10 Best Helmet for Hoverboard Skateboard & Scooter – 2022

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  • Date: June 7, 2022
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If you think either, you or your kid need the Best Helmet for hoverboard or Scooter, Electric scooter, Segway, Bike, Bicycle, Skateboard? Assuredly, You are in the perfect place to get the helmets.

Our head and face are the most essential part of our body. That’s why its maximum protection is more important to us. While riding hoverboards, we need to protect our heads, that’s why we must use the Helmet. Because the helmet is specially made for head protection their has no alternative to avoid it.

You can use helmets for any type of vehicle purposes. In these incredible 10 best helmet reviews, you will get the best seller helmets. Also, these helmets are usable for youths, kids, and adults.

I put every single detail on every single Hel-met. So, you can obtain crucial information and using intensions.

10 Best Helmet for Hoverboards Reviews

It seems too lighthearted when you get some world-class and trustworthy hoverboard helmets in one place. As you are my valuable visitor, that’s why I researched an abundance of helmets.

After taking captivating experts’ suggestions and considering authentic materials I assemble 10 fabulous scooters and hoverboard helmets.

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet


Ergonomic interior padding
sizes 21 to 25-inch
For ages 5 to 14+
17 vents
For Adults/youth/kids
13 different colors
CPSC certified

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Hel-met is a significant helmet. You can use it for various vehicle purposes like a scooter, Segway, bike, and skateboard. It has an ergonomic interior padding system that makes it easy to fit on everyone’s head.

3 different sizes are ready for 3 different generations. Literally, it was made for kids, adults, and also for youth using intensions.

If your kid’s age is 5-8, then you will need 21.5-inch to 22.5-inch helmet. For the child’s head measure, you will require 22-23.5-inches, and for adults is 23-25-inches. So, all the sizes you will get in this Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet. Its size and structure made it the best helmet for scooters.

Over 17 different vents have in this hel-met, these multiple vents will keep your head fresh from sweat. In fact, this vent will make your hel-met breathable helmet.

An Interesting fact is you will get 13 different colors from this scooter helmet. More colors will help you to choose a charming one.

Why we choose it:

We want this stable helmet because of its vent’s cooling ability. It has so various colors that will define you to choose the best one, and its padding system is excellent. It is such a cool & cheap hoverboard helmet, that’s why I choose it.

  • So many colors
  • Well interior padding system
  • It has cooling vents
  • Highly prevents head injuries
  • It was made for every generation
  • None

Krash Black Gator Youth Mohawk Helmet


3D Mohawk led lights
For 8-14 years old
Interior: expanded polystyrene breathable foam
CPSC & ASTM Certified
Shell: tough and durable PVC
54-58 centimeters

It is an emerging and delightful scooter helmet you will ever see. It has Mohawk lights up with LED lights in 2 different modes; steady glow and flash! These LED lights make it an incredible helmet from others.

Krash is the best hoverboard helmet, specially made for 8 to 14 years old. Its internal system is excellent, the reason is it expanded polystyrene foam.

In fact, it is made with a Strong PVC shell. Its size is 54-58 centimeters’. So you have to consider now and choose what size will fit on your head.

It is CPSC and ASTM certified, this certificate means this helmet will work as the best safety guard & protective gear while you are riding scooters. That’s why it is the best helmet for scooter riding and even the best helmet for scooter riders.

Why we choose it:

The reason we accept it, because of its two safeties certified, unique design, well-optimized interior, and hard abs plastic shell part, and its led lights. I hope your child will love it.

  • Beautiful design
  • Safety certified
  • Very unique design
  • Kids loveable
  • It has a secure shell and interior part
  • None

Bell Hello Kitty Child Bike Helmet


Five different design
For 5-8 years old
Total 6 vents
Size is 52-54cm
Strong buckle

If you are searching for an amazing, splendid, or want to gift your kid a helmet, then it’s for you. Bell Hallo boy’s and girl’s mask is adorable and you can get it at a very affordable price.

It’s an appealing white kitty helmet and this bike helmet is made for 5-8 years old and especially for girls.

Manufacturers have 5 different designs, so it will help you to choose a more sensational one from here. With a total of 6 vents, it guarantees you a highly comfortable breathable interior. As for it will cool your children’s heads while riding bikes or while wearing it.

A solid buckle is attached to it and I think the size is great for your kids. You can gift it to your children on their birthday or Christmas.

