Longboard vs cruiser – Which one is compatible to ride?

  • By: Josh Rosenberg
  • Date: September 9, 2021
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A myriad of people gets confused while buying between cruiser and longboard. This is happening because they are unable to decide which riding board will perform incredibly for them.

Let me clarify your confusion in a very simple way. First of all, longboard and cruiser board aren’t the same, rather their usability, rideability, and performance have numerous differences.

Cruiser longboard is a very lightweight, a bit smaller, and tricky board; it is specially structured and designed for performing on the City Street and area interior.

Particularly, the longboard comes with a high-end deck, super-fast bearings, and stable trucks. This type of longboard is usually used for long riding, open roads, long-distance riding, and ride down the hill.

This doesn’t end yet; there have numbers of differences between longboard vs cruiser; scroll down.

Differences between longboard vs cruiser

Only a comparison section can explore all the questions about longboard vs cruiser. This is why I pointed out some of the specifications and features about cruiser and longboard so you can easily define their differences.

Demission or size

As I told you before that cruiser board is shorter than longboard. Basically, a cruiser maximum deck length cannot be more than 34-inches long (Approximately 28-inch – 34-inch), and deck width isn’t available more than 8-inches.

A longboard is a longest sized board you’ll ever find on the street. This large board deck length could be up to 44-inches long (36-inch – 44-inch approx.), and maximum deck width is 10-inches.


Cruiser boards are technically constructed with flexible and indestructible trucks (traditional kingpin trucks), so they can easily perform to the tiny streets. You can do any stunts, tricks, drop-down rides, and more freestyle riding because of its flexibility.

On the other hand, longboard comes with reverse kingpin trucks. This type of longboard truck has quite maneuverability and enough durability for long-distance riding.

Mini cruiser or cruiser truck sizes are 105-110 mm, and averagely longboard truck sizes are 160mm plus. Traditional kingpin trucks (Cruiser) are shorter, twitchier, easy to turn, provides more dive than reverse kingpin trucks (longboard).

Bearing & wheels

Wheels and bearings are the most considerable parts in both longboard and cruiser. Cruisers have a small deck and small trucks; that’s why it obviously requires small wheels to match with the board perfectly.

A cruiser wheels sizes could be a minimum of 50mm and a maximum 65mm. Its wheels bearing durometer is 80A (On average).

On the other side, most of the longboard deck length is 40-inches plus that is why its wheels sizes are bit larger than a cruiser board. Longboard wheels minimum sizes are 70mm and maximum 85mm. And its bearing durometer could be up to 90A.

Shape, types & design

Talk about the longboard vs cruiser differences, shape & design are the parts what people have been waiting for. Longboard has so many types of designs and shapes such as pintail, drop-through, bamboo, carving, cruising, drop-down, downhill, and straight.

Therefore, it means cruiser has come from the longboard specs, and it has many similarities with longboards. Cruiser longboards mostly look like a surfboard shape, but the differences are surfboard runs on the water and cruiser perform on the roads.


Overall, I think the cruiser board and longboard both have outstanding and admirable ability to perform at any condition and any places.

In simple words, cruiser and mini cruiser board are the best options for Inner-City Street and stunting (Because cruiser is structured for freestyle riding).

For long-distance riding and balanced fast riding; longboard will provide you with an authentic and worthwhile performance. So, now you have to decide on which purpose you want to use a longboard (Inner city riding or outer city riding).

Longboard vs cruiser– which is the best?

So, we explored everything of these two types of riding board longboard and cruiser board. Deck, size, durability, trucks, trucks mount, shape, types, design, bearings, wheels, and performance all the crucial things I already explained at the initial section (Right in the differences section).

After all the differences you might be questioning what’s my final opinion on this longboard vs cruiser– which is the best? In my opinion, if you love fast riding and long-distance riding, you should choose the longboard.

Or else, if you’re willing to participating in any stunt ride or you want to compete on the city street then assuredly a cruiser longboard will be fabulous and awesome.

Also, cruiser prices are pretty budget-friendly than other types of longboards.

Cruiser vs longboard for commuting

Well, the majority of riders don’t use the longboard for commuting; rather, they use it for fun, time-pass, and tricks. You will still find up to 15% riders who use cruiser and longboard for commuting or travelling.

The question is which board is compatible for commuting, is it cruiser or longboard? A cruiser is individually structured for slow and small places. For instance, I don’t think a cruiser can provide you with long-distance riding.

Conveniently, manufactures and inventors made longboards, so riders can go the maximum range and with the highest speed. Therefore, I will recommend the longboard as the best for commuting.

Drop through longboard vs cruiser

Drop through longboard (DTL) and drop through cruiser (DTC) are both splendid and prevalent. Concerning the drop through longboard vs cruiser, I know which one would be impeccable for you.

Drop through longboard is one kind of cruiser which offers outstanding speed, stability, centre gravity, and better stunting.

So, either you want to choose drop though longboard or cruiser; don’t panic, because both are the same and the best. However, DTL could provide you with myriad beneficial features and benefits instead of DTC board.

Which is the best for beginner longboard or cruiser?

When you are riding a longboard for the first time, obviously you have to consider first what types of ride you want. I’m not going to take this topic into the broad way, but I will tell you which the best for beginner longboard or cruiser is?

As far as I know, longboard brings many opportunities for a beginner such as better balance, superior controlling power, and wide deck.

Cruiser board is a tiny board, but it ensures enough stability that’s why you won’t face any issues in the balancing part.

So, I think you should go for a longboard; it’s the best option for the beginners. Same thing you can follow if you’re feeling confused about skateboard or cruiser for a beginner.

Related FAQs

What is better between cruiser vs penny board?

Regarding the cruiser vs penny board, what is better, probably cruiser will be an adequate choice. Penny board is one kind of indestructible plastic board; it mightn’t be able to deliver premium quality riding experience.

If you choose supreme quality wheels for penny board then definitely penny board will be a commendable longboard for you. However, I believe cruisers can assure higher riding experience and numerous quality features.

Is a cruiser or longboard easier?

Cruiser or longboard which one is easier, it is a little bit complicated to explain.

For beginners, longboard is easier and straightforward to ride, but controlling a cruiser is a bit tricky and tough for beginners and armatures.

Or else, if you know how to control longboard and cruiser, the cruiser will be a decent choice.

how to control longboard

What is cruiser longboards used for?

Typically, cruiser longboards are used for city street riding, stunting, freestyle longboarding, and for tricks. For small distance commuting like collage, school, field, a cruiser is a perfect riding board.

Is a cruiser longboard good for beginners?

Not really, but if you manage to control this longboard in a critical situation then of course cruiser longboard for beginners is exceptional.

Longboard vs skateboard what should I buy?

Whatever comparison you follow longboard vs cruiser or longboard vs skateboard the will be same. Cruiser shape and demission have many similarities. It means you should buy a longboard instead of other boards.

Can you prefer us the best cruiser skateboards?

There are numbers of the best cruiser skateboards to prefer you, but I will recommend you specifically which skateboard contains high amounts of features, specifications, and advantages.

The best skateboard cruiser is the bamboo Quest cruiser longboard; it is also well-known as the super Cruiser (All in one cruiser).


Here it comes to wrap this informative post about longboard vs cruiser. Be honest, both cruiser and longboard have precious features, and no one is inferior to anyone.

I hope these two prominent and characteristic longboards will perform superbly as your purposes. Thank you so much, and don’t forget to follow another post of Calvinas.

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