10 Best Protective Hoverboard Skins & Case – Review 2024

  • By: Josh Rosenberg
  • Date: January 27, 2024
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Are you tired of nasty dings, dents, dirt, and scratches on your brand new or old Self-Balancing Scooter? Well, you need the best custom hoverboard skins or the best Hoverboard Skins for your hoverboard.

Hoverboard skin does work as a protector. Not only Protector but also gives a new look to your scooter. Lots of people don’t like their hoverboard’s original color. So, I suggest you can buy these extraordinary scooter skins so that your hoverboard can look different from others.

You can apply these am sticker skins into either your old or new hoverboard. I guarantee you when you will utilize this on your old hoverboard that will make your hoverboard inimitable.

These 10 self-balancing scooter skins are the top scooter skins. Indeed, these are durable, and they are capable of everything you expect from those skins.

10 Best Hoverboard Skins Reviews

Concerning the best hoverboard sticker reviews, it’s pretty crucial to find some world-class authentic skins for you. Particularly, for your convenience, I find out outstanding and priceworthy skins for you.

Not only these skins are well-known but also they work magnificently.

1. GameXcel Sticker for Hover Board

Most Top-rated Hoverboard sticker it is. Nice Optimized label which is so durable and waterproof. The hoverboard sticker was made from 3M vinyl, and it’s printed with Premium HP Eco Solvent Inks. This decal scooter skin will fit any kind of hoverboard comfortably.

One thing, it requires some measurement and paper cutting to fit lights, ports, and logos comfortably. GameXcel will keep your hoverboard from scratch less and dings.

It is so quick to install and easy to remove, No bubbles and wrinkles will catch your hoverboard, and also it is no sticky residuals. It has four various colors, and every color is an eye-catching color. So, create a whole new look and make your scooter a standard hoverboard with it.

Why we choose this?

I put this skin into my top list because of its abilities, beauty, waterproof, non-sticky, and it has high demand.

Allowable Device:

This hover skin will perfectly fit into these board brands: Swagway X1, HoverTech, Leray, Powerboard, Sogo. More, IO HAWK, DAKOTA, Street Saw, Hover X, MONOROVER R2, Zippyboard Cruiser.

Also, OU-BAND, ROVER, Hover Board, Powerboard, Snow, Lookatool. In fact, FI TURBO F1, FINCO, Razor HoverPowerboard, KOOWHEEL, and many other hoverboard brands.

Note: Hoverboard is not included only skin.

2. Mightyskins Skin Basketball

This is a unique Vinyl Decal Wrap Cover, It was manufactured With Ultra-Thin and Ultra-Durability. It was made with 3M Automotive-Grade Vinyl. The Basketball design will make your hoverboard such a cool and epic one. Very effortless to remove, and you can install it very quickly. 

Hoverboard Mightyskins skin has a total of 9 colors, including baseball design. The colors are so durable and waterproof. It will protect your hoverboard from dirt and scratch.

One thing remembers; you cannot put this skin on and off over and over. You can install it for one time, but whenever you pull it out, and then it will be useless.

Why we choose it?

The reason is its unique design like basketball-designed hover skin. I didn’t find it anywhere and I know you had never seen this design too. If you love basketball, then this one is for you.

Allowable Device: 

It was specially made for “Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hover Board”. But you can use this for your 6.5-inch hoverboard also.

Note: Basketball hoverboard is not included only skin.

3. Hoverboard Protective Cover Silicone Skin Case

A soft and flexible silicone skin cover kit that is designed to prevent significant scratches from occurring to the Hoverboard. This silicone red board skin case is so protective. It will protect your Hoverboard from dust and dirt, and mainly from scratches.

Whenever you want to install it, you will not need any tools, just slide the skin over the Hoverboard. It is a flexible and durable brand custom skin kit that will make your Hoverboard a unique and cool designed hoverboard.

You can take on and off it from your Hoverboard over and over. It is not breakable; the reason is, that it is a silicon case.

Why we choose it?

Its durability, flexibility, soft silicon unbreakable skin case, and attractive color make me keep it on this list.

Allowable Device:

It was entirely made for all the 6.5-inch Hoverboard. So, you can apply these self-balancing board skins if you have a 6.5-inch scooter.

Note: (Hoverboards) are not included only skin.

4. Boon Earthie Black & White Silicone Rubber Skin

My favorite and ultra-cool skin it is. I love to watch this color when I put it on my hoverboard. Because its color is so durable and skinny color will make your hoverboard a unique and tremendous look.

This is silicone protective skin. It will protect your scooter from dust, dings, and water. Even though it is heatproof and waterproof, you can wash it whenever you want.

Crisp protective skin is easy to remove, and you can apply it quickly on your hoverboard. Just slide the surface so that your hoverboard can look extra cool.

