How to Connect a Bluetooth Hoverboard to Your Phone?

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  • Date: August 24, 2022
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As we know hoverboards are one of the most used devices and the most amazing thing about them is their new pairing features with devices. It allows the users to connect their hoverboard through their android or iPhone with the help of Bluetooth.

This feature is used so you can play music on the speakers of the hoverboard through Bluetooth. But with every feature defects also come, now most people face difficulties in connecting their hoverboard with their phone through Bluetooth.

In this guide, we have explained how to connect a Bluetooth hoverboard to your phone and the things you should keep in mind while connecting it. Let’s begin!

How to Connect a Bluetooth Hoverboard to Android Phone?

Usually, it is very easy to connect your hoverboard to your android phone through Bluetooth but most people face difficulties with it. For such people, it is elaborated in simple words how to connect Bluetooth hoverboard in the following simple steps. Let’s have a look at them!

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Step 1: Turn on the Bluetooth on Hover Board

First of all, you need to turn on the Bluetooth on the hoverboard if it is not on, whenever you will turn the Bluetooth on the hoverboard will make a tonal sound.

Step 2: Turn on the Bluetooth on Your Phone

After turning the Bluetooth on in your hoverboard go to the settings of your android phone and enable the Bluetooth there, it will allow the phone to pick up Bluetooth signals from the Hover Board.

Step 3: Pair with HoverBoard

Once you have enabled the Bluetooth on the hoverboard and your phone, go to the phone settings and look for new discoverable devices to pair with. There you will see many devices’ names but all you have to do is to tap on the name of a new device.

Step 4: Play Music

Once you have tapped on the hoverboards name on your android phone it will pair with a hoverboard, and you will be able to play music on your hoverboard with the help of your phone wirelessly.

How to Connect a Bluetooth Hover Board to iPhone?

Connect A Bluetooth Hover Board to iPhone

Well connecting your android phone to your hoverboard through Bluetooth is easy but connecting your iPhone to your hoverboard through Bluetooth is a little difficult. How to connect your hoverboard to Bluetooth of your iPhone is explained below in steps so you can understand it clearly and not face any difficulty.

Step 1: Check the Bluetooth Connection

First of all, you need to check if your hoverboard is Bluetooth capable or not. To check that turn the hoverboard if it makes some sound then it is Bluetooth capable otherwise it is not.

Step 2: Enable the Bluetooth in the Hoverboard

After checking the Bluetooth in the Hoverboard, enable the Bluetooth on your Hoverboard.

Step 3: Enable Bluetooth in the iPhone

After turning on the Bluetooth in your hoverboard, go to the settings of your iPhone and enable the Bluetooth.

Step 4: Wait for the List

Once you have got into the setting of your iPhone, go into the Bluetooth and then wait for a list of devices to pop there.

Step 5: Connect Both Devices

After opening the list of available compatible devices in Bluetooth settings, scroll and go to the bottom of the list. Then select the Hoverboard device name in the list and tap on connecting to pair with it.

Step 6: Pair Both Devices

The HoverBoard will make a sound just when you will tap on the connect option, it will assure you that your iPhone has been paired with the Hoverboard through Bluetooth.

Step 7: Play Music

After pairing your iPhone with the Hover Board through Bluetooth open the music app and play your favorite song, it will start playing on the speakers of the Hover Board.

Things to Consider while Connecting a Bluetooth Hoverboard to Your Phone

Connect hoverboard to your phone

Whenever you try to connect your phone to your hoverboard through Bluetooth make sure you consider the following given tips.

1. Range

The distance between your phone and the hoverboard is a very important thing, sometimes you are not being able to connect your phone through Bluetooth because of the long distance. The Bluetooth in many devices does not provide you with much range to connect, that’s why you do not succeed in connecting the two devices due to range.

So it is very important for you to always ensure that your phone is within hoverboard Bluetooth range, usually, the range of hoverboard Bluetooth is three feet.

2. Bluetooth ON/OFF

Before trying to connect your phone to the hoverboard make sure the Bluetooth is turned on on your phone and the hoverboard. It is because if you enable the Bluetooth of the hoverboard and it does not find any connections in two minutes, it automatically gets turned off.

Then for connecting your phone after two minutes you will need to enable the Bluetooth on the hoverboard again. But even after enabling the Bluetooth again, it does not connect with your phone, then from the connectable devices list on your phone remove the hoverboard and try to connect with it again.

