7 Best Wheels for Penny Board Reviews 2022

  • By: Josh Rosenberg
  • Date: June 7, 2022
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Did you ever express a desire to know about the penny board and its wheel’s history?

In 2010, Australian manufacturers invented an indestructible plastic skateboard, which is known as the penny board. Also, they discover various exquisite and unparalleled wheels.

In this post, I will specify which are the worthiest and the best wheels for the penny board. Otherwise, you could face trouble or deception while choosing penny skateboard wheels.

Unfortunately, 70% of buyers got deceived, because they don’t gather the information about what they are purchasing. But it won’t happen with you because you’re in the appropriate informative place.

How to put wheels on penny board, 7 splendid wheels reviews, how to clean wheels; there have lots to talk about in this article, Stay tuned.

7 Best Wheels for Penny Board Reviews

Talk about the most insane and distinctive skateboard wheels you should choose the best wheels for a penny board. Penny board wheels on a skateboard are the option to make your best longboard and skateboard peerless and incomparable.

After contemplating with skateboard experts I was able to make a list of world-class and top-rated wheels for penny board.

Not only have these wheels has an attractive design, slide shape, and looks also their price is incredibly budget-friendly. From cruiser wheels to shark wheels, I arrange the 7 best wheels in this beneficial article.

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels (60mm Cruiser Wheels)

The majority of the penny board comes with kaleidoscopic. Perhaps, for this reason, penny wheels come in a variety of vivid colors.

Free dare skateboard wheels are available in 4 colors to include red, black, blue, and green. These wheels’ demission is 60mm diameter and 45mm width and 83A polyurethane wheels.

For bringing the conveniences in the wheel, manufacturers installed ABEC-7 high steel bearings and spacers.

The penny board wheels roll quality is very smoother that you can use comfortably on the street, concrete, asphalt, on small objects, and skate park; literally everywhere.

  • Multiple colors available to choose
  • Incredible demission
  • Usable at street, concrete, and asphalt
  • Price is Inexpensive
  • Large wheels not available

Rulyt Unisex PB-WHEELS (Penny Board Neon)

Unisex wheels are actually usable for both female and male gender. Rulyt unisex penny board wheels are pink psychedelic wheels. It is known as the lightest, likable, and the best wheels for penny board ever.

In this wheelset, you will get 4 pieces of spare wheels with bearing. Bearings are made of high-quality ABEC 7 chrome material.

The wheels sizes are available in 85A, 60mm, and 45mm.

  • Pretty affordable wheels
  • Very lightweight and easy to fit
  • It’s a unisex penny board wheel
  • Best for fun rides
  • Only available in pink color

Shark Wheel (4 Packs)

The Shark wheels penny boards are the most desirable board nowadays. Because of its peculiar and anomalous looks, shape, and durable design, it already earns a huge positive impression from the skateboarders.

Three colors are available in it; yellow glass, red glass, and blue glass. Its picturesque colors will make your sports board tremendously superior.

With all-terrain technology, it assures several scientifically proven advantages. You will get rough terrain, friction in motion, and longer-lasting; three advantages in one wheel. Shark wheels measurements are 60mm in width and 78A.

  • Colors are very radiant and glorious
  • It comes with perfect measurement
  • Very trendy and likable
  • Price is a little bit costly

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Orangatang Caguama Longboard Wheels (85 mm)

Talk about highly anticipated and expensive penny & longboard wheels you should consider about Orangatang Caguama wheels.

Indeed, it is one of the best cruiser wheels to use. A total of 3 colors are available in this penny board bearings includes blue, orange, purple. With the colors it comes with three durometer scale; 77A (blue), 80A (orange), and 83A (purple).

Orangatang penny board wheels size is quite bigger about 85mm in diameter. Its size and durability assure more speed, balance, comfort, momentum, carving, pumping, and more.

Via these wheels, you can ride easily and (more stability riding) on the cracks, rocks, sticks, and even the roughest roads.

  • Wheels are fast, smooth, plush, and grippy
  • Usable at electric longboards
  • Better than other sizes wheel
  • It provides a smooth and balanced ride
  • Very expensive penny board wheels to buy

Ridge Skateboards Cruiser Wheels

Are you looking for penny board light-up wheels? Then have a look at the ridge skateboards cruiser wheels.

Over 10 different colors are available includes LED blue, LED red, LED multi, Orange, pink, ad more.

Ridge LED light-up wheels demission is available in 59mm and 78A PU. Standard ABEC 7 bearings will bring self-powering in it.

Actually, it is the best wheels for the penny board, which supports absolutely street riding. Remember, before penny board riding, don’t forget to wear a wrist guard.

  • Multiple colors available
  • Unique and elegant LED lighted wheels
  • Ensures maximum roll over performance
  • Price is a bit affordable
  • Doesn’t come in large and different sizes

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Rollerex Phaser Wheels

One of the incomparable bearing it is, which is perfectly suitable for penny board, skateboard, and longboard.

These candy design wheels have the brightest and color combination body. Rocket red and steel blades are two of the major colors are available on these wheels.

It can enhance its performance up to 92A durometer. Basically, it is made of abrasion-resistant and high-density urethane material.

Conveniently, if it doesn’t perform utterly then you will get a refund within 30 days.

  • Superb good-looking wheels
  • Made of abrasion-resistant material
  • It has a refund system within 30 days
  • Price is cheap
  • Only two colors available

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

Who doesn’t want to have all-terrain wheels? All-terrain longboard wheels and penny board wheels are the worthiest and persistent.

Literally, you can use these wheels in every tough and rough condition and place.

