How To Reset A Hoverboard

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A hoverboard is a smart device that needs to be updated timely. It can not function properly if you use it continuously without any break. So, you must know how to change its parts and what to do when it is not functioning properly. We want every hoverboard user to have all basic knowledge about it.

In this guide, we have explained how to reset a hoverboard and why there is a need to reset it. But still, we would like to suggest you read the user manual first before going to reset the hoverboard.

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How to Reset A Hoverboard

If you are one of those people who want to learn how to reset a hoverboard, you must review the below steps. We have explained this process is simple and short steps that are very easy to perform. There is no rocket science in it and no technical knowledge is required for this purpose. You just need to know where the power button of the hoverboard is located.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s have a look at these simple steps!

Step 1: Start the Process

To start the resetting process, you have to press the power button of your hoverboard. This button is easily visible on the hoverboard that is needed to be held for about ten seconds and you will see it getting down automatically. You will see the lights on the hoverboard are also turned off.

Step 2: Release the Button

When you see the lights turning off slowly, you should leave the button. This is where the reset process starts. When you release the button, the hoverboard turns off.

Step 3: Turn it on Again

The last step is to turn your hoverboard again after turning it off for a while. We suggest you do not turn it on again before half an hour. It would be best if you reset your hoverboard by placing it on the ground level and making sure all its wheels are touching the ground.

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When Should we Reset the Hoverboard

Should we Reset the Hoverboard

Many people wonder when should we reset our hoverboard. It means people want to know the condition or time when it will be suitable to reset it. Let us tell you that there are different situations when you have to reset your hoverboard so that the issues with it could be resolved immediately.

We know that hoverboard is an electronic device and is available in different models. You may have also seen Bluetooth hoverboards, jetson hoverboards, and many more. This device can get easily hung when you use it for a long time and do not take a break. It may get slower due to continuous use.

If you have a jetson hoverboard, you must learn how to reset a jetson hoverboard. But let us tell you the reset process of all hoverboards is the same, just the placement of the power button is different.

jetson hoverboards

If you see the red lights blinking on the hoverboard, it means it is not good for you to ride it because it may stop in the way and can make it difficult for you to ride smoothly. It is the time you should reset the hoverboard to let it function properly without causing any issues. But still, if resetting is not helping you out, you can replace the gyroscope.

You can also change or replace the parts of the hoverboard if there is any issue with any of them. It means you do not have to buy a new hoverboard, you have to option to modify the existing one by making some changes to it and resetting its system to let it work effectively.

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How to Reset A Swagtron Hoverboard

Swagtron Hoverboard

Resetting a swagtron hoverboard is not a difficult task as you just need to know the right procedure. If you want to know how to reset a swagtron hoverboard, you must review the steps mentioned below. Let’s have a look at them:

Step 1: Turn off the Hoverboard

First, you have to make sure that the hoverboard is turned off completely. You just have to hold the power button for a while, it will get turned off automatically. If you have a remote, you can use it for turning the hoverboard off.

Step 2: Keep the Hoverboard on A Flat Surface

We have discussed before that you need to keep the hoverboard on the ground level when you need to reset it. We would like to say that if you want to learn how to reset a hover 1 hoverboard or any other hoverboard model, you should keep in mind that you have to keep it on a flat surface in order to reset it efficiently.

Step 3: Hold the Power Button

The next step is to hold the power button for about five to ten seconds. Do not leave the button until the hoverboard starts beeping. When the beep starts, the lights on the hoverboard will also flash. Here you have to wait for about thirty seconds.

Step 4: Turn on the Hoverboard

The last step is to push the power button again to power the hoverboard on. You can use it when the resetting process is completed.

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How to Reset A Hoverboard Using a Smartphone

You will be amazed to know that a hoverboard can be reset using a smart device like a mobile phone. Yes, it is wondering to know how we can do so using another device. Let us tell you that software is installed in the smart hoverboards that let you connect it with your smartphone.

You can check out the user guide that comes with the hoverboard to know which software has been designed for your hoverboard. If you do not find the specified software there, you can ask the manufacturer regarding it. Then, download the app accordingly on your smart device.

When you are done downloading the application on your mobile phone, next you have to connect it with your hoverboard. Here, again you have to put the hoverboard on a flat surface. On your mobile phone, go to the app and search for the Calibrate the unitsection.

When you see all the instructions have appeared on your screen, you have to follow them accordingly because if you make any mistake, you might not be able to reset the hoverboard using that application.

3 Reasons why do we Reset A Hoverboard

Why Do We Reset A Hoverboard

We only reset our hoverboard when we notice there is an issue with it. This issue can be related to the performance of the hoverboard or its hardware of it. So, you never know when any of these issues can occur so you must be aware of how to resolve this issue where the most common solution is to reset it.

Let us discuss some common problems that make you reset your hoverboard:

1. Red Light on Hoverboard

When you notice the red light on your hoverboard has appeared and is not turning off, it means its battery is going to be dead. At this time, you should turn off the hoverboard and recharge it immediately. But if you notice that the red light is not turning off even after charging it, you should reset the hoverboard.

2. Bluetooth Connection Issue

The issue of Bluetooth connection is common when your hoverboard does not get connected with any of your smart devices such as a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc. You find difficulty in pairing both devices. It is the time when you should reset the hoverboard and let the Bluetooth work properly when the hoverboard restarts.

3. Hoverboard not turning on

When your hoverboard is fully charged but is not turning on, it means there is an issue with the hoverboard. There might be an internal issue with the hoverboard’s functions. So, just to refresh its functions, you can reset the hoverboard and let it work properly after getting restarted.

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1. How to reset a hoverboard hover 1?

You need to turn off the hoverboard, hold the power button for a while and then release it when the hoverboard starts beeping. Turn it on after some time and the resetting process is done.

2. Do I need the help of a technician to reset the hoverboard?

No, you do not need the help of any other person to reset your hoverboard. Plus, no technical knowledge is required for this purpose.

3. When should I reset my hoverboard?

You should reset the hoverboard when you notice the hoverboard is getting slowed down and is not functioning properly.

4. Can I reset my hoverboard using a smartphone?

Yes, you can reset your hoverboard using a smartphone but you must have to download the specified application on your smartphone for this purpose first.

5. What happens if your hoverboard is not working properly?

The hoverboard may stop in the way while riding or it may get slowed down which makes it impossible for you to ride.


To sum up, resetting a hoverboard is not so difficult. You just need to follow the right steps correctly. We have mentioned all the steps in easy and clear words but if still there is any confusion, you can ask us as we are always there for you!

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