7 steps to learn how to ride a longboard. Longboard beginner guide

7 steps to learn how to ride a longboard. Longboard beginner guide

Numerous people get confused about longboard and skateboard; they think longboard and skateboard are the same things. Generally, these two board looks like equivalent, but their design and structure has differences. Like longboard comes with wider and longer shape, best for balance. Rather, skateboard comes with average sizes and shapes. Regarding the longboard I was thinking, I should share some longboard tips such as how to ride a longboard? Not only this article is all about, but this is a longboard beginner guide too.

In this here, I will talk about how to longboard for beginners, 3 basic things about riding longboard, 7 ways to riding longboard, and more.

3 basic things you should follow before riding a longboard

riding longboard
riding longboard

Before go through to any longboard tricks or tips for riding a longboard, you should follow these three major things about longboard.

1.Choose a suitable longboard

Well, everybody knows that the longboard looks like a skateboard. Sometimes people thought skateboarding and longboarding are quite similar. But these two have two different identities. Like Longboard is a little bit longer than a skateboard. Before you start longboarding you should choose a suitable longboard as your requirements. So, how to choose a longboard? Look, longboards sizes could be 34-40-inches.

For instance, a shorter longboard is pretty suitable for turning and moving. On the other hand, a longer longboard is easy for balancing but lacks turning. So, if you are a beginner choose a longer and wider longboard. But if you are a pro rider then you better know, which the best longboard brands are for you.

2.Buy and wear longboard gear

You may saw before, people fall down over and over while skateboarding. There has no diversity for longboard in this case. That means you must wear longboard gear to protect your body parts, so you can tolerate accidents and falls. In longboard safety gear helmet, wrist pad, elbow pad, knee pad are the most crucial gear. Actually, these are the best gear for preventing any injuries. So, don’t forget to wear these longboard essentials gears before start riding.

3.You’re Goofy or regular rider?

This part is important for you, it’s really necessary to know, are you a goofy rider or a regular rider? You may think what does goofy or regular rider means? While skating if you keep your right foot forward then you are a goofy rider. If you keep your left foot forward while skating that means you are a regular rider.

Sometime people can’t recognize whether they are goofy or regular. As for, I have longboarding tips and tricks for you. First of all, try to stand on a longboard as goofy style, and then ask someone to push you from back suddenly. After pushing you, try to feel which leg is strong and good to catch the longboard. If your right feet stronger than left, you are goofy. Otherwise, if your left foot is strong, then you are regular. So, before riding know first which rider you are.

7 steps to learn how to ride a longboard

how to longboard for beginners
how to longboard for beginners

Well, the longboard is with the processing of becoming trendy sport now. The majority of people’s longboarding interests are increasing day by day. That is why everybody wants to learn how to ride a longboard easily and effortlessly. As a matter of fact, I have 7 outstanding and effective steps to learn riding longboard. I assure you that if you follow these steps you will become a pro member of the longboard world.

Learn to balance

In how to ride a longboard, the first question comes out in the mind is how to stand on a longboard or how to balance on a longboard? Balancing is an initial and primary step to riding a longboard. A longboard is quite similar to skateboard; balancing wills all depends on your legs. The stronger leg means more easy balance.

Try to obtain, which rider you are goofy or regular, it will help you to understand which one leg is stronger. If your legs can catch the longboard more stickily then you can improve your balance rapidly. So, start practicing on legs, and catch the board stickily by your legs.

how to balance longboard
how to balance longboard

Try to ride it to Low Stance

The longboard stance comes with various types. But when you are armature or beginner in longboarding, a low stance is a better option. To ride it to a low stance you should keep your feet between angle and trucks in 45 degrees front foot forward. Place the back foot at the 90-degree angle and keep it in the direction wherever you want to go.

Remember; don’t try to other stances if you’re a brand new beginner. You can hurt yourself in this way. When you learned it to ride low stance then I can prefer you to go another stance.

Practice to move forward

how to longboarding
how to longboarding

Lots of people asked me, is move forward practicing important for them? In truth, this is obviously so essential to keep practicing to move forward if you want to learn how to ride a longboard. Step your right foot on the upper forward section and push it by the back foot. If you feel that your back foot isn’t so strong to push you hard, then swap your legs. Interestingly, pushing it by the front foot, it called “mango” in longboarding words.