If your kid hasn’t any scooter or bike or hoverboard don’t panic, you can gift them either because of its look. Your kid can use it as his/her toy.

Why we choose it:

I kept this best helmet for electric scooter on my list because of its lovable looks, and I see lots of kids like it very much. I hope your kid will love it if you gift them at any ceremony or ordinary time.

  • Charming design
  • Kids loveable
  • It’s not a heavy helmet
  • Specially made for girls and kids
  • The vent makes it a breathable helmet
  • None

Animiles Kids Bike Toddler Helmet


Sizes: 48-55cm
For 3-8 years old
3D animal design
Material: EPS cap body +PC shell
Quick relies upon buckle

Zjoygoo helmet is designed based on anthropoid somatology. It’s a 3D animal design that looks like a dinosaur head. This cycling helmet is suitable for both boys and girls. It’s also structured made with seeing kids’ interests. So it would be an excellent gift for your kids.

It was built with an Adjustable Chin Strap with a very Quick-Release Buckle. In fact, it has rear Lock Adjustment and also a Cool & Comfortable Pad Set. Very much suitable for 3 to 8 years old kids and you will get 48 to 55cm size in this durable scooter helmet.

Your kid can use it for many outdoor activities like cycling, roller skating, skateboarding, scooter, and so on. With high-quality material, it will give you a 100% satisfaction experience.

Why we choose it:

3D kid helmet has high-quality materials and a reason for its beautiful looks and its perfection; we choose this one.

  • High-quality material
  • Kid’s choice able
  • This helmet protects incredibly
  • Easy to fit & prevent head injuries
  • Strong shell
  • None

Wipeout Dry Erase Kids Helmet


U.S. CPSC and ASTM certified
Available in two sizes
For age 5-8 plus
49-52cm and 52-56cm
Will get markers and stencil kit

Wipeout dry-erase kid’s helmet was made for using such vehicles as skateboard, scooter, and bike. Very strong and suitable for your kids, indeed your kid should be 5 to 8 years old to use this hover helmet.

It has a Highly 3 safety certificate like the U.S, CPSC, and ASTM. This secure helmet is available in two sizes, one for 5+ years old and one for 8+ years old. The dimensions are 49-52cm, and the other is 52-56cm.

The most exciting fact is with this hoverboard, you will get 5 nontoxic markers and some stencil kit. So your kid can draw his/her helmet to look fashionable. It is the best electric scooter helmet.

Why we choose it:

Wipeout hoverboard helmet review tells us that it has the 3 best safeties certificates, and you will get extra accessories with it. And it’s so durable and sturdy that’s why I keep this branded helmet on my list hope you will like its features.

  • Will get extra accessories
  • Reduce high body temperature
  • 3 safeties certified
  • Sturdy and durable
  • None

Zjoygoo Kids Safety Helmet


Sizes: 48-55cm (18.9″-21.65″)
For 3-8 years old
Material: EPS cap body +PC shell
Smart lock buckle
4 big Air vents

A fantastic super 3d helmet for kids is available to look at. Whenever I see this safest motorcycle helmet, I found myself just impressed. This is a white tiger 3d skin helmet that can make a kid pleased easily. I hope this helmet is a dream helmet for your kids.

There have 6 different colors and all sizes are for 3 to 8 years old. Sizes are including 48 to 55cm, which can easily fit on your children’s heads. It has 4 large vents that will work for cooling your kids’ heads.

Well, optimized materials come with an EPS cap body and PC shell. Smart lock buckle and its excellent good looking shape, these will help you to fit on the head finely.

Why we choose it:

Such a relaxed shape and crisp skin make it an eye-catching helmet. Furthermore, its smart buckle lock makes me keep this helmet on my list. Read more: Hoverboard carry bag review.

  • Has size for everyone
  • Nice 3d design helmet
  • Kids likable
  • Has vents for cooling
  • None

TurboSke Helmet for Kids, Youth, Man and Women


CPSC and CE EN 1078 safety
11 air vents
S/M/X/XL size
Durable ABS shell and EPS cap body
Quick relies upon buckle
Adjustable straps
Circumference Adjustable

TurboSke Helmet is made for every generation, like kids, youth, and adults. With high safety standards CPSC and CE EN 1078, it already creates a great impact on the market. It has two reinforced layers that provide superior protection from the inside and outside.

