Hoverboard Facts you should know (Buying Guide)

  • By: Josh Rosenberg
  • Date: May 20, 2022
  • Time to read: 11 min.

Riders from all over the world always try to get a new experience with stunning transporter vehicles. Over 82% of riders desire to ride a hoverboard. Actually, a hoverboard is a two-wheeled self-balance electric personal riding board.

A lot of sports communities think hoverboard is a bit dangerous, but the truth is some fake brands spread the notoriety. Because of their inferior product quality, people get deceived easily.

So, how you will know which hover-board comes with superior quality and what types of hoverboard will suit you? A hoverboard buying guide can help you to understand what things you should consider, what to avoid, and how it works precisely.

In this informative article, you will know several crucial topics about hoverboards.

Why you should buy a hoverboard?         

Whenever we talk about buying a hoverboard a number of people ask why I should buy a hoverboard instead of Ninebot, By-cycle, penny board, skateboard, and longboard. Let me specify it, we all know by-cycle, skateboard, longboard, and other spectacular riding board takes so much effort.

Starting a hoverboard doesn’t need any effort, only it requires charging. A hoverboard is one of the gentle and prosperous categories of vehicles; from ordinary riders to big celebrities, everyone desires to have at least one board. Here are the top 5 reasons to buy a hoverboard;

  • A hoverboard is an environmentally friendly electric scooter
  • It reduces additional costs like fuel cost
  • It is app controllable and pretty convenient to use
  • Affordable and usable for the whole family
  • Easy to portable and store

Hoverboard Buying guide

Finding ordinary hoverboards is uncomplicated but a standard electric scooter is a bit tough to find. The conventional hoverboard doesn’t last long and pretty failure to provide an exciting riding experience.

So, what hoverboard should I get, and how I can find a worthy hoverboard? Don’t panic, because I have some fabulous suggestions and tons of information on the self-balancing scooter.

A hoverboard buying guide will explain to you why it is called a hoverboard and what things you should consider before buying it. Let me introduce you to some basic info about hoverboard parts, features, usability, and conveniences.


Do you know how do hoverboards work? A hoverboard works with an accelerometer, IR sensor, gyroscope, and magnetometer. But behind all of this motor is the only one who plays the key role to operate the whole private scooter.

Brushless motors always provide more authentic motor power than any other typical IR sensor motors. Before you choose any hoverboard make sure it has a brushless motor system and don’t forget to consider the accelerometer and electromagnet.

For fast rotating speed electromagnet will help impressively. The sensor of speed and tilt also hit some beneficial experiences of your overall riding moment.


Well, the motor helps the hoverboard to operate the whole body and speed precisely. But do you know which part helps to manage the body and its power? Battery, not only battery managed the board but it’s the only thing that drives the power & energy to the scooter.

Fast charging, range, speed, and speed control all depend on the battery’s performance. The battery is the most considering part when choosing a hover board because a fake battery can blast you up and the whole hoverboard system.

This is why you should always permit UL2272 certified battery in your beloved scooter. Therefore, don’t put your hover board or yourself in danger of a cheap and counterfeit battery.

Top speed & Speed controlling

Without a proper speed and speed controlling system, the hover is totally worthless. The gyroscope plays an epic role in speed control. Various branded scooters offer app speed controlling mode and you can increase or decrease the speed with your phone app.

An Adult hoverboard (off-road hoverboard) speed could rise up to 12 miles per hour. On the other hand, the average self-balance scooter offers a minimum of 6 miles and a maximum of 10 miles per hour.

In truth, you shouldn’t use the top speed because top speed could affect the speed controlling system. Therefore, try to keep your top speed limit at 80%-90%.

The size of hoverboard wheels

It doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap hoverboard you have, wheel size does matter when you’re a heavyweight person or you’re off-road. There are three types of hoverboard wheels available around you;

  1. 6.5-inch hoverboard
  2. 8.5-inch wheels hoverboard
  3. 10.5-inch hoverboard

The majority of hoverboard brands apply 6.5-inch wheels in their scooter and it’s a representative and mediocre size. An 8.5-inch hoverboard is a bit massive wheel and it offers tremendous off-road riding. 10.5-inch wheels aren’t accustomed wheels to see but professionals use these large hoverboards for stunts and tricks.

I’m not telling which hoverboard brands to avoid rather I’m explaining what sizes of wheels can ensure your maximum advantages.

In my opinion, you should choose bigger wheels if you’re willing to stunts and 6.5-inch is ok as average wheel size. Now take into consideration which hoverboard should I get and which not.

