Penny board 22 vs 27 – What size should you get?

Penny board 22 vs 27 – What size should you get?

Penny board is one of the characteristic and prevalent riding boards for young generations. Riding penny board means a lot to kids and teenagers because it has tremendous designs, colors, functions, and endurances.

Do you know which sizes penny board is actually compatible with balance?

Professional riders can balance any size board, but beginners need the right dimension board for better performance.

According to statistics, most penny boarders love to ride 22-inches and 27-inches penny board. More specifically, which one should you choose between penny board 22 vs 27? Here’s a comparison below on these two sizes of pennies.

Penny board 22 vs 27 – What is right for you?

Without considering the pros and cons of both penny boards, it’s literally complicated to find which one is impeccable and consummate for riders.

Also, it requires a penny board size comparison if you want to find the right penny board size.

For this reason, I gather some penny board features and parts to explain to you the differences between 22 inch vs 27-inch penny boards.

Deck width

Deck width is intimately involved with the length. For instance, longer boards contain a wider deck, and shorter penny boards contain a low-width deck.

For example, most of the 22-inches boards’ width is 6-inches and 27-inches boards width is 7.25-inches. Remember, length and width won’t affect the penny wheel’s sizes. advantageously, both have a deck with waffle nonslip.

Weight capacity

Normally, a short penny board’s weight capacity will be fewer than a large penny. A 22-inches penny board’s maximum weight capacity is 220lbs, and 27-inches penny board’s maximum weight capacity is 250lbs.

Therefore, if you’re a heavyweight rider, you should choose a 27-inches board.


We both know longboards and lengthy high boards ensure maximum proper balance more than shorter boards. 22-inches are quite perfect for short sizes riders, but it won’t be suitable for long people.

Cruising momentum

Penny board alternative name is the mini-cruiser plastic board. It means if you want to ride a lightweight cruiser, you should use penny boards. 27-inch is better for cruising, but you can create more cruising momentum with 22-inches.

Fast riding & Stunting

Classic penny board is the best for expecting fast riding and phenomenal Stunting in one time. Both 22 and 27-inch penny boards provide better acceleration, traction, speed, and riding momentum. For rapid-fast riding choose some penny board wheels from here.

Advantageous & disadvantages

Every sports material and accessories has advantages and disadvantages. The truth is, some material assures lots of benefits, and some assure few. Also, the penny board has remarkable benefits and a bit of disadvantage.

22-inch penny board

Advantages and disadvantages you should know about 22-inches penny board are;


  • Very affordable to buy
  • It is very lightweight
  • Easy to portable and store


  • Hard to control and balance
  • Not so balancing for long people
  • Aren’t suitable for a long-distance ride

27-inch penny board

The most well-known advantages and worst disadvantages of a 27-inch penny board are;


  • Best for long term cruising
  • It can provide a fast and long-distance ride
  • Comfortable to balance
  • You can do any stunt with it
  • It comes with a premium abec rating


  • A bit expensive to buy
  • It’s hard to store in a short space

22 or 27-inch penny board for beginners

After examining and considering all the features, benefits, and problems, I got some important queries and news for you.

Which one should you choose, 22 or 27 inch penny board for a beginner? In my opinion, beginners and armature riders should choose a 27 inch penny board instead of 22 inches.

So, what’s the reason for choosing a 27-inch penny skateboard? Here are the five specific reasons to choose one from the 22 vs 27 inch penny board.

  1. Penny board 27 inches is comfier to balance and control than 22-inch.
  2. 22-inch Penny Skateboard might be cheaper, but 27 inch skateboard has admirable features and benefits
  3. The longest penny board is more stable and endurable
  4. For long-distance ride and long time performance, 27-inch is awesome
  5. A 27-inch long penny board ensures more weight capacity than a 22-inch penny skateboard.

Penny board size chart

Are you still confused about which penny board sizes you should choose? Don’t worry; I will provide a penny board size chart table where you will see sizes based on your age and height. Have a look below for better knowledge;

Pennyboard SizeAgeHeight
22-inch8 to 15 yearsUnder 152 cm
27-inch16-22 yearsunder 167 cm
32-inch22-24 yearsunder 182cm
36-inchAdults182cm plus
Pennyboard size chart


What size penny board should I get for a 13-year-old?

The age 13 means you have just entered your teenager duration. Professional and experts tell that a 13-year-old rider should get a 22-inches penny board. If you feel uncomfortable and balance issue, then you should use 27-inch.

How big can a penny board be?

Like other Longboards and skateboards, penny board comes in different sizes. Mostly, original penny boards are available in 4 different sizes such as 22-inch, 27-inch, 32-inch, and 36-inch. In short words, a penny board can be a maximum of 36-inch big. Therefore,

Penny board vs nickel board – what is the best?

Generally, penny board and nickel board haven’t many differences; rather both board carries lots of similarities. A penny board size can be 22, 27, 32, 36-inches, but nickel board sizes are 27, 32, 36-inch. Overall, nickel sizes start from 27-inch, but penny sizes start from 22-inch. I hope you understand what’s the differences between a penny board vs nickel board.

What size penny board should I get for a 12-year-old?

12-year kids aren’t so tall; that’s why they should choose 22 sizes of Penny board. If they have any desire to use nickel board, they can use 27-inch Penny Nickel Board also. Penny nickel boards not only help kids to balance properly but also prevents accidents.

What is the best size penny board?

On average, between 22 vs 27 penny boards, the best-sized penny board is the 27-inch board. If anyone is confused between 27 or 32 penny board, I will suggest him use 27-inch because it’s the most flawless size to use for every age rider.

What sizes of penny board is best for adults?

As far as I know, adult penny boarders can’t manage the smaller penny board. For riding frequently and without any difficulties, they should choose a bigger Penny Board like a 32-inches penny board.


Thank you so much for completing the full article, and I hope you gained enough crucial information from here. Hopefully, now you haven’t any confusion between Penny board 22 vs 27 inches.

Size chart and other important related question will explain you more specifically on this topic. In conclusion, whatever size you choose between penny board 27 vs 22, consider the size chart table. If you still have any commotion, you can leave a message at the contact box.

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