12 Best Inflatable Kayak for Fishing in 2022 – A Complete Guide

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Today, people are more adventurous as compared to the previous generation. You may have seen many people kayaking and fishing on their own and enjoying either alone or with someone else. That’s why the need for kayaks has increased. If you want to get a kayak for fishing, make sure you buy the best inflatable kayak for fishing.

You must be thinking wouldn’t a normal kayak be enough for fishing? Let us tell you the kayaks that are specially designed for fishing are the ones that offer greater stability. Want to know more about fishing kayaks? You will have to go through this guide. You will also come to know about some of the best fishing kayaks you can buy in 2022.

So, let’s begin!

Comparison Chart

Sevylor Big Basin Fishing KayakSevylorBlue44.31 poundsPolyvinyl chlorideView Latest Price
BIC Sport YAKKAIR HP2 Inflatable KayakBIC SportCamo/Grey33 poundsKeel and inflatable hullView Latest Price
Sevylor Fiji Inflatable KayakSevylorBlue1 poundPVCView Latest Price
Fishing Pedal Kayak For AnglersReel YaksGreen62 poundsPolyethyleneView Latest Price
Perception Pescador 10 Fishing KayakPerception KayaksDAPPER57 poundsPolyethyleneView Latest Price
Intex Excursion Pro Kayak SeriesIntexRed43.64 poundsPlasticView Latest Price
Sevylor Coleman Colorado Fishing KayakSevylorGreen37 poundsPolyvinyl ChlorideView Latest Price
Airhead Montana Inflatable Fishing KayakAIRHEADOrange36.3 poundsInflatableView Latest Price
Blue Wave Sports Nomad Inflatable KayakBlue WaveYellow/Black21.6 poundsPVCView Latest Price
Advanced Elements AdvacedFrame Inflatable KayakADVANCED ELEMENTSRed52 poundsNylon/PlasticView Latest Price
AQUAGLIDE Navarro 145 Inflatable KayakAQUAGLIDEGreen40 poundsPolyesterView Latest Price
AQUAGLIDE Backwoods Purist 65 Inflatable Angling KayakAQUAGLIDEMulticolor6 poundsPlasticView Latest Price

12 Best Inflatable Kayak for Fishing for You

1. Sevylor Big Basin Fishing Kayak

Key Specifications

Weight44.31 pounds
MaterialPolyvinyl chloride


  • It is made up of heavy-duty PVC which makes it the best choice for having a ride to the lake.
  • It comes with a durable material that protects it from punctures.
  • It consists of adjustable seats so you can move them if you want.
  • You can go fishing using this kayak with two of your friends because it comes with three seat

We can say this is the best inflatable kayak for fishing especially when you are going when your friends. This kayak comes with three seats in total so you can either take two of your friends with you or consume the third seat for keeping your belongings. The choice is yours!

You can get this inflatable kayak in blue color which is an attractive and eye-catchy color. No doubt, it looks remarkable when you ride it on the water with your friends. Do not forget to capture your amazing pictures when you are riding it on the lake. 

For your information, this kayak can hold a weight up to 490 lbs but is recommended not to overweight it. It would be best if you put about 450 lbs on this kayak to maintain its stability. This kayak has been made up of polyvinyl chloride material which makes it long-lasting and durable. Thus, not only your time but also money is also saved.

  • Made up of durable material
  • Easy to carry in and out of the water
  • Easy inflation and deflation
  • Only suitable for lake
  • Does not offer warranty

2. BIC Sport YAKKAIR HP2 Inflatable Kayak

Key Specifications

BrandBIC Sport
Weight33 pounds
MaterialKeel and Inflatable hull


  • This inflatable kayak is suitable for two people as it comes with two seats.
  • The weight of this kayak is about 33 pounds which means it is light in weight.
  • It is UV resistant and does not get punctured easily until it hits a sharp surface.
  • It is transportable which means you can carry it from one place to another.

If you are in search of the best fishing kayak, you must have a look at this kayak. It is one of the best kayaks that come with a modern and unique style and design. You will surely love its structure and color as it is available in camo/grey color which is unique as compared to other colors like red, blue, black, yellow, etc. 

This kayak comes with a seating capacity of two so it depends upon you whether you want to ride it with one of your friends or keep other things on the second seat. These things may include a rod, reel, fish hooks, cork bobber, etc. Make sure you do not put weight more than the capacity of the kayak.

