5 Best longboard grip tape & sensational skateboard grip tape

5 Best longboard grip tape & sensational skateboard grip tape
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Protecting the longboard deck becomes tougher and also makes them stylish too. While cruising or freestyle longboarding; our longboard takes huge numbers of scratches. So, how do you protect your longboard and also meanwhile make them attractive? Indeed, you will need the best longboard grip tape.

Over 5 amazing and effective longboard & skateboard grip tape I found for you. Even there has lot to talk about grip tape so stay tuned.

Things you should know & consider before buying grip tape [Buying guide]

Grip plays a magnificent role when it comes about protect or styling your longboard. You won’t believe but because of the lack of information some people unable to find a perfect grip tape for them.

In this case, a buying guide definitely will help them to purchase a better one. I think everybody should follow these topics while choosing longboard or skateboard grip tape.

Grip tape Size

Numerous longboards come with various sizes. That’s why, while choosing grip tape you must know what sizes deck you have. Particularly, 10X44 grip tape is the best size to choose for any skateboard or other board.

Because you can customize and reduce the size of grip tape; you can apply it on smaller longboards too.


It looks worst when you apply your favorite grip tape and that doesn’t stay longer. Your money will be a total waste. Therefore, find out more stable and durable grip tape.


Grip tape is worthless if it hasn’t proper stickiness. Stickier means more stable and strong adjustment. It seems disappointment if grip tape peels out easily after applying it. So, ask your seller and try to feel the stickiness of your grip tape before your buy.


Who doesn’t like to make his/her longboard so adorable and give a precious look? One great color can explain your fashion and choice to others. So, for attractive longboard looks you must choose an eye-catchy colorful grip tape.

5 best longboard grip tape & skateboard grip tape reviews

Longboard grip tape is also known as longboard sticker and longboard skin. Numbers of people want to have a better and supreme longboard grip.

For instance, I researched a lot about which is the best longboard grip tape I can suggest to you. I take countless longboarding fan recommendations and they suggest to me these 5 grip tape.

These are stable and cool longboard grip tape, which have abilities to fulfill your demand.

Rayauto 47″X10″ skateboard Longboard waterproof Diamond Grip tape Sheet Sticker

Rayauto longboard grip tape
Rayauto longboard grip tape

For attractive and eye-catchy colorful grip tape Rayauto is a very significant and superior brand. Over 19 various colors are available to choose.

If you have less than 120cm x 25cm or 47 inches x 10inch longboard deck; you can try out this custom grip tape. The protection level it ensures tremendously.

It’s closer particles increase the friction more safely and perfectly. In my consideration, these longboard grip designs will make your longboard foremost and premium.

Applying process is pretty easy and very convenient. Overall, this waterproof diamond grip tape sheet sticker will be worthy for you.


  • Suitable to use on large decks
  • Easy to apply and durable
  • Multiple lovely colors are available
  • Waterproof


  • Not so easy to find

ZUEXT 11″ x 50″ Clear Skateboard Grip Tape

Clear Skateboard Grip Tape
Clear Skateboard Grip Tape

Searching for an anti-slip bubble-free grip tape? Then have a look at ZUEXT clear skateboard grip.

Normally, it’s a waterproof grip tape, which is usable at roller board, skateboard, stairs, gun, pedal, pistol, and wheelchair. Longboard grip tape clear ensures more stickiness and easy fittings.

With 1.5mm thickness it promises time proof high-strength quality sticky grip tape. In fact, it’s a pro-grade grip tape; longboard fans support it so much.

Above all, it takes high popularity because of authentic material and powerful stickers. I think this skateboard grip tape will customize your longboard beautifully.


  • Easy to fit and take-off
  • Bubble free and waterproof
  • Delivers authentic stickiness


  • Not available in multiple colors

ZUEXT 11″ x 44″ Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet
Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

Another ZUEXT skateboard grip tape is a well-known tape of all time. You can use it for many intensions like scooter grip tape, sandpaper for roller board, stairs, gun, pedal, pistol, and wheelchair.

Best adhesion and grip designed makes it a best grip tape ever. Fully waterproof and stickiness is quite impressive for using the long term. Bubble free, time-proof features are very unique and immense.

