Hyper GOGO hoverboard Review | Wormhole Wheels self-balance scooter

  • By: Josh Rosenberg
  • Date: September 28, 2021
  • Time to read: 6 min.

It’s been a while I didn’t review such an astonishing hoverboard like the Hyper GOGO hoverboard review yet. After searching a splendid scooter I found a different level off-road vehicle.

It’s not only a featured scooter but also its pledge its name in the best Off-road supercars in the entire glove. Further, it’s the hottest creations and super-cool dream gift for anyone.

Indeed, I choose this self-balance off-road hoverboard because of its adorable looks; Auto balanced modes, Durability, stability, affordability, persistent wheels, Bluetooth enabled.

More you will get 3 diverse safety certificates. Astonishingly, you will get a free carry bag with this amazing monster hoverboard. In fact, All-terrain wheels will help you to have a great adventure experience.

Hyper GOGO hoverboard review (6.5-inch) [Rating 4.5/5.0]

Did you ever see the hottest and creative hoverboard like Hyper GOGO hoverboard before?

The specialty of this hoverboard is a wormhole 3D Motor and it covered on the whole tires. That’s the only reason it looks adorable.

In fact, it has tons of features that give lots of rationale for choosing this. Hyper GOGO is as much as durable as its beauty.

Maximum loading capacity

The matter of fact, this hoverboard is not for the heavy guys because only it can carry up to 198lbs weight.

The minimum Hyper GOGO weight limit is 32lbs. That’s means Kids can easily ride on it and you can easily ride on it but your weight should be less than 198lbs.

3D wormhole motors & wheels

If you are looking for the most attractive hoverboard then Hyper GOGO might be a great option for you to take my words.

With two 3D wormhole motors in the 6.5-inches tires, it looks great all together.

Particularly, Hyper gogo has off Road All-Terrain rubber wheel and this one is to ensure your safe driving in a variety of terrain.

Battery power

The whole battery input of this board is 100-130V. This means you will take 2-3 hours to charge it completely with the Hyper GOGO charger and it’s an average time for charging.

I hope you don’t have any problem with its charging time. Perhaps you can ride 8 miles with this type of full charging battery power.


With the maximum hyper gogo speed limit of 7.4MPH, you can drive on wetlands, grass, and snow without any hesitation.

Moreover, I think 7.4MPH is a little bit average type of speed but it’s good for kids and beginner level riders.


Well, there has only a few numbers of hoverboard which has more than 1 safety certification.

Luckily, Hyper GOGO has a total of 3 safety certifications. That’s why it belongs on the top list of safety hoverboard. It fully rated with IP54 for solidness and water resistance.

Even it’s a UL2272 tested and certified self-balancing hoverboard too and has UL2271 certified for the smart battery. So, you can feel safe while riding that’s why it comes with so many safety tested.

Auto balance Mode

Uniquely, Hyper GOGO hoverboard off-road comes equipped with No Fall Technology. It has enhanced and sophisticated gyro sensors that will help the hyper infinite hoverboard automatically align evenly.

So, the riders can balance and keep his feet with a stable equilibrium is maintained.

Bluetooth enables & LED lights

Maybe you want to rock out while riding and want to hear your favorite song. You couldn’t miss this joyful moment that’s why this self-balance scooter comes with Bluetooth.

You can play those songs with the help of the Hyper GOGO hoverboard app.

I should inform you that, Its LED frame lights are the sexier new thing and it hit Social and trend-setting cities across the United States of America.

Because of its wormhole 3D lights, a wide range of the color spectrum and you’ll feel like riding in space.


  • Water-resistance hoverboard
  • You can ride on muds and in rain easily
  • Hyper GOGO has the most attractive looks.
  • Easy to ride via auto balanced mode and easy to carry
  • Have 3 safety certifications for your safety.


  • Pretty expensive it is.

What is the price of a Sisigad off-road hoverboard?

Sisigad off-road hoverboard is a magnificent self-balancing two-wheel scooter. It is one of the budgets friendly off-road hoverboard for purchasing. Sisigad off-road hoverboard will not cost you more than $90-$110 bucks.

Where I can find hyper gogo hoverboard go-kart?

Hyper gogo hoverboard go-kart is one of the trendiest hoverboards in entire the world. Because of its exceptional features, it’s been a demandable and superior hoverboard.

For easy purchasing purposes, you can find this amazing hoverboard at AMZ, eBay, and Walmart (Online stores).

Is the Hyper gogo scooter any good?

Hyper gogo scooter is an all-terrain scooter, which has 8.5-inches wheels. It is a portable and easy foldable scooter.

Interestingly, it can run up to 17.4mph, which is tremendously admirable. Additional features it has like a safety lighting system, dual braking system, 100kg weight capacity, and more.

What is hyper gogo go-kart price?

Literally, hyper gogo go-kart is very suitable for kids and young people. Because of its unique design and features its price is a little bit average. A hyper gogo go-kart price could be $99 to $250 approximately.

Is the Lamborghini hoverboard available?

Actually, yes Lamborghini hoverboard is available in every continent, especially in Europe and America.

Because of Lamborghini hoverboard has the supreme body, design, color, and additional features it is known as an expensive hoverboard.

FAQs of hyper GOGO hoverboard review

Where I can get hyper GOGO hoverboards?

Hyper GOGO is available on E-store, Online stores, Super-malls. In online stores, AMZ will give you more priority than other online stores.

Further, you may have Hyper GOGO Off-road hoverboard Canada, Australia, Europe, and all over America.

Is Hyper GOGO an off-road hoverboard?

The hyper gogo specialty is with off-roads. The manufactures are already launched over 3 types of various designs of Hyper GOGO and all are off-road hoverboards.

They think people love to ride with the off-road scooter rather than an ordinary hoverboard. So, Hyper gogo comes with Off-road specialties.

What is the best off-road hoverboard?

Well, there have lots of off-road hoverboards I can prefer you to like the best off-road hoverboard. But now I will give a 5 best off-road hoverboard list so you can have one.

  1. Swagtron T6 off-road hoverboard
  2. Gyroor G-F1 racing hoverboard
  3. Hyper GOGO 6.5 inch hoverboard
  4. Gyroor Warrior 8.5-inch off road hoverboard
  5. Hyper GOGO 8.5 inch hoverboard

What is the best all-terrain hoverboard?

All-terrain become popular because only All-terrain wheels enable hoverboard can give you an off-road ride Phenomenal experience. The best all-terrain hoverboards are;

  1. Swagtron T581 Hoverboard
  2. Gyroshoes Warrior 8.5 inch hoverboard
  3. Hyper GOGO hoverboard
  4. Hover 1 titan all-terrain hoverboard

How do you ride a hoverboard?

Mainly, the majority of hoverboard has a self-balance mode for riding and that mode powered by the hoverboard app.

With those apps, you will able to use learning mode or pro modes whatever you feel easy. I have a long article about How to ride a hoverboard read it for exact information.

Final Verdict

It’s time to the final verdict, I researched a lot then I engage and totally prepared to make this Hyper GOGO hoverboard review.

Indeed, its functional and prospective specifications going to make you impress.

But the more interesting fact is, it’s beautiful looks because when we going to buy a hoverboard we see how attractive that.

So, in this case, I can guaranty you, Hyper gogo will make you proud when you want to show it in front of your friends and relatives.

Overall, Auto balancing system, 3 different safeties certified, powerful LED lights, the ability of off-road hoverboards, and 3D wormhole wheels overly takes it on a different level and make it a choice full one. In conclusion, thank you so much.

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