It has 4 sizes s/m and x/xl with 52-58cm and 58-61cm. So, everybody can wear this scooter helmet or skateboard helmet. When you wear this helmet, you will feel how stable it is because it has a durable ABS shell and EPS cap body. Because it will fit your head comfortably.

11 vents will keep your head fresh, and upper vents will help to remove hot air the other vents will produce fresh air in the helmet. Very quickly relies upon buckle, and you will get adjustable straps in it too. Also, you will get Circumference adjustable.

Why we choose it: 

First of all, this helmet is for every different age person. It is so durable, and it has safety standards. That’s why we choose it. This helmet catches the whole AMZ helmet market, and it is the best scooter helmet of 2019 and will also 2020.

  • It is for kids, adult, and youth
  • 11 vents will make your head cool
  • It has safety standards & safety certifications
  • Quality materials
  • None

Atphfety Kids Hoverboard Helmets


Safety light on the back
CPSC and CE Safety standards
Material: EPS foam, PVC & PC
Size: 48-56 cm(18.9”-22”)
For 3-8 years old
Weight: 200g
Color: Spider-RBW; Captain-BRW; Bat-YB

Atphfety Kids Helmets, one of the high-demandable hoverboard helmets for kids. Uniquely, there has a warning tail light function on the helmet back. Light has 3 modes they are Steady Flash/Slow Flash/Fast Flash. It will work as a safety guard, which can give you more security while your kids are riding a hoverboard.

It has a very adjustable dial and straps. A kid and youth can comfortably wear it because 48cm to 56cm is a reasonable size for kids and teenagers. It hasn’t too much weight, only just 200g.

With 3 different colors of skin Spiderman, Captain America, and batman it becomes highly receivable. So, your kid can easily choose one of their favorite hero’s hoverboard skins helmets from these helmet specs.

Atphfety helmet has two strong safety standards, like CPSC and CE safety standards. The Atphfety bike helmet has PVC and pc shell and EPS foam. It is suitable for both girls and boys. In reality, it’s a choice-able best helmet for a hoverboard.

Why we choose it:

Because of its backlight, I think it has extra safety for kids. That’s why I think it belongs on my list.

  • It has an extra safety guard with backlight
  • Low weight
  • Its design with 3 superheroes, which can take kids attraction
  • It has safety standards
  • It has strong materials
  • None

KUYOU Skate Helmet


ABS shell and EPS foam
Sizes 52 cm – 56cm
Rotary internal regulator
8 mm removable foam
Extremely lightweight
CE Safety certified
Colors: Black, Red, Blue
All rights reserved helmet
12 vents

KUYOU Helmet is a Strong, more durable, and more adjustable helmet. Its ABS shell, and EPS foam make it an impact resistance helmet. KUYOU helmet has CE safety certification, Hope it will give you 100% satisfaction with its persistent body and design.

It has sized up to 52 to 56cm. Sizes will be suitable for kids and youths conveniently. The 12 vents adoption of specialized aerodynamic and ventilation design allows air to go through the helmet, which helps increase the speed and stay calm.

It has 3 colors with fashionable design, colors added admirably so it can catch your eyes. Comfortable chin pads will absorb your sweat, and the 8 mm removable foam will bring a more comfortable experience.

Why we choose it:

Its extraordinary design and strong capability make its presence in this list. It has the most elegant colors also.

  • Fashionable
  • Assures head circumference
  • It has vents for cooling your head
  • It has Quick relies upon able buckle
  • Safety certified & best safety gear
  • Strong materials
  • None

Animiles Kids Bike Helmet (Toddler Helmet)


CPSC and CE Certified
For 3-8 years old
S/M two sizes: 49-55cm
Material: PVC robust shell + EPS
11 vents
Weight 0.45 lb.
A back LED light

Animiles Kids helmet is a 3D distinguishable hoverboard helmet and best girl’s scooter helmet. Don’t worry about its safety because it has a CPSC and CE safety certificate.

The significant thing it has, 3 light modes able LED backlight it has. That will secure your children’s safety.

It’s entirely made for 3-8 years old, and it has two sizes, including S and M size, which are 49-55cm. You will be surprised about its weight, it’s only 0.45lb as equal to 5 eggs weight.

Like every helmet for scooter riders, it also has EPS foam and PVC robust shell. It has 11 vents, which will make your kid’s head cool while riding or skating. Overall, it will give your kid a sweat-free ride.

