Best Hoverboard under 100 reviews | May 2021 update

Hesitating to buy a hoverboard because of low budget? Your budget is under 100 $ and you want to buy a persistent and perfect two-wheel self-balance scooter? Then this best Hoverboard under 100 reviews is totally for you.

The Hoverboard is a particular and unimaginable vehicle nowadays; it’s like a future scooter. Its wonder makes it a precious thing. Here you will get extra-ordinary hoverboards at an affordable price.

I clarified all the crucial information in a specific way about these fabulous hoverboards. Indeed, You can gift it to anyone at an inexpensive price.

5 best hoverboards under 100 reviews

Image Product Ratings   Price
backpac TPS 6.5″
4.4 / 5.0 Check Price
backpac GOTRAX SRX
Mini Hoverboard
4.6 / 5.0 Check Price
cordlessblower HOVERSTAR
All-New HS2.0
4.7 / 5.0 Check Price
cordlessblower NHT Electric
Self Balance
4.4 / 5.0 Check Price
cordlessblower Cho Electric
Self Balance
Scooter Hoverboard
4.6 / 5.0 Check Price

Regarding the cheapest hoverboards but flawless, there have some hoverboards which you can get in a reasonable price.

Unfortunately, people thoughts cheap hoverboard aren’t worthy and reliable. For this reason, I accumulate experts suggested the 5 best hoverboards under 100$.

TPS 6.5″ Rechargeable Hoverboard – Best for kids

The CHIC TPS 6.5″ Rechargeable Hoverboard. It is an electric self-balancing scooter with a Bluetooth speaker, and it has LED lights too. Normally, it is a suitable hoverboard for kids and adults.

In fact, it has the highest UL2272 Safety Certified for ensuring safeties. This one would be a dynamite hoverboard at a reasonable price, don’t miss it.


  1. Bluetooth Speaker
  2. UL2272 certified.
  3. 36V/2.0Ah Li-ion rechargeable batteries
  4. Dual 300 Watt Motors
  5. Weight Min/Max 44lbs-200lbs
  6. Speed 6MPH
  7. LED headlights

Maximum loading: Obviously it is a particular hoverboard for every age’s persons. Its weight limit is quite outstanding. The minimum weight capacity is 44lbs and the maximum loading capacity is 200lbs. So, youth, kids, adults can keep his/her feet in this hoverboard comfortably.

Maximum Speed:  Such a proper speed limit has in this cheap price hoverboard. It can raise its speed by 6 miles per hour. So, you can use it faster when it’s fully charged.

Self-balancing:  Everyone wants to have a self-balancing hoverboard. This super-fast hoverboard is mostly for those people, who are a beginner and who want to buy it for their kids.

It has an advanced self-balancing system that will either help you or help your kid to learn it quickly and balance it also.

Wheel:  It has uncommon rubber wheels, and those have the most delicate, colorful LED light.

Safety:  You will get safety security certified like Ul 2272 safety certification. UL 2272 is the highest safety standard for hoverboards; everybody knows that. So, you don’t have to get worried about its safeness.

Bluetooth:  I see that everybody wants to buy Bluetooth enable hoverboard. Also, it has Bluetooth technology. Its Bluetooth speaker can connect to all mobile devices, so you can ride and play tunes in your style.

Battery:  It has reliable dual 300watt motors; these motors have a durable power running ability. This hoverboard can give you 6mph running power, and you can run 4.3 miles while it was fully charged.

Waterproof: TPS hoverboard isn’t structured with waterproof technology. That means this is not a waterproof hoverboard. Readout hoverboard pros & cons.


  • It’s self-balancing
  • Long li ion battery power
  • Bluetooth enable
  • It has LED on head and wheel
  • Best cheap hoverboard ever


  • It’s not waterproof

GOTRAX SRX Mini Hoverboard – Best for girls & women

GOTRAX SRX Mini Hoverboard
GOTRAX SRX Mini Hoverboard

A superb Hoverboard belongs to a Beautiful person. Gotrax Hoverboard color is so adorable. It’s a self-balancing hoverboard under 100 and entirely made especially for kids.

