Find out How fast do hoverboards go | Speed limit list for all hover brand

  • By: Josh Rosenberg
  • Date: September 28, 2021
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Who doesn’t like the fastest hoverboard? As a matter of fact, people are dying on racing hoverboard and for this thing now it becomes a passion and fashion for hoverboard fans. How fast do hoverboards go? Or you can ask how fast can hoverboard go? All are humble questions. Here you will see up to 17mph to 6mph speed limitable hoverboards list. Stay tuned.

Most of the hoverboard riders are teenagers and less than 25 years old. We all know in these ages their mind comes with hot-blooded and it’s the mere reason that they want as fastest hoverboard as their mind. Although, riding with the fastest speed is unsafe and risky but you should wear safety gear first. After considering my whole article you realize that a hoverboard can go fast up to 17mph to 8mph.

Not only fastest hoverboard will help you to enjoy the ride but also you can use the fastest hoverboard for someone’s help. Consider these examples, someone left her bag in your shop you can go quickly and give that to her. Like others, your parents or your grandparents are sick and you have to get medicine as quickly as you can.

Overall, not only fast speed able hoverboard is hazardous but also helpful in insignificant moments. Therefore, I will recommend you if you are not a pro rider then it will be better if you ride on the low-speed limit.

How to increase & decrease hoverboard speed?

The major vital part of a hoverboard is how to increase hoverboard speed? Most of the hoverboard has Bluetooth system, with that you can increase and decrease your hoverboard speed limit by your phone App.

IF your hoverboard doesn’t Bluetooth enables then you will notice in your hoverboards front side there has a speed button. With that button, you can increase and decrease your hoverboard speed power.

Fortunately, you can also increase and decrease the speed limit while you are riding. So, how you could that? Bend down slowly and press the speed button that’s it. Further, it will be superior if you have a Bluetooth enable hoverboard because with that you can increase and decrease the speed in a second by your mobile phone while you are standing on it. 

The World’s fastest hoverboard List

Perhaps, I think you might want to see the world’s fastest hoverboard list. Whereas you are a speed able self-balance scooters fan that’s why I want to give you a superb and mind-blowing fastest hoverboard list. So, you can collect the fastest one for you subsequently.

The Space board Hoverboard

One of the insane making hoverboards and the world’s leading fastest hoverboard name is the space board hoverboard. Space board hoverboard special for its extraordinary graciously and the main thing of this board is its speed. The space board speed limit is 17.2 MPH. Moreover, it’s not a 20 mph hoverboard but it is a 17mph hoverboard. Indeed, the space board is now the fastest hoverboard in 2020.

Robot Turbo Hoverboard

The Worlds second best & fastest hoverboard name is Robot turbo hoverboard. Robot turbo is able to make you crazy with a few minute’s rides. Its design is so sexier and so hottest. Did you ever see before a 15 mph hoverboard? Maybe not really, but Robot turbo hoverboard can give you up to 15 miles per hour speed limit.

Gyroor G-F1 hoverboard

If you concerning the best racing hoverboard then a brand name will come up and that is the Gyroor brand. Especially, for up to 12 mph hoverboard speed limit Gyroor G-F1 hoverboard is called the fastest racing hoverboard & super fast hoverboard. In fact, its enormous design and professional looks make it a trendy hoverboard.

Skque Turbo Hoverboard

Probably you could know that off-road hoverboards can deliver the fastest speed on any road. Skque turbo hoverboard is nothing but an off-road board and it has 8.5-inches heavy tires. Large and heavy tires always help to keep the momentum of fast speed. Skque turbo hoverboard record speed limit is 11MPH likely over 18kph. Their manufacturers say step on it and ride with zip-zap-zoom.

Street Saw Hoverboard

A characteristic hoverboard in the glove which name is Street saw hoverboard. Street saw hoverboard maximum speed limit is 13MPH and uniquely, it can raise its high speed in less than 5 minutes. Above all, you can call it a 13 mph hoverboard quietly.

Halo Rover Hoverboard

Very prevailing and well-known if there is then it might be Halo Rover hoverboard. Older hoverboard in the history and popular hoverboard it is. Halo rover hoverboard speed limit 10 mph and it is quite functional than the other 10 mph hoverboard.

Segway MiniPro Hoverboard

Who doesn’t know about the Segway mini pro hoverboard? One of the mainstream and top-selling hoverboard Segway Mini pro is. Particularly, Minipro’s terrific maximum speed limit is up to 10 MPH.


Whereas, you are a hover fan since you might hear about swagtron hoverboards. The most influential & vigorous hoverboards list this brand has. Obviously, Swagtron t1, t3, t, t6 and more are the major top-level hoverboards. Swagtron T1 speed limit is 10MPH, the Swagtron T6 hoverboard limit is 12 MPH, and the Swagtron T3 hoverboard speed limit is 8mph.

Jetson Electric Gyro Hoverboard

The chronicle of speed limit says after the spaceboard the record-breaking hoverboard speed limit is 15Mph which is belong to the jetson Electric Gyro hoverboard. For instance, people call it a super-fast electric 15 mph hoverboard.

Razor Hovertrax

Like the swagtron brand, a formidable brand is Razor hoverboards. In Razor brand hoverboard Razor Hovertrax hoverboard speed is immense because the Hovertrax speed limit is 6mph. Well, it’s an average speed limit but it’s quite enough for beginners and armatures.


How to make hoverboard faster?

Do you want to see How to make a hoverboard faster? Then you should learn a fast hoverboard speed hack. You can hack the speed if you press your speed mode after 5 minutes riding and when you are riding and standing on your board. This is the best speed hack for your hoverboard and that’s how you can make hoverboard faster.

How fast do hoverboards go?

If I contemplate & analyze all the hoverboard speed limit then I can answer you how fast do hoverboards go. Well, a hoverboard can go a minimum of 6MPH and the maximum speed limit is up to 17.2 Mph. rarely, you can find a 20 mph hoverboard.

Final verdict

After all regards and concerns, I think speedy hoverboard is playing a vital role in a hoverboard fan’s life. But I have fear for them and I won’t suggest them to ride with the highest speed limit. From the park to the street road you can get an accident and harm yourself.

We know that hoverboard hasn’t any handle that’s why it is a little bit dangerous when you ride with the fastest speed limit. In conclusion, be safe and don’t try to be over smart because it will cause you indefinitely. So, have a fun and safe journey and thank you for reading how fast do hoverboards go.

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