Balance & Gradient handling

In this hoverboard buyers guide, I will not explain all the features and specifications. The only thing I will clarify will be an appropriate guide so you can gain maximum erudition on the Hover scooter.

Parts won’t help you to balance but an automatic balancing mode can help you to stable balance and Gradient handling. Beginners always face critical balancing issues; so, try to choose an auto mode enabled hover-board for faultless handling and balance. 

How to ride a hover scooter

Maximum loading capacity

Regarding what to look for in a hoverboard to make it completely suitable? Of course, you must consider the maximum weight capacity of a hover scooter board.

Loading capacity or weight capacity whatever you called but without measuring weight limit you can’t go for a single mile ride. For example, a hoverboard weight loading capacity is 200lbs and you’re a 250lbs guy then what will happen.

Definitely, your private electro scooter won’t be able to carry you. So, contemplate the weight limitation before paying the price.

Reasonable Price

People thought a hover scooter is an expensive tech vehicle to buy, but the truth is they don’t know where to purchase a hoverboard. For this reason, they always pay high prices to the expensive shop.

I know that online stores and e-commerce are the most reasonable option to buy an exceptional and dreamy hoverboard. Nowadays, hoverboard’s actual average prices are nearly $200 to $450 and these boards come with very handy accessories.


Talk about after-sale services, a warranty is one of the prevalent ones and is accepted by the customers. A hoverboard warranty means whenever your hover-board got damage or parts issue, the Brand/Company will fix it for you.

A warranty could be conditional; few brands offer 100% cost-free fixing service but maximum brands offer 50% or 80% fixing cost. The convenient part is because of the warranty system your hover-board will be re-fixed by a professional mechanic.

Above all, I hope you figured out now what to look for in a hoverboard and how much crucial a hoverboard guide is.

4 Things you must consider before buying a hoverboard

Besides hoverboard motor, battery, speed, wheels, balance mode, weight capacity, and other features, there is something you must consider. Here below;

Hoverboard safety certification

UL2272 is a worldwide renowned safety certificate for hoverboards. Without a UL2272 safety certificate, your hoverboard is nothing but a blast item.

Slipless paddles

Beginners face troubles while balancing an SBS because of the slippery paddle surface. Slipless paddles will hold and adjust completely with your feet. In this case, your falling chances decrease by at least 70%.

Bluetooth & speaker

Hoverboard means entertainment and recreation, that’s why in 2021 brands are launching Bluetooth and speaker-enabled riding boards.  You can hear music while riding and control the music play system by your mobile Bluetooth.

Controllable app

The application makes a hoverboard multi-functional, multi-modes, and handy scooter. Before you choose any hoverboard you must consider is your chosen hover supports apps or not.

Types of hoverboard accessories

Like skateboards, a hover-board requires accessories and these accessories can raise your hover-board lifetime. From protecting your hover-board to protecting yourself, these accessories will work magnificently.

In this part, I will talk about 4 types of hoverboard accessories such as hoverboard skins, hoverboard bags, hoverboard helmets, and safety guards (For you).

Hoverboard skins & case

Do you know which things damage your electric hoverboard quickly? Dust, dirt, scratches, and water harm the scooter most. How you can protect your hover-board from these disasters?

It’s a big problem but I have a small solution which is to get a hoverboard shell or case or skins or sticker. Shell is the most persistent option to keep your board safe from all kinds of abusive objects.

Sticker and skins can protect it from water and dust but it won’t prevent scratches chances. Therefore, think wisely about what type of hoverboard protector you should choose.

Hoverboard Bag

Concerning the accessories, you can’t forget about a bag.  A bag is a regular usable object and we use it for various purposes like shopping, gifting, caring, and more. Absolutely you can’t carry your board in your hands or any ordinary bags.

You should use some preferable hoverboard bags like Eyourlife bags, Epessa scooter bags, Cosmos waterproof bags, and many more.

Hyperion and Halwaka are very renowned hoverboard bags brand and they offer maximum porting quality and ensure additional space and convenience.

Helmet for hoverboard

While riding a motorbike or a hoverboard, every rider should wear a helmet before they switchgear. The helmet is not only a safety guard but also prevents extreme injuries and accidents.

On roads, anything could happen and that’s why you have to be careful while riding. The top 2 most popular hoverboard helmet brands are Razor helmet and Turbo-SKE helmet.

TurboSKE and Razor helmets are intense tough and convenient vents that will improve your helmet experience. If you want to ride a hoverboard in an interior place then you don’t need any helmet, on the exterior roads you must wear helmets.

Besides razor and Turbo helmets, you can choose Krash, Kuyou, and Animiles (best for kids) helmets.

