rider then I assuredly recommend this longboard. Also, its high-quality deck Wheels and other materials are appealing and mind-blowing. Further, it is a giftable and attractive longboard, and bear in mind you can gift it to anyone.


  • Pretty friendly for stunt
  • Very elegant and lovely design
  • Giftable and worthy


  • For much demands, sometimes it becomes unavailable

Santa Cruz Skateboards Sugar Skull Shark Cruzer

In truth, I heard a lot about the Santa Cruz cruiser shark and the Santa Cruz shipwreck longboard. Particularly, it is the rarest and exceptional superb longboard in the entire world. Still, longboarding and skateboarding fans are dreaming about it.

Santa Cruz drops down longboard is 8.8-inch wide and 27.7-inch long. That means it is a more skateboard less longboard. 68mm/78A wheels and 140 Bullet trucks made it’s an infrequent cruiser longboard.

Sugar Skull Shark Cruzer isn’t available here and there; it’s really tough for me to find this. Red color body and red color wheels and the Skull skateboard sticker make it a unique and peculiar longboard.

Because of its size; any age person can stand on it and especially your kids will love this longboard for its incomparable longboard design. Think about it more because it’s really rare and beautiful.


  • Very attractive design and looks
  • Best as a cruiser longboard
  • It’s a colorful skateboard, which is giftable.


  • It is quite rare and hard to find


I know you have been waiting for the Santa Cruz longboard pintail. Lots of people daily trying to find this fabulous Santa Cruz longboard but few of them can find it.

This amazing Santa Cruz pintail longboard deck is 9.58-inch wide and 39-inch long. Overall, a 39-inch longboard is quite a great pintail longboard for beginners.

Cali Pintail Cruiser is much durable for use freestyle longboarding. In my consideration, pintail is the only longboard which ensures the fastest ride than other skateboard longboards.

Its design is so fashionable and splendid; because it looks like an authentic materials longboard. Its deck made of Canadian pure maple hardwood and it can hold up to 200lbs effortlessly.

One more longboard which is very well-known that name is the Santa Cruz space wolf longboard. But these 3 are the foremost and superior. Notably, read how to learn longboarding.


  • Very affordable and friendly to use
  • Faster and best for beginners
  • Made of durable and authentic layers


  • It is a rare longboard and hard to find

FAQs related to Santa Cruz longboard reviews

Why Santa Cruz’s longboard skateboard is so demandable?

Santa Cruz is one of the oldest and antiquated longboard entire the glove. Because of its superannuated and inimitable colors and design people have much interest in it.

Santa Cruz’s longboard price isn’t so expensive and their longboard comes at a reasonable price. In fact, Santa Cruz’s longboards are world-class longboard skateboards for the cruiser. These are the main reason Santa Cruz longboard is so demandable.

Is Santa Cruz longboard any good?

Santa Cruz longboard is in the longboard skateboard market for over 45 years. Santa Cruz deck is a top-class and top-rated deck than any other longboard brands.

Indeed, their bearing, wheels, trucks also pretty great and durable. Not only Santa Cruz longboard Martials authentic but also they deliver their longboards for sale cheap.

Is Santa Cruz is the best skateboard longboard brand?

Well, countless brands are remarkable for their distinctive longboards. Santa Cruz is the oldest brand and they provide authentic materials on their longboards. That’s why Santa Cruz brand always stays on the top 5 longboard brands. I have a whole list about remarkable longboard brands feel free you can read them.

Which one is the best Santa Cruz longboard?

I talked about 3 major Santa Cruz longboard. Genuinely, all three longboards are quite demandable and worthy to buy but if I consider specifically then I will suggest Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard.

Alternatively, you can use Santa Cruz Skateboards Sugar Skull Shark Cruzer longboard. Overall, I think you like my Santa Cruz longboard reviews.

Final Thoughts

Santa Cruz branded longboard as demandable as the real Santa Clause. We know that kid’s always waiting for Santa clause gifts as like them longboard and skateboard fans are dreaming about Santa longboard for them.

Numerous people talk about this trust-worthy longboard brand but I specifically told about the history of Santa Cruz and 3 outstanding longboards.

One more thing, if you don’t know where to find this longboard then search these queries Santa Cruz longboard amazon, Santa Cruz skateboards amazon.

In conclusion, thank you so much for reading out my Santa Cruz longboard reviews, and I aspiration your support in the future through my best sports and outdoor reviews.

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