In my thoughts, this best skateboard grip tape will create a great impact on your longboard looks.


  • Usable in multiple purposes
  • Waterproof grip tape
  • Worthy to use


  • Size could create a problem

Black Diamond Longboard Grip tape (10″ x 44″)

Black Diamond Longboard Grip tape
Black Diamond Longboard Grip tape

Talk about the most insane and colorful longboard grip tape, you won’t find a better one like a Black diamond. Officially, the black diamond grip tape is a very trustworthy and famous grip tape to buy.

It comes with two various styles includes application kits and without longboard application kits. The interesting part is, 14 several colors are obtainable to choose.

80 grit standard grip tape you can use if you have less than 10-inch wide by 44-inch length deck. You can use it to by making customize size and its fitting and peeling are quite easier.

So, these multiple colorful & best clear grip tape for longboards will make your skateboard appealing.


  • Easy peeling out and fit
  • Multiple colors choose able
  • Tremendous designs available


  • Not suitable for longer deck

Grizzly Grip tape GRIZZLY GRIP T-PUDS TIE DYE Skateboard

Grizzly Grip tape
Grizzly Grip tape

Concerning most widespread and best longboard grip tape, have a look at the grizzly blank grip tape.

Grizzly grip tape made with authentic sticky and materials, which ensures long time usability. Basically, it is known as the Pudwill Tie Dye grip tape.

It looks like a black sand-paper but it’s very smooth and will help you a lot while stunting. Overall, its protectiveness is quite admirable. You can use it on several types of skateboard and longboards. Note: for the safe ride have a look at best longboard gear.

It has a grizzly grip paint logo in the middle of the sticker. I think it’s the best skateboard grip tape if you consider the protectiveness.


  • Best for skateboard even longboard
  • Suitable for stunting longboards
  • Ensures the protectiveness


  • Little bit rare grip tape

Tips to apply longboard and skateboard

Obviously, it’s very crucial to know how to apply grip tape on a longboard and as well as skateboard. I have some effectual tips you can apply while tape gripping your longboard. Here is how to apply grip tape;

First of all, clean your longboard deck properly. If your longboard has any stickers then remove it.

Now rub the deck gently with sandpaper, remember don’t rub it hard.

Choose a correct sized longboard grip tape for your board

We both know that grip tape comes with a square size that’s why you have to shape it customizely.

Now apply the sticker grip tape on the skateboard correctly. After that, resize it by a sharp blade and make the grip tape surface correctly adjustable.

Rub the sticker by your hand and make sure it hasn’t any air left.

Well, your applying process is finished now and your longboard is ready to ride. For more convenient understanding here is a video for you below.

How to put grip tape on longboard

Frequently Asked Questions of best longboard grip tape

Do longboards need grip tape?

Well, sometimes it becomes so needy to use a grip tape. You might know longboard and skateboard suffer a lot of scratches. That’s why its sticker always peels out or gets scratches. But if you apply a grip tape then it will protect your longboard from scratches.

Is putting new grip tape over old grip tape any good?

In my consideration and expert thoughts, you shouldn’t put new grip tape over old grip tape. The reason is; old grip tape is already used and it could peel out at any time. That means, if you put a new one over the grip tape it will not work significantly.

Should I put grip tape on a longboard?

Of course, for better looks and deck protections you should put grip tape on the board. Otherwise, your deck board might get damages and scratches while stunting and riding.

Which is the best grip tape brand?

Well, I talked about 5 various and spectacular grip tape. But if you want my suggestion about branded longboard grip tape then I have some name. Here are the 5 best grip tape brands;

  1. Diamond Black grip tape
  2. Clear grip tape
  3. Grizzly grip tape
  4. Vicious grip tape
  5. Jessup ultra-grip tape

Final verdicts

It’s time to wrap up the best longboard grip tape article. Overall, I tried to clarify every single question, grip tape tips and tricks, grip tape buying guide, and more.

These 5 grip tapes are the most sensational and trendy grip tape that belongs to remarkable brands. In fact, these are the incredible longboard grip tape for sale which is recommended by longboard grip tape amazon and experts.

Overall, I hope you got all the information about grip tape. Moreover, if you have more questions about it don’t hesitate to contact us.

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