10 Best Longboard Wheels for Rough Roads – 2022 Reviews (Most Affordable)

  • By: Josh Rosenberg
  • Date: June 7, 2022
  • Time to read: 14 min.

Ride with your longboard on the smooth surface is full of recreation. On the other side, jagged and rough roads make longboarding miserable and woeful.

Nearly 90% of longboards come with typical wheels, which are unable to perform tricks at the off-roads. Still, if you use those wheels on rough streets, then your wheels will get damage rapidly. So, how you can get off from this issue?

For this reason, I filtered all the longboard wheels, and I found some exclusive, endurable, and skate park terrain wheels. These best longboard wheels for rough roads have enough features and advantages to provide you with an exquisite ride.

What are Rough Roads means?

Before you jump on the wheels list, let me clarify what rough roads actually mean. Rough roads could be different types such as grassy, watery, concretely, broken pinnacle, muddy, and more. Indeed, you will find rough roads signs on the roads.

In short words, if a road hasn’t a clean and smooth surface, it is a rough road. The majority of longboarders either rides on the longboard tracks or on debris-free roads.

If you’re willing to ride on bumpy roads, definitely you have to install off-road longboard wheels (best all-terrain wheels) in your longboard.

Top 10 Longboard Wheels for Rough Roads Reviews

Obviously, riding off-road is full of adventure. If you want to gain professionalism in longboarding, then assuredly, you have to be an expert on rugged roads.

As I told you before that I filtered lots of wheels to find the best of the best. I hope my chosen 10 best off-road longboard wheels will be worthwhile for your longboarding. Here are the details, features, specifications, pros, and cons of these rough road longboard wheels.

Shark Wheel Longboard (DNA Formula)

In the world’s top 3 leading longboard wheels, shark-branded wheels are one of them. Do you know why shark wheels are so prevalent?

Shark longboard wheels ensure rough terrain, less friction, approach angle, longer life, and lightning-fast speed. If you want to ride on the sand-type rough surfaces road, I can suggest these four-pack shark wheels.

It is available in 5 different colors such as clear mint, clear green hub, clear purple hub, clear yellow hub, and clear orange. These bigger wheels are elegant and have an unmatchable unique design, which is pretty perfect for riding on smooth concrete and sand. 

Scientifically proves that it lasts 15% longer than industry-leading freeride large wheels.

With little effort, you can ride faster, and it assures great slide control too. Its overall size is 78mm, and its hardness is 78a durometer scale. In truth, shark wheels are the best type of longboard freeride wheels for rough roads. This means you can apply these narrow wheels on any average-sized longboards and skateboards.

  • Exquisite and unique design
  • Multiple colours are available
  • It assures less friction
  • It lasts 15% longer than other smaller wheels
  • Best for sand, rough & smooth surfaces roads
  • Price is a bit average expensive

Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Wheels

Sector 9 presents Butterball longboard wheels are the most highly anticipated and best for roughest road surface. Conveniently, you can install this penny skateboard wheel in any kind of longboard, specially pintail, cruiser, and downhill.

Sector 9 longboard wheels are available in two colors, such as green and white yellow combo. It is also available in 2 different sizes, including 65mm and 70mm (narrow Contact patch is 38mm), and both hardness is 80a durometer.

Butterball slide wheels have a smaller core which helps them slightly grippier than others. Overall, I’m sure that butterball’s wheels going to provide you with an authentic and dynamic rough pavement riding experience (pavement riding styles).

  • Easy to install
  • It has impressive looks and finishes
  • It comes with a high-level hardness
  • Slightly grippier than others
  • It presents a remarkable skateboard wheel brand
  • 80mm sizes aren’t available

Bigfoot Longboard Wheels (SHR Mountain Cruisers)

The Bigfoot longboard wheels are confessed as the fastest longboard wheels. For black lovers, I think it will be a fabulous choice.

Specifically, manufacturers manufactured these wheels as mountain cruiser wheels. It means Bigfoot wheels can perform any mountain road without delivering any issue.

Bigfoot wheels have four different colors to choose from and are size 76mm x 53mm. Besides this size, its hardness is 80A SHR (80a is really fast and resists the impact progressively).

