Longboarding in the rain – 7 Ultimate tips for beginners and pro-2021

  • By: Josh Rosenberg
  • Date: September 29, 2021
  • Time to read: 10 min.

You have opened this post; it means you’re willing to do longboarding in the rain, or you want some tips about it, right?

A myriad of longboarders thinks you shouldn’t ride the longboard while it’s raining. But the truth is you can ride gently in the mud and rainy weather if you have enough waterproof kits and waterproof longboard wheels.

Mainly, if you don’t know how to longboard in this tricky situation and don’t know what to do, here are some major skateboarding and longboarding tricks, tips, do’s, and don’ts. Hopefully, my killer tips and method will help you to ride perfectly and faultlessly.

How to do longboarding in the rain? (Killer tips)

Longboarding or skateboarding while raining is a very amusing moment for every longboarder. Indeed, every single rider dreamed of riding during rain. Do you know how to do longboarding in the rain? If not, then I have some practical tips to tell you how to ride more flawlessly and precisely.

In this whole section, I will point out some vital information (About before the ride and during the ride).

5 Tips for before ride

Before you start riding in the rain, you have to keep following these tips. These tips actually will help you to be ready for rain roads.

  1. A scratched but expensive deck can be easily ruined by water, so recover the scratches by fibre liquid or glue.
  2. Use top mount in the rain; it will perform more appropriately than others.
  3. If you haven’t any water resistant longboard or rust resistance, then apply paint, hair spray, repellent on your longboard (It will work as the rain protector)
  4. Wear slip less shoes, protective helmet, knee pads and longboarding gloves (Wear sunglass for better watching in the rain)
  5. Don’t forget to install off-road longboard wheels

7 Tips for during the ride

  1. For ensuring your safeties, I think you have to wear longboard safety protection gear (Like shoe water, knee pads, helmet and safety pads, waterproof gloves, wrist guards).
  2. In the rain time, try to avoid grassyplace and muddy roads
  3. Now start pushing your long-board hardly so that it can generate more speed (Use speed cream)
  4. Check out the place, is it has floor sealer or not (In the skateboarding park)
  5. Press the long-board harder to avoid slipping chances
  6. Keep your eyes in the front position and keep your hand on your back
  7. Don’t do any rough and tough stunt at the watery road (it could cause incidents)
  8. Be conscious of every moment and situation

1 Final tips for after longboard

Remember, after completing your riding, use a dryer to dry the long-board; otherwise, water could badly impair the warped deck. Therefore, I hope you understand now how to ride pleasantly and ideally on wet roads and what to do while longboarding after rain.

The best longboard for rain (APOLLO Longboard)

Are you looking for any professionals and beginners longboard for rain? Apollo longboard is known as the best longboard for rainfall and wet climate. From kids to professionals, everyone can ride with this longboard in the rain.

The most satisfactory reason is it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy trucks and five layers deck. Five layers deck includes three bamboo layers and two fiberglass layers; both layers support water and wet weather.

Rugged trucks and durable waterproof wheels and bearing will increase efficiency while riding on watery roads.

39-inches Apollo longboard is remarkable as the street surfboard; it means this longboard assures a superb riding experience in critical weather conditions.

Top 3 best longboard rain wheels

Without longboard rain wheels, you can’t ride on the watery roads. If you do that; unfortunately, you will face enormous issues on the streets. Generally, I researched rain wheels, and some professionals and skateboarding longboarding experts suggested to me these top 3 best longboard rain wheels.

Eastside H2O Rain Longboard Wheels

Eastside H2O longboard wheels are launched recently because manufacturers want to help the longboarders to ride in the rain. Because of the stone ground finish, these wheels don’t let water touch the bearings.

It reduces hydroplaning and provides better traction and speed. 70mm size Eastside H2O wheels allow for faster acceleration than other large wheels (with cheaper bearings), and you can use these wheels for as long as you want.

From commuter boards to any longboards, you can install these supreme quality wheels for riding in the rain.

FREEDARE longboard Wheels

Talk about the most highly anticipated waterproof longboard wheels; you can’t forget about the free dare wheel brand. With six unique colors, it comes with 83A polyurethane material and 60mm sizes rollover features.