You will surely get an amazing tracking performance by riding on this kayak. Let us tell you it is a lightweight kayak which is very easy to carry in a bag. A storage bag comes with this kayak so you do not have to buy it separately. Its seats come with backrests so you do not get tired after riding for a long time.

  • Lightweight
  • Unique design
  • Durable
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for rough weather

3. Sevylor Fiji Inflatable Kayak

Key Specifications

Weight1 pound


  • It is available in very lightweight as its weight is about 1 pound.
  • It comes with multiple chambers that protect it from getting punctured
  • Its airtight system makes sure that it will not leak until something shart touches it like a needle, dog’s paws, etc.
  • You can easily remove its middle seat.

Sevylor Fiji is the best inflatable kayak for fishing and is suitable for two people. It is because it comes with two adjustable seats from which you can remove the middle one if you want extra storage inside and want to ride it alone. Having two seats doesn’t mean you have to ride it with someone else, you can keep your belongings with you in the extra seat or storage.

This kayak is very light in weight. You might be thinking if it is a very lightweight product, there are more chances of it getting damaged easily. Let us tell you that this kayak does not get damaged on its own until it touches a sharp edge or it is scratched by an animal. So, we would recommend keeping your pets away from it. If you want kayaks which made for pets then read this guide.

No doubt, it is an affordable inflatable kayak that you can use for fishing. But we do not recommend it to ride in large water bodies because the pressure of water is high there and the water is also too deep so it would be risky to ride this kayak there. Moreover, make sure there are no more than two people in this kayak otherwise it will lose its stability level.

  • Very light in weight
  • Easily visible
  • Easy inflation and fast deflation
  • Not suitable for rough weather conditions
  • Low stability level
  • Might get damaged by dog’s scratches

4. Fishing Pedal Kayak for Anglers and Fishing

Key Specifications

BrandReel Yaks
Weight62 pounds


  • It offers you effortless pedal drive so you can ride it on your favorite lake fishing spot and have fun.
  • It is an innovative fishing kayak that comes with three secure storage hatches which make it the best for rough seasons. 
  • You can see there are four-track rails for mounting fishing rod holders.
  • Its chairs are padded and cushioned that makes them comfortable for you.

This kayak is the best inflatable kayak for fly fishing as it has been specially designed for fishing purposes. It is only suitable for one person as it comes with one seat only. The weight of this fishing kayak is about 62 pounds which can be perfectly handled by experts. So, if you are a beginner and learning how to paddle a kayak, do not get this one for yourself.

This fishing kayak comes with a stable and effective “W” hull shape which allows you to either sit or stand inside it. If you want to capture amazing pictures, ask a friend to capture them for you when you are riding this kayak and fishing. No doubt, all the pictures will be amazing with an attractive pose. 

You can get enough storage in this kayak where you can put other things too. These things can include a fishing rod or your personal belongings. We can say it is perfect for the roughest condition so do not worry about the weather condition and just enjoy your fishing trip. No matter how long you ride it, you will not get tired at all!

  • Innovative design
  • Comes with enough storage
  • Adjustable rails and backrest
  • Best for roughest weather conditions
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for beginners

5. Perception Pescador 10 Fishing Kayak

Key Specifications

BrandPerception Kayaks
Weight57 pounds


  • The use of polyethylene for this fishing kayak has resulted in adding more life to it.
  • It is available at an affordable price so you do not have to worry about your budget when buying this kayak.
  • The color of this kayak makes it look more attractive and unique which in turn results in adding value to your personality.
  • The weight of this kayak is about 57 pounds which offers a high level of stability to you when riding on the water.

You can get this fishing kayak in four different colors i.e. Dapper, Funkadelic, Fossil tan, and moss camo. All its colors are remarkable that you cannot take your eyes off. In 2022, we not only focus on the quality of the product but also on its appearance. If something is available in good quality but does not look good, we move towards another product.

The same is the case with the kayaks, when we want to buy one of them for fishing or for any other purpose, we also focus on its appearance. No doubt, all the kayaks manufactured by the Perception Kayaks brand are the best and good in appearance. You must buy the one that reflects your personality.

