Top 11 trustworthy and best longboard brand from worldwide

Top 11 trustworthy and best longboard brand from worldwide

Facing confusion about which longboard brands are the best? Maybe you want to have a tremendous and sensational longboard for you or your children. Unfortunately, nowadays markets are full of fake longboard brands. That’s the reason you want to know which the best longboard brand is. So you can buy a well-known and worthy longboard for you.

I researched a lot for you; because you can commit to finding a trustworthy longboard from that brand.

After so much consideration and watching market values, I found 11 best longboard brands for beginners. I provided the ratings of each brand so you can understand how much that brand is suitable for you easily.

I hope after read out the whole article you will able to find your perfect longboard brand to buy a longboard.

Top 11 well-known and best longboard brands


Worldwide, there have over 45 well-known and famous longboard brands. Only I can recommend you top 10 longboard bands with seeing the longboarding performance.

After considering demands, durability, popularity I have the world’s top and best longboard brands list for you. Let’s have a look at these mainstream longboard brands

MINORITY longboard brand | Rating (4.3/5.0)

MINORITY longboard brand
MINORITY longboard

I choose Minority longboard brands in my first option because of its trendiness and prominent longboard.

Not only this particular brand is a demandable indirect market but also their longboards are quite widespread in the online stores. Minority brand is pretty reputed for maple decks of longboard and skateboard.

The majority of their decks made of maple wood. Their longboard’s average sizes are 38-42inches. Indeed, minority longboard and skateboard brands already launched over 20 plus longboard and skateboard. But I have two incredible longboard names, which for they got popularity.

  • MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard (40-inch)
  • Minority Maple skateboard (32-inch)

Atom longboard brand | Rating (4.8/5.0)

Atom longboard brand
Atom longboard brand

You are a longboard fan but don’t know about the Atom longboard brand, that can’t happen. The atom longboard is pretty suitable for any age’s people. First of all, the atom longboards brand is so reputed for pintail longboards.

Also, people have enough postulates for high-end longboards.

The atom longboard brand is from Colorado, United States. Since 2005 Atom start manufacturing the longboard and skateboard both. Especially, Atom longboard comes with high-quality materials and they always assure their customer satisfaction.

The atom longboard deck is so powerful, flexible, and stable. Actually, they have so many remarkable longboards to say but here are there 3 best atom longboard for you.

  • Atom Pin-Tail Longboard (39-inch)
  • THe Atom drop through longboard (40-inch)
  • Atom All-terrain longboard (39-inch)

Landyachtz longboard Brand | Rating (4.6/5.0)

Landyachtz longboard Brand
Landyachtz longboard Brand

Numerous people have an interest in landyachtz branded longboard because the landyachtz longboard is one of the three brands. The Landyachtz brand is famous for its unique and versatile designs. This brand is one of the oldest skateboard and longboard brands in the entire glove.

Landyachtz brand starts its company from 1997.

In truth, this brand is from Vancouver, Canada. They become a trendy brand when they starting to bring eco-friendly skateboards. One of the famous proverbs they have that is “A tree will be planted for every product sold”.

These lines help them a lot to become a trendy brand. Here is Landyachtz most affordable longboard to buy;

  • Landyachtz Switch Longboard (up to 40-inch)
  • Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard (up to 38-inch)

Rayne Brand of longboard | Rating (4.6/5.0)

Rayne Brand
Rayne Brand longboard

If you are looking for the best longboard for commuting then you must try out the Rayne brand longboards.

Rayne is one of the upcoming longboard superstar in longboard brands.

Basically, Rayne longboard brand is from the Canadian Longboard Company. This branded longboard is special for downhill racing, freeriding, city riding, and long-distance pushing.

Generally, you will find there longboard from a direct longboard store and also from an online retail store easily. Design and structure are made with quite endurances. Overall, this branded longboard won’t let you down.  Rayne branded famous longboard are;

  • The Rayne Longboards Baby Killer Longboard
  • Powerful Rayne Longboards Minotaur (34-inch)
  • Rayne Longboards Vendetta Artist Drop Through (39-inch)

Loaded Longboard brand | Rating (4.9/5.0)

Loaded Longboard brand
Loaded Longboard brand

Who doesn’t know loaded longboard in these days? A loaded longboard is quite suitable to do any kind of stunt whatever you want. The interesting part is loaded longboard decks are made of bamboo for featuring for stable and flexible.

Done Tashman is a talented guy, who invented loaded brand in 2002.

For flexibility and more stability, they have become the most prestigious skateboard and longboard brand.

Nowadays, most of the longboard of theirs comes with high-quality material that’s why teenagers provide more interest in these brands. There most popular longboards are;

  • Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard
  • Loaded Boards Bhangra Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

Slendor Branded longboard | Rating (4.8/5.0)

Slendor Branded longboard
Slendor Branded longboard

What you want longboard brands for girls or longboard brands for boys? It doesn’t matter when you choose the slendor longboard brand. Slendor is quite a well-known brand for its unimaginable and exceptional lovely design and colors.

Their design looks like basic cruiser longboard design types.

In fact, I have a tremendous article about particular and unique longboard designs, you must read. Slendor longboards are manufactured from 2018, and already they become the hottest desired longboard brands to youths and teenagers.

Slendor longboard price is a little bit expensive but its fashionable looks will worth your every penny. The trendiest longboard of Slendor is;

  • Slendor Longboard Skateboard Drop through Deck (42 inches)

Volador branded longboards | Rating (5.0/5.0)

Volador brand
Volador branded longboards

I have been reviewed lots of longboard brands but I never have seen like Volador brand. Volador is a super phenomenal brand in the longboarding world.

I have a question for you How you can recognize a popular brand?