It has a unique hand grip-able side, which makes it a unique hoverboard. So, low price, beautiful shape, easy to carry all over, I can say it will be a magical hoverboard for you.


  1. 150 watts motors
  2. 25. 2V lithium ion battery
  3. Speed 6MPH
  4. Self-Balancing
  5. 6. 5″ Wheels
  6. 4 Awesome color available

Max Load: MINI hoverboard carrying limit is up to 132lbs. Because of It’s made for the kid, that’s why its load capacity is low in front of other scooters. 5 years old boys or girls can comfortably ride on it.

Speed:  This unique kid hoverboard can give you a 6mph running speed. It has 150-watt dual motors and a 25.2V lithium ion battery, which can give you up to 3 miles ride. So, I think this hoverboard has enough fast ability for your kids.

Self-balancing:  Self-balancing hoverboard means automatic, easy to control for beginners and for kids. Because of its lovely shape, anyone can easily control it. Therefore, your kid will do well with it on the road.

Wheel:  The 6. 5-inch wheel will provide a smooth ride and make this hoverboard easier to maneuver. Wheels are standard, but it has two rubber wheels.

Bluetooth: Well, I am sorry to say this hoverboard is not a Bluetooth enable hoverboard.

Waterproof: Sadly, this hoverboard hasn’t waterproof ability. So, keep the distance from the water. Try out some Best wristguards for hoverboard


  • It has a unique handle to carry it.
  • It has the self-balancing mode
  • Awesome 4 colors it has.


  • This hoverboard is not waterproof
  • Gotrax hoverboard is not waterproof
  • This hoverboard is not waterproof

HOVERSTAR All-New HS2.0 Hoverboard -Best for adults

Have a look at one of the best cheap hoverboards under 100, it will be an impeccable hoverboard for you. Definitely, very smart and very designable hoverboard it is. It was made of durable materials.

In fact, It comes with a safety standard hoverboard, even a greatly optimized hoverboard. I am sure it will impress you with its ability. I’m overthinking about how can they give, like these things in just 89$.


  1. Maximum load up to 165lbs
  2. 2 LED Light
  3. 24V / 4A ul certified hoverboard battery
  4. Speed 10 MPH
  5. Range of over 10 miles.
  6. Size: 65 X 24.5 X 23 Cm
  7. Tire Size: 6.5 inch
  8. Motor: 200W*2
  9. Charging Time: 2 ~ 3 Hours

Maximum Load: Hoverstar Hoverboard can carry up to 165lbs. Anybody less than 74Kg, they can keep their feet on this hoverboard. Its size makes it suitable for kids and youths.

Speed:  It can deliver 10 miles per hour speed limit. It’s an outstanding speed limit than other hoverboards. Dual 200-watt motors and its 24V / 4A hoverboard battery will give you a fast ride experience. For 2-3 hours charging, it can deliver 10 miles running range.

Self-balancing:  Yes, It is a self-balancing hoverboard. Its self-balancing system will either help you or your kids to learn and easy to balance and leaned it quickly.

Safety:  Hoverstar comes with safety standards. It is safety certification as a stable hoverboard. LED lights and its wheels light will give you extra protection when you are on the road.

Wheel: It has a fantastic flashing wheel, which looks so eye-catchy and sturdy. 2 sharp, durable rubber wheels are also attached to it. Read more: Hoverboard safety gear.


  • The high-speed limit for a good experience
  • Short charging time but the long-time ride
  • It is durable and sturdy


  • Not waterproof
  • Not Bluetooth enable

NHT Hoverboard Electric Self Balancing Scooter -Best for teen

This is an off-road Hoverboard. Its oversized Off-Road Design makes it easy to maneuver over all outdoor terrains. It has High intensity LED headlights; it has self-balancing technology.

This system makes it easier and safer for beginners and amateurs, it’s a safe standard hoverboard, with a good-looking shape. You will get a free carrying bag with it.


  1. High intensity LED headlights
  2. UL certified safety standards
  3. Vacuum Tires
  4. Dual 350W Motors
  5. Bluetooth enable
  6. Have 9 different colors.
  7. Non-slip footpads

Maximum Load: This Hoverboard is specially made for kids and youths. Its carrying ability is up to 150LBS. So, a kid or Youths can comfortably ride on it.

