Penny board 22 vs 27 – What size should you get and why?

Penny board 22 vs 27

Penny board is one of the characteristic and prevalent riding boards for young generations. Riding a penny board means a lot to kids and teenagers because it has tremendous designs, colors, functions, and endurances. Do you know which sizes of penny board are actually compatible with balance? Professional riders can balance any size board, but … Read more

Best Gold coast longboard reviews 2021 (With Buyer’s guide)

goldcoast longboard reviews

You might have seen countless renowned longboard brands and their remarkable best longboards. Nowadays, longboards are becoming more notable, functional, and upgraded. In the list of prevalent and worthy longboards, the Gold coast longboard is one of the famous brands. Goldcoast longboard got its name from the place of GoldCoast, Queensland, Australia. Probably, the Arbor … Read more

Longboard vs cruiser – Which one is compatible to ride?

longboard vs cruiser

A myriad of people gets confused while buying between cruiser and longboard. This is happening because they are unable to decide which riding board will perform incredibly for them. Let me clarify your confusion in a very simple way. First of all, longboard and cruiser board aren’t the same, rather their usability, rideability, and performance … Read more

10 best All terrain electric skateboard & longboard reviews

all terrain electric longboard

Nearly 15% of young and kids are intimately involved with longboarding and skateboarding. The majority of them ride ordinary longboards, but 100% of them are desire to ride an electric skateboard. Generally, most skateboarders think electric longboards and other electric skateboards aren’t compatible with off-road riding on the concrete, grass, or tricky types. The actual … Read more

Bamboo vs maple longboard – which one is compatible for you?

Bamboo vs maple longboard

The longboard deck is the most crucial and significant part of a longboard. In other words, one exceptional and persistent deck can provide you better balance; supports while riding, easy controlling, and effortless moving & stopping, prevent accidents, and more. However, an ordinary longboard won’t give you many benefits and assistance while you’re riding. Talk … Read more

Best Kryptonics longboard review 2021 – (Premium Longboards)

Kryptonics longboard review

Kryptonics longboard is one of the demandable, praiseworthy, renowned, and prevalent longboard brands. This spectacular brand started its journey in the 1970s and still, its skateboard and longboard have enviable demands and popularity. Numbers of longboard professionals and experts feel comfortable using Kryptonics longboard instead of others. The most well-known longboarders who use these high-quality … Read more