You can recognize only if you got so much news or post about that longboard, or by online stores. After long research, I can’t stop myself from admiring this brand. You won’t believe how much demand this branded longboard has.

They provide extra durability with a guarantee. If you don’t know much about longboard brands then I can recommend you Volador brands assuredly. Have a look at Volador’s top longboards name.

  • VOLADOR Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser (42-inch)
  • VOLADOR Maple Longboard (40-inch)

Quest longboard Brand | Rating (5.0/5.0)

Quest longboard Brand
Quest longboard Brand

Here is another super cool brand of the longboard, Name Quest.

Quest longboard brand is a California, USA based presented by Mars Company.

This brand is on my list because of its high attribute materials and quality sizes. The reason for its prestige is because of its cheap price, attractive colors and graphics, style and comfy design.

Furthermore, this brand is top-rated and really a trustworthy and best longboard brand for beginners. In my consideration there best longboard is quest super cruiser.

Notably, if you don’t know how to ride a longboard then we have an article on that. More longboard is fantastic to buy those are;

  • Quest the Super Cruiser (QT-NSC44C)
  • SC Remix quest longboard (36-inch)
  • Rorshach quest Cruiser longboard (34-inch)

Sector 9 longboard | Rating (4.5/5.0)

Sector 9 brand
Sector 9 longboard

In the longboarding world, longboards take the sector 9 longboard as the king of king’s longboards.

Sector 9 is pretty costly too but sector 9 longboards is enough durable to use it for a long time. You might be seen before about sector 9 longboards review. If you read those reviews you will realize that is why sector 9 has requisition and demands on the market.

If you don’t know where to find sector 9 longboard then try here sector 9 longboards amazon, and longboard Walmart. Now have a look at the top-rated sector 9 longboards.

  • Sector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard
  • The Sector 9 Men’s Monsoon Shoots
  • Sector 9 Mini Lookout Complete

PlayShion longboard | Rating (4.9/5.0)

PlayShion longboard
PlayShion longboard

This is the only longboard, which is manufactured and from Chinese based company.

I choose this longboard because it has over 50 branded products then have owned. These 50 products have been made from 2013.

With the PlayShion longboard, you will get both guarantee and satisfaction. They provide the best longboard brands for cruising for youth and teenagers. Playshion bearing and rotation system is quite impressive.

Drop through to freestyle every type of longboard you will get from the Playshion longboard brand. The most popular Playshion board might be suitable for you;

  • Playshion Drop through Freestyle Longboard (39-inch)

Retrospec Brand | Rating (4.8/5.0)

Retrospec Brand
Retrospec Brand

If you are a true skateboard and longboard both fan then I hope you recognize this incredible and amazing longboard brand, Retrospec. I choose this branded longboard because it has enough demands and comes with huge desire.

For purchasing these branded hoverboards I can give you mine assuredly about it. Retrospec longboard is also known as the best longboard for beginner girls and boys too.

So, don’t miss the chance just grab now. I can prefer you this longboard in this brand below;

  • Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard (41-inch)
  • Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard

Related FAQs of best longboard brand

Which longboard brand is trust-worthy?

So, I named the title of this article 10 trustworthy and best longboard brands. I know what you are thinking about it, not every 10 brands can be trustworthy. Yes, you’re right. These brands are remarkable and quite praisable.

But after hard research, I found some longboard brands, which make sure that they are really trustworthy. Most trust-worthy longboards brands are Atom Longboard brand, Quest brand, Volador brand, and Sector 9 brand.

Is Landyachtz longboard Brand is the best longboard brand?

Well, everyone knows that landyachtz is an impressive longboard brand. If we turn into more specifically, Landyachtz isn’t the best longboard brand in the world. Instead, Landyachtz is the best longboard brand in Canada.

Can you prefer us for the best longboard brand?

Definitely, these 10 longboard brands are numerous famous and worldwide brands.

Most of the brands are from North America including Canada and the USA.

In my thought and preferring, it doesn’t matter you are Pro, Armature, or beginner; you should choose Playshion longboard, Quest longboards, Volador longboard, and Atom longboard. Other brands are very popular for every age’s people. Mainly, these four are awe-inspiring and spectacular longboard brands.

Which are the cheapest longboard brands?

I think you know that if you spend more money then you will find a more high-quality and sturdy longboard. But there has some unique longboard brands provide high-class materials longboard at a cheap price.

Assuredly, these brands hopefully worth to you and will be providing you marvelous experience. Those are “Minority longboards brand”, and Rayne longboard brand from here.

Who is the oldest longboard company?

Landyachtz is the oldest longboard and skateboard company in the world. This company has been running since 1997. The majority of the company comes after the ’20s. That’s why we can say that Landyachtz is the senior and earlier longboard company.

Which are the 7 worst longboard brands?

Most of the times we want to talk about which are the best but we don’t want to know which the worst is. That’s really embarrassing and awkward for me. The reason is I’m talking about this because if you don’t know which is the worst you can count the losses.

On the other hand, while you know which are the saddest, definitely you will avoid them and save your money. That’s why here is a list of worst longboard brands, not only they are worst as longboard they are worst brands for skateboards too.

  1. World Industries longboard brands
  2. Kryptonics brand
  3. Element brand
  4. Mongoose longboard brand
  5. Zoo York skateboard brand
  6. Converse skateboard brand
  7. Blind skateboard brand


We are in the last step in this best longboard brand article. Generally, I tried to push all the information about these longboarding brands.

I didn’t talk more about longboard brands buying guides but if you read the brand’s information I gave you will realize which one is perfect for you. From these brands, some of the brands are also dazzling as best longboard surfboard brands. You can find us on the best longboard brands Reddit too.

For now, we have to say bye but next time we will talk about Pantheon longboards or other things about the longboard.

Thank you so much and don’t forget to support out Best sports and outdoor product reviews.

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