Best Gold coast longboard reviews 2021 ( Buyer’s guide)

Best Gold coast longboard reviews 2021 ( Buyer’s guide)

You might have seen countless renowned longboard brands and their remarkable longboards. Nowadays, longboards are becoming more notable, functional, and upgraded.

In the list of prevalent and worthy longboards, the Gold coast longboard is one of the famous brands.

Gold coast longboard got its name from the place of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Probably, the Arbor longboard brand made this incredible longboard in Australia, and now its popularity is touching the high of the sky.

It got so popularity because of its professional finish, precise design, trendy shape, and premium quality materials. There have a lot to talk about this phenomenal longboard in this gold coast longboard reviews; stay tuned.

Is the Gold coast longboard worthy of buying?

Gold coast longboard is known as the pacific longboard, and assuredly you can call it the worthiest longboard to buy than others. Let me clarify to you why it so worthy than others.

Basically, this branded longboard comes with superior structure, faultless design, reasonable price, compatible with every road, attractive looks, and antique features.

In short words, you can call it all in one longboard (Multiple featured able). Other multi-functional and flawless longboards could cost you $500, but gold coast offers all the needy features within $200 bucks.

Also, different spectacular longboards will not last longer like gold coast.

The best Gold coast longboard reviews (Classic Bamboo Pintail Gold Coast complete Longboard Review)

Introducing to you the best gold coast longboard of all time is Classic Bamboo Pintail Gold Coast longboard. In truth, I have seen so many elegant and persistent longboards, but bamboo pintail gold coast complete longboard is more special and influential.

Numbers of the audience asks for a gold coast longboard reviews. This is why I specified and researched a lot on this well-known longboard skateboard. This Gold coast longboard rating is 4.9/5 (My ratings), and the global ratings are 4.5/5.

After all the hard work, I bring some crucial specifications and details about this longboard; scroll next.

Deck materials & size

In a longboard, the most important part is its deck. If longboard decks material is durable, it will last longer and endure the impacts perfectly.

Gold coast classic bamboo pintail has a 44-inches long deck and 10-inches width.

For increasing its durability and responsiveness, it is made of seven-ply Canadian maple wood. Maple wood is one of the finest and more robust woods. Also, wooden maple longboard decks perform better than bamboo and other types of decks.

Opportunely, you will get a nice and shiny grip tape attached with the deck. That grip tape will protect the deck from scratches and damps.

Wheels & Bearings

When it comes to cruising and carving with a longboard, wheels and bearings plays a significant role. Without extraordinary and tenacious wheels, you can’t get better riding experiences.

Uniquely, pintail Gold coast wheels are Shred Boot type. These white pintail wheels sizes are 71 millimeters, and wheelbase is 26-inches. It has ABEC 7 bearings with Teflon to go as fast as you want with a smooth slide (Don’t forget to wear slide gloves, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads).

Durometer hardness & trucks

For performing as the rough roads wheels, manufacturers applied the 85a durometer hardness feature. Wheels hardness explains how much impact it can endure and how long it will provide maximum performance.

As with its powerful wheels (all terrain wheels), it has Century 179mm Reverse Pivot trucks. Unimaginably, trucks containing 93a bushings with raw tumbled finish and assures 0.5-inch flat risers.

This truck can prevent any damage, and its flexibility will provide you efficient ride, whatever types of smooth ride you want.

Color & design

Who doesn’t want attractive and designable longboards? Obviously, every beginner, professional and experienced rider wants exceptional and incomparable longboards in their collection.

Take my words, gold coast pintail longboard have the most inimitable colour and die-cut printed grip tape. The whole longboard design is made like an irreproachable pintail board, and the colour is classic turquoise (Sky watery blue).


No one wants to get deceived by the fake and substantial longboards. For instance, I want to assure you with this considerable gold coast with loyalty.

This lightweight longboard (1 pound weight) come with one year of warranty after purchasing day. For any complaints and defects, you can exchange the longboard from the gold coast brand.

Overall, I hope you really enjoyed the gold coast pros, cons, features, and the whole reviews, let me know below the comment.

Gold coast longboard buyer’s guide

Why should you buy Gold coast longboard?

