The best Kryptonics penny board reviews of 2024 (Torpedo Board)

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  • Date: October 30, 2023
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Kryptonics is one of the trendy, preferred, and renowned brands for longboards, skateboards, and penny boards. Because of their premium materials and durable construction, riders always appreciate their penny tiny boards.

There is a myriad Kryptonics board available all around you, but do you know which is the best Kryptonics penny boards and what types of benefits that provides?

After researching about it, I got a high & highly anticipated and worthy board for you. There is a lot to talk about the Kryptonics penny boards review in this post; stay tuned.

The Best Kryptonics Torpedo Penny board review

You can find a lot of the best cruiser skateboards near you, but when it comes to finding the best krypto related board, the Torpedo Pennyboard is the most reputable.

We both know that the Pennyboards are cheaper than other riding boards; however, it performs as well as others. Still, it is renowned for its performance in the different based county.

If you want to balance properly and want to keep cruising momentum utterly, then you should choose Kryptonics Original Torpedo Penny board. Here are the specifications, features, options, inc, and benefits in detail.


Kryptonics skateboard deck is made of persistence and custom molded polypropylene material. Also, polypropylene is combined with authentic aluminum. Aluminum may be the first material option for Krypto in 2021. In this 2021 time, they added the most value to their product, so it can perform tremendously.

The deck is highly impact-resistance and flexible. Grip pattern and integrated rear tape are attached with it for better traction, balance, and speed. The rear grip sticker decreases the bearing rashes chances and increases the lasting duration.

Deck sizes

The original Kryptonics torpedo’s deck dimension is 58 centimeters long (22.5-inch). Inopportunely, Kryptonics pe-nny 27 inches ride-board isn’t available nowadays; that’s why you have to be satisfied with the 22.5-inches deck size.

Calm down; because of its 6.5-inches deck width, anyone can balance it more impeccably.

Wheels and bearing

Do you know why people love p-enny (the small) board? Actually, they like it because of its multiple color and penny wheel.

Like other complete board wheels, its wheel sizes are 51 millimeters. These penny skateboard wheels are constructed with 62mm x 51mm poured polyurethane material. Carbon steel ABEC-5 bearings and the robust wheel will deliver you a smooth and gentle ride.

To be honest, I will be happy if they use ABEC-6 or ABEC-7 bearings in this tiny vehicle. However, ABEC-5 Pennyboard bearings are also rollover fabulously and extremely at the rough roads. Want to choose some worthy wheel for rough roads then check here.

Loading capacity

Pennyboards are made for kids and teenagers. For this reason, its loading capacity is a bit lower than other Kryptonics skateboard.

Kryptonics torpedo’s maximum loading weight capacity is 110lbs (55 KG). The age range of this Pennyboard is a minimum of 8 years old. (Age doesn’t matter if your weight is less than 110lbs).

Grip Tape

One eye-catchy grip tape can increase the elegancy and beauty of your complete riding board. This is why the Kryptonics brand will provide you a superior tape.

Design, color, Trucks

This Pennyboard’s total weight is 4 pounds, which means it’s super lightweight. Its small body and low weight will bring many opportunities to carry outside (during portability) and store in low space.

For high speed and traction, manufacturers add and installed retro 3.25-inch aluminum cruising trucks and polyurethane-injected bushings.

They also keep multiple colors; two colors are available, such as aqua blue (first color) and pink tiger (2nd recommended color). Both colors are shiner, likable, and choicely for girls and boys.


I don’t think you can find a first-class and mainstream shortboard like Kryptonics torpedo. It’s super budget-friendly and anyone can afford it within their budget. Eventually, after purchasing or shopping it you will get the delivery as soon as possible from Krypto.

Why should you buy Kryptonics penny riding board?

Penny skateboard comes with a reasonable price and superior features. As far as I know, the average Kryptonics p-enny riding vehicle price is under $50. This means you can get a Polypropylene board at such a low price.

This top-rated penny ride scooter has enough abilities to perform at any road and any condition such as rough roads, grassy, sidewalks, and more.

In simple words, if you buy a Kryptonics board, you can get a unique and amusing ride like longboarding and skateboarding at a low cost. Here are five major reasons for buying it;

  1. It is so elegant and colorful
  2. It is made of high-quality material
  3. Lightweight and easy to portable
  4. Constructed with expensive parts
  5. Best for kids and teenagers

What should I look for when buying a penny style board?

The p-enny skateboard has similarities with complete skateboards, mini-cruiser, super fat cruiser, and longboards, but you have to consider some crucial topics while buying a p-enny riding scooter.

A proper buying guide can determine what to consider and what to examine before buy. For instance, I arranged some topics which you must judge before choosing. Therefore, things you should consider before buying a p-enny skateboard are;

  • It’s deck material type
  • Deck length, width, and thickness
  • Functionality and performance type
  • What types of riding you like
  • Consider wheel, trucks, and bearings
  • Weight capacity, storing, and easy portability
  • Price with features

Are Pennyboards dangerous?

Are Pennyboards safe, or are they dangerous? Penny skateboards have been manufacturing since the 1970s time. Since the time of 1970, the only issue has been found by the p-enny riders that balance.

Because of low width and length, most beginners are unable to balance themselves. As a result, riders face trouble controlling, and sometimes they fall down.

Therefore, balancing p_enny-type skateboards is tough, but it definitely won’t be dangerous for you if you learn how to control it.


Are Kryptonics Pennyboard worth it?

Of course, Kryptonics related boards are worth it. For example, a longboard or skateboard could cost you a minimum of $80 to $100 bucks. How does it feel when you can have the same features and riding experience with a $50 P_enny?

It will be a great and money-saving idea. You can do any type of ride with a Pennyboard like other longboards and skateboards.

Are Kryptonics as good as Penny boards?

Yes, Kryptonics boards are as good as Pennyboard. A penny-style board offers maximum speed, lightness, and better cruising performance. Like other ridesboards, kryptoboard also offers these benefits.

In fact, if you research on both boards, you will find 95% similarities of supports. If we consider which is the good between Kryptonics Torpedo Skateboard vs. Penny? My pick will be the Kryptonics torpedo skateboard because it is both a p-enny and a skateboard.

What is the best Pennyboard brand?

Numbers of longboard brands and skateboard brands manufacture and make plastic boards. The best Pennyboard brand is the Merkapa brand.

Merkaba Pennyboards have an admirable demand worldwide because their riding vehicle is eye-catchy and supreme. If you don’t like Merkapa, still you can also choose the Kryptonics brand and Kal brand.

Are Kryptonics Pennyboards good?

Kryptonics penny cruiser boards are so good, and it contains various advantageous. Not only it’s the best penny riding board for the money, but also you can ride as long as you want.

You can roll over it on any road and any weather condition. Its indestructible deck and slip-less tape will help you during cruising and stunt.

What are the Kryptonics Torpedo Penny type Board Sizes?

Penny torpedo has verities of sizes, and it starts from 22-inches to 36-inches. Unfortunately, Kryptonics Torpedo is available in only two sizes such as 22.5-inch and 27-inches.

If you don’t know what size is good for you, check this comparison of 22-inch penny vs. 27-inch.

Final words

Well, we all know Pennyboards’ cheap, and good penny board have reasonable prices. If you already made a budget or you don’t want to spend more than $50 for a penny-style, you should buy a Kryptonics torpedo penny.

In the end, this Kryptonics penny review is all about Kryptonics torpedo review. So, don’t be confused because both are the same and work magnificently.

Overall, thank you so much for being with us to get the maximum inc information, and don’t miss our latest blogs and reviews. I may hope I can provide you the maximum information and results while you need help.

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