Let’s discuss some of its features! This fishing kayak has been manufactured in the United States which fulfills your fishing needs. It provides you with enough storage space to keep all your fishing-related things with you easily. It also comes with a comfortable seating system so you can rest for a while when getting tired or ride the kayak comfortably.

  • Good for different weather conditions
  • Attractive body
  • Durable
  • Optimized design
  • Expensive
  • Rarely available

6. Intex Excursion Pro Kayak Series

Key Specifications

Weight43.64 pounds


  • This fishing kayak comes with two seats so you can enjoy riding on the water and fishing with your friend or a pet.
  • It is an affordable kayak which is available for under 300 dollars.
  • You can get this kayak in red color which is easily visible in the water.
  • It comes with two removable skegs, two adjustable seats, and 2 fishing rod holders.

This inflatable kayak is one of the best fishing kayaks as it can easily be folded when needed. We know that you cannot carry the kayak from your house to the lake when it is all set up. You need to fold it and pack it in your carry bag. No doubt, it will easily get packed. Moreover, you can put it in your car for traveling purposes.

When you reach your destination, take this kayak out of the backpack and set it up in just five to ten minutes. Let us tell you it is a strong and durable kayak that has been made up of super-tough laminate PVC along with the polyester core. Moreover, it is highly resistant to ultraviolet rays.

Some other tools and items also come with this kayak including removable skegs, footrests, fishing rod holders, and bucket seats. Extra storage is also provided to you to keep other things like a fish finder, GPS systems, mobile devices, etc. It can carry the weight up to 400 pounds but make sure there are no more than two adults in this kayak if you want to enjoy its stability.

  • Adjustable seats
  • Comes with footrests
  • Offers a high level of stability and rigidity
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Available in only one color

7. Sevylor Coleman Colorado Fishing Kayak

Key Specifications

Weight37 pounds
MaterialPolyvinyl Chloride


  • It comes with a seating capacity of two which makes it easy for two adults to enjoy a ride on the water.
  • It is a durable kayak that provides great protection from punctures
  • Its multiple chambers allow you to ride this kayak safely on the water.
  • It comes with extra compartments to keep your snacks there.

Have you heard of the Sevylor brand? If yes, then you must be aware of how focused it is on the quality of its products. No doubt, it never compromises on the quality of its products and tries its best to meet the needs of its customers that’s why it has introduced this inflatable kayak which is considered the best inflatable kayak for fly fishing.

You can see this kayak is available in a remarkable design and color which adds more value to this kayak. You can go fishing with your friend as it comes with two seats. No doubt, it is fun when we enjoy a trip with our best friend whether it is a long trip or a short one. When we get to spend time with our best friends, all our stress is released in no time.

This fishing kayak provides you with a great fishing experience. We can say it has been specially designed to be used on lakes instead of larger water bodies. This kayak has been made up using polyvinyl chloride material which offers high rigidity and makes it more durable.

  • Comes with extra compartments
  • Durable
  • Secure paddles
  • Not suitable for larger water bodies

8. Airhead Montana Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Key Specifications

Weight36.3 pounds


  • It is a lightweight and portable kayak that can be easily carried from one place to another.
  • It is water-resistant as well as UV-resistant which makes it durable and long-lasting
  • You are offered with comfortable paddling experience along with secure gears.
  • This kayak is available in orange color which makes it visible to others.

Many people wonder why a dark color must be selected when buying a kayak. Want to know the reason? Let us tell you when you are riding a kayak with a dark color like red, orange, blue, etc. you are visible to others. So, if you are in an emergency and need help, you can call upon others and seek help because you are easily visible to others.

So, this kayak comes in orange color with the combination of black color, which no doubt makes it look amazing. It is an inflatable kayak which means you can pack it in your backpack system and carry it with you when traveling. Moreover, it is also light in weight so there wouldn’t be any issue in carrying it.

For your information, this kayak has been specially designed for whitewater and lakes. It comes with two seats so you can ride it with a friend or your partner, the choice is yours! Moreover, it comes with three air chambers that provide great stability and rigidity. It also comes with water and UV-resistant coatings.

