6 Best Longboard for Heavy Riders (Review + Buying Guide)

  • By: Josh Rosenberg
  • Date: August 29, 2022
  • Time to read: 12 min.

Over 60% of American people’s average weight is between 200lbs – 350lbs.

Talk about longboard riding, heavyweight people hesitate a lot to use longboards. Woefully those people’s thoughts, longboards can’t endure their weight.

Actually, ordinary and low-quality longboards don’t assure durability. As a result, longboards come with an unsupportive weight issue for big riders.

But don’t worry because in this post I managed the top 6 best longboards for heavy riders. Also, I will suggest to you an ultimate buying guide, tips; and I will clarify lots of crucial questions.

Why these 6 are the Best Longboard for Heavy Rider?

Heavyweight means those people, whose weight is around 250lbs to 400lbs.

The majority number of longboards’ max weight loading capacity is about 200lbs. As for, heavy riders face trouble and complicated situation, while finding the highest loading capacity longboards for them.

Because of this despondent issue, I examine a lot, take suggestions from experts, and I did several things for collecting 6 different heavy-weight supportive longboards.

I choose these 6 best longboards for the big rider because of resilience, proper balancing, and unbreakable quality materials. Overall, these longboard has enough proficiency and capability to suitable for heavy riders.

6 Best Longboard for Heavy Riders (Reviews)

These 6 longboards are actually made of heavy wood and robustness materials. Indeed, I researched a lot while choosing these and some of the experts on the longboard help me a lot through selecting.

Because these longboards are highly suggested, top-rated, demandable, I think every single one will be consummate for you.

Atom Drop Deck Longboard (39 Inch)

You are a longboarding fan but don’t know about atom longboards, it can’t happen. Atom manufacturers already launched an incredible and inexpensive longboard for riders.

The Atom Drop Maple Deck Longboard is a 275lbs longboard. It means from 250lbs to 275lbs, any heavyweight rider can step on it. A total of 3 different styles (Color & design) are available in this longboard as Artisan brown, blue triangle, and dark TIKI.

Its 39-inch wide deck is made of durable ma-ple wood and maple laminate. In the trucks, it has a reverse kingpin, a 50-degree base, and 180mm hangers.

Soft Wheels demission is 70mm diameter, and 51mm wide. ABEC 9 with high-speed lubricant will help you to ride as fast as possible.

Grip momentum is pretty admirable because it has 46 coarse grit. 78A durometer hardness will bring a bit of efficiency for a heavy and tall rider.

  • Perfect for mid-range rider
  • Hard maple wood won’t be break easily
  • It has perfect grip momentum
  • Trucks will help magnificently during balancing
  • Isn’t so geart for heavier riders

Magneto Bamboo Longboard

If you have a desire to do cruising, carving, freestyle, downhill, and dancing with a longboard, then you should consider magneto longboard.

It is one of the toughest and sturdiest bam-boo longboards, which is also flawless for heavy longboard riders.

The total demission of this longboard is 9-inches in width and 38.5-inches in length. We both know that bamboo is basically unbreakable; because of its flexibility, adaptability, and enduring limit.

In fact, with 3 piles of bamboo, fiberglass (with carbon fiber Material) is also added to it. Besides durability, its maximum loading capacity is 275lbs. Opportunely, shallow concave will help the riders in balancing and riding smoothly.

  • Price is affordable to buy
  • Fiberglass won’t let the deck break
  • Very supportive to balance and maintain for hea-vy rider
  • The longboard deck doesn’t come with verity colors

MBS All-Terrain Longboard

All-terrain longboard means, it is an off-road longboard that can support any type of rough and tough conditions.

Off-road designed longboards are actually made with the strongest materials, so they can perform adequately and impressively in complicated places.

In short words, an All-terrain longboard won’t break easily and is designed to provide long-lasting service. The majority of longboarders think it is the best longboard for heavy riders of all time.

Black and green color combined MBS All-terrain longboard made of sturdiest rock maple drop deck. That’s why its maximum weight capacity can be raised up to 250lbs to 300lbs.

78A super high-rebound urethane and all-terrain wheels will promise you comfier balance, higher speeds, and traction. Rubber shielded ABEC 9 bearings and large wheels also bring magnificent advantages for heavy-weight riders.

