Top 10 best longboard designs in 2021 that will blow your mind

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  • Date: October 1, 2021
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The history of longboarding isn’t so deep but it’s interesting. It is one of the specs of the skateboard. For this reason, people think longboarding and skateboarding are the same. But these aren’t the same. So, you can obtain enough knowledge’s about which is the actual longboard.

That’s why I bring some eye-catchy and adorable 10 longboard designs longboard. Truly, it will help you to find some unimaginable and unique designs of longboards.

How many designs longboard have?

We all know there has always been confusion about skateboards and longboards. You cannot attach them together and also you can’t apart them.

So, if I tell you specifically about longboard design, then the number could be 12-15 designs are available in the longboard. Whether if I count the designs with both skateboard and longboard, then there have over 25 designs on longboard and skateboard.

Sadly, we lost too many skateboard longboard designs because those are heavy, old models, and have less functionality. Every day different longboard brands and longboard manufactures are bringing new designs. So, here you can find 10 best and unique designable longboards but I think in the future we will get more wondering designs in the longboard.


Top 10 best unique longboard designs

Basically, the longboard is a spec of the skateboard. You can define longboard and skateboard with only their shapes. Skateboard designs and longboard design has similarity but those are not definitely the same.

For this confusion, I collected some remarkable, designable, and desirable 10 best longboard designs. I think these 10 longboards will decrease your confusion.

Pin-Tail Longboard deck designs

Pin-Tail Longboard
Pin-Tail Longboard

In longboard designs ideas pintail longboard is one of the inimitable longboards. The shape of it is quite extraordinary than any other longboards or skateboards.

Specially, these longboards are a little bit bigger than other boards. The head part of this longboard is simple like other boards but its tail part is extra-ordinary. Because of its uncommon tail, it got a name that is the pintail.

The end part of the pintail hoverboard is low wider than its head part. It comes with 4-5 bearings and a very durable body. Pintail is best for the cruiser. Overall, Pintail longboard is Ideal for beginner longboard riders and armatures too.

Basic cruiser longboard

Basic cruiser longboard
Basic cruiser longboard

You might saw several longboard designs template but a basic cruiser longboard is totally peculiar. This inimitable shape longboard is not only best for basic cruiser; these are very interesting longboard too. Alternatively, you can call it to drop through longboard too. These Longboard dimensions are available in 40-44-inches. Indeed, it always provides an unsurpassed smooth ride. When you want to ride an excellent and amazing longboard, you must try this one at least once.

Freestyle Longboard Skateboards

Freestyle Longboard Skateboards
Freestyle Longboard Skateboards

Concerning the best longboard skateboards, I found this amazing longboard design. One of the decorated longboard designs this one is. So, why is it called freestyle longboard? Because this one is the only longboard, which you can use for cruising, carving, dancing, and any kind of freestyle moves whatever you want. Generally, cruiser longboard decks are very flexible and stable. If you are a stunt rider then you should try it.

Super Fat Cruiser longboard designs

Fat Cruiser longboard
Fat Cruiser longboard

Did you ever saw a fishtail longboard? Here is the particular fishtail type’s longboard design. It’s a classic designable longboard, which is particular for cruising. The best part of this longboard is its wheels. Wheels are so comfortable and flexible, so you can move your longboard in various directions. The front part and back part aren’t similar, as those have a different design on their two parts. Conveniently, this longboard has a super fat body; that means if you are a beginner then it will help you to control efficiently.

Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (Downhill boards)

Bamboo Skateboard
Bamboo Skateboard

Longboard skateboard comes with various designs but this one is cheap and made from RAW natural materials. The shapes and this design are perfectly shaped for fast riding. The front part of this longboard is literary best for fast driving.

The demission of this precise longboard is a bit average like other skateboards. You can do any ride and any step with this ordinary and special longboard skateboard. It is both best as longboard for boys and longboards for girls.

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Mini Cruiser longboard

Mini Cruiser longboard
Mini Cruiser longboard

I have seen so many cruiser longboards unless mini cruiser longboard. It looks like longboard surfboard designs enable the board. This unimaginable longboard is suitable for beginners and experts. It is one of the affordable and very cheap price longboards to buy.

So small but very stronger and smaller longboard it is. The length size is pretty appropriate for kids and low weighted adults. Certainly, the mini cruiser longboard design looks like a fish and bird combination. Wheels are so powerful and impact resistance. Hopefully, you will love to ride on a mini-cruiser.