  • Suitable for remote areas
  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Only suitable for lakes and whitewater
  • Not good for rough weather conditions

9. Blue Wave Sports Nomad Inflatable Kayak

Key Specifications

BrandBlue Wave
Weight21.6 pounds


  • It comes with a footrest and padded seat which makes the ride comfortable for you.
  • You can get this kayak with a repair kit and a polyethylene carrying bag so you can pack the kayak in the bag for traveling purposes. 
  • It is a lightweight kayak because its weight is about 21.6 pounds.
  • It comes with a seating capacity of one which means you can go on fishing alone.

The dimension of this kayak is 109 x 30.5 x 13.5 inches and its weight is 21.6 pounds which means it is available in a light weight that makes it easy for you to carry from one place to another. Let us tell you this kayak comes with a warranty of one year which shows how durable are the products of this brand.

This kayak is suggested for adults and can be used by any person whether it is a male or female. Make sure you do not put a lot of weight on this kayak more than its capacity otherwise it will lose its stability which will make it difficult for you to handle it when riding. 

Its padded seats are the best for riding for a long time in the water. Its paddles are made up of aluminum which makes them more durable. Moreover, it is water-resistant and UV resistant which adds more value to it. So, we can say it is one of the best inflatable kayaks for fishing.

  • Affordable
  • Super strong paddles
  • PVC reinforced construction
  • Comes with a polyethylene carrying bag
  • Footrest is not adjustable
  • No backrest

10. Advanced Elements AdvacedFrame Inflatable Kayak

Key Specifications

Weight52 pounds


  • The use of high-quality material makes it long-lasting and results in improving tracking features.
  • It comes with a seating capacity of two so you can enjoy fishing with your partner or a friend. 
  • The weight of this kayak is about 52 pounds which means it is not suitable for beginners because it might be difficult to handle.
  • It can bear a weight of up to 550 pounds so it is suitable for fishing and kayaking.

Are you in search of a kayak that is the best for fishing? Do you know how to find out the best one for fishing? Check out the storage space inside the kayak, its weight capacity, and its stability. These are the major features to consider and these features are included in this mentioned kayak. No doubt, it is a durable kayak so you do not have to worry about your money. 

The use of aluminum material for its construction help in improving tracking. Let us tell you that three layers of the material have been used in its manufacturing that making it heavy in weight as well as durable. 

The weight of this kayak is about 52 pounds and it can bear the weight up to 550 pounds. The weight capacity of 550 doesn’t mean you should keep all 550 pounds in it. If you want to enjoy its stability, make sure you do not put more than 450 pounds on it.

  • Durable
  • Attractive
  • Easily visible in water
  • Best for two people
  • Heavy in weight
  • Expensive

11. AQUAGLIDE Navarro 145 Inflatable Kayak

Key Specifications

Weight40 pounds


  • This kayak has been specially designed for fishing so you can enjoy an adventurous ride to the water as well as fishing
  • It is made up of polyester which makes it easy for you to carry a pet with you because it does not get damaged due to animal scratches
  • It comes with the seating capacity of one and three so if you need more storage, buy the one with three seats.
  • It comes with comfortable seats but the backrests are not available.

It is one of the best fishing kayaks that you can buy in 2022. No doubt, it is more expensive than others but comes in better quality. It is the one that offers you a great adventure without losing its stability. There is enough storage in this kayak so you can keep all your belongings with you such as a fishing stand, food, or other necessary things that are needed for fishing. 

If you get the one with three seats, you can keep your belongings there otherwise you can take your friends or family with you for fishing and enjoy kayaking. This kayak is a portable kayak so you can pack it in a backpack and carry it along with you wherever you go.

  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Expensive
  • No backrests

12. AQUAGLIDE Backwoods Purist 65 Inflatable Angling Kayak

Key Specifications

Weight6 pounds


  • This kayak is suitable for fishing if you are going to a small water body
  • It is very light in weight that’s why it is good for the beginners
  • It is available in multicolor which makes it more attractive and eye-catching
  • It comes with the warranty of one year so it can be returned if it gets damaged before one year.

Are you looking for a kayak that is good for fishing and is also attractive? If yes, this kayak is the best! As you can see, its shape is almost rounded which catches the eyes of others in no time. Moreover, it is light in weight which makes it easy for you to carry. You do not need a truck or bus for transporting it as your personal car is enough for this purpose.

Make sure this kayak is ridden by the adults not children because it might be difficult for the children to handle the kayak and do fishing at the same time. Moreover, it also comes with a seating capacity of one so no more than one person should ride this kayak otherwise it will lose its balance.

