How Much Weight Can a Hoverboard Hold at a Time?

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  • Date: July 6, 2022
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Whenever you go to buy a vehicle or any means of transportation, you must consider its weight capacity. It is because it gets damaged if you overload it. For example, if the weight capacity of a hoverboard is about 200 pounds and you put about 250 pounds, it will get damaged in no time which will waste your money on its maintenance.

Do you know how much weight can a hoverboard hold? If not, you must go through this guide till the end. We have explained how to find the weight capacity of a hoverboard and why you should not overload it. For your information, the weight capacity of a hoverboard depends upon its size.

Let’s discuss it further!

Weight Capacity Guide about a Hoverboard

The weight capacity of a hoverboard depends upon different factors. It would be best if you get a heavy-duty hoverboard that is strong enough to last for a long time and is also light in weight enough to be easily carried from one place to another. So, you must consider buying the one that can be balanced by you easily.

Now let us discuss the weight capacity of a hoverboard which is also dependent on the size factor. The hoverboards are designed depending on their users. Let’s discuss the weight capacity accordingly:

For Kids

Hoverboard for Kids

If a hoverboard has 4.5 inches wheels, they have a weight capacity of about 120 pounds or 55kg which is specially designed for kids. The hoverboards for kids are light in weight so they can easily carry them from one place to another, for example, their class.

For Teenagers

Hoverboard for Teenagers

The hoverboards designed for teenagers are the one made of stronger material than the ones designed for kids. They also come with more weight capacity i.e. they can bear the weight of up to 100 kg or 220 pounds and the size of their wheels is also 6.5 inches. 

For Adults

Hoverboard for Adults

The weight capacity of adults’ hoverboards is about 120 kg or 265 pounds. Stronger battery, frame, and wheels are installed in these hoverboards. Moreover, the size of their wheels is 8.5 inches which means they are bigger than the others. 

For Healthy People

Hoverboard for Healthy People

There are many hoverboard models that are designed and manufactured for healthy people. These hoverboards are known as heavy-duty self-balancing scooters. The size of their wheels is 10 inches and they can bear a weight of up to 150kg or 330 pounds. 

Some hoverboards also support 420 pounds but they are not so common because they are expensive. So, people go for other solutions instead of getting this hoverboard. 

Factors on Which Hoverboards Weight Capacity is Based

The weight capacity of a hoverboard depends upon two major factors i.e. the purpose of using the hoverboard and the size of its wheel. It also depends upon the model you are getting because different models come with different weight limits. Let’s discuss these factors!

Wheel Size

The size of the wheel also has a great impact on the weight capacity of the hoverboard. If the size of the wheel is 4.5 inches, it wouldn’t be able to bear a weight of more than 120 pounds. It is because more pressure on these wheels will result in damaging them so you might have to buy new ones or repair the existing ones. These are the ones manufactured for younger kids.

The hoverboards having wheels of 6.5 inches can handle a weight of up to 220 pounds. So, do not forget to check your weight before riding this hoverboard. These are the hoverboards that are the best for average-sized adults and teenagers. They can use it for going to college.

Some hoverboards also come with 8.5 inches wheels that are able to handle the weight of an adult person easily. It will be very easy for you to balance it. If you are a healthy person and weigh more than 300 pounds, you must buy the one that comes with a 10-inch wheel because it will be able to easily handle your weight.

Purpose of Using

We know that there is a wide variety of hoverboards available out there in the market so you could get the one that could meet your needs, requirements, and expectations. Every person buys a hoverboard for different purposes. For example, some buy it only to go to college while some buy it just for fun and riding off the road. 

The hoverboards for children are the ones that are lower-than-average and their maximum weight capacity is around 150 to 180 pounds. The higher-quality hoverboards are for adult riders whose maximum weight capacity is up to 265 pounds. If you want a better hoverboard, it comes with a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. 

Why Find the Hoverboard Weight Limit?

There are some reasons that state why you should know the weight limit of the hoverboard. Let’s discuss them!

  • You must know about the hoverboard weight limit for protecting your hoverboard and its life. If you overload it, it will get instant destruction which will result in affecting its overall longevity. 
  • If the weight capacity of the hoverboard is 15 pounds and you put 20 pounds on it daily, you will see its parts are wearing and tearing. If no external component is getting damaged, any of the internal components will start getting damaged. These parts may include screws, wheel axles, brackets, wheels, ABS plastic casing, etc.
  • There are safety and health risks associated with the hoverboard if you are overweight it. We would never suggest you exceed the hoverboard’s weight capacity because you may lose balance and control over the hoverboard while riding. It may also break down while you are riding it which can result in a serious injury to you. 


How Can I Find the Right Model for myself?

You have to check your weight and then look for the weight capacity of the hoverboard to find the right model for yourself. 

What is the Minimum Weight Capacity of a Hoverboard?

The minimum weight capacity of a hoverboard is 120 pounds. It is the one that is designed for kids.

What is the Maximum Weight Capacity of a Hoverboard?

The maximum weight capacity of a hoverboard is 420 pounds. No hoverboard model supports more than this defined weight.

What is the Size of the Smallest Wheel of a Hoverboard?

The size of the smallest wheel of a hoverboard is 4.5 inches.

Why Do Adults use a Hoverboard?

The adults use a hoverboard for different purposes such as for going to college, office, off-the-road purposes, or having a shorter ride in the city.


In conclusion, you should consider the weight limit of the hoverboard before buying it. There is a negative impact of putting more weight on the hoverboard because it results in damaging its parts and also results in decreasing its lifespan. Also, spend some time and money on its maintenance from time to time.

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