It is flexible, durable, and soft, easy to fit for only 6.5-inch hoverboards. If you don’t like your hoverboard color, then you can apply this designable zebra color. I hope it wills either you or your kid make you smile and make you proud in front of others.

Why we choose it?

we choose it because of its excellent resiliency and its protective capability and also for its amazing design. I think you will love to buy it, that’s why I put it on my list.

Allowable Device:

If you want to buy it, then you can apply it only for your 6.5-inch hoverboards, not for the 8/10/12-inch hoverboard. Read more: What does hoverboard mean?

Note: Hoverboard is not included, only skin.

5. KGlobal Silicone Hoverboard Case Cover

Particularly, it is a shiny sky wizard color and a stable silicon Kglobal hoverboard case. This one will protect your self-balance scooter from scratching and scuffing and will keep the surface clean.

The skin was made with soft, comfortable, flexible, and dependable silicone. It will not harm your scooter and also your bare feet. You won’t require any tools when you install it and when you’re going to remove it.

Furthermore, It will protect your hoverboard from dust, dings, and water. If you don’t like these sky colors don’t worry, they have pink and black colors too. I hope it will make your hoverboard a shiny wizard.

Why we choose it?

An Awesome colorful hoverboard skin blue color is for excellent customers. This one is a beautiful hoverboard skin wrap anybody will like, and its capability is strong. That’s why I choose it.

Allowable Device:

Any type of 6.5-inch hoverboard will easily fit into this skin. So, enjoy its awesomeness.

Note: Hoverboard is not included, only cover skin.

6. Hoverboard Silicone Case 8 Inches Cover Shell Protector

If you are a black lover, then this skin is for you. It was made with FDA non-toxic silicone. It is anti-scratch, anti-dust, Scald-preventing; anti-slip hoverboard skin, and also food-grade, anti-corrosion.

When you touch it, you will feel its excellent design, and you get a smoothy touch feeling. It was made of small hardness silicone, that’s why it is more flexible. Its border is so flattened.

The cover shell has 9 several colors, and every color is a versatile choice of color. Silicon case is so easy to remove and quick to install, you can use it over and over. Its shell looks like e cloth of a hoverboard.

Such a great protector it is, you can protect it with the best hoverboard carry bag.

Why we choose it?

I prefer it for the black lover, and its color and shape are so standard. It is durable and waterproof also, that’s why I choose it.

Allowable Device:

It is for only an 8-inches hoverboard. If you have or you want to buy an 8-inch hoverboard, then this silicon skin is a better option for you.

Note: This (Hoverboard) is not included only skin.

7. Mightyskins Skin – Purple Flowers

Purple flower skin was manufactured with ultra-thin, ultra-durable, stain-resistant laminate vinyl. So it can effectively protect your gear from dings, scrapes, and dust. Conveniently, for wear and tear of everyday use!

It is so easy to remove, easy to install, and it leaves no sticky residue when you pull it from your device. Was made with 3M automotive-grade vinyl and that makes it a mighty skin.

If you don’t like this color, then don’t worry, they have lots of colors. Its unique design will help you to show off in front of your friends or relatives. You can choose it for your daughter, or boys undoubtedly.

Read more: Best helmet for sports

Why we choose it?

This one I wish only for girl’s collection, but boys can use it also. Its covering system is excellent, that’s why it is on my list.

Allowable Device:

You can apply all types of Mini scooters and include 6.5-inches all kinds of hoverboards.

Note: (Hoverboards) are not included only skin.

8. Mightyskins Hoverboard Wrap Cover Sticker American Flag

An unimaginable hover sticker it is, such a cool one. The American flag is terrific, but when you look at this hover skin in this picture, you will imagine how voluptuous it is. It is so quick and easy to apply and remove.

Has the ability to protect your Hoverboard from dings and scratches also for dust. It’s a water resistance skin sticker. It was made with 3M automotive-grade vinyl.

This Self-Balancing hoverboard skin has ultra-inks and is then covered with a transparent protective layer for ultimate durability. I hope it will catch everyone’s eyes and make you unique in front of others.

Why we choose it?

It’s an American flag and it looks designable and fashionable; also durable and water-resistant. When you apply this skin to your Hoverboard it will make your Hoverboard a magnificent one. That’s why I choose it.

Allowable Device:

Fits most models like Razor Overtax 1. 0, Swag way X1, Powerboard, Sogo, Leary, Gyro, mini scooter, and many more! Like you can apply this in all kinds of 6.5-inch hover scooters.

Note: All the Hoverboards are not included only skin.

9. Mightyskins Hover Skin – Turquoise Chevron

Thin scooter skin was manufactured with ultra-thin, ultra-durable, stain-resistant laminate vinyl. It will effectively protect your gear from dings, scrapes, dust, and the wear and tear of everyday use.

