Top 7 Best bearings for penny board 2021 (Top-Rated)

When it comes to riding a penny board efficiently and speedily, there is no doubt that you need ABEC-rated bearings.

Most of the time, riders provide their intentions to selecting the best wheels. Besides wheels, you should also consider the best bearings because the finest bearings can increase the wheels spinning rate and rollover performance.

Are you facing trouble ride your penny board for the old bearings? If yes, you should look at these new top-rated and best bearings for a penny board.

Top 7 Best bearings for penny board reviews

Image Product Advantages   Price
backpac  Bones Reds
Bearings (8-Pack)
 Best for budget Check Price
backpac  Zealous
steel Bearings
Best for
long-term use
Check Price
cordlessblower  Yellow Jacket
Premium Bearings
Most ABEC rated Check Price
cordlessblower  Bones Big Balls
Reds Bearings
 Cheapest penny board
Check Price
cordlessblower Rollerbones Bearings   Editor’s choice Check Price
cordlessblower Bones Swiss
 Premium bearings Check Price
cordlessblower  Bones Ceramic
Super Reds
 Best for off-road Check Price

From bones reds bearings to zealous bearings, you will get every category and type of bearings in this list.

Multiple categorized bearings will help you while choosing the correct bearings for your board. All seven bearings are compatible enough with a longboard, skateboard, and penny board.

Therefore, whatever riding board you have, you can install these bearings perfectly. Here’s are our top picks;

Bones Reds Bearings (8 packs)

If you’re looking for worthwhile and satisfaction guaranteed bearings, have a look at the bones bearings. These bearings can be applied to skateboards, longboards, scooters, penny boards, and spinners.

Reds bearings total measurement is 22mm outer dimension, 7mm width, 8mm axle. Its spacers are designed for especially 8mm axles. Uniquely, each Dragon Spacer has a precision cut for extremely tight tolerances (10.29mm width).

You will get two fillips driver, a 9/16″ kingpin, 1/2″ axle, 3/8″ hardware sockets, and 1/8″ Allen with the bearings. Definitely, these accessories will improve its speed and will make your installing process easier.


  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Last longer
  • Best for speedy rides
  • Very cheap to buy


  • No cons found yet

Zealous Bearings (Steel)

Please don’t be jealous of Zealous bearings’ performance because other renowned brands should be jealous of its outstanding and admirable features.

Sounds funny, huh? In truth, Zealous steel bearing is one of the bestselling and trendy bearings. It is made of premium steel, and green rubber color seals are added to protect the interior of the bearing from dirt and debris.

Also, it is lubricated with Archoil Nanoceramic grease, which will prevent friction and heat while riding. Precision 8mm axle holes will help you during setting, and 0.5mm built-in speed rings will make your ride smooth and faster. Overall, it could be the best bearings for cruising.


  • It has a worthwhile price
  • Ensures long-lasting usability
  • Bearings interior won’t get jammed quickly
  • It prevents heat and friction


  • Beginners could face a bit of trouble while installing.

Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings

You might use a lot of high-quality ABEC certified bearings like ABEC 6, 7, 8, or 9. But did you ever try ABEC 11 bearings? I know beginners already reacted on ABEC 11 rated bearings, but it’s damn available.

Yellow jacket premium bearings are made of the highest precision German manufacturing, and it is the most precise bearing in the world.

A total of 7 eye-catchy color seals are available in it for customization and protection from rock and dust. Stingers (ABEC-11) and stripes (ABEC-9) both types of bearings lens that are available to choose from.

It is built for racing and better traction at a low price (Racing lubricant added).


  • 100% satisfaction and money-back guarantee
  • Multiple colors are available
  • Interior protector included
  • Applicable with all types of boards


  • The rotation cycle could be uneven (Probably)

Bones Big Balls Reds Bearings

If you’re looking for superior penny board bearings at a low cost, you should definitely consider the bones big balls red bearings. These eight pack bones red bearings are engineered perfectly so it can roll faster and last longer.

17% larger balls will provide you unique and efficient ride-like bones super Swiss bearings.  Besides efficiency, more giant balls will help you to roll faster, smoother, comfier, and impactless.

The whole package is included with eight-pack bearings, stickers, and instruction books (For installing convenience).

Do you know why riders call it the best bearings for commuting and cruising? Because it has the ability to delivers higher top speed, straightforward Cleaning, admirable strength, and lightweight.