  • You can ride with it on the toughest roads
  • Color is pretty elegant and superior
  • Multiple bearing will provide you fast riding
  • There have less chance to break the deck
  • Price is a little bit average

SANVIEW Short Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

For those people who have less than 260lbs of weight, the sanview bamboo drop through longboard is the best longboard for them.

Basically, the SANVIEW longboard assures the only 220lbs, but fortunately, it has the ability to carry extra 40lbs.

Its deck is made of 6 ply maple and 1 ply bamboo. Deck’s total size is 34-inches in length and the total weight is 6.6lbs.

ABEC-9 Bearing added in its wheels, so you can get an as smooth rides as you want. Kicktail design, aluminum trucks wheels and bearings, and lightweight configuration will help beginners to balance easily. ABEC-9 Bearing added in its wheels, so you can get an as smooth ride as you want.

  • It can carry an extra 40lbs weight
  • SANVIEW is lightweight and sturdy
  • Kicktail design will help you to balance properly
  • Very inexpensive and affordable
  • Wheels come in average sizes

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

Concerning which is the best longboard for heavy riders specifically in this post? That will be only a White wave bamboo and fiberglass skateboard.

The particular reason is; white wave longboard’s maximum weight capacity is 300lbs. Surprised! Of course, you have to be surprised.

A total of 14 different colors are available in this longboard skateboard. This longboard is actually known as longboards for 300 lbs but still some experts thoughts it is a longboard of 350 lbs.

A white bamboo longboard is made of multiple layers of bamboo and Canadian maple wood (also available in bamboo and fiberglass). Its accurate demission is 36 inches long and 9 inches wide.

70mm high rebound urethane wheels, ABEC 9 Hellion bearings, and 180mm aluminum trucks will help you to ride perfectly.

  • Multiple design and colors are available
  • Highest loadable longboard
  • Made of persistent materials
  • Very trendy and supportive for balance
  • The deck doesn’t come with color paint

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Quest QT-NSC44C Super Cruiser Longboard

The quest longboards are one of the trendiest, exceptional, and trustworthy branded boards. Quest QT-NSC44C the Super Cruiser longboard is well-known as the best longboard for college guys. But heavy adults can use it undisturbedly.

This splendid longboard’s total weight limit is 280lbs. particularly, 280lbs is a great weight capacity for the heaviest longboard riders. 44-inches quest longboard deck is made of multi-ply maple hardwood (10 ply longboard) maple and artisan bamboo (7 plies).

ABEC 7 speed bearings, 7-inch aluminum trucks, lightweight deck, and strongest structure will help heavyweight riders to control effortlessly.

  • A large deck will help you to balance adequately
  • The high-quality bearing will provide you fastest ride
  • Very superlative for large riders
  • Price is budget-friendly
  • Beginners could face trouble with large deck

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Things to consider before buying a Longboard for Heavy Rider (Buying Guide)

An ultimate buying guide is always convenient guidance for beginners. You must gather information while buying the best longboard for a heavyweight rider.

I know, assembling the right information is a little bit arduous. That is why; I gathered every single considerable topic individually, so you can gain knowledge about what should you actually consider.

Therefore, before purchasing a longboard for the heavy beginner rider, here’s everything you should know.

Weight Capacity

You opened this post for capturing the world’s best and top-rated longboard for a heavy and large rider. Isn’t it? So what thing you should consider first before buying? Obviously, it is weight capacity.

We know about our weights, for example, my weight is 250lbs. If I take 200 lbs weight limit longboard for me, that doesn’t make any sense.

Therefore, before you choose any longboard make sure it has a matchable weight limit to your weight.

Material Quality

Definitely, material quality matters when you buying a longboard for heavy riders. Maple wood combined with bamboo is the most fabulous and significant materials for heavy riders.

Bamboo’s flexibility and maple wood hardness make a longboard viable and enduring. So, try to purchase maple and bamboo longboards for your heavyweight.

Durable Parts

The most crucial longboard parts are trucks, wheels, wheel bites, and bearings. Besides deck durability, you have to give priority to durable parts. Otherwise, you will face troublesome riding experiences with that longboard.

