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Kryptonics longboard is one of the demandable, praiseworthy, renowned, and prevalent longboard brands. This spectacular brand started its journey in the 1970s and still, its skateboard and longboard have enviable demands and popularity.

Numbers of longboard professionals and experts feel comfortable using Kryptonics longboard instead of others.

The most well-known longboarders who use this longboards they are Stacy Peralta, Steve Alba, Micke Alba, Tony Alva, David Hackett, Bobby Piercy, and more.

These names are pretty remarkable and superior in worldwide longboarding communities. Kryptonics longboard brand launched myriad categories and types of the longboard, but do you know which the best Kryptonics longboard is?

In this case, I already found an incredible and worthiest longboard for you and I’m going to explain this Kryptonics longboard review right here, Scroll down.

Kryptonics SpongeBob 36″ Longboard skateboard reviews

Who doesn’t like SpongeBob cartoons? I know most of us grew up watching this amusing cartoon.

We might be turns into adults, teenagers, or young guys; still, we love SpongeBob. Do you know what I’m talking about? Yes, I’m talking about Kryptonics SpongeBob 36″ Longboard skateboard.

One of the highly anticipated, top-rated, and best selling longboard it is from Kryptonics. Basically, it’s a Kryptonics pintail longboard and it has some admirable and worthwhile features.

Let me tell you what types of features you will get and who are suitable for this exceptional longboard.

Size or demission

Because of Kryptonics board is a longboard, normally its size will be larger than other Kryptonics mini-cruiser or Kryptonics skateboards.

SpongeBob longboard total demission is 36-inches in length and 8.75-inches super width. As for this, it’s pretty widespread as the Kryptonics longboard 36 inches. Overall, its measurement is amazingly comfier for balance.

Design & types

Kryptonics SpongeBob 36″ Longboard skateboard is a pintail type longboard. It is structured by considering longboarders’ efficiency and comfortness.

For instance, they structured this longboard uniquely, so you can do effortless ride and smooth arcing turns.

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Bearings & wheels

In a longboard or skateboard, wheels and bearing always matters and these two are very magnificent parts. Without suitable and utterly workable bearing and longboard wheels, you can’t even move your longboard precisely.

For ensuring your smooth & convenient ride, manufacturers added 65mm x 40mm poured polyurethane wheels. With it, they also added carbon steel ABEC-5 bearings in all 4 wheels.

Color & material

Skateboarding and longboarding both are hobbyist, delightful, and pleasing sports. For these reasons, players always try to choose as elegant & colorful longboard as possible.

Kryptonics longboard 36 inch comes with memorable and likable shiny black colors with a yellow SpongeBob image sticker. Talk about its material, it is made of authentic 8-ply maple wood deck.


With a longboard, longboarders do several stunts, drop-down rides, drop-through rides, freestyle riders, and many more. That’s why, obviously considering or judging its durability is very significant.

Kryptonics 36” longboard is very durable, because it has heavy-duty 6-inches aluminum trucks, soft 88A urethane bushings, and particular 12mm angled riser pads for better moving.

Age & weight supportiveness

Kryptonics longboard review is not all about its feature and specification. Also, it is my responsibility to specify to you, who are suitable for this longboard.

This special longboard maximum weight capacity is 220lbs and 8 years old to adult people, anyone can ride in it.

Advantages and disadvantages of Kryptonics longboard (Pros & cons)

In truth, every single longboard has some specific advantages and disadvantages, which are also known as pros and cons.

For your knowing purpose, I just arrange and find out some benefits of Kryptonics longboard and disadvantages of Kryptonics. I hope you will find this pros and cons section beneficial and knowledgeable.


  • This longboard is quite inexpensive to buy
  • Angled riser pads added in it for better balancing & riding
  • Easy to operate for beginners and pro-riders
  • This longboard is owned by a prominent longboard celebrity
  • It won’t be break easily while stunting
  • Color and design is pretty, elegant, and eye-catchy


  • Not suitable for carving and drop-down ride

Top 5 Kryptonics longboards to choose

I told you before about Kryptonics’ longboard verities of specs and types. Besides, pintail Kryptonics longboard, there has more than 5 types of longboard in this certain brand.

Here’s top 5 best Kryptonics longboards recommendation for you to choose;

Kryptonics cutaway cruiser skateboard longboard

The Kryptonics Super Cruiser longboard

Kryptonics 36″ Longboard

The Kryptonics Lay Cruiser Skateboard longboard

Kryptonics SpongeBob stretch 36-inch

The Kryptonics longboard history in short words

In 1965 Kryptonics longboard brand started a company for computer parts. After 5-6 years later they launched their first-ever skateboard wheels. Their thick wheels and color-coded durometer makes their brand reliable, famous, and worthy in the market.

When they look they are dominating in the worldwide market with their unique and supportive skateboard wheels they decide to launce bunch of skateboards.

From 1965 to 2020, if we consider the top 10 best longboard brands, Kryptonics will be in the upper position of the top 10 lists.

People also ask about Kryptonics longboard – FAQs

Is Kryptonics any good for beginners?

In my consideration, Kryptonics is amazingly favorable and preferable for beginners.

Normally, this longboard comes with a durable structure and wide deck design. Also, its trucks are too stronger and help the riders to balance adequately and perfectly.

Which is the best Kryptonics skateboard?

I have a huge list of Kryptonics skateboards but few of them are consummate to call the best skateboard. Kryptonics drop-in series skateboard is the highly demandable and best Kryptonics skateboard of all time.

Is Kryptonics a good skateboard brand?

Kryptonics is one of the oldest, spectacular, striking, stunning, and dazzling skateboard brands.

Because of its authentic and persistent material, skateboard and longboard celebrities feel comfortable to faith in this brand. I hope you understand about is Kryptonics a good skateboard brand or not.

Are Kryptonic longboards good?

Like kryptonic skateboards, its longboard is too fabulous and works impressively both off-road and on-road. Consequently, you can choose this longboard assuredly, because it contains more benefit than issues.

What is the best longboard brand?

Atom longboard, quest longboard, Volador longboard are pretty popular and known as the best longboard brands.

But if I suggest to you what is the best longboard brand individually, then I will suggest you read Kryptonics longboard so you can understand utterly why I’m suggesting it to you. For more longboard brand information, jump here at the best longboard brands review.

Is it easier to ride a longboard?

Riding a longboard isn’t so complicated but you have to gain enough basic knowledge about it. I have a whole specific article on how to ride a longboard; you can read it for basic riding information.

Are Kryptonics wheels good?

Numbers of people ask the question of are Kryptonics wheels good or bad. As far I know, Kryptonics are making skateboard and longboard wheels for over 55 years.

Assuredly, you can choose or use their wheels because its durability and smoothness are pretty priceworthy and noteworthy.

Final verdict

Overall, I hope you appreciated this article about Kryptonics 36” longboard review or Kryptonics longboard review.

Generally, I tried my best to tell you enough information about this renowned branded longboard. In conclusion, thank you so much, and don’t forget to support us via the best sports equipment reviews. We love you and care about you, so stay safe during this Corona Pandemic.

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