How Much Does a Hoverboard Weigh? What Size to Buy?

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  • Date: July 6, 2022
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A hoverboard is like an electric scooter that is operated with a battery. You have to fully charge it before having a ride on it. When we go to buy an electronic device, we check its size and weight to make sure whether it is easy to handle and use or not. The same is the case with hoverboards. You must check its weight before buying.

Do you know how much does a hoverboard weighs? Do you know how to determine its total weight? Don’t worry, we are here for you to provide all this information. There are different things present in a hoverboard that contribute to its total weight. We will also discuss them in this guide so read it till the end.

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Why Does a Hoverboard Weight Matter?

We all consider our needs first before going out to find the best product for ourselves. In the case of buying a hoverboard, we need everything the best, such as a high-quality battery, a durable hoverboard, a strong body, etc. But we do not realize how much will be the total weight when all high-quality things are combined with each other.

Most people only consider the specifications of the hoverboard without considering how they will move it if they have to travel from one place to another. For your information, there are hoverboard bags available to pack them in and carry them to wherever you want to go. We suggest you pay attention to the hoverboard’s weight too along with other features.

You might be wondering why its weight matters a lot. The major reason is to carry it from one place to another, it must be easy for you to do so. You may have to go to school or college so you will have to carry it with you until you reach your class. 

Sometimes, you may run out of battery, it will be difficult to carry it to your home if it is heavy in weight. A lightweight hoverboard is the best for traveling or holiday purposes. If you are buying one for your child, make sure it is lightweight enough to be easily carried by your kid.

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How Much Does a Hoverboard Weigh?

When we talk about the weight of a hoverboard, it is about twenty to thirty pounds in total. So, its weight capacity is about 25 pounds. You should make sure not to put more weight on it otherwise it will be difficult to handle. But these are the ones designed for adults so they can easily carry them. It would be difficult for the kids to carry.

In the case of children’s hoverboards, the average weight is about 17.5 pounds. It is the one that can easily be handled by kids and carried by them wherever they go on their own. The heaviest hoverboards are the ones that weigh about 30 pounds or more. So, if your weight is more than 25 or 30-30 pounds, you must get the heaviest hoverboard that could easily bear your weight.

You must be thinking about why the weight of each hoverboard is different and so is the weight capacity. Let us tell you these hoverboards are designed keeping in mind their users. There is a difference between the age and weight of kids and adults and every person varies from the other in weight and size. 

What Factors Contribute to Overall Hoverboard Weight?

Factors Contribute to Overall Hoverboard Weight

For determining the overall weight of a hoverboard, the weight of its parts is also considered. Different factors are taken into consideration which are enlisted below:


The weight of a hoverboard greatly depends upon the material used for its construction. The most common materials are rubber, ABS plastic, aluminum alloy, etc. Make sure you buy the one that is manufactured using high-quality material that does not get damaged easily.

When we talk about different parts of a hoverboard, the tires are made of rubber, wheels are made of aluminum alloy, foot mats are made of rubber, and the frame might be made up of ABS plastic or aluminum material. The heavier these materials, the heavier the hoverboard!


The design of the hoverboard also contributes to its overall weight. Some hoverboards come with a wing-styled design on both sides which results in adding more weight to the hoverboard. For your information, the weight of off-road hoverboards is more than the ordinary ones

The reason behind the difference in these models is that the off-road hoverboards have bigger wheels than the casual hoverboards. They also have larger motors and the frames are also made up of stronger material. Thus, the design of the hoverboard also matters a lot!

Wheels Size

The size of the wheels matters a lot in affecting the overall weight of a hoverboard. It is obvious that there is a difference between the big and small tires and wheels. So, the off-road hoverboards are heavier than the regular ones because they have bigger and stronger wheels and are made up of heavy-duty material.


There are different types of batteries installed in a hoverboard. The size and weight of each battery are different depending on its specifications. Some hoverboards come with an additional layer of protection for securing and protecting your hoverboard battery from any kind of damage. This protection layer adds extra weight to the hoverboard.

How to Buy the Right-Sized Hoverboard?

When buying the right-sized hoverboard, you need to consider only two things that are mentioned below:

Check Your Weight

First, you have to check your weight and then go find the hoverboard that is suitable for you. There are many lightweight and heavy-weight hoverboards available in the market. You can use any measuring device for this purpose such as a weight machine. 

If you do not have one, you can find it at the gym or ask for a friend who has it. It will take only a couple of seconds to check out your weight. You can write it down on a piece of paper in case you forget it when you go to buy a hoverboard for yourself. If you are buying one for your kid, measure his weight too.

Check Hoverboard Weight Capacity

After checking your weight, the next thing is to check the weight capacity of the hoverboard. Buy this one that could easily bear your weight. The adult hoverboards can bear weight up to 250 pounds. If you want to buy it for a kid, the one with 17 pounds to 18 pounds weight capacity would be enough for your kid.

If you are buying a hoverboard for a healthy person who weighs more than 250 lbs, it would be best to get a hoverboard whose weight capacity is more than 300 lbs. It is because if you carry a backpack with you, it also adds more weight to the hoverboard. 


What is the Average Weight of a Hoverboard?

The average weight of a hoverboard is about 25 to 30 pounds.

What are the Materials used for a Hoverboard’s Manufacturing?

ABS plastic, aluminum, and rubber are the major materials used in the construction of a hoverboard.

What is the Average Cost of a Hoverboard?

The average cost of a hoverboard is about 100 dollars to 250 dollars.

What Things Contribute to the Overall Weight of a Hoverboard?

Wheels, tires, design, size, battery, and materials used for the construction of the hoverboard contribute to the overall weight of a hoverboard.

What are Some Additional Features of a Hoverboard?

Some additional features of a hoverboard are LED lights, built-in carry straps, GPS, speakers, and Bluetooth.


In conclusion, a hoverboard is an easy way of transportation. Buy the right-sized hoverboard for yourself so it can easily be handled and carried. Different factors contribute to its overall weight, do not forget to check them out. Never compromise on the quality of the hoverboard when buying one. Always check out the weight of the person for whom you have to buy the hoverboard so you could get the right-sized and most suitable hoverboard. Also, consider your budget when buying one!

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