IO Hawk Hoverboard – Affordable & Recommended (Review 2022)

  • By: Josh Rosenberg
  • Date: August 13, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Concerning the most durable and remarkable hoverboard; look what I found in this Io Hawk Hoverboard review. Not only this hoverboard is functional but also the best hoverboard for adults.

Whatever happens, we know that hoverboard is an incredible invention, and it’s a fourth-generation vehicle.

For making this Io hawk hoverboard review, I completed tough research. After regarding all the issues and features I choose the IO Hawk Cross mini instead of other ordinary io hawk boards.

Although Io hawk is a little bit expensive; but it is one of the coolest and all in one hoverboard, which is much better than other hoverboard specs. If you considering about Io hawk hoverboard, you will realize some unique ability and features it has.

After considering this branded hoverboard, I want to keep this hoverboard as my best hoverboard 2022. Indeed, it is giftable to anyone, suitable for every age person. Particularly, next time I will tell you about Hovertax vs. Io hawk. For now, read this Io Hawk Hoverboard review.

IO Hawk Cross Mini – The Best Hoverboard

IO Hawk Cross Mini
IO Hawk


Maximum Loading20-120KG
6.5-inches Trade TiresTwo
Ul2272 Safety CertifiedYes
Charging Time2-3 hours
Size64cm long
LED Head and BacklightYes

IO Hawk Hoverboard Review

IO hawk hoverboard is the most fashionable and rarest hoverboard usually every hoverboard fan dreaming to ride with it. Besides, Io hawk boards come to the market as one of the first invented hoverboards.

In fact, you can call Io hawk hoverboard as a splendid model adult and youth hoverboard. Nowadays, Io hawk hoverboard company increases their brand, as for, they launched some impressive discernible hoverboard.

Inconceivable Io hoverboard is Bluetooth enable hoverboard, and you will find Io hawks Bluetooth in every Io hawk hoverboards. Moreover, Io hawk cross mini is as fast as Io hawk giveaways.

Mini cross Io hawk top speed limit is as good as other special hoverboards. Mainly, if you ever look at an Io hawk hoverboard, you will realize their unique colors. Thus, most of the Io hawk colors are Black, Blue, and Silver.

With an impressive loading capacity, it can carry up to 120 KG. If fact, you can ride 14-19 Kilometer when it is fully charged. Whereas it is Ul2272 safety certified and Backlight, so you have to be worried about your safety.

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Uniquely, Io hawk has 6.5-inches two trade tires, self-balance mode, app-enabled, LED headlights, and its waterproof. The most perfect thing about this hoverboard is it will fully charge in 2-3 hours.

Indeed, this is not the cheapest Io hawk; for instance, you have to pay 399 euro for this Io hawk cross mini hoverboard. But if you want to purchase an Io hawk TWO hoverboards, you can buy that in 249 euros.

Similarly, if you’re going to buy an Io hawk cross, you have to pay 599 euros. The matter of fact, these entire three Io hawk is so durable, and these are best. So, these are the Io hawk board prices.

  • So easy to ride for kids and adults, and it has a self-balance mode and you can control it with your mobile app
  • This hoverboard is waterproof
  • It has safety certification and led backlights for safety
  • The mini cross can run 14-19 Km with its low charging period.
  • You can use it as an off-road hoverboard
  • Little bit expensive to buy

Types of IO Hawk Scooter

Generally, you won’t find numerous types of io hawk scooters worldwide. But in a few counts, there has some worthy io hawk scooters & hoverboards. I arranged those io scooter names for you below, those are; 

  • IO Hawk Product Specs [ First ever hoverboard IO Hawk brand launched]
  • The IO hawk 2.0 hoverboard [2.0 version]
  • Io hawk 2 rugged [Update version of 2.0]
  • The IO Hawk signature hoverboard [Very particular and elegant hoverboard]
  • IO hawk cross [First cross version]
  • The IO hawk mini cross [Suitable for every age’s people]

Are IO Hawk and 10 Hawks Hoverboard the same?

Actually, there has no 10 hawk hoverboards in the world. Unfortunately, some people thought of ’10’ instead of ‘IO’ word. this is the only reason you’re getting confused about 10 hawk hoverboard. I hope, I was able to clarify this issue to you. 

Which is the IO Hawk Hoverboard Charger?

Io hawk hoverboard runs by battery charging. For instance, you must require an io hawk hoverboard charger. The charge you can use for your IO hawk is a 36 (42) volt lithium battery charger. Alternatively, you can choose from here at the best hoverboard charger. 

What is the IO Hawk Hoverboard Price?

Specifically, io hawk hoverboard prices come in various kinds, and it all depends on which hoverboard you are choosing. For example, the IO hawk mini cross will cost you 350-399$. Io hawk cross will cost you 400-450$. Cross 2.0 will cost you 250-300$. 


Which is the Best Place to buy IO Hawk Hoverboards?

There are lots of places to buy Io hawk hoverboards. Above all, you can search on Google like Io hawk board amazon, Io hawk Walmart, Io hawk sell, Hoverboard target, and Io hawk stores.

But I don’t know what happens on amazon I was searching Io hawk for a while on Amazon and Walmart, but I didn’t find it. That’s why I choose the best store for you which name is “IO Hawk-Europe.”

How can Old Children start running IO Hawk Boards?

Because an Io hawk hoverboard can carry up to 20-120 KG, for instance, from 5 years age, kids can comfortably ride on it.

How Does IO Hawk Work?

Io hawk hoverboard has no difference from other ordinary hoverboards. But only one difference it has and that is its design and design doesn’t matter. In either case, it will work as other regular scooters.

Will I get this Hoverboard in the USA now?

I’m not sure because I didn’t find this hoverboard on Amazon and Walmart. Incidentally, I think you will not get this hoverboard in the USA. Still, if you are in Europe, then you definitely buy Io hawks boards.

Final Words

In conclusion, I want to say people search for Io hawks cheap and free Io hawk boards, but that’s not right. Because you can’t buy these fantastic Io hawk boards for free and you can’t buy that at a low price.

These are one of the standard hoverboards; that’s why their price is higher than other best hoverboards.

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