How to Hang a Kayak in a Garage? 3 Easy Methods

  • By: Josh Rosenberg
  • Date: July 25, 2022
  • Time to read: 12 min.

As we all know, a kayak is a very sensitive thing when it comes to storing it. Some people think it is an easy task and they spoil their kayak. People often don’t consider the storage of a kayak while buying it. If you have a garage even if it is not so big then it is a great place to store a kayak. 

If we focus then there are many facilities that a garage provides to your kayak such as from thieves, weather, etc. Always consider your ease instead of wasting your time on hard ways to perform. In this guide, you will get to know how to hang a kayak in a garage and what things are needed to be considered for storing them.

Let’s discuss them further!

How to Hang a Kayak in a Garage?

We have discussed some best and most common methods that you can use for hanging a kayak in a garage. Let’s have a look at them!

Method 1: Wall Mounted Rack

How to Hang a Kayak in a Garage through Wall Mounted Rack

If you are looking for a method to store your kayak safely in your garage then using wall mounted rack would be perfect. The good thing about the wall-mounted hanger is that helps you to store a lot of space in your garage that could be occupied by your kayak. 

Wall mounted rack hangs your kayak on the wall keeping it away from the ground. If you choose this method then follow the given steps to apply it.

Step 1: Find Studs

Before setting up a wall-mounted hanger for your kayak you must find the studs in the wall of your garage, this will give stability and strength to the hanger to hold the kayak. If there are no studs in the wall then the hanger will not be able to hold your kayak and it may fall.

Steps 2: Padding Kayak Hanger

After finding studs in your garage wall when you go to buy a kayak hanger, which you can buy from any online store or any local shop. Make sure you buy a kayak hanger with padding because a kayak hanger with padding keeps your kayak secure from any scratches and from falling off. 

Step 3: Install the Kayak Hanger

Before installing the wall-mounted hanger make sure you have all the equipment available such as a drilling machine, screws, etc. Another benefit of this hanger is that it requires only one-time installation, it will not be damaged or break for many years.

Step 4: Store the kayak

After installing the wall-mounted rack store your kayak in it, but be careful while storing it. The kayak should be placed accurately over the stand so it does not fall.

Method 2: Suspending on Ceiling

How to Hang a Kayak in a Garage through Suspending on Ceiling

When thinking of storing a kayak in your garage people don’t usually think of a ceiling. The ceiling is good and less space takes place to store your kayak. But to use this method the roof of your garage must be high enough. 

This method not only saves your space in your garage but also keeps your kayak safe. When it comes to suspending your kayak over the ceiling there are two types of systems which are a pulley system and a non-pulley system.

Pulley Ceiling-Mounted System

Setting up the pulley-mounted system is not so easy, but you can ease yourself by buying a complete kit of the ceiling-mounted system from an online store or some local store. A kit comes with all the required parts and even the little pieces like screws etc. And if you don’t know how to install this system into your garage ceiling then you can simply read the instruction given in the kit or read this guide.

Step 1: Find Stud

Before installing the ceiling-mounted system it is very important to find a stud first in the ceiling of the garage, which is a very critical process so do it carefully. It is important because the safety of your kayak depends on it, if there is no stud then your kayak can crash down anytime.

Step 2: Attach Motor

After finding the studs in your ceiling install a rod and attach a motor to it. Use screws and holders to attach the motor, after attaching it make sure the motor and the rod are installed correctly.

Step 3: Hook and Button

Once you have attached the motor correctly attach a hook with it. The hook is used to pull the kayak so you do not have to do anything. After that attach a button to the motor, which is used to On and Off the motor.

Non-Pulley Ceiling Mounted System

The non-pulley ceiling-mounted system is also used by people to store their kayaks in their garage ceiling. This system does not contain any motor, hook, button, etc., this system consists of just a stand to hang the kayak on the ceiling. The installation process of a non-pulley ceiling-mounted system is quite easy, but it is very difficult to put your kayak on that stand. 

