10 Best All Terrain Electric Skateboard & Longboard Reviews

  • By: Josh Rosenberg
  • Date: June 7, 2022
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Nearly 15% of young and kids are intimately involved with longboarding and skateboarding. The majority of them ride ordinary longboards, but 100% of them are desire to ride an electric skateboard.

Generally, most skateboarders think electric longboards and other electric skateboards aren’t compatible with off-road riding on the concrete, grass, or tricky types. The actual truth is an All-Terrain electric skateboard can provide you a smooth and durable smooth ride on the toughest road.

As for, I select some top quality, brandable, and the best all-terrain electric skateboards.

Besides, electric skateboards reviews, in this article you will see an ultimate buying guide, general faqs, and tons of resources and information about off-road electric skateboards.

10 Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboard Reviews (Off-road Longboards)

While selecting these ten all-terrain longboards, took lots of time and effort. I hope these ten longboards will be worthwhile for you and you will find these longboards remarkable and splendid.

You might read about all-terrain skateboard electric all the time, but if you’re a longboarding fan then obviously you desiring which the best electric longboard skateboard are nowadays. Here are;

Hiboy S22 Electric Dual Motors Longboard

In reality, I have seen various types of the electric longboard, but Hiboy S22 electric dual motor longboard is my favourite.

This mountain bike is durable, fast, and attractive, ensures smooth riding, response rapidly, provides high performance, and belongs to a spectacular brand. Unique black and red combination and ultra-fashionable designers touch makes it an elegant, superior, and likeable uneven terrain electric skateboards.

It is made of flex and sturdy quality seven layers maple wood, strongest double kingpin trucks, and high-quality electric longboard kits, and 9 centimeters off-road wheels.

Hiboy 350 watts brushless dual hub motor produces streamlined more power, and with this power, you can increase the maximum speed limit up to 18.6mph. With one single charge, you can comfortable ride up to 13 miles approximately.

It has a total of 4 exclusive brake modes (Best for accelerating or braking) and four riding modes. Also, it has an ergonomic wireless remote for controlling speed and usability.

  • The incredible max speed limit
  • Made of durable materials (It will last long)
  • You can control it via remote.
  • Multiple brake and riding modes available
  • It isn’t a lightweight electric longboard

WeSkate Electric Longboard (Multi-purpose)

Have you ever seen an electric off road skateboards that is suitable for carving, cruising, and downhill? Normally, it’s a bit hard to find an electric longboard that has a number of usability’s.

Nevertheless, Weskate electric longboard is one of the best longboards for customization, and you can use it for various freestyles riding.

In fact, it is also known as the best electric longboard for the heavyweight; its maximum weight capacity is about 220lbs.

Amazing speed and range, safely rideable, solid, and portability all is available in this exceptional electric skate longboard. It is made of high-density 8-Ply maple wood, 350-watt motor, 24V 4000mAh lithium battery, 90*52mm polyurethane wheels, and durable trucks.

Consequently, you can say it has the best off-road electric skateboard kit. We skate all-terrain board is giftable to kids, youths, adults, beginners, teens, and girls, literally anyone.

You will get additional features from this longboard such as 12-15Mph max top speed, quick charging period (3 hours), 3 level speed settings, 3 LED battery indicators, non-slip driving, and more.

  • Tons of advantageous features added in it.
  • Amazing speeds and quick charging period
  • Made of high-quality and reliable material
  • Usable for multi-purpose
  • Doesn’t looks like so fashionable

Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Longboard

How does it feel if you find a 22mph speed limit electric longboard? Of course, it will be fabulous and splendid. Teamgee H5 electric longboard is the fastest electric longboard you can find ever in entire the world.

This sensational off-road electric longboard has finest and powerful electric kits; UL certified, remote control and LCD screen display, thick, lightweight, and giftable too.

It is made of 10 layers of maple wood, one-ply fiberglass, thick and thinnest body, indestructible trucks, and efficient street wheels.

The measurement of this longboard is 37.99-inches long and 8.7 inches width. Its total weight is 14.5 pounds, and its maximum weight capacity is 220lbs.

High-performance 380 watts dual motor and persistence battery can provide 9-11 miles long range and 22mph speed. Particularly, its LCD display will show the changing speeds, directions, and reversing.