Why we choose it:

The question is why did we choose it? The answer is its capability and powerful features, and extra safety guard as LED backlight makes it in this list.

  • It has a safety certificate
  • Weight is matchable for kids
  • Best brain saver stuff
  • Has LED backlight which will give you extra safety
  • None

What to look before buying a Helmet (Buying Guide)

I have seen a lot that because of a lack of information people are unable to a perfect helmet for them. But if you follow some common things while buying obviously you can purchase an impeccable helmet.

These are particular things you have to consider while buying the best helmet for a scooter.


The helmet is essential stuff for everyone. Every age person needs a helmet for them. That’s why the size always does matter. Whenever you are going to buy a helmet you should look; are this helmet for the hoverboard will fit your head or not.

The circumstance of the kid’s head is 1cm above the eyebrows. Too large and too short of size is not a safe choice. I give a picture below, I hope you understand how you will count your head size.


You will buy a durable helmet as a safety guard either for you or your kids. If that helmet isn’t durable, then it’s foolish to choose to buy. So, Check It is permanent or not. Because of a mask sustainable means, it’s secure and will work for you as a safety guard.

Adjustable Straps

You can’t fit a helmet on your head without straps. Direct straps aren’t so good as Adjustable straps. You can reduce or increase the level of an adjustable strap, which will help you while tightening the helmet. Therefore, try to purchase an adjustable strap that enables a helmet.

The Interior

Interior design is vital because the best Interior design will fit your head quickly and comfortably like EPS foam is best for a helmet. If you found there is no EPS foam, then don’t buy it.


Safety certified helmet for hover scooter makes you peace and tension-free while your children are riding. Such as CPSC and CE are the high approved for use. So check the helmet certification while buying it.


Everyone wants to take something at a low cost, but when we talk about children’s safety, I think you should buy the best helmet. The best helmet has its own best price. So, consider hardly before buying it.

How to Wear a Helmet?

No 1. Don’t tip your helmet back on your head, in this position, it’s likely to fall off during a collision and leave your forehead unprotected.

NO 2. It will protect your forehead; your helmet should sit squarely on your head with the front of the helmet set low, about 1 to 2 finger-widths above your eyebrow.

No 3. It has Protective headgear for sports. You should know about hoverboard gear. let’s see in a video how to wear the Best helmet for the hoverboard.

Should you buy a Hoverboard Helmet for Kid?

Kids love to play with toys. If some important thing you got to buy like the best helmet for their hoverboard and it has a toy looks. That helmet you should buy immediately.

One more thing, without a helmet, your kid would get hurt, and that hurt can do severe damage. Therefore, you need to buy the best helmet for the hoverboard ride for your kids, and don’t forget to wear knee pads.


Why you should wear a Helmet during Riding?

Basically, while rinding a sports vehicle or common conveyance safety always become a prominent matter. Accidently, you can fall easily on the road when you ride.

It will be worse when you get hurt on your head after falling. Our head is much crucial part of our body, that’s why you have to secure it most importantly. 

If you wear a helmet during riding, definitely it will protect your whole face from impact and accidents. This is the main reason, you should wear a helmet and also you should wear elbow pads. 

What is the Best Helmet for Kids?

Especially kids need helmets more than a man because their protection is more crucial for us. Considering what is the best helmet for kids you can try Zjoygoo branded helmet undoubtedly. 

Zjoygoo is the choice able helmet for kids because these helmets come with lovely designs and colors. Alternatively, for the stronger helmet, you can choose TurboSke Helmet for your children. 

Prefer us for the Best Adult’s Helmet

Absolutely, I can prefer you a world-class unquestionably best helmet for adults people. TurboSke Helmet, KUYOU Skate Helmet, Wipeout helmet, Razor V-17 Youth helmet will suit an adult explicitly. These are very strong and can tolerate high impacts effortlessly. 


It’s pretty hard to collect all the details of a product, but I always try to give every single detail. I still took too much time to make complete this best helmet for the hoverboard review.

So, I hope these best helmets for the hoverboard will provide you extraordinary service. Most of the helmets are for kids, that’s why I put so many unique and attractive helmets.

In conclusion, I am totally sure, this list will help you not only with information but also to choose the best helmet for your hoverboard and I hope you will get the best hoverboard helmets.

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