Putting the kayak into the stand is very hard for one person, as he will have to lift the kayak and place it by balancing it on the stand. Although this system is very useful if you want to save space in your garage, it requires some lifting work.

Method 3: Kayak Stand

How to Hang a Kayak in a Garage through Kayak Stand

A kayak stand is another gear that you can use to store your kayak, but it requires more space in your garage. If you are looking forward to saving space in your garage then it is of no use but if you have space in your garage then it can prove to be very useful. Although it takes more space than other methods it is very easy to set and use these stands.

When buying a kayak stand you do not need to buy according to your kayak because these stands are pretty powerful and can hold a variety of kayaks. Although you will need to measure the size of your kayak to check if you have enough space in your garage. 

If you have a large garage and you can’t find any studs then this method is best for you. You can also use kayak stands in other areas like basements, sheds, etc.

Factors to Consider While Hanging a Kayak

Kayak is not a cheap thing, and obviously, we do not want our money to go to waste. So, we must hang our kayak in such a way it should be secure. While hanging your kayak you make some small mistakes that can damage your kayak. Here are some things that you must consider while hanging your kayak in your garage.

Right Hardware

Once you have decided on a way to store your kayak in the garage, first you will have to find the right equipment. This hardware includes screws, nails, hammers, d-rings, bolts, or any other thing that you think can attach to the studs. The screws you got, make sure they are long enough so that they can get through easily.

Check for Clearance

Once you choose a method for storing your kayak in your garage, make sure you don’t just start drilling holes and setting up the system. Before applying a method you must check for clearance in your garage. If you have planned on using the ceiling-mounted system then you must measure the size of your kayak. And check that by using this method will the door of the garage be able to close and open or not.

For example, if you are using ceiling mounted function then you will also have to check the height of your garage’s roof. If the height of the roof would not so high then you will not be able to park your car in the garage.

Not only that, but you should also check every other thing in the garage like windows, doors, ceiling, etc. that may get in the way while storing your kayak.

Find Studs

While storing your kayak in your garage the studs play a very important role. Whenever you install hardware, the studs typically do the work of holding that hardware. A stud is a part of the framing in the wall. They are some pieces of wood of about 2×4 and go vertically into the wall for sixteen inches. Studs give their maximum support to hold your kayak, if you don’t anchor into studs there are many chances that your kayak may fall down damaging everything. 

Cleanliness of Kayak

Once you have used your kayak and it comes to storing it back, you really should first wash it with hot water and clean it from any type of debris. Whether you have a hardshell kayak or an inflatable kayak you should wash it because it keeps the kayak’s condition good.

It is important because washing the kayak with hot water cleans any type of grime that can damage your kayak such as mud, salts, dirt, etc. Make sure you don’t just give it a flow of water, wash the kayak properly that including everything such as cables, footrests, seats, rudder, etc. you normally wash it with hot water but if you are more concerned about your kayak then you can also use soap and a scrub brush and rinse the kayak.

Draining of Kayak

After using your kayak do not store it directly, make sure it is properly drained if not it can damage your kayak. You should carry out this process carefully, there should be no water left in your kayak. You should check all the nooks and crannies of the kayak properly.

Some of the kayaks come with a drain plug which is located at the kayak’s bow or stern. So, first, you should empty the kayak using that drain and then drain the left water using a towel, sponge, or a bilge pump.

If you live in a cold climate then you cannot afford even a drop of water left inside the kayak because it can freeze your kayak. As a result, it can damage your kayak so make your kayak completely drained.

Coverage of Kayak

Coverage of your kayak is not so important, it is just a suggestion if you want to use it. Although your kayak is stored inside the garage safe from outside weather some people still prefer to cover their kayak. It is because it protects the kayak from any dust or critters.

Benefits of Storing Kayak in Garage

If you have space available in your garage and you are still not storing your kayak inside it then believe it is your bad. There are many benefits that a garage provides in protecting your kayak. Some of that information is given below.


