How Long Can You Ride a Hoverboard Before it Dies?

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Two main questions that are always asked before the purchase of an electronic appliance are how long its life would last and how long its battery would last on a single charge. The same questions are asked for Hoverboard. As long as you take care of your device, it might last you a lifetime. 

Its parts might need replacement from time to time but you can always use it as long as the body does not break. A fully charged hoverboard battery can run for 2-3 hours. You can make it more efficient by doing a battery check before every ride.

In this guide, we have explained how long can you ride a hoverboard before it dies. You will also come to know about its battery life. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin!

How Long Can the Hoverboard Battery Last?

The answer is different for each different brand and model of a hoverboard. Many hoverboards have battery light indicators to prevent an interrupted ride as well as unexpected problems. Hoverboard lithium-ion battery packs typically last 20 minutes an hour before needing to be recharged.

This is confirmed over a number of factors, including the motor’s strength, and weather patterns during rides. Various wheel sizes, the quality of the battery pack itself, and how long you’ve been using the board. Do these factors help you in knowing how long can you ride a hoverboard before it dies? Under average conditions, the typical hoverboard’s battery lasts between 8 to 20 miles on a single charge. That can approximate one to four hours in time according to the model and its speed.

Hoverboard batteries can last longer depending on the care you make towards the batteries. Every hoverboard battery is different due to differences in the model of the hoverboard and its specific features and specifications.

How Long Does a Hoverboard Last?

It is estimated that the lifespan of a hoverboard ranges from 3 to 4 years or somewhere in-between before they become outdated and need to be replaced. Some may last longer due to numerous factors such as brand, model, and usage, making the answer to this question difficult.

But we would recommend you to take care of your hoverboard battery so it does not get damaged easily. You should not overcharge it and protect it from water if it is not water resistant. You should also pay attention to its maintenance to let it last for about 5 years. But a time comes when you have to replace it so do it immediately otherwise the hoverboard will be damaged as a whole. 

Tips to Increase Hoverboard Battery Life

Tips to Increase Hoverboard Battery Life

It doesn’t matter which model or brand you purchase; they will work perfectly at first and then begin to wear down over time. The capacity of the battery decreases as it ages, resulting in a shorter ride time. It’s the bane of all Lithium-ion batteries, but there are preventive measures meant to be taken for a longer or extended battery life. Do not allow the Lithium-Ion cell to completely drain.

Allowing the hoverboard to sit fully charged for extended periods shortens its overall lifespan. Remove it from the charger when it is fully charged and wait until the low battery warning appears again.

Charging Properly

How long does it take a hoverboard to charge? It all depends on the vehicle’s make, model, and riding conditions. However, there are several steps you can take to get the longest ride out of your board every time. If you take a few simple precautions, you’ll be willing to ride your hoverboard for hours on end.

The Initial Charge

These “electronic vehicles” are fully charged and tested after they are manufactured. However, due to the lengthy shipping and storage periods, they are inevitably already at a loss of the majority of their battery charge. It will be in need of charging before being ready for your first ride. 

In order to extend your battery’s lifespan, it is recommended that you charge your hoverboard’s battery to 100 percent at first. Once you’ve completed the initial charge, you can perform short, quick charges based on your needs.

Subsequent Fees

The duration of subsequent charges may vary depending on the manufacturer and quality of your hoverboard battery. The majority of hoverboards use a lithium-ion battery, which charges faster than lead-acid cells. On average, cheaper hoverboards take 4-6 hours to charge, mid-range hoverboards take 2-3 hours, and higher-end hoverboards take 1.5-2 hours.

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Factors Affecting Battery of a Hoverboard

The hoverboard consists of different electrical and mechanical components that are important for the hoverboard battery life. A powerful wheel motor requires extra current to work efficiently. Similarly, if a hoverboard consists of powerful components, it will require extra power from the battery. So, the battery backup of a hoverboard depends on the overall features and specifications.

It is important to understand them to get the science behind the hoverboard’s battery life. Let’s discuss them in detail.