Safety:  NHT hoverboard has the highest safety standards, as UL2272 certified. It gets UL2272 approved because of its quality charging and electrical performance. Its headlights and tires light will give you extra safety as a signal while you are riding.

Speed:  This scooter will give you a minimum of 5mph ride while your hoverboard is fully charged.

Self-balancing: A self-balancing system means easy to control, easy to learn for beginners, etc. NHT hoverboard has this system too. Its self-balancing mode will help you or your kid to learn it quickly and manage it also.

Bluetooth:  It has a reliable Bluetooth enable system and such a powerful speaker; Because of its powerful speaker, you don’t need headphones to hear music. When music goes on, the lights are going up down, and that looks is beautiful to see.

Wheel:  Interesting thing is in this hoverboard has vacuum never-flat tires. Wheels have extraordinary lights that will make you happy to see them. Its color-changing system is incredible; your kid will love it.


  • Lights will work as safety signals.
  • Powerful speaker
  • Vacuum tires will help you to cling at the road.
  • It has safety standards.


  • It’s not waterproof

Cho Electric Smart Self Balancing Hoverboard – Best for budget

Particularly, Cho electric is an outstanding and astonishing-looking Hoverboard. It is giftable, sturdiness, and easy to use. The LED lights are covering it, you can feel the glow by its LED lights.

It is a safety standard hoverboard and also self-balancing. You will get a free carry bag if you choose it. I suggest if you want to gift a hoverboard to someone, then it will be a perfect choice.


  1.  UL 2272 Safety Certified
  2.  Flashing wheel
  3.  Self-balancing mode
  4.  LED Front lights
  5. Non-slip footpads
  6.  Bluetooth enables
  7.  6.5-inch wheel
  8.  10 types of color

Maximum load: I didn’t found its maximum capacity. But I found that it is suitable for either youth or kids who can use this hoverboard.

Safety: Cho hoverboard is UL2272 safety certified. It passed all the safety challenges to make itself a UL 2272 certification safety standard hoverboard. So, you don’t have to worry about its safety.

Speed: I heard lots of people say that it is a fast-speed hoverboard, and it has a long-time running ability. After completing the research, truly its speed is awesome.

Self-balancing: This hoverboard self-balancing mode makes it facilitate and safer for beginners and amateurs. It is so straightforward to learn and maintain balance. Hopefully, it will let you be a master of the art of balancing in minutes. So, it will help your kid to adjust them balancing quickly.

Wheel: Cho electric hoverboard wheels flash randomly makes the eye-catcher in crowds while traveling; you will get more fun. These wheels are also can use as signals at night to protect your safety. The lights are so lovely hope you like them.

Bluetooth: Oh! Yes. It is a Bluetooth hoverboard. It has a Bluetooth connection and a powerful sound speaker. So you can hear music on it while you are riding.


  • It has non slip paddles which make you stand comfortably
  • Cho electric has safety standards
  • It has LED light on its whole body


  • It’s not waterproof
  • It’s not durable

Buyer’s Guide for hoverboards

What should look when buying a hoverboard under 100 (Buying Guide)

Obviously, you should consider or look when buying a hoverboard under 100. Otherwise, you could be deceived by the fault seller. That’s why you must follow the buying guide.

Safety certified

Lots of people up to their fingers on low price hoverboard. They think a small budget means it will explode. But let me remind you if you buy a UL 2272 certification hoverboard (all rights reserved), then you don’t have to worry. Because of its safety standards, and it will not explode.


The problem is the majority of people expect that they will get a high durable hoverboard at a low price. But under 100 $, you can’t get high-quality sustainability, but you will get an average durable hoverboard.

So, don’t expect too much; just find one which hoverboard has average Durability.


Self-balancing hoverboard means you can handle it quickly, learn it quickly, and balance it quickly. So, keep your eyes on the self-balancing hoverboard under 100 because it will help either you or your kids a lot.

What are the best hoverboards under $50?

