10 Best Kayak Paddles Reviews 2022 (Buyer’s Guide)

  • By: Josh Rosenberg
  • Date: June 7, 2022
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Concerning the kayak and canoe paddles, I created the 10 best kayak paddle shortlist. These paddles include some of the best inflatable paddles, Tandem paddles, fishing paddles, recreational paddles, and more. Indeed, these are the lightest paddles and the best kayak paddles under 100 (Seeing your budget).

Notably, here are all the superior paddles. These are featured able, worthy, sturdy, durable, and remarkable for you.

10 Best Kayak Paddles Reviews

Don’t confuse yourself by thinking about what is the best kayak budget paddle? All the 10 paddles you will see here, all are best and top-rated. From sea to river kayak paddles; there are myriad types of paddles available for you.

Also, you will find some paddles, which are so convenientful with your Canoe boat.

Werner Camano Premium Fiberglass Kayak Paddle


Paddle Shaft Material: carbon fiber shaft blend
Overall Length: 220 cm – 260 cm
Blade Length: 52 cm
Blade width: 16.5 cm
Carbon fiber Shaft Shape: Straight
Blade angle shape: Feathering low angles
Shaft type: Fiberglass shaft
Blade design Material: Fiberglass
Fishing Specific: No
Skill Range: Advanced Intermediate – Expert
Specific Blade Material: Continuous Weave Fiberglass

Talk about the most expensive and worthy paddle kayak? Werner kayak paddle will come first, because of its looks, fashions, sturdiness, functions, and adjustability. It comes with different types of kayak touring paddles, which have abilities to make you more fashionable.

AQUA BOUND Sting Ray Hybrid Paddle


2-piece paddle
Hand-made paddles
Length- 91-inch
Weight- 1.9lbs / 865g
Injection-molded ABX II carbon blades
Reinforced with fiberglass fibers
Posi-lok ferrule system (Adjustable ferrule system)
Rubber Drip Rings included
Dynamic design & innovative options

If you want to look at the best kayak and canoe paddle for the money then have a look at the AQUA Bound paddle. Very expensive but it looks, durability, sturdiness, well worth it for you. The white color blades and black color paddle fiberglass shaft 2 pieces paddles are attractive.

This fiberglass reinforced blades length is 91-inch. In truly, the kayak paddle shafts diameter is 64-inches long. This paddle weight (light swing weight) is 1.9lbs / 865 g, which means it’s too lightweight.

The best part of this adjustable rigid fiberglass blades is, it’s hand-built in Wisconsin, and staffed by low angle paddling enthusiasts. You can break the slightly longer paddle into 2 paddle pieces as Posi-Lok ferrule for caring and storing it easily.

The Injection-molded ABX II blades are made with fiberglass fibers; we know that fiberglass fiber is stronger than plastic. Like others, it has rubber drip rings. These manta ray carbon fiber shafts provides a comfortable grip. So, in my though, Aqua-bound sting rays are going to worth it for you.

Ocean South Aluminum Asymmetric Paddles


Overall Length 86.8-inch
Paddle Shaft ∅1.16-inch
Weight 40.4 oz.
Glass fibre reinforced polypropylene blades
Bright dipped aluminum shaft paddles with Grip Indicators
Drip rings and sealed blades enable
3 position Split bent Shaft 60° Right / Left – Centre
4 Colors: Black, Blue, White, Yellow

Ocean south ka-yak paddles, most exceptional and extraordinary durable paddle in the entire world. This isn’t similar to other well-known kayaks, because of its blades. Two unique style blades in one paddle, which makes it a fascinating affordable paddle. This one going to make you insane must try this one.

Intex Paddle for Kayak (86inch)


86 inch assembled length (2.8Meter/ 7ft. 2inch.)
Ribbed spoon-shaped feathered blades
Durable and lightweight aluminum paddle shaft (Bent shaft)
3-position feather adjustability
Easy lock & Drip rings enable

Do you have any youth kayak paddle yet? If not then look at these kayak lighter paddle. it is affordable and effective. Total assemble this youth kayak fishing paddle length is 86-inch alternatively you can say 2.8 meters or 7 ft. 2inches long.

The shapes of blades are ribbed spoon, which will increase more power when you move your Carbon paddle (with carbon shaft) in the water.

You can divide the paddle into 3 sections, and as 3-position feather adjustability, you can adjust it quite effortlessly. The whole high-performance paddle is made of a durable and lightweight alum-inum shaft (With carbon fiber bent shaft).

In this paddle, easy lock and drip enable. Overall, for a cheap price, blade style, high shaft materials this is an average carbon fiber blades (full carbon blades) you can have.

Carlisle Day Tripper Aluminum Kayak Paddle (2 Pieces)


Measures 220 cm (87 inches)
Blade Material: polypropylene
Bent Shaft Material: Lightweight Tempered Aluminum
A pushbutton for feather the blades at 60 degrees
Color- Black & silver
The recreational paddle design

If you have a recreational kayak, then you must need a recreational kayak paddle. Isn’t it? This is a shiny and desirable paddle. Look at its color, black and chocolate mix color and the pipe has a much attractive design.

