Can You Ride a Hoverboard on Grass, Dirt, or Gravel?

  • By: Josh Rosenberg
  • Date: July 7, 2022
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When you buy a hoverboard, you surely want to give it a ride indoors and outdoors to have every kind of experience and enjoy. You can ride it on a smooth surface inside your house such as a smooth floor or carpet. But when we talk about the outdoors, you must be thinking “can you ride a hoverboard on grass?”

The answer to this query is yes, you can ride it on grass. We know that hoverboards are specially designed for riding on even and flat surfaces so they could perform well and offer fast speed. But when the surface is rough, its speed slows down and more energy is consumed. 

Let’s find out more about hoverboards intended for rough surfaces like dirt, gravel, or grass!

Can You Ride a Hoverboard on Grass?

Want to ride your hoverboard on grass? Are you worried about your hoverboard getting damaged? Do not worry when its manufacturers themselves have claimed that you can ride it on grass. So, ride it there as long as you want but make sure the grass is not too thick and is short.

It would be very easy for you to ride your hoverboard on grass if it has bigger wheels because they are specially designed to ride off the road. No doubt, hoverboards with smaller wheels can also be ridden on less thick and shorter grass. Make sure you buy the best hoverboard model that could let you have amazing riding experiences on different surfaces without getting damaged. 

You also need to check whether the grass is wet or dry. We suggest you drive your hoverboard on grass only when it is dry otherwise your hoverboard will get wet and dirty which might be difficult for you to clean later. Plus, it will also be difficult to ride on wet grass because more effort would be required. 

Can You Ride a Hoverboard on Gravel?

Can You Ride a Hoverboard on Gravel

If you have an off-road hoverboard, you can ride it on gravel easily. It is because this hoverboard comes with rugged wheels and tires which make it easy to handle this kind of rough terrain. You can also use a regular hoverboard to ride on gravel but we wouldn’t recommend you do so because these models are not built for this purpose that’s why they might get damaged. 

Let us tell you most off-road hoverboards consist of a specific IP rating which plays a vital role in preventing dust particles from getting inside the hoverboard. That’s why its parts are not damaged and the life of your hoverboard is not decreased. 

You should not use the non-off-road hoverboards on gravel because they come with smaller tires and wheels. Their motor is also not so powerful that’s why they are not suitable for gravel. They are also more vulnerable to dust so they can easily get damaged which results in reducing their overall lifespan and damaging their internal circuitry, batteries, and motors. 

Can You Ride a Hoverboard on Dirt?

Can You Ride a Hoverboard on Dirt

Yes, you can ride your hoverboard on a dirty or sandy surface. But if you expect the hoverboard performance on a dirty surface same as on a smooth surface, it is not possible. It is because the speed of the hoverboard slows down when you ride it on debris or dirt. 

We do not recommend you ride a hoverboard with small wheels on a dirty surface. It is because such surfaces might also contain rocks, stones, and pebbles so it would be difficult to handle regular hoverboards on such surfaces. Get hoverboards with bigger wheels for this purpose. 

Factors Affecting Hoverboard’s Performance on Off-Road Tracks

When you decide to ride the hoverboard on different off-road surfaces, you must know different factors that affect the performance of the hoverboard on such surfaces. It is because different hoverboards are designed to be used on specific surfaces.

All-terrain hoverboards are the ones that are perfect for different tracks and surfaces but regular hoverboards are only suitable for smooth surfaces like sidewalks, paved roads, etc. You must know it is illegal to ride a hoverboard on the road because there is heavy traffic.

Let’s have a look at the factors affecting a hoverboard’s performance on off-road surfaces:

Wheel Size

The size of the hoverboard wheel has a direct impact on the riding surface for which it is suitable. For your information, the regular hoverboards that are best for riding on smooth surfaces and roads are the ones that come with 6.5 inches wheels. On the other hand, off-road hoverboards consist of 8.5 inches wheels or bigger.

The hoverboards with bigger wheels are suitable to be ridden on different types of surfaces and are very easy to ride. You can ride them on dirt, carpet, gravel, grass, etc. You can also roll them over pebbles, debris, and stones without affecting their performance. 

Type of Tires

The tire type also matters a lot when it comes to the performance of a hoverboard. The tire lets you handle the hoverboard on gravel, grass, and dirt very easily without losing balance. For your information, the hoverboards with rugged tires are the ones that are best for off-road surfaces like gravel and dirt.

You can see some hoverboards have smoother tires. These are the ones that are specially designed to be used on smoother surfaces only. These are not designed for rough surfaces. Majorly, there are two types of tires i.e. regular tires and rugged off-road tires.

Regular tires are the ones that come with smaller trad and are less suitable for dirt and gravel surfaces. On the other hand, rugged off-road tires are the ones that come with bigger bread and provide greater grip and traction. So, you can easily ride them in wet conditions. 

Hoverboards Motor

The motor of your hoverboard also affects the riding performance on different surfaces. If a strong motor is installed in the hoverboard, it will be easy for it to ride smoothly on difficult terrain. We know that surfaces like grass, dirt, and gravel are not straight or smooth as they contain inclines, slopes, bumps, and dips.

When your hoverboard has strong and efficient motor power, it enables your hoverboard to ride over slopes and inclines without any difficulty. It also results in providing better traction and braking power when riding on such surfaces. So, it would be best if you get dual 300W – 400W motors if you want to ride your hoverboard over grass, gravel, and dirt. 

Water and Dust Protection

Before riding your hoverboard on grass or any other rough surface, you need to check the IP rating of that board. If you want to have a great outdoor riding experience, make sure the board is rated at least IPX4. Its IP rating makes sure that it offers dust and water protection and does not get damaged if you ride it on grass or any dusty surface. 

Weight Capacity

If you want to ride the hoverboard off the road, you must get one that can easily be balanced. You need to consider the weight capacity of the hoverboard and get the one that offers a higher weight capacity than your actual body weight. These boards will be easy to handle and ride on rugged terrains like grass, gravel, etc.


Can You Ride Hoverboards Outside?

Yes, hoverboards are perfect for riding indoors and outdoors. They are designed to be ridden on different types of surfaces under different circumstances.

Can I Ride a Hoverboard on the Carpet?

It depends upon the thickness of your carpet which decides whether you can ride it over there or not. The speed of the hoverboard is slow on carpet as compared to other smooth surfaces.

Can I Ride my Hoverboard in the Rain?

Hoverboards are sensitive electronic devices so the rainwater will have a negative impact on their performance. So, it is not recommended to ride it on a wet surface.

Can I go uphill Riding my Hoverboard?

Yes, a hoverboard can go uphill but you will have to put extra effort into this concern.

Can I Ride my Hoverboard on Grass?

Yes, you can ride your hoverboard on grass but it will get dirty. So, make sure you get the suitable hoverboard model that could survive on the grass. 


In conclusion, you must get a hoverboard that could meet your needs. A wide variety of hoverboards are available in the market, get the one that you can ride on both smooth and rough surfaces but there would be a difference between the cost of these hoverboards and regular ones. 

The hoverboards designed for both smooth and rough surfaces come with bigger wheels and tires. They also have stronger and more powerful motors that’s why they are more expensive than regular hoverboards with smaller wheels and less powerful motors.

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