5 Best Longboard Electric Conversion Kit Reviews 2022

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  • Date: June 7, 2022
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A longboard or skateboard isn’t so fastest sports vehicle for endless rides. We the longboarding fans love to make our longboard superb, beautiful, and accelerate.

But if you add an electric kit on your longboard assuredly you can ride tremendously. Concerning modifying or customizing an electric longboard you must apply the Best longboard electric conversion kit.

5 Best Electric Longboard Conversion Kits Reviews

Well, we can’t modify ordinary longboards or middle school longboards with machines or other kits. But we can transform the electric longboards more readily.

Because of the extra fast riding mode experience, longboarder and skateboarder applies tremendous exceptionally kits. After taking the expert’s decisions and they suggest to me these 5 remarkable and best electric longboard kits.

These are different types of kits, which come with different intentions.

DIY Electric Skateboard Kits (ESC)

The electric skateboard DIY kit is one of the well-known DIY electric skateboard kits for remote control dual hub motors (By mobile app). This DIY electric longboard is an ESC Substitute Kit, which ensures multiple protections.

Like low-voltage alarm function, under-voltage, and incredibly power-failure protection.

It’s a burn-free dual-motors electric skateboard kit. Because of its handy remote, you can hold it comfortably and can obtain how much power is left. You can change the brushless motor with a charging cable.

Overall, with this kit, you can completely remotely control your longboard and have a fast and quieter ride. Conveniently, you can use it as a DIY electric longboard kit.

  • It comes with high-quality motor
  • Ensure the handy remote
  • It comes with electric speed controller
  • Deliver fast ride experience
  • Allows multiple protections
  • Bit expensive longboard kit to buy

XCSOURCE DIY Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits Parts

If you want lots of longboard kit accessories at a cheap price then this set is perfect for you. It’s not a specific own electric skateboard kit part rather it’s a set of kits.

Things you will get in this kit package are pulleys and motor, belt, bracket, and screw tool.

Ordinarily, these parts are made from high torque & authentic materials. You can apply these parts to your 80mm electric longboard wheel size.

After that, your wheel will be more durable and will provide a comfortable sharp cruising, turning, and other stunts.

  • Easy to maintain and adjust
  • Price is so reasonable and cheap
  • Very durable and stronger
  • Best for turning, stopping, cruising purposes
  • Only for wheels, not deck

PROMOTOR Hub Kit for Electronic Skateboard Longboard (Motors Mellow Drive)

You might have seen lots of electric motor drive kits for longboard (Direct drive motors) but it’s phenomenal. It’s unique because a normal electric skateboard longboard has a total of 4 wheels.

But after adjusting it your longboard will be 6-8 wheeled electric skateboards. This complete electric skateboards kit is all about wheels.

For better safety and balance you can adjust these 4 wheels attached solo kit complement in the longboard back rear trucks. 6364 hub motors and 6S-10S Samsung battery life pack ensure the heat-free kits ever.

Pro Motor brushless outrunner motor has 550W in each motor and the top speed will increase up to 70KV. In my consideration, for the fastest ride, and proper balance you won’t find another one like this.

  • Easy to adjust and fit
  • Promises extra fast riding
  • Totally shock absorption
  • Best for beginners balancing
  • Affordable and durable
  • Not yet founded any disadvantages

Loaded Boards Unlimited Electric Skateboard Kit DIY

In truth, loaded is a popular longboard brand, and they deliver durable and finest longboards. As for their electric board’s speed, unlimited normal skateboard kit DIY is a magnificent one for building kit boards.

Particularly, it’s a cruiser kit, which shape looks like half of a deck with wheels. If you add this kit to your longboard, your longboard will run 25mph faster than ordinary longboards.

Two raw batteries and one motor are able to deliver your 13 miles max range ride. You can select 3 various riding modes optionally, such as Easy, ECO, and PRO.

It is structured with a modular longboard design and full of premium and high-quality components. Above all, this power electric longboard cruiser kit is going to explore an inimitable and peculiar longboarding experience. Read ten toes longboard.

  • A fourth-generation superpower kit
  • Promises 23+ more top speeds
  • Conveniently mode enables
  • Assures longer and faster ride
  • It’s an expensive DIY longboard kit

Cal 7 180mm Trucks with Wheels, Bearings, Hardware

If you are looking for a premium first electric skateboard parts pack then have a look at this exceptional longboard parts pack.