  • Best for money and low budget
  • Larger balls added for faster spin
  • Easy to set up (Install)
  • It ensures quality, speed, and value


  • You need to add extra lubricant (when requires)

Rollerbones Bearings (16 pack)

The Rollerbones bearings are the best bearings for speed in the entire glove. It feels great when you get 16 pack bearings at eight pack price. Yes, Rollerbones brand will give you 8mm sizes 16 bearings, which will be enough for your penny board.

It’s a penny Abec 7 Skateboard bearing, and it is lubricated with a very low viscosity bone speed cream (Best lube for bearings).

The skate-rated clearances, speed, material, specification, and tolerances will improve its durability and performance. You can remove its high-speed nylon ball cages at any time whenever you want.


  • Top rated and expert-recommended
  • Durable and high-quality
  • Easy to clean and will last longer
  • Purchasable at a meager price


  • Incomparable with ABEC 9 bearings

Bones Swiss Bearings (16 Pack)

You want to buy bearings for penny boards; I suggest you choose bones Swiss bearings. It got acceptance Over 20 years from professional skaters and longboarders.

Its bearings are available in two different sizes as 7mm and 8 mm. Professional competition-grade speeds, long-lasting performance, durability, rapid spin, and all the convenient features you will get from it.

For increasing its speed limit and rolling performance, manufacturers pre-lubricated it with speed cream racing lubricant. Whenever you find any issue or defect in it, the manufacture of the bearing will exchange it.


  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Best skate rated bearings
  • Made of precise and durable material
  • Multiple sizes available to choose


  • It’s very expensive bearing

Bones Ceramic Super Reds Bearings

We both know that a ceramic bearing rolls faster than any steel bearings. Bones ceramic super reds bearings spin like a flash from DC.

It’s a cruiser skate bearings and works perfectly at the off-roads. The cerbec ceramic balls added into it, that’s why it’s lighter, stronger, waterproof, and lasts long.

Don’t overthink about Cleaning and maintenance because it has a non-contact, single, and removable rubber shield. The impressive speed you will get from bones Swiss ceramics bearings because it has a high-speed nylon ball retainer.


  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Rubber bearing shields will protect it from debris
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Declared as the best longboard bearings in 2021


  • Price is a little bit expensive

Penny board bearings buying guide

A buying guide means you will receive enough information about that product. Without a buying guide, you can probably deceive by either fake products or fake sellers.

That’s why it’s essential to know every single query and information about penny board bearings. It became more crucial to know when you’re a beginner.

I wrote some beneficial tips, considerations, how to clean, how to install, comparisons, and more information for your knowing purposes.

What Things to consider before buying penny board bearings? (Buying Guide)

Penny board bearings buying guide is pretty simple because you have to consider few points. If you consider the ABEC rating, material quality, spinning performance, and lubricant applying, you can get priceworthy bearings. Don’t forget to consider the brands; it’s crucial also.

ABEC Rating

A lot of people argue on ABEC 5 vs ABEC 7 comparisons, but ABEC 7 bearings are the average best rating for bearings. A higher ABEC rating means tighter tolerance, more precision, high RPM, and high-speed spinning.

In conclusion, it means higher ABEC ratings will increase the bearings’ performance and riding experience. In my opinion, you should choose a minimum ABEC 7 rated bearings.

Material type

Generally, bearings are available in three types of material such as aluminum, ceramic, and steel. For a waterproof ride, you should choose ceramic bearings. If you want robust and durable bearings, you should go for aluminum or steel bearings.

Rollover ability (Spinning)

We all want’s to ride a penny board with the smoothest spinning control. Without comfier spinning control, wheels won’t move adequately. Therefore, have a demo first or consider the construction of that bearing.

Supports Cleaning and lubricant

Spinning is important, but do you know what thing does increase the bearings rollover ability? Of course, it’s a lubricant. Before you try to buy any bearings, make sure it has easy Cleaning and lubricated ways.


It would be best if you didn’t buy cheap branded bearings for your penny board. Cheap goods never provide the value and service as your requirement.

If you don’t know which branded bearings you should choose, I have one suggestion for you. Bones Red’s bearings brand is the most prevalent, demandable, and trustworthy brand. Without any doubt, you can purchase bearings from here.

How to install penny board bearings?