For assuring its durable parts, it’s better to take an example or demo before buy.

Balance & Support

The most critical situation a large rider faces with their longboard is imbalance and fewer supports.

In this case, you should choose as a large longboard as possible. A large longboard deck’s width will help you to balance perfectly and it will support you a lot.

The Price

Price. Price. or Price. This is the only thing that throws in thoughts to your head while purchasing something. Maximum rider’s thoughts high-weight rider longboards are a bit costly to buy.

But the truth is you can buy a longboard for $70-$130 approximately. I think this is a fair price to pay for the strong enough and largest longboard.

Is Electric Skateboard for Heavy Riders any good?

Electric skateboard is one of the fourth generation riding vehicles and it is a highly anticipated board. Concerning are electric skateboards for heavy riders any good or not?

Obviously, an electric skateboard for heavy riders carries lots of goodness. These skateboard features, motor, functions, durability always does a favor for big riders. In fact, an electric skateboard has quite a chance to get broke.

Types of Longboard Deck

First of all, we have pretty enough knowledge about maple laminate decks and bam-boo decks. But do you have any idea about other particular decks? Here are a few uncommon decks below;

  • Cambered decks
  • Pintail shape decks
  • Symmetrical deck

Which are the Best Longboards for Old Guys?

Well, old guys don’t use longboards much, but there have been numerous “hobby-prone adult sports riders” who use longboards.

Nowadays, longboard manufacturers provide priority to the young rider’s needs. However, I found some incredible and noteworthy best longboards for old guys; I hope you’ll like them.

  1. Volador free ride longboard complete cruiser (42-inches)
  2. Seething pintail longboard skateboard (42-inches)
  3. Skate bolt electric longboard (38-inches)
  4. Fish downhill longboard (41-inches)
  5. Retrospec Zed Bamboo complete cruiser Longboard (44-inches)

Is Dancing Longboard Available?

Dance is one of the pleasant worldwide arts; it means rhythm, aesthetics, and movements.

Like other dancing platform, longboarders invented a ride which called as the dancing longboarding. Its dexterity and knack; which is possible only with the dancing longboard.

The most prevalent dancing longboards are Volador, magneto, WHOME pro, and Hana bamboo longboard.

Notwithstanding, the best dancing longboard for heavy riders are accurately available; and those longboards names are Magneto bamboo longboard, Hana longboard, and Volador maple dancing longboard.

Best Longboards for Experienced Riders

Generally, experienced riders can ride any kind of longboard in any tough and terrific condition.

In short words, from cruiser to carving, all types of longboards are perfect and best for professional riders.

But the most anticipated, worthiest, beloved, and best longboards for experienced riders are Magneto kicktail, Playshion drop-through longboard, junli free ride longboard, and Retrospec Zed Pintail longboard.

Is 8 Ply Longboard Best for Heavy Riders?

8 ply longboard is literally one of the best longboards for heavy riders. Basically, these board decks are made of 8 ply Canadian maple wood, which is a pretty tough wood and assures tremendous permanence.

Which are the Best Boards for Heavy Riders?

There have myriad types of skateboards but you will find only a few of the best skateboards for heavy riders. In my consideration, you should go for a quality branded skateboard instead of eye-catchy skateboards.

For instance, you can choose these skateboards as the best skateboard for a heavy rider. These are Whitefang skateboard, Minority skateboard, Retrospec skateboard, Beleev skateboard, and KPC pro skateboards.

Best Sector 9 Longboards for Heavy Riders

Since 1998, sector 9 longboard manufactures are been launching several kinds of longboards. When it comes to preferring the best sector 9 longboards for tall riders those will be.

You can choose from such sector 9 blue waves, sector 9 aperture sidewinder drop through, and sector 9 bamboo lookouts.

Why White Wave Longboard is the Best?

As far I know white wave bam-boo longboard weight capacity is very praisable and highest.

A white wave bamboo longboard’s maximum weight capacity is about 300lbs. This is why it’s been nominated as the best longboard for heavy riders.

White wave longboard comes with a different classy look with an exceptional heavy design. Durable trucks, stable wheels, and hardwood deck make it quite supportive and suitable for heavy riders.