Also, 80A Super High Rebound hardness will provide you with incredible grip and stability at high speed.

While providing predictable and controlled slide characteristics, its offset cores allow the wheels to grip through turns and corners.

  • Best wheels for mountain cruiser
  • Expert recommended and top rated
  • Fastest than others
  • It provides amazing performance on slalom and downhill
  • Price is cheap to buy
  • Sizes aren’t available more than 76mm

Orangatang Kegel Downhill Cruising Wheels

Who doesn’t know about Orangatang longboard wheels? It is one of the worthy and superior wheels brands, which can be useful as the penny board wheels, longboard wheels, and skateboard wheels.

Orangatang wheels (best for pavement) are designed for maximum speed and grip for downhill longboard and skateboard racing. World-class wheels experts also intend to provide intricate carving, pumping, and long-distance pushing.

Choice fully, it is available in three different colors such as purple (83a), blue (77a), and orange (80a).

Opportunely, with this four-wheel pack, you will get 8 Loaded Jehu V2 steel bearings. Extra bearings are included with it, so you can change them when needed.

Also, extended inner raceways have been added to it for separate spacers and speed rings. A large 80mm wheel diameter (large diameter) will allow you to have a good roll speed at any place and on any road.

For example, you can roll over at the rocks, sticks, plow over cracks, and the roughest roads. Sharp and square lips will be able to provide you maximum grip (In fact, you can slide as smooth as you want).

Supportive 46mm core will reduce the weight during quick acceleration and crisp sliding.

  • Multiple hardness wheels available
  • Free bearings included with this wheels
  • Supportive core available
  • It offers incredible performance on the roughest roads
  • It is a bit expensive to buy

IWONDER Cloud longboard Wheels

If you’re looking for any longboard cruising wheels, then have a look at the IWONDER wheels. Because of their admirable performance and design, Iwonder cloud longboard wheels are known as the best longboard wheels for cruising on rough surfaces roads.

A total of 6 different colors are available such as sky blue, orange, green, violet, obsidian black, and marmalade orange color. 120mm Polyurethane (PU) off-road and all terrain electric longboard wheels can perform at any road (Muds, sand, concrete, grass, rock).

The technology of damping foam core filters out incredible vibrations than other regular wheels. Its soft wheel core is made of high-strength composite material for better impact resistance.

The reason it can handle any impacts is that it is constructed with 78A translucent urethane. Curved wheel and unique tread increase grip and anti-skid force while high-speed sliding case. As for, it is called the best longboard wheels for sliding.

  • Stunning colours are available
  • Best for electric and non-electric longboard
  • Made of authentic and superior material
  • It doesn’t support penny type board

Sector 9 Butterballs Wheels

Generally, sector nine wheels are prevalent for downhill riding, rough road riding, and longboard stunting. Butterball longboard wheels have enormous demands worldwide, and every longboarder and skateboarder desires to use them on their longboard. Because of its performance, it is known as the best longboard wheel for rough pavement.

With top ratings, it offers only one elegant color, Green Translucent. You will get 70mm sizes four wheels in this wheelset, and unfortunately, no bearings are included with it.

The diameter is 70mm (quite a large diameter), the width is 38mm, and this longboard wheel bites hardness is 75a durometer. Overall, its looks and features are going to make your longboard more special and dynamic.

  • Wheels have eye-catchy looks
  • Perfect width and size
  • Best for stunt and downhill
  • Worthy to buy
  • No bearings included

Fireball Tinder Longboard Wheels

When I was researching the best longboard wheels for rough surfaces roads, one wheel just blows my mind. That longboard wheel is fireball tinder longboard and skateboard wheels (best for money).

Whatever types of ride you desire to do, you can do with these wheels. You can install fireball wheels into the mini-cruiser, small longboards, double kick skateboards, and it supports cruising, free ride, dancing, and sliding.

Fireball wheels have two colors such as bloody red (my favorite) and Blue. 60mms of premium formula beast urethane is its primary material, and the whole wheel was designed and manufactured in California.