It would be best if you considered it at least ones because it will provide you fast slide, better grip, and a return guarantee.

Free dare longboard wheels can roll over at any ground, ramps, wet sidewalk, smooth concrete, or asphalt. Advantageously, you will get the free waterproof bearing (best bearings) with this wheelset.

Bigfoot Longboard Wheels

For riding in the rain, your wheels must have a minimum of 80a durometer super high rebound hardness; otherwise, you can’t ride completely and perfectly. It has multiple eye-catchy colors, offset core, characteristics slide control, better bearings, and better turning features.

Because Bigfoot wheels are constructed for performing at the mountain roads, it is suitable for the rough roads. On the watery roads, you can ride differently, such as slalom, downhill, and free ride on the wet pavement and streets.

Why shouldn’t you ride a longboard in the rain?

In the heavy rainy season, any unfortunate things can happen to you. While the weather is too complicated and rains are dropping continuously, you shouldn’t ride a longboard.

Still, if you want to ride; probably, you can face critical situations and dangerous longboarding moments. Here are the reasons I’m telling you to stop longboarding on a heavy rainy day.

  • You can’t grip the long-board adequately at the watery roads
  • Wheels and bearings could get damage by filling muds and water (Use encounter hybrid ceramic bearings)
  • A wooden deck will ruin easily because of water
  • Long-board will slip easily, and you can fall down          
  • Watery off roads will make your ride too complicated and disadvantages full

7 tips for longboarding in the rain

longboard in the rain

View the image, riding the longboard in the rain and wet place; beginners and armatures have multiple questions, quotes, discussions, and confusions. For this reason, I gathered some top leading discussions and questions on this topic.

I tried my best to explain all of your matters, which are must know for you. Here are the seven ultimate tips you should know before you start longboarding in the rain and longboard under the rain.

Is longboarding in the rain bad?

Actually, water affects a lot in the bearings. If your long-board doesn’t have any waterproof wheel and longboard rain guard then your bearings could get rust. In fact, not only your bearings will destroy, but also longboard trucks, wheels, nuts, axles, spacers, and longboard decks.

Regular boards do not support water, and those boards come with less enduring power. So, is skateboarding longboarding bad? Not really, for instance, you have to install worthy waterproof features and parts in your long-board.

Also, rainy day skateboarding and longboarding can cause inauspicious accidents; therefore, be careful.

How to make your longboard waterproof?

waterproof longboard

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the rain? Of course, every longboard beginner rider person wants to ride adventurously in the rain. In this case, you don’t have an option to ride in the rain except to make your longboard totally waterproof.

Before you bring out your long-board outdoor, make sure you followed my tips. I have a terrific method that will let you know how to make your longboard waterproof in 4 steps.

  1. Install waterproof grip tape
  2. Apply a rust-proof coat on the nuts, trucks, and ceramics bearings
  3. Use waterproof longboard wheels
  4. Cover the wooden longboard with fibreglass or plastic

Does longboard grip tape protect longboard?

Of course, waterproof grip tape for the longboard protects the longboard from water and rain. You might have seen, majority of users install ordinary sticker grip tape. As a result, their grip tape doesn’t last long and doesn’t provide any assistance in front of the water.

ZUEXT longboard grip tape is one of the finest waterproof grips for long-boards and skateboards. Without any hesitations, you can use ZUEXT grip tape for protecting the longboard from rain.

Can you longboard on wet pavement?

Basically, pavement and sidewalks are made of concrete, and these places stay at the higher places. Consequently, water doesn’t stay on the pavement for a long time. This is why you can longboard on wet pavement pretty effortlessly.

Remember, damp pavement could be more slippery and unctuous; that’s why you have to be more cautious during the ride. Rain makes the sidewalks slower and obsolete, which will increase the misadventure on the roads.

Is it bad to skateboard in the rain?


As I told you before, skateboarding in the rain isn’t a bad idea or a bad thing to do. Instead, if you provide more importance to make your longboard water-proof, you can ride the skateboard in any horrific situation.

