How Long Does it Take for a Hoverboard to Charge?

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  • Date: July 5, 2022
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A hoverboard is a portable, electric, and two-wheeled device that is used as a personal transportation vehicle. We can say that this board is like a self-balancing scooter that comes with two wheels and a large board and is powered by electricity and a battery that allows the riders to move around without paddling.

As it is a battery-powered device, do you know how long does it take for a hoverboard to charge? Usually, it takes two to three hours to charge this scooter but the charging time is not always the same. If there is an issue with the battery or the charger, it might take more time to charge it. So, notice the charging time and fix the issue if there is any.

How Long Does it take for a Hoverboard to Charge?

If you have bought a hoverboard for the first time, you might not be aware of how long does a hoverboard take to charge. Don’t worry when we are here for you. As we know, this device needs to be charged before operating it. The majority of the hoverboards take two to four hours to charge completely. 

There is also a difference between the first charge and subsequent charges of your hoverboard. You will learn about this change with the help of the information mentioned below:

First Charge of Hoverboard

When you buy a hoverboard, it is completely charged at that time, so there is no need to charge it at that time. You can easily test it without any issue. But when these scooters are shipped and you get it after a long time, some of its battery is lost in between.

When it reaches your place, it should be fully charged before its first use. So, we recommend you charge it 100% to increase the lifespan of its battery. It will take about an hour to completely charge it for the first time. When you are done charging it, you can ride it depending upon your needs. 

Subsequent Charges of Hoverboard

The later charges of your hoverboard are dependent on the brand from where you bought it and the quality of that board. That’s why I recommend you check out the customer reviews before purchasing a hoverboard for yourself or your child because these scooters are quite expensive and you should not waste your money buying a low-quality hoverboard.

Most hoverboards come with a lithium-ion battery which gets charged faster as compared to lead-acid cells. For example, it takes a lithium-ion battery to get fully charged in three hours, lead-acid cells will take more than five hours to fully charge.

The cheaper hoverboards mostly have low-quality batteries that’s why they take four to six hours to charge. The mid-range hoverboards take about two to three hours to fully charge but the scooters that are on the higher end of the spectrum are the ones that take two hours or less to get fully charged. 

Safety Measures to follow for Charging the Hoverboard

Safety Measures to follow for Charging the Hoverboard

The hoverboard’s battery is the most expensive thing or device present on this board. That’s why we suggest you take care of it as much as you can. For its protection and safety, we have mentioned some safety measures to follow so you can preserve its battery and avoid letting it get damaged:

  • You should charge your hoverboard until the red light turns green.
  • When you are done charging the hoverboard, keep the charger in a safe place where it does not meet dust and debris.
  • Try not to overcharge your hoverboard battery because it will result in damaging the battery and reduce its battery life. 
  • Plug the charging port into a working outlet and make sure that the light is turned on when you connect the charger
  • Always use the original charger of your hoverboard otherwise the battery will get damaged early.

How to Know Whether the Hoverboard is Charging or Not?

There are different types of hoverboards available out there in the market manufactured by different brands. That’s why the quality, specifications, and prices of each hoverboard are different depending upon the manufacturer and the material used for their manufacturing.

Some models of hoverboards come with a small light on them that indicates whether the charger is connected to the hoverboard or not. For example, when you plug in the charger to the hoverboard, the light turns red. When it gets fully charged, the light turns green from red.

If you notice the light is dim after connecting the charger to the hoverboard, it means the charger is not plugged in correctly. You have to unplug it and plug it again into your hoverboard. For your information, some hoverboards also have an orange light that appears when your hoverboard needs a battery replacement.

How to Charge a Hoverboard Safely?

How to Charge a Hoverboard Safely

Electric devices are the ones that must be used carefully because they are very sensitive and can get easily damaged if not taken care of greatly. No doubt, it is a straightforward and effortless task to charge a hoverboard as you just have to switch off the hoverboard by pressing the power button and plug in the charger.

Before plugging the charger pin into your hoverboard, make sure the cables are not damaged. Also check the port where you have to plug the pin because if it is damaged or filled with dust, it may also damage the pin. It would be best if you clean them both before plugging in the charger.

Next, plug the charger into a power source and insert the other end into your electric scooter’s charging port. If there is a light present on the hoverboard, wait for a while to let it turn red to make sure the charger has been plugged correctly and properly. Once the hoverboard is fully charged, you can use it.

What to do if the Hoverboard is not Charging?

When you notice your hoverboard is not charging, first you have to switch it off. It is because some hoverboards do not get charged when they are turned on. So, it would be best to turn it off. If still, the hoverboard is not charging, it means the time has come when you have to replace the battery or the charger.

The hoverboard’s battery and charger are the major parts of a hoverboard so you must buy them directly from the manufacturer. It is because you will find the quality and right products from the manufacturer. It would be great if you always get the replacement products directly from the exact brand.

If there is an issue with the distance between your place and the manufacturer, you can ask for a home delivery service. Share your personal information including the address and the model of your hoverboard to get the exact replacement. 

We recommend you always have a backup of your hoverboard battery so if the existing battery gets damaged suddenly, you have a quick replacement option. 


How Long Does a Hoverboard Battery Last?

The battery of a hoverboard lasts about one hour if it is a lithium-ion battery. In other words, it can cover about ten to fifteen miles per full charge.

How to Know the Hoverboard is Fully Charged?

When the light present on the hoverboard turns green from red, it means it has been fully charged.

What is the Cost of the Hoverboard’s Battery?

The average cost of a hoverboard’s battery is 60 dollars.

Can You Leave a Hoverboard Charging Overnight?

It would be a very bad idea to leave your hoverboard charging all night. Overcharging is always bad for a hoverboard and affects its charger and battery.


To sum up, you must charge your hoverboard fully before having a ride on it. It takes two to four hours to charge it but it lasts for only one hour max. Some hoverboard models have a light on them that indicates whether the hoverboard is charged or not and whether it needs a replacement or not. Always focus on its maintenance and use it safely to increase its lifespan.

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