3. Number of Connected Devices

Many devices connected to the hoverboard also matter, when you are trying to connect your phone make sure there is no other device connected to the hoverboard. It is because a hoverboard is not capable of connecting with multiple devices at the same time.

So before trying to connect your phone with your hoverboard through Bluetooth make sure you disconnect all other devices and then pair your phone.

4. Battery

Most people do not notice the battery of the hoverboard and just try to connect it with their phone. The battery of the hoverboard also plays a vital role in connecting your phone to the hoverboard.

When the battery of the hoverboard is low it does not allow you to turn its Bluetooth on due to which it does not appear in your phone’s Bluetooth compatible devices list. So, whenever your hoverboard’s battery is low make sure you recharge it and then try to connect it with your phone.

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5. Compatibility Of Your Device

Most people do not care about the compatibility of their devices and start pairing their phone with the hoverboard’s Bluetooth. You need to know if your device has compatibility before you start pairing it.

Most people find difficulty in pairing their devices when they buy their new devices. So you need to ensure the specifications of your hoverboard and make sure that your hoverboard is compatible with your phone or not. You can find the specifications of the hoverboard in the instructions given with the hoverboard, the instructions feature every information about the hoverboard.

The main reason behind adding Bluetooth to the hoverboard is that so you can control your hoverboard easily at your fingertips. But if your device is not compatible with the hoverboard then it will not be able to pair with the phone and the Bluetooth feature in the hoverboard would be of no use.

6. Wi-Fi Router

Wi-Fi also plays an important role in connecting your phone to the hoverboard with Bluetooth, according to most people they had faced trouble in connecting their phone with the Bluetooth hoverboard in the presence of the Wi-Fi router.

So, if you have a Wi-Fi router available in your house make sure you try connecting your phone to the hoverboard on Bluetooth by being away from the Wi-Fi router, it is because the signals of the Wi-Fi router disturb the signals of the Bluetooth.

7. Bluetooth Available

As we know with the new feature of Bluetooth in hoverboards everyone wants a hoverboard with Bluetooth, but there are not many hoverboards that contain the Bluetooth features. In the market, there are many types of hoverboards but not many contain Bluetooth features. So make sure when you go to the market you read the fine print about the hoverboard carefully to confirm that it contains Bluetooth features.

8. Safety

Well, riding hoverboards is fun but if you don’t focus on them well then they can lead you to some accidents. With the Bluetooth feature to the built-in speakers of the hoverboard, most people just enjoy music and forget about their safety riding the hoverboard at high speeds that cause accidents.

You need to focus on the road and keep your speed low in crowdie areas, well enjoying music is also necessary but your safety is also important.

9. Battery Life

Most people complain about the battery life of the hoverboard, the battery life of some hoverboards is good and for some it is bad. The reason behind this disturbance is the Bluetooth and high speed of the hoverboard.

If you ride your hoverboard without enabling the Bluetooth feature listening to the songs and riding it at high speed, then the battery life of your hoverboard would be bad. It happens because when you ride a hoverboard by enabling Bluetooth and on high speed, it drains a lot of the lithium-ion battery pack of the hoverboard. 

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Can all Hoverboards play music?

All hoverboards are not able to play music but most of them can, to confirm this you can read the given instructions with the hoverboard.

How can you play music on your Hoverboard?

Well, if you have paired your phone with the Bluetooth of the hoverboard then the only thing you need to do is to play the music on your phone.

Why do mostly Bluetooth pairings fail?

The main reason behind all the failed Bluetooth pairing is that the Bluetooth is not turned on in the hoverboard.

Will your phone be able to work with the Hoverboard?

Yes, your phone will be able to work with the hoverboard if you have a hoverboard and a phone with the Bluetooth feature.

How to turn off the sound on a Hoverboard?

To turn the sound on a hoverboard off just press the power button on the hoverboard and hold it for 10 seconds, it will make a beep sound when it gets turned off.


The hoverboard is a very cool and attractive device and with the addition of the Bluetooth feature, it is more liked by people. But many people also face trouble in using the Bluetooth feature, they are unable to connect their phone with their hoverboard through Bluetooth. This guide is written for those types of people to give a solution to their problems.

This guide briefly explained how you can connect your hoverboard to Bluetooth with your phone whether you have an android phone or an iPhone. Moreover, some tips and warnings when using a Bluetooth hoverboard are also discussed.

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