In truth, skateboarding isn’t a tough sport, that’s why probably you won’t face any issues while riding. Remember, don’t forget to navigation the road and wear safety pads. Overall, my best wishes to you for skating in the rain, and it isn’t bad to skateboard in the rain.

Is it ok if my longboard gets wet?

No, it isn’t ok if your longboard gets wet. When your longboard gets wet, water will spoil the deck, trucks, bearings, nuts, wheels, and grips.

For example, when your board touches the water, the wooden deck will start ruining its body. After few days, water will damage the deck interior and exterior aggressively (will waste it), and finally, your board deck will break.

Also, because of wetting, nuts, trucks, and bearings will start rusting. If you install any wheels or grip tape, all the materials will be destroyed or wreck soon.

How to maintain a longboard in rainy climate?

Maintaining the wooden longboard in the rainy climate is a bit complicated and tricky. But don’t worry; I have some worthwhile tips for you on this topic.

Dirt, roots, and rusts; three are the only problems that cause the longboard in the rainy climate. I will explore what to do with your longboard before the rain, rainy weather, and rainy day.

  • First of all, apply a waterproof longboard grip tape; if it’s not possible, then use a paint coat on the longboard alternatively. ‘
  • Grip tape or paint will protect the deck from the water
  • Stop riding on the off-road in the rainy climate; otherwise, debris and impacts could badly affect the board.
  • Use rust free oil on the bearings or you can use ceramic bearing and trucks (It will prevent the rust completely)
  • Try to store your longboard in a dry place.
  • When the sun comes out, place your longboard under the sun heat for a maximum of 2 hours (Sun will soak the wets)
  • After riding, dry the wheels by spinning them hardly.
  • Don’t forget to clean the interior and exterior of your longboard before store and after every ride.


Will rain ruin your longboard?

Rain will ruin your longboard if your longboard is made of ordinary wood or maple. On the other hand, rain can’t spoil the fiberglass and bamboo longboard because these two are totally waterproof. Now my question is what types of longboard you’re using? Answer me right in the comment box.

What is the best deck material?

Talk about skateboard, penny board, longboard, or any type of ride board, a perfect deck always plays a significant role. Every rider should provide their attention to the board deck material before buying (especially while riding in the rain). The best skateboard longboard deck material is maple and bamboo material.

So, don’t forget to keep your attention while choosing ride board deck material.

When to stop longboarding in the rain?

Sometimes the rain doesn’t come alone; it comes with storms, floods, and natural disasters. For instance, if you see any of these things or weather conditions or hear the news about it, you should stop longboarding (skateboarding) in the rain.

Does skateboarding in the rain ruin your board?

Actually, board deck stability depends on it’s material type, construction, and structure. Skate riders love to riding in the rain but rain could ruin their board unfortunately. For this reason, they should buy waterproof board.

It means, if you have the waterproof boards then rain won’t ruin your board. Without waterproof features, rain will damage the board, i hope you understand pretty adequately.

Are ceramics bearings waterproof enough?

Ceramics are not like steel and aluminum bearings. Actually, ceramic bearings are made of powder, clay, and earthen elements. These encounter hybrid ceramic bearings formulas support water completely. Consequently, ceramics bearings are waterproof enough to perform on rainy days.

How much will cost you for longboard waterproofing?

Longboard waterproofing or waterproof longboard, whatever you say, but if you have none of these longboards, you have to pay some penny to make them waterproof.

For making the longboard water-proof, you will require waterproof longboard bearings, wheels, and grip tape. Overall, installing these accessories will cost you $80 to $150 approximately (feeling budget-friendly?). The best thing is you can do bit waterproof tricks at your home.


From the beginning to the end, I tried to provide as much information as possible about how to longboard in the rain. I know riding on wet roads is a little bit risky (nothing will happen to you), but you can’t stop yourself from enjoying a pleasant longboard ride.

Lots of longboarders have so much curiosity and wills to perform in the wet tracks and roads. Consequently, I think my ultimate skateboarding longboarding tips were able to create value for you. Particularly, this site content is all about fun and information. Give us your thought via comments on these contents after submitting the email address.

In the end, I want to advise (opinion) you that try to stop the longboard in critical and hazardous weather conditions; thank you for complete the long and skateboarding experience thoughts.

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