How Long Does a Hoverboard Battery Last? Expectations vs. Reality

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Whenever we buy something, we are concerned about its durability and lifespan especially when it is expensive. The same is the case with the hoverboard battery. You must know for how long this battery last and how you can take care of it to increase its lifespan. No doubt, if you will not focus on its maintenance and will not take of it, the battery will get damaged in no time.

The hoverboard battery does not last forever. A time comes when its capacity is finished and you have to buy a new one. Do you want to know how long does a hoverboard battery last? Read this guide till the end to enhance your knowledge and know about the best battery for your hoverboard.

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How Long Does a Hoverboard Battery Last?

The best battery for a hoverboard is the lithium-ion battery which is more durable and long-lasting than the cheaper ones. If we talk about how long it’s charging last, let us tell you if your hoverboard is fully charged, its battery will last for one hour. After one hour, you will have to recharge it. 

Different factors contribute to the battery life of a hoverboard such as the quality of the battery pack, wheel size, weather conditions during the rider ride it, and the strength of the motor. For your information, the best hoverboards are the ones that come with an overall lifespan of one to two years. After this time, you will need to replace the existing battery with a new one. 

How to Maintain a Hoverboard Battery?

It is always a good habit to take care of your things and focus on their cleanliness and maintenance. Similarly, you should also spend some time on the maintenance of your hoverboard battery so it does not get damaged easily because it is a very sensitive device.

How to Maintain a Hoverboard Battery
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Following are some important tips for the maintenance of your hoverboard battery:

Check it Before Every Ride

You should check your hoverboard battery every time before riding it especially when a lithium-ion battery is installed in it. When you see that its battery is low, charge it right away when the red light is displayed on it. Ride it only if there is a green light on it. So, it is important to check the battery status every time before riding your hoverboard.

Do Not Overload

Never ever think of putting extra weight on your hoverboard than its weight limit. It is the most important factor to consider for this purpose because if more weight is loaded on the hoverboard, more pressure is applied to the battery which not only damages it internally but also externally.

We suggest you never exceed the weight limit even if you are putting in an extra pack back or other items you carry. It is because exceeding the weight limit will put you at risk for injury as well as damage to the hoverboard. Plus, give it only a solo ride because it is not safe to ride with a buddy, sibling, or anyone else. 

Use the Original Charger

If you want to maintain your hoverboard battery, always use the original charger for charging it. If your original charger has been damaged, we suggest you buy another one from the manufacturer designed for the same model. You should know that there is a difference between the charger of each hoverboard model.

Some hoverboards come with a purpose-built charger that is suitable for the integrated lithium-ion battery pack. Some people buy a third-party battery charger which is available at a cheap price as compared to the original one. But you should know these chargers reduce the battery life of your hoverboard.

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Ride in Open Area

We suggest you ride your hoverboard in an open area so you will not have to stop and start the hoverboard again and again because it also affects the battery negatively. Plus, it results in shortening the ride time because it results in requiring extra pull from the hoverboard battery.

It is safer to ride in a less congested area and where there is less public interaction. If you want to extend the battery life of your hoverboard, try to ride it at a constant speed instead of speeding up or slowing down in some places.

How to Protect Hoverboard Battery Life?

Before buying a hoverboard, you must know how to take care of it and how to protect it from any kind of internal and external damage. You can take help from this guide or ask a professional for taking care of your hoverboard battery. 

No doubt, the battery is considered the heart of the hoverboard so special care is needed for it. The way you take care of it, use, and store it has a direct impact on your battery life. Let’s discuss how to protect your hoverboard battery life:

  • Always check your hoverboard battery before and after riding and make sure the light is green before you start riding it.
  • Protect your hoverboard battery life by respecting the weight limit and understanding why this limit is defined for your hoverboard.
  • Keep your battery at a moderate temperature. Make sure it is not placed at too hot or too cold a temperature because it can ruin the battery.

You just need a little effort for protecting and securing the hoverboard battery life. It would be best if you follow the recommendations of the manufacturer regarding the preservation of the battery and weight limitation. Taking care of the battery is not only to exceed its life but also to enjoy its good and efficient speed while riding. 

What Factors Affect Hoverboard Battery Life

You need to consider the factors that affect the battery life of the hoverboard. You need to consider them if you are worried about your hoverboard and its durability. These factors are enlisted below:

Riding Surface

The surface where you ride your hoverboard affects the battery life of your hoverboard. You must be thinking about how the track type could affect the battery life. Let us tell you that if the surface is rough where you are riding the hoverboard, it will stop the hoverboard from rolling smoothly which results in affecting the power output. So, more energy is consumed in this way.

Rider’s Weight

The weight of the rider matters a lot when we talk about the hoverboard battery life. It is because when you put more weight on it, you are not provided with efficient speed. The hoverboard has to consume more energy and power to speed it up due to overloading which results in affecting the battery internally.

Weather Condition

The weather condition in which you ride the hoverboard also affects the battery life of your hoverboard. In winter, you might not use the hoverboard too much that’s why you do not charge it much so its battery life can be preserved in this way. In summer, when you use it too much, you charge it more often. We suggest you not charge your battery in extremely cold or hot weather.

Type of Hoverboard

The type of hoverboard matters a lot because the type of battery depends upon the hoverboard model. Some models have bigger wheels while some have smaller wheels. The bigger wheels are heavier that’s why a strong battery is needed. The weight of the hoverboard, weight of the rider or any other thing like a backpack requires the hoverboard to give off extra power to get operated. 

Type of Hoverboard Battery

The battery lifespan great depends upon its type and the brand that manufactured it. The lithium-ion battery is the most common battery used for hoverboards. It is the one which is the most energy-efficient and considered the best. Samsung and LG are the most reputable brands that perform better than other local brands. Two lithium-ion batteries are installed in a hoverboard that helps in operating it effectively and efficiently offering your remarkable and reliable performance. 


How Long Can a Hoverboard go on a Full Charge?

It can cover up to ten to fifteen miles on a full charge. It means it stays active for an hour.

What is the Average Lifespan of a Hoverboard Battery Overall?

The average lifespan of a hoverboard battery overall is about one to two years.

Which Battery is the Best for a Hoverboard?

The lithium-ion battery is the best battery for a hoverboard that does not get damaged easily.

When Should I Charge my Hoverboard?

When you notice the red light on the hoverboard is turned on, it means its battery is low and you need to charge it.

Can I use a Third-party Charger for Charging the Hoverboard Battery?

It would be the worst idea to use a third-party charger for charging your hoverboard battery. Always use the original charger.


To sum up, hoverboards are available with different specifications which help in differentiating each hoverboard model. You must buy a hoverboard that could meet your needs and requirements. If you want to use it for off-road purposes, the battery timing of one hour would be enough. Taking care of your hoverboard battery will let it last longer than one year.

You should take care of your hoverboard battery and protect it from external damage. Never ever exceed its weight limit because it will not only result in tearing out the body but will also damage the internal parts of the hoverboard. It would be best if you spend some time and money on its maintenance to protect its lifespan.

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