Bamboo vs maple longboard – which one is compatible for you?

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  • Date: September 3, 2021
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The longboard deck is the most crucial and significant part of a longboard. In other words, one exceptional and persistent deck can provide you better balance; supports while riding, easy controlling, and effortless moving & stopping, prevent accidents, and more.

However, an ordinary longboard won’t give you many benefits and assistance while you’re riding. Talk about the world’s top two longboard decks, definitely, those two will be bamboo deck and maple deck longboard.

I know that you can’t buy both two longboards at a time because there has a budget issue and a storing issue.

You might be wondering in Bamboo vs maple longboard which one is noteworthy and best for money. For instance, let me specify it by making their differences so you can understand them more specifically. Overall, in this post I will talk about;

  • Differences of Bamboo vs maple longboards
  • Which one is righteous for you?
  • Some particular answers to your questions

The differences between Bamboo vs maple longboard (Compared)

When it comes to finding which longboard is better between Bamboo vs maple longboard, there has only one option left to find out which one is optimum and utmost.

That option is making the difference between these maple bamboo longboards. For this reason, I choose some components and keynote such as durability, balancing, weight capacity, demands, features, material, performance, flexible, quality, abilities, and cost.

Generally, I will clarify and bring all the matters and benefits of bamboo and maple longboards, so you can comprehend which is best to choose.


We both have an idea about bamboo material, but do you have any idea about maple wood longboards? Maple tree wood fibers are very persistent and resilient. A map-wood longboard is made of multiple ply maple hardwood (a durable maple material) and its enduring limitation is pretty praisable.

On the other hand, bamboo longboards are made of indestructible fibers and sustained bamboo wood. Bamboo comes with lots of flexibility and endurance and it won’t break easily.

Because of its flexibility bamboo longboard deck comes with yielding ability, that’s why bamboo longboard provides more durability than Maplewood longboard.

Balance supportive

Well, I have seen numerous beginner longboarders who don’t feel comfortable and can’t ride straightforwardly with a bamboo longboard.

As for bamboo longboards pliant, rider face a bit of trouble controlling and balance properly on bamboo deck longboard.

In the balance supportive case, Maplewood longboard is very advantageous and very supportive for beginners and armatures. Maple boards hard construction and flexible durable structure won’t let you fall down easily.

Weight capacity

Weight capacity really matters when you’re an adult rider. On average, adult riders’ weights are between 200lbs to 300lbs. Bam-boo longboard has durable fiberglass construction, that’s why it can carry up to 250lbs readily.

Maple boards construction, design, multiple plywoods are very suitable longboards for heavyweight riders; their maximum loading capacity is 250lbs to 350lbs.

Now you have to consider which one is preferable from bamboo vs maple longboard.

Best for stunting, curving, cruising

Basically, the majority of riders ride long-board for several types of stunting, curving, cruising, freestyle riding, and more. Ba-mboo and Ma-ple long-boards both are incomparable for these longboard riding styles.

For stunting and curving, you should choose a long-board or a bamboo skateboard.

Or if you have any intentions to do cruising or freestyle riding then definitely maple brand longboard will be compatible for you.


Indeed, maple and bamb longboards both have incredible and enviable demands in the online stores and the near stores. But if we consider and compare which one has more demands from the other, then it will be a little complicated for me to specify.

As far I know, 51% of people have demands on maple longboards, and the other 49% of people have demands on bamboo longboards.

Long-lasting capability

You might be wondering which long-board is going to last longer and could be exceptional for you. Isn’t it?

Fiberglass and bam-boo combination of longboards won’t decay easily. As for this, it can last longer for over 1.5 years to 2 years approximately.

Maple longboard is also providing superior long-lasting capability, it can long last for up to 1-1.5 years.

Which one is Budget-Friendly?

Considering which longboard is more budget-friendly between bamboo vs maple longboard, I think both prices are pretty inexpensive and under budget. Longboard bamboo average price is $75 to $110 bucks.

However, a bamboo longboard could cost you $90 to $150 bucks. That means maple wood longboard is more budget-friendly than bamboo fiberglass longboard.

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Bamboo vs maple longboard – which one is better to choose?

After concerning and considering which is the best longboard to choose, between bamboo vs maple longboard? I think I got the most appropriate result for you.


Bamboo and maple both have different identification and are specifically renowned all around the world for their features. If you have enough basic knowledge on longboarding and how to ride a longboard then bam-boo longboard will be immaculate for you.