Its 81a urethane, 40mm width, and 35mm contacts can roll over bumpy roads, debris, rocks, and cracks.

The larger wheel is made of a black urethane fiberglass core that assures maximum strength and predictable slides.

  • Made of high-quality material
  • Unbreakable and indestructible
  • It supports multiple stable rides
  • Dual choice colours available in it
  • No additional bearing included

Fireball Tinder Durometer Wheels

Fireball tinder is one of the attractive white colors and designable wheels. Double kick skateboards, mini-cruiser, and smaller longboards have a supportive structure for this wheel. It means you can install this wheel into these three types of longboards.

These magnificent wheels are available in two sizes as 60mm and 70mm; widths are 40mm and 50mm. For riding on bumpy roads, rocks, and cracked roads, manufacturers use 60mm beast urethane formulas and 81a hardness material.

If you want to cruise, dancing, or freeriding with your longboard, you should definitely use it at once. Also, a Black urethane fiberglass core will assure the maximum slide and traction while riding. Overall, I think fireball wheels would be a fabulous choice for rough surfaces roads.

  • Ensures comfier and smooth drive
  • Centerest core for better sliding
  • World’s best material included
  • It can perform any challenging roads
  • Price is a bit costly to buy

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

When choosing the best longboard wheels for rough roads, every expert recommends MBS all-terrain longboard wheels (Best for rough road). In fact, you should consider this wheel instead of others on my list.

MBS wheels can provide you as much smoother ride as you want because they can roll over any harsh pavement, road sidewalks, short grass, and hard-packed muds. In simple words, it’s the best wheel for longboarding on wet pavement.

A total of 3 colors are available in mbs all terrain wheels, such as blue, green, and red. Its size is 100mm x 65mm and cast with 78a super-high-rebound urethane so that you can ride with unparalleled speed.

You can install MBS longboard wheels at any longboarder’s quiver. For tremendous traction and speed at the roughest road, you should choose it wisely.

  • Fitable at any longboards
  • Easy to set up and remove
  • Best for sliding and traction
  • Multiple colors enable
  • None

Fireball Beast Wheels – Best for Speed

Do you know which brand provides the purest and high-quality components in their best longboard wheels? The best longboard wheel brands are the ‘Fireball’. 

Basically, fireball longboards wheels are manufactured by professional wheel makers, and they know how to make them with various constituents.

Fireball beast wheels are specially formulated with premium urethane for optimal slide and grip. The sharp beveled lips look rad and allow consistent slides. Its bevels help it to roll over any rough and smooth obstacles and cracks easily.

The size of this wheel is 76mm diameter, 65mm width (smaller wheels), and 49mm contact patch size. Beast longboard skateboard wheels come in 3 types of hardness, including 81a (Softest), 84a (medium), and 87a (Hardest). Whatever hardness wheels you need, you can choose as your requirement.

  • Fireball brand ensures 100% satisfaction and a money-back guarantee
  • Fast and easy to set up
  • Multiple durometer available
  • Reasonable price to buy
  • Not so good for curving

Buyer’s Guide (Things to Consider)

As you’re a buyer, I can’t let you buy any detrimental or unprofitable product. This post is all about off-road roads longboard wheels, and all the cheap wheels (Which I reviewed earlier) have praisable and world-class features, specifications, and components.

Besides, longboard wheels reviews, I want to express more crucial information to you about it. Here are some needy information, buying guide, how to do it, tips, and faqs.

How to Choose the Best Longboard Wheels for Rough Roads (Buying Guide)

Without a buying guide, a fake seller can deceive you, unfortunately, and badly. So, how you can prevent deceiving chances while buying the best longboard wheels?

Before you choose any best wheels, make sure it has enough features and specifications as your needs. If you don’t know what things you should consider before buying longboard wheels, then read this longboard wheels buying guide.

Wheel Shape & Surface

When you’re buying wheels for off-road, wheels shape matters a lot. Off-road wheels or roughest road wheels have so many differences from ordinary wheels.

Square edge, Beveled edge, and rounded edge all three wheel shapes are all suitable for tough roads. Unsmooth wheel surfaces can perform much better than smooth-shaped longboard wheels.