It is straightforward to install and so quick to remove it, and all credit goes to Its patented low grip air release adhesive, that’s built to last but removes easily, and that leaves no sticky residue.

It is a safeguarding, durable, and unique 3M automotive-grade Vinyl Decal wrap cover. An attractive design makes it an eye-catching Mini scooter hoverboard skin. This skin will make your hoverboard exceptional and feel better while you are riding in front of others.

Why we choose it?

Whenever I keep my eyes on this shiny skin I feel so natural. It looks like a precious category skin and its ultra-protective options make me keep this on this list

Allowable Device:

It is entirely prepared for all the 6.5-inch hoverboards, but if you have other hoverboards, then you have to make their shape on your own.

You can apply on these hoverboard brands Swagway X1, HoverTech, Leray, Powerboard, Sogo, IO HAWK, DEKOTA, Street Saw, Hover X, MONOROVER R2, Mini scooters, etc.

Note: The Hoverboards are not included only skin.

10. YAVOCOS 6.5 inch Chrome Outer Plastic Cover Case

If you want to cover your mini scooter with a plastic case, then this is for you. Synthetic Skin means water resistance, dirt proof, Dings proof, and such a strong protector.

If you don’t like this color then a total of 9 color checks on amazon are available for you.

It has ABS material. It is easy to install, and you can remove it quickly. It has a careful thought, and that is you can take on and off it, whenever and how many times you can do this.

Why we choose it?

Lots of people have a different choice, I know some of them like plastic Skin, and so I wish this for those guys.

Allowable Device:

It was made for only a 6.5-inch hoverboard. Apply this on your 6.5-inch hoverboard only.

Note: This hoverboard is not included only skin.

Buying Guide for Best Hoverboard Skins

Always you have to consider some points while purchasing hover skins otherwise you can be deceived by the seller. Here are the 3 major things you must consider as a hoverboard skins buying guide.


When you were buying it, then think deeply, is that skin will fit your hoverboard or not. Because the hoverboard is made in different sizes, 6.5-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch.

Therefore, the skin has different sizes too. That’s why when you are buying a Hover skin; you should look at what sizeable hoverboard you have.


Before buying a hoverboard skin, you should find out delightful skin. The design should be perfectly shapeable and durable. The surface has different colors like a shell, case, sticker, and more. So consider, if the skin will match your scooter or not.


Most of the kids are using hoverboards these days. So, kids are loved to buy magical or cartoon sticker skin. But on the other hand, Youth and adults’ mood goes to the smart and neat surfaces skins.

So, I suggest if you see, skins color is durable and has the most elegant color. That skin will be a perfect color hoverboard skin for you.

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Advantages/Benefits of Hoverboard Sticker Skins

Talk about the benefit or advantages of using a hoverboard skin, it’s very crucial. The main using purpose of a hoverboard skin on the hoverboard is to make our hoverboard attractive and protected. There have some valuable and tremendous advantages of a hoverboard shell or sticker.

  1. Skins will make your hoverboard more colorful and delightful.
  2. Shell or skin will protect your hoverboard from dirt, dust, and mess.
  3. For scratches free body, there has no alternative to a hoverboard shell.
  4. Hoverboard skin ensures protection from water and shock.
  5. Because of the fabulous looks, you can show off in front of your friends and relatives.
  6. Finally, you can have a new look at your hoverboard instead of old looks if you apply a skin.
  7. Overall, the price is quite reasonable that’s why it will be worth using.


What are the Skins for Hoverboard?

Hover skins mean it’s a shell, cover, and sticker, the cover case which will protect your hoverboard from dust, water, and scratch.

On the other hand, hoverboard sticker skins mean a fresh designable, and colorful good which you can apply on your hoverboard so that it can look more special and more cool and sweet.

Why should we use Hoverboard Skins or Cover Case?

The hoverboard price is a little bit higher, and people buy it for their hobby or collection. Because it is a vehicle, it can catch scratches, and dirt; these things will harm your hoverboard. So, if you buy skins, then you can protect your hoverboard from these harmful things.

Is Hoverboard Sticker and Cover Case are same?

No, the Skin sticker and cover case are not the same. These have different abilities. The label is thinner than the silicon or plastic case. The decal you can use for one time but the cover case you can use over and over.

The sticker will give you only beautiful looks, but the cover case will provide you with more features, and it is more protective than the label.

So, I can suggest you buy a scooter silicon case rather than a hoverboard sticker. Look here how to change hoverboard skin.


My final words are, these hoverboard skins are fantastic blossoms. These are the top-selling scooter skins, these self-balancing scooter skins for girls, and also for boys.

Whenever you think to protect your hoverboard with these things, don’t hesitate because these are the top skins and best skins. If you think I should add something more, then leave a comment below and suggest it to me.

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