  • You can have a fast riding experience
  • Numbers of advantageous features and functions
  • Remote control operable off road boards
  • Powerful motor and battery added in it
  • Price is a bit costly to buy

SKATEBOLT Off Road Electric Skateboards

Skatebolt electric mountain board was the best off-road electric skate-board 2020; experts think it will rule 2021.

What thing makes it a trendy longboard? Actually, its major trendiness reasons are extremely fast, long-range, replaceable powerful hub motors, solid construction, eye-catchy color, flexibility, strength, likeable design, customized brakes, cruise control, and slide start functions.

It is made of bamboo, maple wood, and two layers of fibreglass, 100 cm wheel size, 6000mAh Samsung 30Q lithium battery, and 350 Watts dual motors.

Convenient features you will get from it such as four-speed modes, 28 MPH up to speed, 15 miles maximum range, 30% steep hill, solid rubber braking system, chargeable during the ride, four brake settings, LED button, strong motor power, remote controlling system, and more.

Overall, I hope it will be the greatest all-terrain skateboard for you or your kids.

  • You can charge it during the ride
  • Numerous features and specifications are available in it
  • Very special and comes with a unique design
  • Trendy and reliable electric off road skateboard
  • You must wear protective gear & elbow pads

Teamgee H20 39″ Electric Longboard

Indeed, Teamgee is a very respectable, renowned, and tremendous designable longboard brand. It has astounding colours, and its features and dual motor electric skateboard kits work magnificently.

Adjustable speeds, wireless remote control, strongest hub motor, fourth-generation looks, and all are available in it.

In this electric longboard skateboard, you will get Polyurethane airless electric longboard wheels, matte surface non-slip maple deck (flexible deck), 1080 watt hub motor, superior battery, and designable trucks.

Benefits you will get from it include 24mph speed, 30-degree climbing angle, quick charging time limit, 30 kilometres battery range, four riding modes, four brake modes, four different speed modes, amazing customer support, and so on.

I think you won’t find a superb rough terrain longboard like Teamgee 39-inches electric longboard.

  • It has a pretty look and absolute figure
  • Multiple brake and speed modes available
  • All the materials will last longer than you expect
  • Easy to operate and balance
  • Bit costly but worthy of buying

Urban Pro Electric Skateboards

Concerning which off-road longboard is prevalent and belongs to the top-rated list, I think you should consider about urban pro Electric longboard.

It is made of 11 layers of authentic maple wood and fiberglass, polyurethane bigger wheels, and powerful trucks for balancing.

Urban pro longboard has UL certified battery, and it takes 3 hours to get a full charge. This 35 inches electric longboard has 400W brushless motor, which can provide you 20% grade hill climbing limit, 10 miles range, and 20mph speed.

If your weight is less than 265lbs, then this longboard is supportive of you. You can control the switching, accelerate, brake, forward movement, and backward movement via its special remote.

With dynamic, admirable features, and efficiency, it is available worldwide; you can keep it in your shortlisted longboards.

  • It requires short time for full charge
  • It has supreme quality materials
  • Best for heavyweight experienced riders
  • Top rated and prevalent
  • Best backfire ranger x2 skateboard
  • Multiple speed modes available
  • Riding range is quite average

Teamgee H20T Longboards

This is the third all-terrain board from Teamgee. Teamgee H20T off-road electric skateboard has a praisable finish in both sides; especially, its colour and batches make it elegant and attractive.

It is made with stability and comfort in mind, polyurethane 103mm rubber pneumatic tires, 38-inches maple deck, and supportive trucks. Particularly, its solid rubber tires (large air filled tires) are widened by 24 holes so it can absorb the shock.

You know what; it is the best longboard for heavy rider weight in this list because its maximum weight capacity is 286 pounds. You can use four types of modes, four different brake modes, and four-speed modes with its remote.

This special longboard has 1200W hub motors, which is pretty efficient for lightning-fast acceleration. You can ride up to 26mph by this motor on the street roads and all-terrain roads.

  • Firm surface for stable foot placement
  • Easy to balance and control
  • It has the highest loading capacity than others
  • Multiple brakes, speed, and riding modes available
  • Price is a bit expensive

SWAGSKATE NG2 38″ AI-Powered Electric Longboard

You might have seen numerous Swagtron hoverboards, scooter, and cycles; have you ever seen any Swagtron electric longboard? If not then have a look at the SWAGSKATE NG2 38-inches AI-Powered electric longboard.