Read about: Best One Person Inflatable Kayak

  • Unique style
  • Modern design
  • Attractive body and color
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Only for one person
  • Not suitable for larger water bodies

Buying Guide for the Best Inflatable Kayak for Fishing

Seating Capacity

It is important to consider the seating capacity before buying the inflatable kayak for fishing. If you want to go fishing with a friend or partner, make sure there are two or three seats in there. Even if you are riding with a pet, there must be two seats.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of the kayak matters a lot. It is because when we go fishing, we have to keep some necessary things with us that are needed for fishing. The kayak must be able to handle the weight of the human beings as well as these things.

Comfort Level

You should make sure that the seats of the kayak are comfortable. Because you do not know how much time is spent fishing. The seats must be padded and there must also be a backrest and footrest to let you experience a comfortable ride and fishing experience.

Gear Options

The fishing kayaks are the ones that come with different amounts of extra gear such as bimini tops, paddles, pumps, and rod holders for protecting from the UV rays. So, buy the one that comes with enough gear options. 

Weight of the Product

You should consider the weight of the kayak before buying it to make sure whether it would be easy to carry in a backpack or not. It is recommended to buy the one that is foldable and portable.


Stability of a fishing kayak matters a lot. It is considered as the major factor that should be considered when buying a fishing kayak. Keep in mind the wider kayaks are the more stable ones.


You should buy a fishing kayak which offers transportability. It means it must be easy for you to carry it from one place to another in a backpack system instead of getting a truck for this purpose. 

Types of the Best Kayak for Fishing

Types of the Best Kayak for Fishing
Source: oldtowncanoe.com

Different types of fishing kayaks are available in the market, some of them have been mentioned below:

Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable kayaks are the ones that are smaller in size than other types of fishing kayaks. They are considered the best choice for the ones who are short on storage space. Let us tell you that you have to buy a good pump because it does not come with one. 

These are the ones that are very easy to carry as they are light in weight. You must be choosy when buying an inflatable kayak because some of these do not offer a high level of stability and rigidity.

Sit-on-Top Kayak

It is a type of fishing kayak that offers great stability and allows you to stand in it while riding. These kayaks are the ones that come with scupper holes making them self-bailing so there is no need to pump out water. 

You can have a better view of the lake when riding this kayak. Want to click amazing pictures? This kayak is the best for you it not only offers a great fishing experience but also adds value to your personality. 

Traditional Sit-in Kayak

Traditional sit-in kayaks are the ones that are not so common when it comes to fishing but if you want to stay drier, these are the best choice! It is very easy to paddle this kayak but it does not allow you to move your body. Moreover, it is also not self-bailing.

Your view for sight fishing is also limited when you get a traditional sit-in kayak. No doubt, the features, and purposes of different kayaks are different that’s why we always say to determine your needs before buying a kayak for yourself!


What Type of Kayak is the Best for Fishing?

A sit-on-top kayak is considered the best choice when it comes to fishing. These are the kayaks that come with enough storage to let you keep your fishing-related things with you in there.

Which Kayak is considered the Most Stable Fishing Kayak?

Perception Pescador 10 fishing kayak is considered the most stable because it is heavier in weight than others mentioned in this guide and can easily be handled in any condition. 

How can I find the Kayak the Perfect Size for myself?

It would be best if you sit in the kayak to determine whether you easily fit in there or not. Also, make sure it is comfortable and comes with enough storage to keep your belongings with you when you go fishing.

How a Fishing Kayak is different from a Normal Kayak?

The fishing kayaks are usually smaller in size as compared to other kayaks and also offer extra stability.

What are the Best Colors for Fishing Kayaks?

The best colors for fishing kayaks are blue, orange, red, and bright yellow. The reason for recommending these colors is to let you make them visible when on the water riding the kayak.


To conclude, when you want to buy a kayak, make sure it meets your needs. No doubt, a wide variety of kayaks are available out there with the same features but with different specifications. Now it’s up to you how you find the most suitable one for you. To make it easy for you, we have mentioned some important things to consider when buying a fishing kayak.

The cost of each fishing kayak is different depending upon its size, seating capacity, weight limit, etc. We recommend you consider your budget too when buying it. It would be best if you choose the one with a dark color and attractive texture. So, what are you waiting for? Go a buy the best one!

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