Do continuously practice to move forward yourself until you learn to push it much harder. In fact, if you do regular practices on it, you will definitely gain how to speed up your longboard.

Learn to slow down the speed

Slow down the speed of longboard or skateboard is a little bit hard. But there have certain methods you can learn to slow down the speed while riding with the longboard. Such methods like slow it by your other feet by touching the road or soil. Sometimes professionals sit down on the longboard to handle the speed momentum. One major thing you can use to slow down your longboard by longboard slide gloves. In this case, you have to learn how to slide on a longboard? Just sit down on the longboard then touch the soil by slide glove. It will slow down your speed. Also, you can stop longboard by slide gloves.

Turning practice

How to turn a longboard surfboard? After completing the move forward practice you are now eligible to move turning practice. Particularly, this is the hardest thing skaters and longboarders do. Turning the longboard isn’t so easy for anyone. Sometimes professionals and experts fail to turn their board. So, how to turn on a longboard? Before knowing it, you should learn how to carve on a longboard?

Carving and turning are intimately involved. If you know how to carve a longboard then it will be easy for you to turn it. Normally, carve is also difficult to do, as for use longboard slide gloves. This is what every professional skaters and longboarder do to turn them. Indeed, it is safer than longboard carving. Or you can use your toes and heel to make you turn. So, keep turning to practice until you become better at it.

Learn to Stop

How to stop on a longboard? People thought stopping a longboard is difficult but I say it is technical. Longboard foot stop and longboard foot brake works heavily in this case of stop you. Let me tell you a step when you want to stop it, jump out of longboard, and manage yourself so you won’t befall. Another way is to use slide gloves. As far, you should gain some information about longboarding how to slide. It will help you to stop without any risk. Then, keep practicing to stop.

how to stop longboard
how to stop longboard

Learn to fall

Well, this sounds like odds. But if you ever saw skating video or longboarding video, you will realize that skaters are falling continuously. Start enduring falling down while skating and longboarding. Make this fall down to your everyday events.

“If you do not fall you will not learn”. So, there have some falling techniques. These techniques will help you to decrease injuries chances. When you falling down forward or drop through longboard, then try to turn around your body. Importantly, don’t forget to wear longboard gear.

Watch videos to learn longboarding rapidly

So, I think a few of them still need some videos of longboarding. I know videos are the best prospective way to learn anything as well as longboarding. As your requirement, I arrange a video where you can learn every single step, longboarding tricks, longboarding basics, and longboarding tips. But never forget to support my best sports and outdoor product review.

Long boarding step by step


How long does it take to learn to ride a longboard?

If you want to learn how to ride on a longboard then you have to spend a minimum of 2 weeks or 15 days. I saw so many buddies they practice with their pintail longboard for 1.30 hours every day. And now they have become so expert and pro-level rider with a longboard.

Is the longboard easier than Skateboard?

It is a little bit truth that the longboard is easier than a skateboard. Because of longboard comes with wider and longer shapes than a skateboard. That’s why people feel more comfortable in the longboard instead of a skateboard. The structure of the longboard is quite suitable for longboard beginners.

Why should beginners know how to ride a longboard?

Listen my friend; you can’t be a good rider until you know exact ways of how to ride on a longboard. You must obtain proper knowledge’s about why longboard is better than a skateboard, is longboard good for beginners? How to slide a longboard, how to move forward with a longboard? What is the basic of longboard? These questions are must be known. These questions are necessary and useful for you.

Is longboarding dangerous?

In truly, longboard, skateboard, hoverboard, Segway, surfboard all are dangerous when you riding with these vehicles on the road. We don’t know when accidents will come. But we know how to prevent injuries and accidents. So, wear safety gear and don’t ride on the highway road and other roads. If you avoid these places then longboarding isn’t dangerous.

How to cruise on a longboard?

It’s a little bit complicated to tell you how to cruise on a longboard. A Longboard cruiser is easy to learn. Let me show you a video, which will help you to learn quickly.

How to Cruise on a longboard?

Final Verdict

We talk about numerous things in this how-to ride a longboard article. Mainly, this article is for those people who are beginners in longboarding. Also, for those persons who don’t know much about longboard. I admit you guys every single information about the longboard I have. I hope you like it so much and hopefully, you will support me in another article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about what you think about the longboard.

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