Kayaks are very sensitive when it comes to weather, if they are directly exposed to sunlight or any other weather condition your kayak may break down. On the other hand, if you are storing your kayak in your garage then you would not have to worry about the security of your kayak in any weather.

We recommend you hang the kayak in the garage instead of leaving it outside. It is because there is a risk of damaging the body of the kayak. And when its body is damaged, it means it is useless for you. In this case, you will have to buy another one.

So, instead of spending your money to buy a new kayak to replace the existing one. It would be best to take care of your kayak and consider the weather conditions too. 


If you are storing your kayak outside then every time you will be worried about your kayak security. You would be worried if the kayak is locked or not, if the kayak is covered or not, etc. While if you store your kayak inside a garage, it will be safer and you will be relieved from worrying about its security.

It is obvious when you leave something unattended, it gets lost easily. Actually, it does not get lost on its own, in most cases, other people like unauthorized people or thieves are more likely to steal them. So, the security of your kayak matters a lot which makes it suitable to hang it in the garage.

Easy Access

If your kayak is stored in the garage then it would be very easy for you to access it anytime. You simply just need to take it out of the stand and use it. Things are only helpful to us when they are easily accessible to us.

For example, if you have stored your kayak in a store room and when you want to go on a trip to a water body, it will consume a lot of time to find the kayak. You will have to check out the storeroom thoroughly which will easily take two hours to search for the kayak if you are not confirmed where is it placed.

So, if you hang the kayak in your garage, it will easily be visible to you. You can get it whenever you need it. Moreover, you will also have access to it very easily without facing any problems or wasting your time.

Additional Tips to Hang a Kayak in a Garage

Following are some of the most important tips to hang a kayak in a garage. Let’s have a look at them which will only take two minutes to read!

  • If you are hanging your kayak vertically, make sure you do not hang it like that for more than a day. Because if you keep your kayak hanging vertically then it can be damaged or its shape can be deformed.
  • If you storing your kayak inside or outside you should use racks, and you should choose the racks that have padding. The paddings help to lessen the impact of pressure points on the kayak.
  • If you are living in an apartment and want to store your kayak there, then it would be very difficult to store a normal kayak. So, make sure you buy an inflatable kayak because they are easy to store in an apartment.
  • After coming from your kayaking trip make sure you wash your accessories just like you wash your kayak, and store them after drying them properly.


How to store the Kayak over the door of a Garage?

This is a problem many people face while using the ceiling-mounted system. Well, there is a way you can store a kayak over the garage door. If you have enough clearance inside your garage then you can slip the kayak over when the garage door is open.

How to hang a Kayak in a Shed?

The process of storing a kayak inside a shed is the same as storing a kayak inside a garage. While drilling holes inside a shed make sure you are drilling them into struts.

How to hang a Kayak in an Apartment?

If you want to hang your kayak inside an apartment then it would be best if you choose wall mounted rack. The only thing you need to worry about is that the kayak should not receive direct sunlight.

Is hanging the Kayak by the Handles ok?

No, It will not be good for your kayak if you hung it by the handles. Because if you hang the kayak by the handles it will leave strains on the kayak, and it may also bend and deform at the ends.

Can a Kayak be stored on Saw Horses?

Yes, you can store your kayak in saw horses, as they are the most flexible systems and can store nearly every type of kayak.


There are many ways you can use to store your kayak inside your garage but all of them depend on the space available in your garage. So before applying any method for storing your kayak you should measure the size of your kayak and the space in the garage. However, storing your kayak in a garage is known to be the best for your kayak as it keeps your kayak safe from many things. 

There are a lot of things you worry about if your kayak is stored outside such as degradation, damage, deformity, theft, etc. But if your kayak is stored in a garage it will be safe from all that problems. There are many expensive and complex ways to store your kayak but we have given you some cheap solutions to store your kayak. You just need to follow the given instructions and buy the required hardware.

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