Its measurement is 87-inch (220cm), don’t panic if you want 240cm in feet, 230cm in feet paddle you will get it from here. The manufactures also provide 230 & 240cm paddles in this design.

For producing smooth, efficient paddle stroke, perfect for an afternoon on the water they shaped the blade with materials of polypropylene. The lightweight anodized durable aluminum shaft offers quick hand placement and firmer gripping. There has a pushbutton for feather the blades at 60 degrees.

It ensures you in line for right- or left-handed control. Carlisle paddle is suitable as a paddle for beginners. Above all, it supports a very good recreational paddling style as the kayak paddle under 50.

Carlisle Magic Plus Paddle


Fiberglass reinforced polypropylene blades
Slightly spooned
Asymmetrical blades for powerful strokes
Lightweight fiberglass shaft
Feathering angles
Efficient design produces a consistent, steady stroke
Either inline or offset blades
220-, 230-, and 240-centimeter torso length

If you are looking for the best kayak paddle for beginners then I can recommend you Carlisle Magic plus Paddle. Carlisle is the most trusted and well-known paddle maker in entire the world. It is a sky color very beautiful fiberglass blades which is adjustable at any other kayak & canoe.

This kayak and canoe paddle length seizes are 220cm, 230cm, and 240cm. The blades are made of fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene. This means your blade will stay longer.

The blade designed as a slightly spooned system and Structured with asymmetrical blades for powerful strokes. For increasing it’s movement performance, manufacture made it with the lightweight carbon fiber shaft material. So, you can do low angle paddling and water paddling comfortably and calmly.

Overall, it is the best bending branches angler ace paddle for rapid and buoyant strokes, and consistency while proper paddling technique. Interestingly, two types of construction allow inline or offset blades. In fact, it’s a women’s kayak paddle too. So, it’s going to effectual for you.

Shoreline Marine Rounded Kayak Paddle Blades


Length: 96-inch (243cm)
Foam grips & double drip guards
Three-position pin system
Corrosion-resistant aluminum carbon fiber shaft
Contour molded blade
Blade size: 18-inch length and 7-inch wide
Feathering angles
Lightweight and durable
2 piece paddle

With over 100k sold this blade shape paddle is one of the greatest of them all. Shoreline budget kayak paddle is a massive popular canoe paddle.

Very simple looks and comfortable design is able to give you whole day kayaking experience or canoeing. Shoreline whitewater kayak paddle length is 96-inch (243cm).

These paddles are suitable for any type of kayak. In fact, it has a Contour molded blade which means you will get extra power.

The aluminum shaft is corrosion resistance that’s a well part. It is 2 piece kayak paddle. The foam grips are attached for your more convenience.

The double drip guards will help you to understand how much you have to put in the water. As a rear feature, it has three position pin system. This lightweight kayak and durable paddles will be supportable for any kayak.

AIRHEAD Kayak Curved Blade


Length 7-foot (84-inch)
2 pieces paddle
Curved blades design
Best for standard and offset paddling
Lightweight aluminum shaft
Drip rings, and foam hand grips

Concerning the best whitewater kayak paddle, AIRHEAD Kayak & canoe Paddle comes out. Affordable and colorful paddle this one is. The length of this red color paddle is 7-foot/84-inch.

That means it’s an average size paddle. You can divide the whole paddle into 2 pieces that are the reason it called a 2 pieces paddles.

The blade designs are unique, Curved designs. Curved design paddle is the best paddles on the market for an inflatable kayak. Indeed, you can use it on the recreational kayak and Tandem kayak also.

The adjustable carbon fiber nylon blades angle offers standard, offsets, and effortless paddling. The lightweight aluminum shaft it is quite easy to carry and handle while lightweight paddling. In fact, it is more supportable for beginner kayak high angle paddlers.

Drip rings enable and foam hand grips to ensure more comfortably. Overall, its features and quality are pretty good as a fishing kayak paddle.

Backwater Paddles Assassin Carbon Fiber Paddle


ABS injected fiberglass reinforced nylon blades
Length: 250-260cm
Hook feature enables
Serrated teeth edge
Made of strong, fade-resistant plastic
Drip rings included
2 piece paddle

Here it is the backwater assassin paddle. One of the remarkable ray carbon fiber kayak paddles it is. Every single carbon fiber kayak paddle is very demandable in the market because they are very adjustable and more durable than any other kayak paddle. The length of these paddles is 250-260cm.

If you are looking for the 260 cm paddle then it would be the best one. In fact, it is a carbon fiber fishing paddle too.

The blade’s qualities are superb. We all know ABS carbon reinforced nylon blades is a durable and strong material. For instance, ensuring much durability they made the blades with ABS injected nylon. Look at the blades there has a hook system each of them.

Particularly, the hook feature is adjusted so you can grab your line, waterfowl decoy, dock, or tree limb. Besides, the lower edge of the blades structured with serrated teeth. It will help you to move easily from a solid surface area. It’s a 2 piece paddles set and drip rings included.

Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle with Polypropylene Blades


Glass-filled polypropylene blades
Length: 220-, 230-, 240-, and 250
Lightweight and durable
The asymmetrical, slightly curved blade shape
Wrapped fiberglass shaft
Temperature and wind resistance
Two-piece design for easy storing and carrying
Ferrule System: Push-button

As I said before, Carlisle magic plus paddle is a very popular & best paddle. They are famous because of their materials, such as Polypropylene Blades, Wrapped Fiberglass Shaft, and color.

Specially, you can call Carlisle kayak paddle the best paddle. The blade asymmetrical dihedral shape works like a bird’s wings for smooth and efficient strokes. So, you can paddle as fast as you want with its blades.

kayak Paddle Buying Guide (Things to Consider Before Buy)

There have so many things to tell you about the kayak paddle buying guide. These are very important; you must consider these things before buying a paddle. Paddles shapes, blades, sizes, prices, brands are actually the main parts. As a matter of fact, you have to examine all of this first.

Paddle Length

Large sizes paddle blades are great for paddling than a smaller one. If I tell you to kayak paddle length guide then that would be 230-260cm.

230cm is an average best for beginners and armatures. On the other hand, 250 cm paddle and 240 cm paddle is more supportable while you are kayaking or canoeing.

As I said to you, Werner is famous paddle manufacture and people love it. A tip for you about the Werner paddle fit guide is they have 220cm to 260cm sizes paddles. That means Werner paddles will fit at any kind of kayaks normally.

Blades Shapes

The Blades are the major part of a boat paddle. Moreover, Blades shapes decide how you will go to move your boat, fast or slow.

We have seen lots of blade shapes like Curved shape, Slightly Curved shape, Hook & starred teeth enable blades, Contour molded blade, slightly spooned, ribbed spoon, low angle, and more. These shapes ensure different types of speed and comfort.

In my thought, best paddle for fishing choose slightly curved and Hook & starred teeth enable blades. For touring boat paddle you can choose any of these shapes.

As you can use every shape for your recreational, inflatable and tandem kayak paddle.

Blade Materials

So, now we know how to choose a paddle shape. In the case of blade materials, always carbon fiber & fiberglass materials will be the first option. The majority of kayak paddles blades made of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and plastic. I will recommend you to choose carbon fiber and fiberglass blades rather than plastic blades.


Well, if blades are a king then the shaft is the queen of paddles. Without a shaft, your blades are worthless.

Specifically, try to purchase foam and drip rings attached shaft, it will help you to grip easily. If there has a push button then it will produce extra functionality and comfortability.

There is a various kinds of shafts available such as fiberglass shafts, ray carbon fiber shafts, bent shafts, durable aluminum shafts, Carbon shaft paddle, and more.


In ethics, more expensive means better goods. You have to pay more if you want to have the best one. So, the kayak paddles price could up to 40-200$.

The average prices are 60-90$. Here you will find various types of paddle prices like 35 to 180$. Those which are 100-180, might be costly but really outstanding and worthy paddles.


As you saw different branded kayaks, paddles have different brands too. Werner paddles, Carlisle paddles, bending branches paddles, Aqua bound paddles, old town paddles, and more. These are renowned paddles brands. Try to choose these brands while buying a paddle.


What Size Kayak Paddle Do I Need?

Nemours people asking how long should my kayak paddle be? They ask this because they get confused about which size is better for them. The paddle size depends on your height.

If you are 5 – 5.5 foot then 74-80inch length is suitable for you. If you’re more than 5.5 foot then an 80-96inch kayak paddle will be best for you to use. Hope you get the answer of what size kayak fiberglass paddle do I need.

How to choose a Kayak Paddle?

How to choose a kayak paddle? You can’t choose a kayak whatever you want. Paddle blades has different quality for separate kayaks.

For choosing the flawless paddles, know first which types of kayak you have? Is it a fishing kayak, touring kayak, sea kayak, recreational kayak, inflatable kayak, or tandem kayak?

If you have a fishing kayak then choose Backwater Paddles, Carlisle Day Tripper kayak paddles will be best for you.

For Touring and sea kayak, you can choose Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle, AIRHEAD Kayak Paddle, Ocean south Paddles, Werner paddles. For other purposes, you can choose Intex kayak paddles and Aqua-Bound sting kayak paddles.

How to Kayak Paddle?

I have a long article about how to paddle a kayak and kayak paddle sizing chart. Therefore, Read paddle a kayak guide comfortably.

Final Verdict

So, there have over 500 types of kayak paddles in the entire world’s market. Most of the kayak paddle famous for their unique styles and abilities. I collect some very best cones paddles for you on a shortlist. So you can able to make a decision at it.

Therefore, leave a comment on which one is the best you think.

All above, thank you so much for reading the whole article. I hope you will support my next best kayak review via Best sports and outdoor reviews.

You may read lots of kayak paddle reviews but this obviously crucial than others. This is the Best sports items reviews site (calvinas.com) and you finished reading the kayak paddle review & (kayak paddle buying guide).

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