It’s a traditional cruiser skateboard (yellow & black colour). Because of its intelligent weight and balance sensors navigation, you won’t require any remote control. But it has a remote for accelerating to switching speed modes.

It comes with dual brushless rear 450-watt motors, and you can ride up to 18 mph speed, and 15° INCLINES.

Swagskate total measurement is 38.5-inches length and 11-inches width. This famous longboard is made of 6 layers of premium maple wood and two layers of bamboo. On average, it can endure 220lbs weighted people effortlessly.

  • It’s a traditional board and works superbly
  • Amazing speed and climbing limits
  • It has a specific remote for easily accelerating
  • Best for cruising
  • Deck width is bit thin

Accession Skateboard Longboard

Are you looking for a best cruiser electric longboard for you? Accession skateboard longboard is an extraordinary electric skateboard, and it’s a cheapest all-terrain electric longboard in this list.

This board has 350W 73 hub motor, and with it, you can go forward and reverse position both. It has tremendous horsepower that brings efficiency and helps during changing volume, stronger climbing, strong power, stable work, and low noise.

Accession is made of 8-layer maple deck, smooth and finest surface, anti-slip lines, high-speed sliding feature, polyurethane wheels, and premium quality trucks.

Maximum weight capacity it has about 80 KG. Additional features it provides such as 2.4G wireless remote control, 4 Led indicators, LED display, dual speed modes, 10 Km per charge, automatic power off, lightweight, and more.

  • Best electric longboard for the money
  • Easy to operate and multiple modes available
  • LED display for power and speed observation
  • Powerful motor generates powerful horsepower
  • Can’t carry heavyweight riders

Electric Skateboard Youth Electric Longboard

Well, 90% of longboarders are youth and teenagers, that’s why I thought this electric skateboard longboard would be the best option for you.

Shaofu dark black all-terrain longboard is made of 35.4 Inch (900 Mm) 7-ply maple hardwood deck, shock-absorbing high-grip urethane wheels, stronger trucks. In fact, its wheels are known as the all-terrain electric skateboard wheels.

The exterior and interior contain the 250-watt motor, 24V 2200mah lithium battery, 2.4G wireless remote controller, 4 LED indicators, power adapter, range, USB cable, and more.

Battery and motor will provide you 12 Mph speed and 10 miles range (Per charge). Basically, 8-60 years old people can step on it because its total weight capacity is 286 pounds.

  • Very handy and lightweight
  • Best for heavyweight riders
  • All-terrain wheels added in it
  • The whole longboard is controllable by remote
  • Price is cheap to buy
  • Isn’t so designable

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Why Should You Choose All-terrain Electric Skateboard?

Obviously, you might be questioning whether there are various types of longboard and why I should choose all-terrain electric board? Let me specify this thing more clearly, so you can understand the reasons.

  • First of all, all-terrain longboard comes with off-road features; that means; you can ride it on the off-road.
  • A normal electric longboard isn’t so compatible for wave rode, but all-terrain electric skateboard is compatible with wave and toughest rode.
  • An all-terrain skateboard is more durable than ordinary electric boards
  • All the materials of all-terrain are pretty persistence and superior to other longboards
  • An off-road longboard lasts for 3-4 years, but ordinary low budget board won’t last long more than 6-12 months.

I hope these specific reasons are enough to tell you why you should choose this longboard instead of other certain longboards. 

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Electric Skateboard vs Longboard – Which One is the Best?

Generally, everybody has known that skateboard and longboard aren’t the same things. Both have different specification and dissimilar looks and features.

When it comes to electric skateboard vs longboard, it is quite same. Looks, features, parts, materials, and advantages have many similarities in these two tiny urban cross country vehicle.

Still, there have some differences between electric longboard vs skateboard. Here are the differences below;

  • Electric skateboard has smaller deck than an electric longboard
  • Longboards are a bit costly to buy in front of electric skateboard
  • Controlling the electric skateboard is a bit tough than a longboard

Off-road Longboard vs Normal Longboard

Actually, there are several types of normal electric skateboard are available worldwide such as mountain longboard, electric longboard, off-road longboard, street rode longboard, longboard for trucks and more.