Maple tree
Ma-ple tree Garden

Or if you’re a beginner and face issues sometimes while balancing a longboard then you should choose a maple longboard. Now choosing maple vs bamboo longboard is all up to you and your abilities.

In what ways Bamboo deck are better than Maple decks comparably?

There have various ways bamboo decks are better than maple decks, maple deck from North America might be the strongest (durble) wooden longboard but bamboo contains as many benefits as your thoughts.

bamboo longboard
Bam-boo longboard

Positively, bamboo longboard decks’ quality is improving day by day. Because bamboo grows quickly, manufactures don’t face trouble trying new bamb-specs.

Maple longboard
Map-le longboard

So, let’s see in what ways bamboo decks are better than maple decks;

  • Bamboo longboard structured with fiberglass but Maple only made of maple wood
  • Maple longboard decks aren’t as flexible and pliable as bamboo longboard decks
  • Bamboo decks last longer than other ordinary longboards
  • Both deck material is eco-friendly (Very eco-environment qaulity materials)
  • For stunting, curving bamboo decks is tractable & traditional than maple decks
  • The bamboo deck is lighter than maple decks

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What’s the best bamboo longboard designed for you?

It doesn’t matter you’re a beginner, armature, or pro longboard rider, the actual matter is what’s the best bamboo longboard designed for you and worthwhile to choose from. As your requirement and suitability I select 5 best bamboo longboards for you, here they are;

  1. Magneto Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard (44 inches)
  2. White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete
  3. Hana Longboard Skateboard (Bamboo)
  4. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (Complete Cruiser)
  5. The one & only SANVIEW Short Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

Will Bamboo Vs Maple Longboard ever rule the World of longboarding?

Like kings, longboards also rule the longboarding world. For example, in 2020 maple longboard become a huge prospect, become demandable, and it is called the highest-rated longboard type. Do you what it means?

It means the one who got the highest impression that the longboard will rule the world. Maple longboard already ruled in this year of 2020, but a rumor is coming from the longboarding fans, in 2021 bamboo will rule the longboarding world.


Is bamboo or maple better for longboards?

After justifying the compared, both kinds of trees wood are pretty reliable and superior for longboards and either maple or bamboo; all are suitable for you.

As I told you before, if you are a beginner then choose maple longboard or if you have basic longboard riding knowledge then choose bamboo longboards.

What types of longboard suits skateboarding skaters?

Skateboarding skaters love stiffer ride. In this case, they need a maximum sustainable, flex, and lighter skateboard. My opinion is they should try traditional sustainable bamboo trees deck instead of other wooden cheap board.

Bamboo is very environment & eco-friendly, and pretty much high-quality boards. I’m sure skaters will find this board incredibly effecient and mature performance.

Are bamboo longboards good?

Obviously, bamboo longboards are good and superior to use on any individual road or track. longboard Bamboo lasts longer, works utterly, is best for the stunt, free-styles ride, pretty well-known for durability. Therefore, assuredly this longboard will be fabulous for you.

What is the best material for a longboard?

The majority of longboard material types are plastic, fiberglass, wood, and bamboo. A plastic longboard is best for kids; fiberglass is so powerful and won’t break easily.

On the other hand, wooden material could break easily, and a bamboo deck longboard is best for stunting. Overall, I choose bamboo and fiberglass longboard over other longboard materials.

Are bamboo skateboards good?

Maple skateboards might be made of multiple plywoods but bamboo skateboards are pretty handy and easily operatable skateboard. Bamboo skateboards are easy to balance, comfier to control, support heavyweight, and contain lots of advantages over other longboards.

Is it harder to skateboard or longboard?

Skateboard is tinier sized than longboard; for example, skateboard sizes are stays between 22-inches to 32-inches. Longboard demission stays between 34-inches to 44-inches.

In my consideration, longer sizes mean easier rides. Therefore, I think a skateboard is harder to ride than a longboard.

Final words

So, we are in the finishing words of this Bamboo vs maple longboard comparing article. Overall, I clarify some answers to your specific questions I added here, differences between Bamboo and maple longboard, and criteria on this topic.

The bad news is becuase of high demand in market, deforestation are increasing day by day. The best deforestation alternative is to try bamboo industry wooden longboard rather than wood.

Also, I hope these clues are enough to tell you which one is flawless, adequate, and beneficial for you; and don’t forget to read our comment & website recent posts (Go to menu).

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