Throughout, the best hoverboard under 50$ in the world is pretty demandable. There have very few hoverboards you can see at this minimum price. For instance, you can choose between CMX – hoverboard or COOCHEER Electric Hoverboard for under 50 bucks.

Prefer us the best hoverboard under $150?

Usually, the hoverboard average price is around 150-200$. Therefore, the majority of people want to make a choice best hoverboard under $150. In my consideration, Hover-1 Ultra Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooter is the impeccable hoverboard to buy.

Which are the top-rated hoverboards under $100 on Amazon?

Well, numerous top-rated hoverboards under $100 on amazon are available to say. Because of their durability, features, and sturdiness, they got a huge response from all over the world. Here are 6 world-class hoverboards under $100 on amazon;

  1. Swagboard Twist Lithium-Free Kids Hoverboard
  2. TPS 6.5″ Rechargeable Hoverboard
  3. GOTRAX SRX Mini Hoverboard
  4. COVER STAR All-New HS2.0 Hoverboard
  5. NHT Hoverboard
  6. The Cho Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard

Are there any hoverboards under $20?

Finding hoverboards under $20 is quite tough. Unfortunately, there has no hoverboard under $20 because the lowest price of a hoverboard is about 50$. So, there has no chance to find a 20$ hoverboard.

But you can get some hoverboard toys, those prices are between 20 bucks.

Can I get the hoverboards under $80?

Yes, you can get the hoverboard for under $80 but it could be difficult to find a stronger and faultless one. You can purchase a hoverboard under $50 in this case.

Or else, Hover-1 Falcon hoverboard kart and Qoovi Cool Mini Hoverboard Kart could be an immaculate choice for you under 80$.

How can I find hoverboards under $100 near me?

It’s absolutely simple to find hoverboards under $100 near me. Lots of online stores and shops have enough hoverboards to show you in this budget. In this issue, enter Google and search the query of “hoverboards under $100 near me” that’s it. Best hoverboards according to Forbes.

Where are hoverboards for sale?

Literally, the gaming shops, sports shops, online megastores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Ali-Express have enough hoverboards for sale. In fact, these are the most well-known way to buy hoverboards.

Are cheap hoverboards any good?

Basically, cheap hoverboards haven’t much any good than expensive hoverboards. But if you consider the feature and components of that cheap hoverboard assuredly that will be worthy to you.


Is under 100 $ hoverboards are safety?

Hoverboard Safety means UL2272 certified. I know lots of people from you; they are thinking about its safety, and are these hoverboards can explode?

For those people, I want to say if you see any hoverboard which has UL 2272 certified, that means it explodes free.

So, I suggest you whenever you want to buy a hoverboard, please check does it have UL2272 safety certified. In my list, you will get an Ul 2272 certified hoverboard.

Is felimoda self-balancing hoverboard available?

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly hoverboard under $150, definitely you need to consider about felimoda hoverboard. Its demands are increasing day by day because of its led hoverboard lights, safety features, Lamborghini hoverboard looks, Bluetooth speakers, stable and smooth ride, and huge maximum load capacity.

Felimoda smart hoverboard is made of highly experienced hoverboard manufactures and that’s why it’s known as the most decent hoverboard of all time.

Are all $100 hoverboard cheap hoverboard?

A cheap hoverboard doesn’t mean you’re receiving the cheapest hoverboard materials. In fact, these 5 hoverboards offer high-quality material at an affordable price.

You will get the maximum benefits and features like a $300 hoverboard. Therefore, these aren’t cheap hoverboards but they come at affordable prices.

Which hoverboard do you prefer for us?

Well, I will always suggest the best one for you. But in these 5 hoverboards, I prefer you to buy “HOVERSTAR All-New HS2.0 Hoverboard” and “GOTRAX SRX Mini Hoverboard.”

Because these two hoverboards make me so impress and they have a good ability, features and their colors are fantastic.


Making Best cheap Hoverboard under 100 Dollars for those people whose budget is low. I give my best afford to make this best hoverboard under 100 reviews. I hope these hoverboards will provide you with a beautiful experience.

Your kid will love these hoverboards because these are fantastic hoverboard I get. In conclusion, I hope you like my list and my information if you think something is missing, then leave your advice in my comment section.

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