Best Stand up Fishing Kayak Review for Beginner 2022

  • By: Josh Rosenberg
  • Date: June 7, 2022
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You may think what is the best type of kayak for fishing? Could it be a sit on top or sit in the kayak? Every sit on top kayak structured as you can stand on it. For instance, sit on top kayak alternative name is stand up kayak.

So, after a quite long discussion and research, the best stand up fishing kayak is Old town topwater 106 PDL fishing kayak

Here, we will talk about its specifications, features, advantages & disadvantages, solve the questions about it and there has a lot to talk about. In this kayak, it has every single function that a fishing kayak could have.

Best Stand up Fishing Kayak Review [Rating 5/5]

After concern and consideration, I found the best stand-up fishing kayak for you. This sit on top fishing kayak is expensive but great functional. Stand up kayak is best for fishing but this is a sit on top kayak too.

The kayak’s name is Old Town Topwater 106 PDL Fishing kayak. So, the question is why I choose this kayak as the best stand up kayak rather than other kayaks? Let’s find out below.

Features & Specifications:

  • Adjustable element Air seat
  • An oversized stern tank
  • Three-rod holders
  • Rod and tackle storage
  • Size: 10.6 foot & 36 inches wide
  • Loading capacity: 450-pound
  • Instant forward/reverse system
  • Easy-turning trucker-style rudder control knob

So, now you will understand why I choose this one as the best fishing kayak. Another reason is, you can sit on top for relaxing and it has quite a space to stand up and catch fish smoothly.

Indeed, it looks like a tandem fishing kayak and it is. You may hear lots of fishing kayak companies like Brooklyn kayak company review they are the best.

Another company of fishing kayak like Old town kayak they are an honorable kayak company too. The old town came into this industry for over 100 years.

Maximum Load

This fishing kayak is made for literary one person but for keeping the fish you will require extra loading capacity.

As for, the manufacture decides to provide maximum loading capacity in this kayak, which is 450 pounds. This means you will have 200lbs plus extra loading capacity for keeping the fish basket.

But if you want, 2 people can enter the boat but only one can seat in the boat. The reason is there has only one seat in the fishing kayak.


The more large size will bring you more stability in topwater. You may say that the best sit-in fishing kayak is a little wide and small. But stand up kayak is different because you will need a cool space for standing on the boat.

Well, this fishing kayak is 10.6 feet long and 36 inches wide. So, it is proper wider and longer. The long size will keep you stable in the water and a wide size will help you to stand gently.

Accessorize of this Kayak

The 106 PDL designed with kayak anglers in mind. The Old Town Lure Angler Personal Flotation Device (PFD) which is sold separately. PFD will keep you comfortable during long days on the river.

The PFD’s high-back seat will give you more rest situation. The unique Air Comfort system seat will cool you on hot, sunny days.

Its lightweight and durable fiberglass paddles are sold separately. Above all, a few kayak accessories you have to buy separately for this stand-up kayak.


Without extra storage a fishing kayak is worthless. That’s why this stand-up fishing kayak comes up with huge storage space for you. Not only has the Double-u Hull design made it a stable and sturdy kayak but also it is full of storage functions.

It has a stern tank in the top position of the kayak to keep fish especially. You can use an alternative option for storage that is behind your seat.

There has a quite good space for keeping fish baskets and other accessories or you can keep your dog also.

Other Convenient Parts of Old Town Topwater Fishing Kayak

Old Town Topwater 106 PDL fishing kayak hasn’t only accessorized, maximum load, size, and storage convenient but it has more convenient parts to say.

It has a total 3-rod holder; two is the front side, and one in the middle side. The whole kayak made with the best drive system, Instant forward, and reverses system.

You will not need any accessories to move it into various directions. The system will do it on its own.

Particularly, it has an easy turning trucker style rudder control knob. Another thing you can add on this kayak is the universal transducer mounting system. For instance, it will easily install your favorite fish finder but it sold separately.

Advantages (Pros) & Disadvantages (Cons)

Here are the advantages of fishing kayaks and disadvantages of fishing kayaks below.

  • Best Drive System
  • Very good Compact Size
  • Dual loading system enables
  • Ensures comfortable sitting, and stable standing
  • Ultra stable for fishing
  • Made of strong materials
  • Convenient full
  • Very expensive to buy


Why Should I Choose to Stand up Fishing Kayak?

You can’t do fishing while you are sitting down you would need more effort to catch fish. In some cases, while you’re catching big fish you have to stand up.

So, the point is, with a stand-up fishing kayak you can give force into your fishing effortlessly and comfortably. In a stand-up kayak catching a fish is easier than other kayaks & Canoes. So, these are the reason why should I choose to stand up kayak.

Should I get a sit on or sit in a Kayak?

It’s a very crucial question that should I get a sit on or sit-in kayak. Both have different abilities and functions for use. Sit on top kayak is very persistent and enduring.

A Sit-in kayak isn’t the best for fishing than touring. Sit on top kayak has more space than a sit-in kayak.

So, if you want a kayak for fishing, a large boat, more stability, and storage full than I would recommend you sit in top kayak. But if you want to go for a tour of a sea, river, lake then it will be a good choice for you.

What is a good Fishing Kayak for Beginners?

There have numbers of fishing kayaks I can suggest to you the best fishing kayak kayaks. Fishing kayak beginners should be more convenient and easier. So, here are the best some;

  1. Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Canoe & Kayak
  2. Sun Dolphin Journey Sit On Top Fishing Kayak
  3. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak
  4. Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Convertible Inflatable Kayak
  5. Intex k1 kayak

10 ft or 12 ft Kayak – Which one is better?

Only a 2-foot difference makes lots of distinction between 10 ft kayak and 12 ft kayak. 12-foot kayak gives you more stability than other. 10 ft kayak has more flipped down chance than 12 ft kayak.

Both measurements of kayaks are great for use. But large kayaks are more accessible and advantageous.

Can I buy Used Kayaks and Where I can find Used Kayaks?

You can buy a used kayak but it depends on the quality it left. If you find a kayak that’s Condition is pretty good then you can buy that? There have so many ways where you can find used kayaks.

Used kayaks for sale ebay, used fishing kayaks for sale ebay, 2 person kayak for sale used, and more you can find with these queries.

How much a Fishing Kayak will cost?

You can find Nemours fishing kayak at a cheap price. Overall, a fishing kayak could cost you up to 200-2000$. You can have fishing kayaks also like best fishing kayak under 700, best fishing kayak under $500, best fishing kayak under $1000, and more.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best stand-up fishing kayak isn’t so easy task for me. But it’s easy for you now. Sometimes qualities depend on everything rather than prices.

This isn’t the best cheap stand up fishing kayak but its quality and features are so well. It might be expensive but it’s a worthy kayak. Indeed, it is full of features, specifications, and convenience.

In my decision, it’s the best option for fishing in lakes and rivers. In conclusion, thank you for reading this content and support my best sports and outdoor reviews.

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