There are a lot of factors that affect battery life, including:

Riding at Top Speeds

Speed is also an important factor when it comes to the hoverboard’s backup and life. When you ride your hoverboard at the maximum speed, it will reduce the battery backup. The wheel motors and overall components work continuously while you are going at high speed. This consumes a lot of energy, and the battery will reduce quickly. The quick consumption of the battery will lead you to an extra charging cycle.

Weight of the Rider and the Hoverboard

Another important factor affecting a hoverboard’s battery life is the rider’s weight. Yes, it is true; if you are a heavy adult that regularly rides a hoverboard, it will provide less battery backup because the wheel motor will need some extra power from the battery to successfully hold your weight and take you on the road. 

Besides, weight works like an extra load on the wheel motor. So, that is why the motor needs extra energy or current to bear the load and continue the journey.

When the backup starts to reduce, it will weaken the battery life, and as a result, you will need to replace the battery after a few months.

The Terrain

If you ride your hoverboard on a smooth and easy surface where wheel motors don’t face difficult friction and bumps, the battery backup will be increased, and you will enjoy some extra meters of the ride. 

Similarly, the battery backup will be less if you ride your hoverboard on rough and bumpy surfaces like any off-road surface. The riding surface affects a hoverboard’s battery backup. The wheel motors need extra energy to take out the hoverboard from a rough and rigid surface.

How to Take Care of Hoverboard Battery?

How to Take Care of Hoverboard Battery

The role of the hoverboard battery is vital if you want more fun out of your hoverboard and ride it for long hours. Once the battery is fully charged, you can enjoy the ride for 3-4 hours. It depends on the type of battery your hoverboard has and how much that is maintained to keep it riding for more time. Following are the important aspects of caring for your hoverboard battery to make it last longer in one charge.

Check the Battery Before Every Ride

Always check your hoverboard’s battery before every ride to ensure a smooth and speedy drive. You must fully charge your hoverboard battery if you don’t want any intermission in your small journey or unexpected battery death. 

Charging the hoverboard repeatedly can reduce the battery’s capacity to retain the battery for long. One-time full charging is a good option if you want to enjoy the ride for maximum time. If the hoverboard beeps, charge it again until its battery is full.

Do Not Exceed the Weight Limit

Each hoverboard is made with a specific weight limit. Kids, teenagers, and adults’ hoverboards all have different weight limits. Riding a hoverboard with more than the weight limit is awful for the hoverboard and can affect the battery as the battery would need more power to keep moving. The battery has to work more than its efficiency. That’s why it goes down fast.

Drive the Hoverboard on Roads

Driving the hoverboard on level, smooth roads can appropriately utilize the battery. Continuous stop and restart can consume more amount of power from the battery. The wise way is to run the hoverboard at a uniform speed in an open area with fewer stops.

Charge the Hoverboard Timely

The timely charging of the battery is a good sign for keeping the battery in a good condition. When you start the hoverboard and the battery indicator light is green, it means the light is full. Now, you can ride the hoverboard. Sometimes, when you start your hoverboard, but it is dead and indicates no light or red light, that means that it needs charging. 


How long can a Hoverboard run for?

Fortunately, with the length of hoverboard battery life, you’re in luck. A hoverboard lithium-ion battery pack lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour per full charge depending on the model you choose. Although it’s not forever, it definitely means longer time spans to let the good times roll.

How long does the Hoverboard Battery last?

A hoverboard is about 8 to 14 miles or 3 to 4 hours of continuous use.

How long does it take for a Hoverboard to explode?

The hoverboard battery doesn’t explode now. If you buy a hoverboard with a UL test mark, it will not explode because the battery has been tested for safety.

What Hoverboard has the most extended range?

tuRnz Valley650 Self-balancing Hoverboard, 500W power, UL 2272 Certified, Bluetooth Speaker, Exceptional Long range Ride (15.5 Miles).

Can you ride a Hoverboard in rain?

The snappy answer to this is No. Contrary to what many Hoverboard retailers and online sellers say; you’re not supposed to ride them in rain.


A hoverboard’s life is approximately 3 to 4 years and a hoverboard’s battery will end after 3 to 4 hours of use. Proper care of the hoverboard, charging it on time, avoiding driving it on uneven terrains, and not using it in hot weather will increase its battery’s backup life. We hope this information was useful for you.

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