Installing or replacing a bearing in a penny board is as straightforward as installing in a longboard. For installing bearings, you don’t have to arrange kits or accessories. But a screwdriver can make your process relatively more straightforward. Here’s the process of how to install penny board bearings;

  • Remove the old bearings and clean the interior of the wheels
  • Apply some lubricant or oil into the interior of the wheels
  • Now put the bearings into the exact section
  • Space the bearing with a spacer faultlessly
  • After fitting the washer, tighten the nut             
  • Please do the same process with the other three bearings; that’s it.
Penny board bearings replacements

How to clean penny board bearings?

We know that we should clean penny board wheels after every ride. Unfortunately, we don’t provide importance when it comes to clean the bearings.

As a result, bearings don’t last long and get jammed quickly. It means you have to clean your penny board bearings not regularly, but one time a week. Either you can clean your bearings in a natural way or with a chemical. Here’s how to clean penny board bearings in 6 easy steps (step by step);

  1. Take off the bearings from the wheels first
  2. Remove the shield of the bearing by a knife-edge (You can use other kits)
  3. Apply some solvent/degreaser (Chemical) or apply some sort of lemon juice (Natural way) to it
  4. These liquids will remove the dirt
  5. Replace the bearings shields or reinstall the old shields
  6. It’s time to regressed the bearings using lubricants

Bones Reds bearings VS Stock Penny bearings

Stock penny bearings look like a newbie name for penny riders; the truth is it’s a competitive rival of bones reds bearings. When it comes to rivals, we have to make a difference on them to get the answer of which one is the best. Here are the five differences between Bones Reds bearings VS Stock Penny bearings.

  1. Bones reds bearings come with long term warranty than stock bearings
  2. Stock penny board bearings aren’t available at all places like bones reds
  3. You can install bones bearings at any riding board, but the stock doesn’t support all boards
  4. Bones red bearings is expensive than a stock penny
  5. Reds bearings are available of steel, aluminum, and ceramic, but stock bearings aren’t


When Should You Replace The Bearings?

A car wheel’s bearings can last for 100,000 miles to 60,000 miles ride. Penny board bearings aren’t the same and big as car bearings.

Penny ABEC 7 bearings last longer than other ABEC rated bearings. If you are using your penny board regularly, you should replace the bearings after every 1.5 years. Replacing the bearings will improve the wheels spinning performance.

Which is the best bearing brand?

Maybe you have heard a lot about Free Dare bearings, but nowadays, free dare ain’t provide the best bearings brand services.

The best penny board bearing brand is bones bearings reds bearings. Bones Red’s brand contains admirable features, premium quality materials, and these bearings last longer than any other bearings brand.

Are Penny Board Bearings Good?

Penny board is a plastic riding board, but it requires real skate or longboard wheels. Because of actual wheels, it requires genuine bearings too. A penny board bearing is as good as longboard bearings and skateboard bearings.

What are the best penny Board bearings?

As I told you before that bones red is the best brand to choose a penny bearing. Bones red launched different categories and types of bearings. For your penny board, you can choose these three types of best bearings;

Bones ball bearings

Ceramic bearings form bones red

Bones Swiss bearings

What kind of bearings do penny boards use?

Generally, bearings are made of chrome steel material. Besides steel material, numerous types of bearings are available, such as ceramic, bronze, hardened steel, and more.

As far as I know, every kind of bearings applies to penny boards. But primarily, ceramic and chrome steel bearings work more incredibly than other bearings.

Where to buy penny board bearings?

You can easily buy a penny board bearings set from online stores near skate shops, markets, and e-commerce stores. Well-known online stores have verities types of bearings, which could be a fabulous choice for your beloved penny board.

Can you use skateboard bearings on a penny board?

Of course, you can use skateboard bearings on a penny board. But one thing, you should never forget that is your penny board size. Bearings size has intimately involved with the wheel sizes. Large wheels require oversized bearings and small wheels require miniature bearings.

What are the fastest bearings for skateboards for beginners?

Every new bearing provides the fastest and smoother riding experience. Old bearings can’t roll over rapidly and frequently for a long time.

In this case, you can try bones reds bearings for better speed and traction. Alternatively, you can purchase ceramic bearings for the fastest riding on a skateboard.

Final words

Brands constantly adjust penny board wheels with bearings, but not every bearing comes with opportune features. This is why; you need to install custom bearings in your penny board.

I suggested seven bearings and all have tremendous features and ability. Hopefully, your chosen bearing will increase your riding experience and wheels spinning control. Above all, thank you so much for being with us and supporting the best bearings for the penny board reviews article.

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