Bhangra Bamboo Longboard deck shapes

Bamboo Longboard
Bamboo Longboard

Bamboo longboard skateboard is one of the traditional and typical longboards to ride. Whole-body covered with bamboo longboard decks types. These skateboard deck designs are quite interesting and functional.

It looks like a classic bamboo longboard which is best for use on drop-through longboard trucks. Bhangra Bamboo longboard is so trendy, expensive, and made of purely raw materials.

It is so flexible that it not going to break itself, while you’re doing a heavy stunt because it’s a heavy rider longboard. The upper part and back part have a similar design in the Bamboo longboard.

Surf Skateboard longboard (Cruiser boards)

Surf Skateboard longboard
Surf Skateboard longboard

In my thought, only a few people know about this peculiar swallow shape longboard. Also, it looks like a rocket longboard. In this longboard, the deck is a little bit dull in the middle part. So, you can adjust your feet stickily, it is for decreasing fallings. Flow surf skates have enough durability and best for any kind of stunt. The back design is tremendous, monumental, and designable. I think manufacturers found this unique design by inspiring the rocket. Naturally, the surf skateboard longboard will give you a super-fast incredible ride.

Double Kick Cruiser Skateboard

Double Kick Cruiser Skateboard
Double Kick Cruiser Skateboard

Here is another skateboard template illustrator. I love the design it has, very decorated and optimized. It’s not a big wave longboard but as for its design, you can say it as a small wave designed longboard. Double kick cruiser skateboard isn’t ordinary, its design and shape are so special. That’s the reason it is a bit expensive. Also, it is the best longboard for beginners’ girls and boys too. Very pretty shape it has, you can do whatever stunt you want. Double kick longboard is best for turning, jumping, curving, and as well as a cruiser.

Electric Skateboard longboard

Electric Skateboard
Electric Skateboard

Take a Look at what I found? These days every item got electric. Like others, skateboard longboards are being also electric. As far I know, this is one of the craziest longboards that you will ever see. This is an electric longboard and it has a headlight and it can run up to 9.5km speed. So, what you think about it let me know in the comment section. We all know Swagtron is one of the massive and fantastic brands for scooters. Like Swagtron hoverboard, they have very interesting electric longboard too.

Longboard designs FAQs

What size longboard should I get?

Different types of longboards and sizes are for different height persons. For kids, and low height people 28- 38inches longboard is great for them. If you are a mid-height person then use 32-42inches longboards. Or if you too a heightened person then I can recommend you 38 – 46inches longboards.

How to choose a longboard?

Well, we have so many longboards near me, like quest longboards, sector 9 longboard, drop deck longboard, freestyle longboards, curving longboard, cruiser longboard and so many. First of all, choose a longboard, which is perfect for your size. Then try to find a longboard and think about what you want to do with that, you want to do a stunt or just a normal ride. So, if you follow these two very effective techniques, I assure you that you can choose an adjustable and suitable longboard for you.

Which longboard designs should I choose?

Numerous people have this question, that which longboard designs should I choose? As for the best designable longboard, I can prefer you Freestyle Longboard Skateboards, Surf Skateboard longboard, and pintail longboard.

Which longboard deck should i buy?

Should I buy a longboard?

Yes obviously, because longboards are easier and comfortable than skateboards. From my consideration, the longboard has enough safety, and the longboard is best for beginners. A longboard is very efficient for learning longboarding quickly. Longboarding is best for health because you have to put some effort to run this. That’s why you should buy a longboard.

What is the perfect longboard designs?

I think Surf Skateboard longboard, pintail longboards, electric longboard, and lowrider longboard are very perfect and consummate design for us. Look at the longboard designs images.

Final Verdict

Lots of people want to hear and finding of longboard design. You can’t get a list of designable longboards in one place easily. We the website authors try to make it easy and comfy for you always. After long and complicated research we commit to creating a super-duper list for yours. So, this article is all about longboard designs. Some of the greatest longboard designs list here in this amazing article.

Mainly, I think you like this downhill longboard decks, cruising longboards, freestyle longboard, Santa Cruz drop through longboard enables article. In conclusion, thank you so much for read out this whole article, and don’t forget to support our upcoming best sports and outdoor product review.

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