Wheels Core

Actually, core works to spear the heat while riding, and it helps to get better sliding. Cruiser wheels core have three types such as sides core, Centerest core, and backset cores. In my opinion, the Centerest core is the best core for off-road riding.

Durometer / Hardness

Wheels durometer or hardness means how much quality full and hard your wheels are. For example, 70a durometer to 87a durometer wheels are less hard and perform incredibly rough roads. You can choose any wheel width sizes because width won’t affect your riding style or smooth ride.

On the other hand, 88a to 99a durometer wheels are the best for speed, more slides, faster, and grip. Therefore, if you want to ride on the rough terrains road, choose wheels between 70a and 87a durometer.

Wheel Size & Contact Patch Size

Obviously, size matters a lot because you can’t install it in your longboards without considering wheel size (while choose wheels).

Namely, your longboard supports 70mm sizes wheels, and you bought 80mm wheels (huge wheels); of course, it doesn’t make any sense. In this case, know your longboard size first before you buy any wheel.

For quick acceleration, try a 60mm to 65mm diameter wheel. And, for less acceleration, try 70mm to 107mm diameter. Contact patch size must be 46mm to 65mm; otherwise, your longboard won’t perform off-road as expected.


Well, you can choose any colorful wheel you want. But some awkward and unmatched colors can make your longboard clumsy. Black, white, and blue color can be installable on any kind of longboard.


We always try to buy cheap longboard wheels instead of premium wheels. As a result, our chosen wheel doesn’t last long, and we find them totally worthless. So, my suggestion is to try to find reasonable prices for longboard cruiser wheels instead of cheap wheels.

Why Should You Choose Rough Roads Wheels?

Riding longboards on rough roads with ordinary quality wheels don’t make any sense. Rough roads are full of debris, dirt, sand, mud, water, and concrete.

In this case, if you want to ride faultlessly and improve your riding experience, comfortable rough roads longboard small wheels are the only preferable and standard flat wheels.

Generally, an off-road wheel comes with indestructible features and material which can prevent shock and impact while riding. Also, manufactures of longboard larger wheels fill the essential requirements in the wheels so you can ride gently on the all-terrain road, especially for rough riders.

How to Change Longboard Wheels?

In this post, I recommended the top 10 best wheels, and after purchasing, you have to install them on your own (all the wheels). This is why I want to suggest to you a killer method on how to change longboard wheels. Don’t skip any single step if you’re going to set up your longboard wheel quickly in 7 steps. 

  1. First of all, use a bolt tightener and remove all the four bearings and nuts from all four wheels
  2. Next, pull the old wheels from the longboard
  3. Remove the inner and outer bearing also
  4. Clean the area and set up the new bearings
  5. Now put the new wheels (Your chosen) and turn the wheels around
  6. Put the axle nuts again and tighten them up
  7. Recheck the wheels set up and finalize the method; that’s it.
How to change longboard wheels and bearings

Are Rough Roads Wheels Dissimilar to Normal Wheels?

In truth, not every rough road wheels are dissimilar to regular wheels. Ten out of seven wheels look similar to ordinary wheels, but few of the wheels (best skateboard wheel) look different.

Normal wheels hardness stays within a 70a durometer, but rough road wheels’ hardness remains a minimum 80a durometer—rough road wheels such as shark wheels, all-terrain wheels, and downhill wheels.

Which are the Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Roads?

Everyone does know that skateboard and longboard don’t have many differences. All the longboard wheels that I suggested to you are applicable and installable on your skateboard.

Besides these wheels, there have numerous skateboard wheels, which are pretty impressive for rough roads. Here are some of the contents best skateboard wheels for tricky pavement;

  • Bones rough rides wheels (all terrain wheels)
  • Ricta cloud wheels
  • Radar wheels
  • Freedare skateboard wheels

Are All-Terrain Longboard Wheels any good?

All-terrain long-board wheels always ensure perfect speed and control between traction. Actually, these wheels manufacturers always provide authentic and sturdy material.

Manufacturers are tests a lot on these wheels to work more smoothly in any condition and any rough roads. Polyurethane is the primary material of all-terrain wheels.