Lots of people desire to know what the differences in off-road longboard vs normal longboard are. Here are five differences between off-road longboard vs normal longboard;

  1. You can ride on the grass, concrete, dirt tracks, steep hills, rocky forest trails, climb hills, and watery are by an off-road longboard, but you can’t ride on these roads by a normal longboard.
  2. Normal longboard has ordinary and substandard quality materials; rather, off-road skateboard comes with durable and stable materials.
  3. Off-road longboard comes with lots of advantageous features whereas normal longboard doesn’t provide lots of benefits.
  4. A normal longboard is very cheap; however, an all-terrain electric high speeds board is a bit expensive.
  5. Off-road longboards last longer than normal longboards.

How to Charge an Electric Longboard?

Charging an electric longboard is very simple and straightforward. In fact, ten-year-old children can do it perfectly.

Unfortunately, sometimes kids and young people make a mistake that’s why I think everyone should know the complete electric longboard charging guide before plug the charger port in it. I added a video about it, you can watch the video below;

Step 1: Take the longboard charger (Make sure you have taken the right charger)

Step 2: Before putting the cable in the charger port, switch off the motor (Switch off charging system works better)

Step 3: Electric longboard charging port stays in under the deck, find out the port first.

Step 4: Let the charger to be connected with the electricity, now connect the electricity with the longboard.

Step 5: Follow the battery indicator; observe the LED display every 1 hour for observing the charging situation.

how to charge electric skateboard

Things to Consider Before Choosing an All-terrain Electric Board (Buying Guide)

Truly, a buying guide can help you more precisely than any other suggestion or recommendation. While editing a buying guide, we take several recommendation and consideration.

After collaborating with the experts, we finalize a buying guide. Like other buying guides, I wrote an electric longboard buying guide; in here you will know several beneficial topics. These topics will reflect what to consider and what to avoid. I hope you will find this buying part worthwhile.

Motor & Speed

In an all-terrain electric skateboard, motor matters a lot. A motor can ensure you better speed, better performance, and worthy longboarding. While buying an electric longboard, you must choose dual motorized longboard.

A dual motor can help the longboard to ride faster. Overall, 18-20mph speed is pretty awesome for everyone, so make sure your chosen longboard speed limit is up to 18-20mph.

Battery Life & Range

Obviously, you won’t buy an electric longboard that can’t ensure a long battery life. Low battery life will be unable to provide you with a long riding experience. This is why you should choose a longboard that can provide a minimum of 10 miles riding.

Water Resistance

When it comes to riding a longboard on the off-road, there are numbers of chances to face waters in the street. As a result, if your longboard hasn’t water resistance features, then it will damage in very soon. Therefore, try to find a water resistance longboard.


You’re going to ride on the toughest and off roads; that’s why it’s very crucial to find a off road electric skateboards or durable longboard for you. So, before choosing an electric longboard to be sure that longboard has enough sturdy materials.

Function & Modes, Systems

Who doesn’t like multiple functions, modes, and systems? I think everybody wants more modes and features in his longboard. Most of the prevalent longboard comes with up to 4 riding modes, speed modes, and brake modes. So, consider these modes before paying for an electric longboard.

Price or Cost

Well, good things come with a good price; regular electric skateboard is a bit expensive. On average, these kinds of longboard could cost you $300 to $800. But you can find the best electric longboard under $300 also.


What is the Best Electric Longboard?

I researched a lot on the electric longboard, and I found so many remarkable and praisable longboard. If you want to know which is the best electric longboard specifically, then it would be Teamgee H20 39″ Electric longboard.

Are Electric Longboards worth it?

Of course, electric longboard worth it; for example, an water and dust resistance electric longboard could last for three years approximately, but ordinary longboard lasts for one year.

This means, in 3 years of longboarding, you have to buy multiple longboards. Rather, you don’t have to buy several longboards if you have a proper electric longboard.

Do Electric Longboards have Brakes?

Definitely, electric longboard have brakes. In fact, most of the electric longboard contains up to 4 brakes. Via remote controller, you can change the brake modes and stop the longboard smoothly.

How long do Electric Longboards last?

Electric longboard can last up to 1.5 years to 2.5 years approximately. If you take care of it utterly and maintain it adequately, then it could last up to more than three years.

Final Verdict

Let me tell you my final words about this incomparable article about the All terrain electric skateboard reviews. If you still confuse which longboard will be best for you, you can choose the SKATEBOLT electric skateboard longboard or Hiboy S22 Electric dual motors longboard.

Other things like buying guide and electric longboard charging guide will help you know how to charge and buy an electric longboard.

Thank you so much for spending your precious time in this best sports review website.

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