The quest super cruiser longboard skateboard review |Bamboo

The quest super cruiser longboard skateboard review |Bamboo

The quest super cruiser longboard skateboard is a well-known and top face longboard in the longboarding world.

If you are a beginner then don’t waste your money on ordinary longboards because those are not durable, authentic material less, provide low-quality bearing and wheels. In truth, those are not worthy like quest super cruiser longboard.

Right now I’m going to explain every single authentic feature and components about this unique and trendy longboard skateboard.

Also, I will define and clear some beneficial questions about quest longboard. Stay tuned because the quest longboard review is just getting started.

The Quest super cruiser longboard skateboard review | Rating [4.8/5.0]

In this quest longboards review; I will clarify all the issues, features, specifications, benefits, and disadvantages.

Quest bamboo super cruiser longboard has some unbelievable and incredible features which assuredly blow your mind. Let’s start with the features of this cruiser longboard.

Features and specifications [Details]

You might be heard a lot about quest pintail longboard phenomenal features but there has something nobody tells you before. Do you believe better components provide better performance? Yes, it’s damn true.

The quest cruiser is full of components. Therefore, I want to elucidate and clear these features in detail.

Quest Deck and durability

Do you know this longboard is the quest drop deck longboard, well-known, and unique for its deck? Quest is the only brand, who brings first ever bamboo deck longboard in the entire world.

When they launched the quest bamboo longboard everybody got stuck, experts start gossiping about how this could possible. Also, its deck is adjusted with a hardwood maple deck.

So the combination of 7 Ply Super-Flex Bamboo and maple wood deck is quite impressive and fabulous.

Quest manufactures made their deck from bamboo so deck could tolerate more drops, and weight while stunting. It’s one of the reasons this longboard called unbreakable and durable Quest super deck longboard.

Trucks and design

Interestingly, quest longboard trucks are structured with rugged and lightweight 6-inch aluminum trucks. These trucks are really massive and stronger than other particular or ordinary longboard brands.

This longboard Design is quite good and extraordinary; because you can have a better experience they added kick tail and nose for unequaled performance.


Wheels always do matter; in this reason is quest engineers added very high-quality stable and durable 70x51mm 80A PU Wheels.

Its wheels look so eye-catchy and it will bring satisfaction when you show it in front of your friends.

Quest longboard wheels ensure smooth and comfy riding, which is structured for reverse kingpin truck configuration.

Gratification part of this longboard is; its wheel is super impact resist, it decreases wheel bite while extreme turns. That means wheels will deliver delight ride to you.


Like wheels, deck, and trucks the quest super cruiser longboard skateboard ensures the high-endure bearing quality.

Precision ABEC 7 Bearings is adjusted in this longboard also with hollow 4mm risers. So, its bearing will promise such an outstanding service for a long time.

Size, Balancing, and comfortableness

Don’t underestimate it because of its bamboo deck. You might be thinking that balancing on it will quite tough. But the truth is maple hardwood assures the more comfortable balancing.

This quest longboard is available in 44-inches and 42-inch longboard deck. I think this size is pretty suitable for balance for beginners and armatures.

Well, if you don’t know how to ride a skateboard or longboard correctly then I have an article for you about it. Above all, the quest longboard is very good for balancing and easy to ride.


Basically, quest super longboard skateboard is specially made for cursing. I heard a lot that people can’t stop praising about its cursing abilities.

You can cruise with it ultimately because with it you can do sharp turn, narrow turns, and up to 90 degrees turn. But you have to know how to cruising with a longboard.

Therefore, these are the features of quest super cruiser longboard skateboard review I hope you obtain so much unique knowledge from here. Read best Santa Cruz longboard reviews

Advantageous (pros) and Disadvantages (cons) of Quest cruiser

Quest longboard
Quest longboard

Every single object has some benefits, advantages, disadvantageous. For instance, Quest cruiser skateboard has benefits and disadvantages or you can say quest longboard pros and cons too.

Advantageous (pros) of quest cruiser longboard

  • Very affordable to buy and lightweight
  • Made of pure and authentic materials
  • Longboard Parts are stable and sturdy
  • Double element deck is high durable
  • Easy to balance and turn, also cruising
  • Wheel bite resistance wheels

Disadvantages (Cons) of quest cruiser longboard

  • Large size could create some trouble to handle for beginners.

Why should you choose the quest super cruiser longboard skateboard?

Now you literally know what the exact features and components this quest cruiser skateboard have.

The main question is why you should choose this longboard instead of other quest longboards.

First of all, this longboard is really affordable. You might see numerous cheap longboards or cheap longboards near me, this one is cheap too. A particular part is; it comes with stable and worthy materials but others didn’t come.

Secondly, Quest super skateboard is unbreakable, comfortable, easy to balance, and more beneficial features it has. 

Thirdly, bearing, wheels, truck quality are too good and will work for the long time. I believe these reasons are enough to buy this superb longboard.

Related FAQs of quest longboard skateboard

What are the best brands to buy longboards?

Longboard quality makes a brand well-known. If you don’t know which are the trustworthy best longboard brands then I have a massive informative article about it.

But for now, I will tell you specifically and in short so you can understand easily. Here are the 10 best longboard skateboard brands.

  1. Minority brand
  2. Atom brand
  3. Quest brand
  4. Landyachtz brand
  5. Rayne brand
  6. Loaded brand
  7. Slendor brand
  8. Volador brand
  9. Sector 9 brand
  10. Playshion brand

Is quest longboard skateboard best for cruiser?

Well, lots of longboard brands provide such a tremendous longboard cruiser such as Atom longboards, Volador longboard, Sector 9, including quest longboard brand.

So, these 4 brands are best for cruiser longboard to buy and the quest is phenomenal for a cruiser.

Can you prefer us some quest branded longboard?

Surely I can prefer you some of the highest quality quest branded longboards. Not only are these perfect for beginners also highly durable and stable deck enable longboards.

  • Quest the Super Cruiser (QT-NSC44C)
  • SC Remix quest longboard (36-inch)
  • Rorshach quest Cruiser longboard (34-inch)

How much popular quest longboard skateboard is?

It’s a little bit tough to obtain the popularity of products from the direct market. But if we consider the online stores we can take the information easily.

Alternatively, experts and longboard fans can say it easily.

After seeing the experts thought and online stores like AMZ, Walmart, Ali-Express I saw that people love this branded longboard and skateboards.

Don’t believe then ask a longboard fan about quest longboards. Quest longboard is a trendy longboard brand on an online store. As for this, it becomes the best longboard 2019.

Where to buy quest longboard skateboard?

You can buy a quest longboard skateboard from any place like direct shopping malls, Retail skateboard shop, or online store.

Search on Google with these queries quest longboards Walmart, quest longboards AMZ; you will find Nemours types of quest skateboard and longboards.

Are quest longboards good?

Obviously, quest longboards are the best in the world. You won’t believe but it becomes a top-rated longboards brand since it launched the quest super cruiser longboard skateboard and makes an identity of best longboard 2020.

Final Verdict

So, it’s time to wrap up the article but I have something to tell you. Quest longboards price is not so expensive it’s affordable for everyone. After using this one you will admire a lot and your friends will praise you for it.

Perhaps, you gain all the information about the quest super cruiser longboard skateboard review properly.

It made of unique materials, the deck is perfectly durable, size is suitable for beginners, tires are impact resistance, and the price is low, easy to balance.

Do you need more? I don’t think so. It has enough requirements, components, and the features should be in a longboard.

In conclusion, thank you so much for supporting us and we need more support from you here. Best sports and outdoor product review.

And be safe and ride gradually.

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