Safety guards

If you’re thinking only a helmet can protect you from accidents or injuries then you’re definitely wrong. Besides a helmet, you should wear some essential hoverboard protective gear.

Namely, you should collect knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, gloves, and chest protectors (Additional). While riding you could fall to the ground and you can stumble. As a result, a stumble could be a reason for elbow and knee scratching.

In this case, if you wear protective safety gear then probably you could reduce the accident chances and get a risk-free ride. Adults can avoid some safety gear but kids should use all of the gear. Remember, practice the balance part and I’m sure you will not fall and also you won’t require safety guards.


How to maintain a hoverboard?

Maintaining a hoverboard isn’t a tough job to do. There are numerous maintenance tips available to tell you but I will prefer you the handiest maintaining ways.

  • Clean the whole exterior and interior of the hover-board after every ride
  • Store the hover-board in a normal place and avoid dank places
  • Never overcharge a hoverboard, it reduces the battery life        
  • Always protect it with protective covers, shells, skins, or stickers

What is the best brand hoverboard?

Like other vehicles, the hover-board is a worldwide riding board and it is a highly anticipated product in the market. Because it’s a tech item, many respectable brands are launching various designable hoverboards daily basis.

For example, recently Lamborghini announced they will launch the hover-board officially. But the best brand hoverboards these days are Swagtron, Razor, Hover-1, Gotrax, and Hyper GOGO.

Specifically, Swagtron is a legendary brand for hoverboards but Hover-1 is the most demandable hoverboard brand. My recommendation will go for the Hover-1 hoverboard and Swagtron hoverboards because these two always stay at the top.

Which hoverboard brand should I avoid?

I told you before that the fake hoverboard brand spreads notoriety in the market. So, which are these brands are the reason for hoverboard notoriety? As far as I know, hoverboard communities & professional riders already revealed the names of hoverboard brands to avoid.

Tomoloo Hoverboard, Sega boards, fakes Lamborghini, and Xprite. Don’t think Lamborghini is a fake brand because few people launch a low-quality product and rename their scooters.

As a result, people are deceived quickly and they can’t judge or consider when choosing a hoverboard brand. Therefore, avoid Sega board brands and Xprite because these boards catch fires easily and could blow up anytime.

Do hoverboard brands provide after-sales services?

Of course, hoverboard brands provide after-sales services. Hover 1 hoverboard, Razor, rover hover, Swagtron, and other renowned brands always ensure after-sales services.

These services could be different types such as guarantee, warranty, maintenance service, Checkup, Accessories re-installing, fund returns, and exchange deals. For example, Hover 1 hoverboard always promises that you’ll get a lifetime warranty.

Swagtron and Razor ensure fund returning and guarantee services. Actually, these services are called after-sales services and they provide these services so they can earn maximum client satisfaction.

How long do hoverboards last?

In specific words, an average-priced longboard could last a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 5 years. Highly expensive and remarkable hoverboards could last 7 years to 10 years maximum.

Cheap hoverboards will not last more than 3 years, that’s why don’t expect a long-lasting lifetime in a cheap hoverboard. The most important thing that does matter in a board lasting period is how you maintain it.

If you clean the hoverboard after every ride, maintain it properly, and charge it carefully then definitely your hover-board could last longer than you expect.

Do flying hoverboards exist?

People don’t believe but truly flying hoverboards do exist in this world. Flying boards are rare to see everywhere but few professional riders own them.

These rare hoverboards not only functional but also these are very expensive. A flying hoverboard could cost you $10000 to $100000 bucks. It is difficult to make and you have to make it customized.

The reason is hover brands don’t make flying hoverboards because riders show their desires but they fail in their affordability. Top flying boards are Zapata flying board, Omni flying hoverboard, Hendo, Lexus, and Arca hoverboard.

Are hoverboards worth in 2022?

In my opinion, hoverboards aren’t worth It in 2022 because of safety issues a lot of countries already banned these electric vehicle. In 2021, we have seen that desiring rates are increasing but the percentage of buying a hoverboard is decreasing.

The top 2 reasons are its availability and safety protection matters. Overall, the scooter doesn’t worth it now but I hope one day its buying stakes will increase.

Final words

Personal transportation devices like Segway and hoverboard have incredible demands all around the glove. The hunger for hoverboard scooters and hoverboards for kids is increasing progressively.

A gentle and smart person never buys anything without considering buying guide. Because of you as a super-smart person that’s why you are in this hoverboard buyer’s guide to find the best hoverboard.

Thank you so much for reading out the whole hoverboard facts article and I’m glad to help you to know how to choose a hoverboard without being deceived.

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