We all know that polyurethane is the sturdiest, prevents impacts, increases performance, and lasts longer. Overall, experts and I think all-terrain wheels carries lots of good side and benefits.

Best Longboard Wheels for Cruising?

Cruising with a longboard is one of the most favorite and pleasant methods of longboarding. It is a little bit tough to do cruising with the typical urethane wheels.

If you want my suggestion for the best longboard wheels for the cruiser, then those will be Orangatang in Heat (75mm), Sector 9 Race Steam Roller (73mm), and Cloud Ride (70mm). These three cruising wheels are so popular and work significantly on the roads. 


What Wheels are good for Rough Roads?

Wheels hardness matters a lot because it tells us how much good performance it can provide on the roads. For example, if the polyurethane wheels’ hardness is between 75a to 88a, then it can perform magnificently at any rough roads surface.

Also, these wheels can endure impacts, cracks, bumps, and Worst Street. 89a to 96a durometer wheels are well-known for speed, break, and better grip. Therefore, 75a wheels to 96a wheels all are suitable for rough roads.

Can I install Longboard Wheels on my Penny Board?

Of course, you can install longboard wheels on your penny board. Penny-type board materials don’t match with longboard material, but both wheels are pretty identical.

Shark wheels, all-terrain wheels, and other branded wheels all are installable on the longboard, skateboard, and penny style board.

What Type of Wheels is Best for Rough Roads?

Soft wheels to softer wheels perform much better than hard wheels. But when it comes to rough road harder wheels is incredible than softer wheels. Actually, soft wheels don’t work as rough terrain wheels like harder wheels.

So try to choose quality wheels, which have rough terrain and downhill wheels features. The best downhill wheels (hard wheels) that I can recommend to you are Orangetang rough terrain quality wheels.

Can I Use Skate Parks for Street Skating?

Skateboard wheels for rough roads are the best option for street skating. Street skating is a little bit dangerous that’s why I will demotivate you to ride at the normal park instead of a skate park.

Remember, before you start street skating make sure you had wear riser pads (protective gear). Riser pads will protect you from accidents and scratches.

Is Soft Wheel works on Rough Surfaces?

Persistence Soft wheels could perform superbly at the rough roads. But you have to consider a lot while choosing longboard wheels because you should avoid softer wheels. Therefore, avoid softer wheels instead of soft wheels.

How do I make my Longboard Ride Smoother?

Everybody wants to ride longboard smoother and comfier. If you desire to make your longboarding experience smoother and enjoyable, then have a look at these five incredible and worthy tips;

  1. Remove old wheels and bearings
  2. Clean the interior and exterior
  3. Upgrade the kits (Especially bearings & nuts)
  4. Set up the longboard with new wheels & bearings
  5. Tighten them accurately; you can ride smooth now!

Can I ride on the Sand with Rough Roads Longboard Wheels?

Sand is one of the types of road which belongs to the rough roads. We all know that sand makes the ride slower and uncomfortable.

You have to choose the alternative of ordinary longboard wheels. Exchange the wheels with the off-road wheels. As far as I know, the best longboard wheel for sand is shark longboard (DNA formula).

What are the Best Skateboard Wheels for cruising only on Bad Roads?

Cruising with the skateboard wheels is awesome and delightful. But do you know how to make a perfect ride with best skateboard wheels on the bad roads?

Yes, definitely you should go for the best off-road skateboard wheels instead of conventional wheels. You can try these wheels for off-road skateboarding (skateboarding wheels);

  1. JHKJ skateboard wheels
  2. Spitfire classic skateboard wheels
  3. Iwonder cloud off road skate wheels

Final Verdict

The wheels of the longboard are one of the essential body parts. You can find various types of wheels like smooth riding wheels, off-road wheels, downhill wheels, carving wheels, cruising wheels, and more.

So, know first what types of ride you want to get. I wrote this post for those people who want to ride on rough roads. But, all of these wheels can roll over at any place and can provide you any ride.

In conclusion, thank you so much for enjoying the best longboard wheels for rough roads.

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