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We all know that Hoverboard is an astonishing scooter also called the fourth-generation vehicle. Whereas there have so many fake hoverboards in the market, because of that you should read the hoverboard buying guide.

In this buying guide, you will know which hoverboard you should buy, how you can choose the right hoverboard for you. Also, you will know what the best hoverboard is for kids and beginners and complete information on the hoverboard buying guide 2020. Let’s gain some hoverboard tips from here.

Which hoverboard should I buy?

More than 100 original hoverboard specs you will find typically. The main & principal fact is, where can you get a hoverboard? And which hoverboard should you buy? In this case, you can try some branded and most measurable hoverboards from the hoverboard amazon store or your nearest hoverboards market.

If I consider and suggest some widespread original hoverboard brand names those could be Swagtron hoverboard, Razor hoverboard, Hover 1 hoverboard, space board hoverboard, Hyper GOGO hoverboard, robot turbo hoverboards, and many more. But these are the top scooter brands nowadays.

How do I choose the right hoverboard?

Certainly, it’s a very good question that how do you choose the right hoverboard to buy hoverboard. Before buying a hoverboard you should look over how many features that have and how durable and stable that is. Mostly, people choose the wrong hoverboard without knowing what they want in their hoverboards and that’s really embarrassing.

Best hoverboard you can buy when you have proper & much knowledge about hoverboard. The major things you have to follow are hoverboard speed, safeties, battery power. Optionally, looks, wheels, Waterproof & fireproof. Measuredly, self-balance modes, Bluetooth enables, led lights.

What is the best hoverboard for beginners?

Always people support an eye catchy hoverboard rather than featured able one. There have many ways to find the best hoverboards such as best hoverboard on amazon, best Bluetooth hoverboard, best hoverboard for beginners, and best hoverboard for kids and many more.

So, how to buy a hoverboard? In fact, how to buy the best hoverboard? You have to follow some rules if you want to buy the best hoverboard. For best kids hoverboard you have to find one that not more than 8mph speed hoverboard, colored with adorable lights, Bluetooth enables, Self-balance able, Ul2272 safety certified. These things should be in a hoverboard for kids and similar for beginners.

In specifically, you can try Swagtron hoverboard T1, T6 & T3 model. For pro hoverboard rider you can try robot turbo hoverboard, space board hoverboard, and Hover 1 hoverboard.

Hoverboard Buying Guide for 2020

Perhaps, now you’re thinking what the cache is for hoverboard guide? Initially, you have to concern and regard some needy specifications and some extra features which should be enabled in your hoverboards. This part as hoverboard buyers guides it’s only for those who want to buy a hoverboard.

Speed & motor

Speed doesn’t look like a noteworthy part for beginners and kids but it’s significant for mid-level & pro riders. As for kids, try to buy not more than 8mph speed hoverboard. Instead for pro riders find an 8mph to maximum speed limit hoverboard like 17mph speed hoverboard. But remember, safety first & speed kills. Know how fast the hoverboards go.


Life safety is more important than any other joyful moments. The hoverboard has a specific safety certification which comes with lots of safety and persistent test. I’m talking about the UL2272 safety hoverboard. Never buy a hoverboard that doesn’t have Ul2272 safety certifications.

The reason, without safety clearance you hoverboard might catch fire, can get explode, can break easily and doesn’t bring your safety for you or your kids. So avoid those hoverboards.


Do you know how people make a difference in the hoverboard? Guess what!!! It’s the size of the wheels. Normally, the hoverboard has 3 category 6.5-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch hoverboard, these categories named by the wheel size. In example, if hoverboard wheel size is 6.5-inch then it’s a 6.5-inch hoverboard and same things for 8 & 10-inch.

Before buying a hoverboard make sure which wheels you are comfortable. Mostly, the 8-inches hoverboard is best for keep balance and 6.5-inch is an average size for use. So, buy as your comfortableness.


One of the major hoverboard facts is battery power. More battery power means more customer satisfaction. Before buy your hoverboard gain information on how much time you can ride with a hoverboard. If a hoverboard can give you an 8 to 12-mile range ride then it’s a good sign. Moreover, which hoverboards full charging period is less than 3 hours that one is the best hoverboard to buy.


Waterproof is an ordinary feature but it’s so essential. Maybe you don’t like to buy a normal hoverboard rather waterproof. So, make sure your hoverboard is waterproof because there has much chance to get water from rain or usual ways.


Self-balance means your hoverboard will help you to keep balance on its own. With this mode, your self-balance scooter not going to shake, and going to help you to stand up in it straightly. So, choose a self-balanced hoverboard and it’s quite helpful for beginners and kids to keep balance.

Bluetooth enables

Bluetooth enables hoverboard you can get it from “hoverboard amazon Bluetooth” easily. Consider my suggestion and purchase a Bluetooth enable hoverboard. The reason I’m recommending you is, with it you can control your hoverboard by your phone. You can hear music with it and can up-down the light power.


Can you refer me 10 best hoverboards?

Obviously, I made a list of 10 best hoverboards after researching with speed, safety, looks, functional, and affordability. Look below;

  • Hyper GOGO hoverboard
  • Swagtron T6 hoverboard
  • Robot turbo hoverboard
  • Razor Hovertrax
  • Space board hoverboard (fastest one)
  • Hover 1 ultra hoverboard
  • Gyroor G-F1 hoverboard
  • Swagtron T1 hoverboard
  • Hover-1 chrome hoverboard
  • Swagtron T3 hoverboard

What’s the difference between 6.5 and 8 hoverboard?

The difference between 6.5 hoverboards and 8 hoverboard is the size of their wheels. 6.5 hoverboard has 6.5-inches wheels and 8 hoverboard means a hoverboard which has 8-inches wheels. 6.5 And 8 is a size that brings the differences on the hoverboards category.

Which size hoverboard is best?

Averagely, the maximum hoverboard comes with 6.5-inches. People thought 6.5-inch is the best size for them and it’s cost-effective too. But my thought is an 8-inch hoverboard is the best hoverboard in every way such as balance, speed, stronger and fashionable. Overall, you can try both these two size all are great.

What is the safest hoverboard brand?

Want to safest hoverboard tips from me and which is the safest hoverboard brand?  Then I can recommend you that razor and swagtron hoverboard brands are so popular and prevalent. These brands manufacture provide much support to customer and they believe on customer satisfaction. Above all, you can try both these brands as the safest hoverboard brand.

Where do you buy a hoverboard?

Specifically, there have so many online stores and e-commerce stores where can you buy a hoverboard. Like Amazon, hoverboard Walmart, eBay, and other nearest hoverboard market.

Final Ending

Before ending this article I should tell you the importance of a hoverboard buying guide. The hoverboard is a tiny vehicle that is strong and durable enough. Why should you read the buying guide? It’s because in a buying guide you can gain much-supported knowledge and advice from professional riders. Those pieces of knowledge will help you to purchase the best hoverboard for you.

For instance, particularly you can be used this buying guide as the swagtron hoverboard buying guide, razor hoverboard buying guide, and hover 1 hoverboard buying guide. In conclusion, thank you so much for reading it and I hope you enjoy this article so much.

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