MBS wheels are available in 5 various colors such as blue, orange, red, black, and green. Because of large wheels, these penny board wheels on a skateboard will assuredly suit. Overall, the measurement of the wheel is 100mm in length x 65mm in width.

For superintendent speed, it is cast with 78a super-high-rebound urethane. From hard-packed dirt to short grass, MBS penny board wheels and bearings (Off-road wheels) will be a fabulous choice.

  • Best wheels for longboard
  • Off-road wheels can tolerate any rough condition
  • Various colors available
  • Price is a bit costly
  • Not available in short size

What are the Best Wheels for Nickel Board?

The nickel board is quite similar to the penny board. Indeed, nickel board sizes are simply a bit longer than the penny board.

Therefore, penny wheels and trucks are applicable at the nickel board. In short words, the best wheels for nickel board are;

  1. Shark wheels
  2. Ridge wheels
  3. All-terrain nickel board wheels
  4. Rulyt unisex nickel board wheels
  5. Free dare skateboard wheels

Do Shark Wheels on the Penny Board make it attractive?

Obviously, a shark wheel on a penny board looks perfect and foremost. Shark wheels literally come with a unique body and structure, which will make your penny board superior to others.

These trendy wheels are designed with shark curved gill slits, which will bring some confident attractiveness to your penny, longboard, and skateboard.

How to put Wheels on a Penny Board?

You can’t use the old wheels for a longer time. Sometimes wheels could get a break, corrosion, and other issues.

As for, you have to put brand new wheels. Do you know how to put wheels on a penny board exactly? Let me specify it straightforwardly.

  • Take off the nuts and take off the old wheels
  • Clean the trucks perfectly and make sure there hasn’t any dust or rust
  • As well as clean the nuts too
  • Choose wheels as your board wheel size requirement
  • Adjust the wheels utterly and fit the nuts
  • Take a demo, are they fit completely or not.

How to clean Penny Board Wheels?

It doesn’t matter which type of sports board you have, cleaning them is much important. Like other skateboard wheels, you have to clean penny board wheels after every use or once in a week.

I’m not going to make this cleaning method complicated. For your convenience, let me clarify the whole cleaning method in some easy and simple steps.

  1. First of all, you have to remove the wheels from the tracks, for instance, use a 13mm socket
  2. Separate the nuts, bolts, and spacers into 3 several sides (Be careful)
  3. Then remove the bearings with a truck axel
  4. Disassembled the trucks and their nuts too
  5. Clean both front and backside of your penny board with soap water and cloth
  6. Do the same thing while cleaning bearings, wheels with soap water (You can use alcohol too for cleaning)
  7. Let the every wheels part be dry and make sure still they are good stuff
  8. It’s time to reassemble the bearings on the board.


What Size Wheels do Penny Boards use?

Concerning what size wheels do penny boards use, it all depends on what sized penny board you have. But it doesn’t create any big difference. If you have a 20-22-inches board deck then you will require 54-56mm wheels.

For a 27-28-inches board, you will require 65-70cm wheels.

If you want to apply shark wheels on your penny board then you should try shark wheels 54mm.

What are the Best Wheels for Rough Terrain?

Off-road penny board wheels are the only option for use at the rough terrain wheel. While choosing rough terrain wheels you must consider wheel bite, wheel width, types of rough roads, wheel’s durometer scale, less friction, larger diameter, grip, and contact patch.

My personal preference for the best wheels for rough terrain roads is MBS all-terrain wheels. For a smoother ride, you won’t find a fabulous wheel like the MBS wheel.

Can I install any Wheels on the Penny Boards?

Actually, you can’t install any wheels on the penny boards. Because you have to find out what wheel width your board supports and the features of expensive wheels.

A lot of people think expensive wheels have better contact patches, a durometer scale, and a good grip. But the truth is, expensive wheels don’t assure the matching and supporting benefits.

How to Prevent Cracks while Off-road Rides?

Riding on concrete, asphalt, or suitable slide tracks, you have to face cracks while riding. The only way to prevent cracks while rides are to use soft wheels with a maximum contact patch.

Do Soft Wheels suit Rough Surfaces?

Soft wheels suit rough surfaces but there is a condition, wheels width should be an extra wider and larger diameter. Also, a good grip could affect a huge difference on smooth roads. soft Smaller will not provide more speed, good grip, and smooth ride at one time.

Therefore, avoid penny boards cheaper wheels, and smaller wheels if you want to ride on rough surfaces or small pebbles. In conclusion, avoid small wheels and try large or more wheels in your penny board.

Can you put 70mm Wheels on a Penny Board?

Indeed, the penny board is one of the tinier plastic boards. If you put larger wheels like 70mm wheels your board will look extraordinary.

In my preparation, you shouldn’t apply large wheels on the board. It could create trouble while cruising and moving.

Are Longboard Wheels applicable on the Penny Board?

Of course, longboard wheels are applicable to the penny board. But before applying, make sure you choose the correct measure otherwise bearing will not fit on the penny board.

How many Designable Wheels Penny Board has?

Generally, you might have seen various types of designable skateboard and longboard wheels. But these wheels are a bit dissimilar from others because their bearings are unique and glorious.

In my consideration, there have over 9 types of penny board designable bearings are available in the market.

Final Verdict

Unfortunately, it’s time to end this amazing article about the best wheels for the penny board. Every single wheel is durable and comes with appealing designs.

If you are still confused about which one will be appropriate for you then choose MBS all-terrain longboard wheels and shark wheels.

You can find these remarkable wheels easily if you search the query of penny board wheels amazon, shark wheels amazon.

In conclusion, thank you so much for spending your most worthwhile time with us.

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