It doesn’t matter you’re 250 pounds or 350 pounds, this board will endure your weight without having any issue. If you are a beginner, then don’t worry about falling down. Stable design trucks and wheels won’t let you down while balancing.

How make my Longboard precious?

A reputable-brand precious longboard can bring efficiency and comfortability. So, how you will know that your longboard is precious and if not then how to make it precious? Here are some major tips for making your longboard precious;

  • Use Fatty Hawgs wheels with wheel bites
  • Buy the deck which has a solid construction and concave shape board
  • Replace the old bearings with ceramic bearings
  • Apply eye-catchy grip tape
  • For avoiding ride unstable, purchase extremely durable concave shape deck

Are Drop-through Longboards good?

Particularly, drop-through deck materials are the most indestructible materials than any other longboard deck. Drop through riders do stunts, freestyle riders, tricks, and more. This is why they need a more realistic, flexible, and durable deck.

But the question is, are drop-through longboards good enough for bigger and heavier riders? I will keep my prediction in 50-50 because it all depends on deck materials and weight capacity.

Heavier riders should purchase more persistent upward curved decks or multi-layered bamboo decks. Specifically, I can suggest using atom longboard bamboo decks for big guys.


What is the Longboard Weight Chart?

A longboard weight chart means a graph where you can find the information on several weight-supportive longboards. For example, which sizes of longboard support how much weight?

Is Heavy Rider Longboard Expensive?

In truth, yes heavy longboards are expensive to buy. The major reasons they come with high-price are, high-quality deck, durable truck & wheels, and safety certified.

In short words; because manufacturers have to use costly materials to structure it, that’s why they are expensive than other longboards.

What is the Best Deck for Heavier Rider?

Not every large deck can provide the ultimate riding experience to big guys. Besides, deck shape, you have to consider deck height, deck material, standing platform, and strong deck. Without considering these important objects you won’t be able to ride frequently.

So, what are the best longboards for heavy big guys? I think loaded boards bamboo deck material would be incredible for bigger riders.

Alternatively, you can try magneto longboard decks instead of other renowned bigger riders’ longboards.

How can I get a Smooth Ride?

Who doesn’t want a smooth ride at the longboarding track? Obviously, mostly taller riders want to ride smoothly than anyone. Taller riders face a bit of trouble because of their weight.

In this case, a proper wheel bite can explore a more smooth ride. Besides wheels bite, you must consider the reverse kingpin trucks, wheels quality, and arched camber.

Reverse kingpin trucks play the most important role in a smooth ride. If you follow these things while buying a suitable longboard for a taller rider, you won’t regret it.

What Riding Style suits Heavy Guys?

In the longboarding world, there have various riding styles which could suit bigger and taller riders. Downhill riding could be fabulous, but probably drop-through and drop-down riding won’t suit taller and bigger riders.

If they avoid stiff rides and install some drop-through trucks or solid trucks and big wheels then they can enjoy any type of ride (Especially downhill rides).

Beginner riders should try basic riding styles with their ordinary or complete longboards.

Where to find Heavy People Longboard?

Longboards near the shop are the perfect option for searching longboards for heavy riders. If your area hasn’t any longboard or skateboard shops then you can find it from online stores.

For example, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Ali Express will be fabulous places to buy these longboards.

Is Longboard 400 lbs Available to Buy?

I don’t think a 400lbs longboard is available anywhere. The most particular reason is; manufactures think 400lbs of weighted people don’t have any interest in longboarding. But you can make a custom longboard 400lbs on your own.

Should I Apply New Grip Tape?

Of course, you should apply new grip tape whenever it gets older. If you don’t change the grip tape, the board will look more dirty and old model.

If you don’t apply any branded new grip on your board then definitely your board won’t look precious and good-looking. Therefore, whenever you feel that it should be changed, just change it without wasting any time.

Final Verdict

It’s wrapping time guys, but before wrap this article about the best longboard for heavy riders I want to share something with you.

These 6 heavy longboards are top-rated, bestselling longboards, and experts suggested. If you still want to get prefer from me about which is the better and best longboard for you?

Then you can choose White wave bamboo longboard or Atom drop deck longboard-39 Inch. Above all, thank you so much for fishing the whole article I really appreciate it.

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