How to Charge a Hoverboard without a Charger? [2022 Guide]

  • By: Josh Rosenberg
  • Date: July 14, 2022
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There are many things about a hoverboard that are not easily understood by its users. Some people find it difficult to take care of the hoverboard battery while some find it difficult to charge it. Many people are worried about how to charge a hoverboard without a charger. Because sometimes the charging of the hoverboard dies when they are on their way, how to charge the battery?

We have always recommended that hoverboard users keep at least two hoverboard batteries, one installed in it and another one as a backup. If your original charger is damaged, you can use a universal charger or your laptop charger to charge your hoverboard. Moving its wheels back and forth is also a way to charge it.

Go through this guide to know more about its charging methods without using its original charger!

How to Charge a Hoverboard without a Charger?

Following are some best methods that explain how to charge a hoverboard without a charger. Let’s have a look at them!

Use a Universal Charger

Have you ever heard of a universal charger? If not, let us tell you that it is a device that can be used for charging multiple devices. It is a kind of charger that is not designed for a specific device, you can use it for charging any kind of electronic device.

If your hoverboard charger is not working or is damaged, you can use a universal charger. We would suggest you buy a new original charger from the manufacturer as soon as possible but until then you can use a universal charger for charging your hoverboard. No doubt, it is a risky task to perform because it might damage the battery but you can use it in case of an emergency when the charger is not available to you.

You must know how to control or adjust the power output when using a universal charger for charging any of your electronic devices. Do you know you do not have to plug in any wire to your hoverboard to charge it when using a universal charger?

Let us tell you when you want to use a universal charger, you have to get the battery out of the hoverboard first. It is because the battery will be charged outside. Different types of universal chargers are available in the market, you can get any of them that is suitable to you and can provide enough power required by the hoverboard battery.

The charging time of the hoverboard battery depends upon the battery time and its capacity to hold the charge. We suggest you keep two batteries with you where one is installed in the hoverboard and the other one could be charged using the universal charger. In this way, you can immediately install the other one when the existing battery dies. 

Roll the Wheels Back and Forth

We know that every hoverboard has a rechargeable battery so you can charge it every time before riding it. This battery is present below the foot pad. You can see some hoverboards have two batteries so first, you have to find out the location of these batteries in the hoverboard.

For this purpose, make sure you put your hoverboard on a flat and smooth surface. Life each side of the hoverboard gently, the heavier side indicates the one with the battery installed there. You must be thinking how can I charge my hoverboard just by rolling the wheels manually.

Let us tell you that you have to tilt your hoverboard a little bit until its wheel near the battery is in contact with the ground. Make sure the other wheel is not touching the ground surface. Keep holding the board in this position and rotate the wheel back and forth using your other hand. 

We recommend you keep moving the wheel in this position for about fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, you will come to know that the battery of your hoverboard is charged so you can now ride it. No doubt, it is a risky task to perform but it wouldn’t be bad to try out when you are on your way and the charging of your hoverboard ends.

Use Laptop’s Charger

If you do not have the original charger for your hoverboard, you can use your laptop charger. No doubt it is a popular trick but it also comes with some risks. You must be thinking how can we charge the hoverboard using a laptop charger, wouldn’t there be a difference in cables and ports for each charger?

For your information, there are three projecting pins that come with a standard charging port. If you want to charge your hoverboard using your laptop charger, you have to plug the charger into any of these pins. You can try plugging in all the pins until your hoverboard starts getting charged.

When you see the green light on the hoverboard is turned on, it means power is being supplied to your hoverboard battery. Thus, it shows this electric scooter is supported by your laptop charger. When charging it, make sure the hoverboard is placed on a flat, smooth and stable surface. Also, do not overcharge it because it will not only affect the battery but also the charger negatively. 


How to Charge a Hoverboard without its Original Charger?

There are three common methods for charging your hoverboard if its original charger is damaged or lost. These methods are using a universal charger, using a laptop charger, or moving its wheel back and forth.

Can I Use a Universal Charger for Charging my Hoverboard Battery?

Yes, you can use a universal charger for charging your hoverboard battery but it should not be used permanently. You should only use it when your original charger is lost/damaged and you have ordered a new one. Thus, it must only be used in case of an emergency, not on a regular basis. 

When Should I Replace my Hoverboard Battery?

When you see that no charging method is working to charge your hoverboard battery, it means there is an issue with its battery and you need to replace it with a new one. 

How much time is consumed in charging a Hoverboard?

It takes about two to three hours to charge a hoverboard when you use its original charger. But when you use any other method, it consumes more time than usual. 

What is the Cost of a Hoverboard Charger?

The cost of a hoverboard charger ranges from 5 dollars to 20 dollars depending upon your hoverboard model and the manufacturing brand.


In conclusion, you do not have to worry if your hoverboard’s original charger is damaged or lost. You can go for alternatives until you get a new charger. Make sure you do not use these charging ways permanently, just use them when the original charger is not available to you otherwise it will result in reducing the lifespan of your battery.

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