While buying a longboard, you must consider what you’re buying and what types of value it will provide. I hope you had read the whole Gold coast longboard reviews, and now you are thinking why I should buy this instead of other trendy and mainstream longboards. Here are the reasons for choosing gold coast boards;

  • First of all, gold coast manufacturers always use durable and long-lasting materials.
  • This longboard brand provides multi-functional features at a low price
  • Gold coast longboards are heavily preferable for beginners, armatures, and professionals
  • Longboard deck and other parts (Axels, spacers, bearings) are very high quality and can last longer than your thoughts
  • Gold longboards are pretty fashionable and designed by top-level longboard designers

Gold Coast vs Landyachtz – Differences

Landyachtz longboard and Gold coast longboard are the top two contending in the longboarding world. Many longboarders know these two boards as the best rivals. Do you know what Gold Coast vs Landyachtz differences are and which one is the best to use?

  • Landyachtz longboards are the best for commuting, and Gold coast is the best for cruising.
  • Goldcoast longboards average price is relatively less than landyachtz longboards.
  • Landyachtz longboards weight capacity is a maximum of 220lbs; on the other hand, Gold coast longboard maximum weight capacity is 250lbs. You want some “heavy rider’s longboards”, check this post.
  • Gold longboards come without any defect, but landyachtz comes
  • Coast longboards are more prevalent than landyachtz

Still, if you’re confused to buy a gold coast longboard then I can suggest you some spectacular alternatives. The best gold coast alternatives are Sector 9 longboards, Atom longboards, and finally landyachtz longboards.

Things to consider before buying gold coast skateboard longboard

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to purchase any branded skateboard and longboard without any issue. Fake sellers and fake products are intimately involved with each other at the markets.

It’s hard to prevent these issues, but if you learn what things you should consider before buying, you can save enough money and protect yourself from deceiving. Here are some essential points which you should consider a must.


The reputed and renowned brand never launches any substantial longboard in the market. They know how to create value, and they believe in good quality. Like Quest, Volador, Magneto, Retrospec, Kryptonics, and atom longboard brands, Gold coast also provides premium quality longboards.


We never stop considering longboard quality; either it is for you or us. Quality is the only thing that assures its performance, ability, worthiness, and long-lastingness.

While buying a gold coast longboard, you should consider its deck material, wheels, and bearings. Without these three parts (high-quality parts); you won’t be able to ride impeccably.


Responsive and premium quality accessories can make a longboard robust and magnificent. Before you buy any gold coast longboard, make sure it has the correct logo. A real coast longboard will never disappoint you with the performance.


Beginner longboarders try to purchase low-cost longboard. You may have any idea that low-cost longboards don’t have any noteworthy and particular features and benefits. So, the Goldcoast longboard might bit expensive, but it’s going to improve your riding experience.


Are Gold Coast Longboards good?

The majority of gold coast longboards are made of exceptional materials such as multi plywood, powerful wheels and wheelbase, certified bearings and trucks.

This is not an end yet; if your chosen gold coast cannot provide maximum benefits, you can change the board and get a refund from the manufacturers. Therefore, 99% of longboarders proven that gold coast longboards are perfect and advantageous to use.

What is the best longboard to buy?

When it comes to buying the best longboard, the most important thing is brand. Only branded longboards can provide worthy rides and a fabulous riding experience. In search of the best longboard, I found the top 3 longboards suitable to call the best. Here those are;

  1. Quest longboards
  2. Magneto longboards
  3. Gold Coast longboards

Where can I find gold coast skateboards?

You can find gold coast skateboards and longboard right at the eCommerce and online stores at regular price. If you’re lucky enough you can get either the cheapest rate or discount. Also, it is available on your skateboard near shop and shopping malls.

What is the best gold coast longboard for beginners?

There is a lot of beginner usable longboards are available to buy. The only reason we are talking today about gold coast; that’s why I want to prefer you some beginner compatible Gold coast longboards.

As far as I know, the best gold coast longboard for beginners are Gold coast classic pintail longboard, gold coast classic reflex blue longboard, and gold coast strokes pintail.

What types of a ride can you do with a gold coast longboard?

Actually, most of the gold coast board has a pintail design, and we both know which ride pintail supports most. The pintail longboard is totally outstanding for cruising ride. In fact, with a gold coast longboard, you can do curving, stunting, free- ride, free style, drop down, downhill, and whatever rides you want.

Final words

I hope you really enjoyed this spectacular article about Gold coast cruiser review (Gold coast longboard reviews). This longboard has some unique and awesome features and specifications.

At this reasonable price, surely you’re going to have some incomparable and amusing riding moments. Also, for those riders who are looking for a cruiser longboard, you should try this Goldcoast skateboard complete longboard-turquoise at least once.

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