In this massive package, you will get persistent wheels, bearings, and other crucial hardware. Its kits are ideal for longboarding especially.

A lightweight aluminum normal truck is added for ensuring strength and powerful adjustment. For cruising and smooth ride, eye-catchy 70mm 78A wheels are added to it.

Satisfiedly, the high-quality bearing is also what you will get with it. Also, other important hardwood you can get from here. So, it’s an all-in-one electric skateboard conversion kit and you can save money because it’s a budget-friendly kit.

  • It’s an all in one conversation longboard kit
  • Best for longboarding
  • Provide reliable customer support
  • High-quality parts available
  • Worthy longboard skateboard kit ever
  • It doesn’t ensure the top speeds

What does the Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit mean?

A majority of people don’t know what does electric skateboard conversion kits mean actually.

A conversion kit means a kit that is designed and manufactured for replacing or updating any automated and electric item such as an electric skateboard longboard or electric weapon.

If your electric dream skateboard longboards aren’t from the best category, then you can add some extra features and make it super-duper by using the best electric skateboard kits.

8 Reasons Why Should Buy the Kit for Electric Longboard

Literally, the majority numbers of people have enough knowledge about the best electric longboard kit. But longboard beginners or newbie doesn’t have any idea about longboarding kits. Note: You must wear longboard safety gear.

I want to show you some reasons to buy a kit for your longboard. So you can obtain why you should purchase a skateboard kit.

  1. After applying electric motorize wheels you can ride faster
  2. Longboard kits can make your longboard more attractive
  3. Kits work significantly to make your longboard powerful
  4. By adding a kit you can make your longboard more durable
  5. For extra features, you must use kits
  6. You can use a battery pack kit (standard battery) for the long-lasting ride
  7. Longboard kits will make your vehicle wheels and deck more sturdy & strong
  8. If your longboard parts got damaged then you can fix it with a longboard kit


What does an Electric Longboard Kit mean?

Electric longboard kit means, some of the important accessories or hardware parts. Those are additionally adjustable in longboards. Electric skateboard kits come in various types, such as hardware packages, motorized wheels, accessories, bearings, and more.

Can I Apply an Electric Kit on an Ordinary Longboard?

Basically, people do not apply an electric kit on their ordinary longboard instead of an electric skateboard longboard. But if you want to customize your ordinary longboard then definitely you can apply it.

But revel kits are made with seeing electric skateboard longboard features and bodies. Therefore, it will be better if you apply a revel kit to your electric skateboard.

Are Electric Longboards worth it?

Of course, an electric longboard is worth it. For example, you want a long-distance ride but your board doesn’t have electric features.

In this case, your normal board will take huge efforts. But when you have the electric boards then easily you can go anywhere wherever you want.

How to apply electric longboard kits?

Indeed, how to apply electric skateboard kits all depends on which kits you are using. If you want to apply electric wheels or motorize wheels then you have to remove the old wheels.

After that, apply your wheels kits. Same thing you can follow while applying other specific best electric longboard kits. In fact, longboard kits come with a great installation instructions book with the necessary tools; you can obtain the applying process from there.

How to motorize your Longboard?

Lots of people ask about how to motorize your longboard? Motorizing a longboard means applying a powerful motor on your longboard’s lower part. First of all, take your chosen motor or motor wheels then add them to the longboard lower part.

In this case, you can use powerful glue to adjust it. Then add batteries to the motor and adjust the cable correctly. That’s it your longboard is motorized now.

Are Longboard DIY Kits costly?

Generally, longboard DIY is a little bit costly and that’s why longboard DIY kits are also expensive to buy. The best electric skateboard conversion kit could cost you up to 50-1500 bucks. So, its price all depends on your chosen and featured kits.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to end this best electric skateboard longboard (electric board) kit article. I’m pretty glad after taking expert decisions about which longboard kits are the best.

When I consider and examine these electric kits I found them very effective and elegant. In my thought, these 5 longboard kits are going to express your riding experience.

In fact, if you want any perfection about which one is the best specifically. Then you should choose DIY Electric Skateboard ESC Kit or Cal 7 180mm Trucks with Wheels.

Or if you want to consider some expensive kit, then choose Loaded own Board Unlimited Electric Skateboard Kit DIY.

One more thing, you can find us on Reddit at DIY electric longboard Reddit. Keep supporting us and don’t forget our best sports review website.

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